Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Black Light Test

This story is not to freak you out, but have you checked yourself out with a
black light lately? I ran across some strange stories about finding
strange things on people.

But I need to note from my view I see these kind of stories as people or whoever
wanting to put the fear into people! I'm sure it happened to them and the issues of it
happening to them without consent is wrong. But there are good things out there also,
sure there are not many good stories about Alien abductions out there but look at
it into todays light. People get treated bad by others more than Alien aductions today!
I had a past girl friend that looked Reptilian under a black light.
Im not putting her down it just was awesome!
It's like the 21 century, it's ok to date a Reptilian, you just need to know so
you know what to expect making both lives better! Well hell that's my view!
"Reptilians feint when you step on their tails."

So really the point is to say there are bad people and good people they
are all not the same! Same with Aliens. People are people, it puts the light on
as Aliens as the same as people!
But really the point is have no fear. Fear is a way of controlling you!
And treat people or whoever with respect. Accept them for who they are!
If she is, it wouldn't matter to me, I accepted her as she is!

Carl Rogers emphasized accepting people for what they are, 
not for what you would like them be.

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