Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's ok to tell me to fuck off - lack of communication

In these days what I see is a lot is a lack of communication!
As for me I tend to have too much TMI, experiences, overbearing heart talking,
or just the luck of the draw I have in my life. I have much to say,
so if I seem pestery, really sometimes you need to tell me to fuck off!
How else would I know. It's ok really, I would say ok and off I would fuck!
(Goof off, take a break, go to my corner I will be there if you need me! etc.
I work hard I need a break sometimes, so tell me to fuck off!)

Really it's communication and don't feel bad about saying it.
Really it would put a smile on my face, people just give me something keeping
quiet is driving me crazy! But really a lack of communication is a big issue these days!

~~~~~Lack of Communication Major Cause of Low Employee Morale
While a number of factors contribute to low employee morale lack of incentives or 
proper training, personal issues, poor leadership, and cultural diversity among them
the chief culprit seems to be poor communication.

In a survey of 300 human resource professionals conducted by recruiting company 
Accountemps, 33% said a lack of open, honest communication has the most 
negative impact on employee morale. When asked about the best remedy, 
38% said "communication."

When employees aren't communicated with effectively, or they lack the ability 
to communicate with co-workers or supervisors, low morale can set in like the plague.

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