Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Weird Day

Whatever is on your mind, heart or just writers block, everyone has a weird day!
Welcome to being a human.

I myself have a hard time with writers block from time to time.
Like just staring at my computer screen, thinking would that be TMI or not
if I wrote that? The aim is always for the empowerment of people, for others.
I have some BIO kind of stories about a bit of my life, noted to point to where
Ive been and to point that the Human experience is a learning experience.

So what do I do to get out of a block? Go get out, do something else.
If you have to drive the riding mower to the store and get a drink.
Work on your franken car, go drive it and hear the V8 sound sucking in air,
even if it only has two gears left.

The point is the point a change of environment. Get balance, find your Zen for the day.
It's always there anytime to help you with your weird day!

Also: http://walmartramen.blogspot.com/2015/02/normality-psychosis-butterscotch.html

Reverse deja vu? Or 16:00+ whatever comes first.

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