Saturday, November 7, 2015


Conservatism is evil! Why?

It is a good point in life to know if you are a "Sadomasochist voter."
Because it's best for you to not be one, also there are people that
don't like to suffer like you do and don't like you making them suffer.
And that is why I say "Everyone is a victim of stupid people!"
You need to change, really, you do!

Many think they are living the life but it's in the dark. Much like the dark ages!
Isn't it best to get out of the dark and into the light?

Why call it "sadomasochist voter?" Well that voting against yourself is also
against everyone else and that is why I say "Everyone is a victim of stupid people!"
Because they are!

Why vote for people that want to take things away from you, like low taxes?
Why save $0.20 on a case of beer, being that is about all I can afford vs
a rich guy saving $1000 on a new Dodge truck that cost more than my house.
I was needing that $1000! I make $7 after taxes and would rely on food stamps.

Looking around and thinking about it's clear the "Sadomasochist voter" 
is because they like it that way and expect everyone
to live bad like they do. They like their misery, they like it
wanting to decide for you even when it withholds your and others rights.

People don't want to be a victim of stupid people so they know
and will take action or let natural section do it's thing.
Like won't raise the wages, then let them buy less stuff.
Better pay = better sales but no lets stay home and buy nothing!
They will have to raise the pay sometime. No pay going up makes
the town look bad as more and more homes fall over with people that 
can't afford wood to fix their homes. The pay is low the town is low also!

Also on the other hand why did Democrats just sit there and do nothing letting
George W. Bush the guy with the DUI from Texas and known to be drunk,
get in and let us all go to hell.

Let us all go and like a house with termites it cost a lot to repair being you can't fix
it with duct tape! The wood etc cost money! But noted why do noting and let 
Bush do that? Like a conservatard running the country like he runs his own house
falling over and ready to be bulldozed because he was too poor to fix it!

America is not run like a small town. If it was, we would have nothing 
like they do in small towns!

I was pointing at the National debt back then. 
It was a clear crash coming. The National debt is a issue now also and is why I 
say we need a Socialist in office. Action is needed for down the road!

Or be the "Sadomasochist voter" and put a shit hole in office
that wants to reduce everything. Taking you down, taking you down!
It's like say being chased by Republican grannies that don't like Polyamory
because they want you to live in their hell because they like it
other wise they would not be that way. 

They expect you to never grow like they can't grow! 
Their traditional values keep them in a life of fear and control and 
no growth everything grows around them while they think they are all high 
and mighty, not understanding life! Because they don't ask why. 
What it is, is what it is because they can't think for themselves.

People that think for themselves tend to see they don't like being
stuck in with something that does not work!

Please don't listen to those harvesting the turd farm, with a
TeaBagger sticker on their truck! No one likes their shit! 


Please let them know those days are over! 
The pursuit of happiness is far more valued 
than the pursuit of un-happiness, even if they like it bad!

Or being a realist with no fingers in my ears pretending I didn't hear.
This Sadomasochist conservatism ends in natural selection.
Low pay, you can't fix your home, it falls over.
No food starve and die, die, just like the dinosaurs did!
Why live a life of nothing making others have nothing.
That is the point! Don't be that way!
It makes Hillary slap her chest at you! 
I said earlier that she should of slapped her chest at those Republicans 
at the 11 hour Benghazi grilling. And I guess she did. Close enough! 
Putting water under the bridge about the time she was working at 
Walmart corp being silent during Walmarts union busting activitys 
"Wal-Mart’s vehement anti-unionism, for example,
It's a matter of what is best for the country. And that would be like socialist because of 
action not being taken. The ladder is not being kicked hard enough!
I stand by Bernie Sanders. I respect Hillary for how she is doing with all the crap
of the Republitards. I understand! Keep slapping your chest at them!
But America is in the unknown right now. No one knows! 
We need a harder Socialist! Really, it's time!

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