Sunday, November 8, 2015

The good catches up.

I have been in many strange relationships. I always seem to be the healer,
I always seem to end up with strange ones and there is nothing wrong with
that they where good for me also. Love is not a one way road! 
It's good to see or know there is growth down the road from me that I give.
I guess like after they think about it or something like it.
Love is not finite!

I have red string of fate type relationships to far out to be explained.
Met them before I met them and more.

I have a now gay soul mate. It started with me dating her older sister in college and 
she took me home to meet the family I saw her younger sister we both knew it was 
meant to be, but I was too stupid to know it at the times in 89, 98!  

I had a cool barfing hair dresser that took me to a gay bar being that was
her security because the was abused my a biker gang. 
I'm not gay I was supporting her. Nothing like......

My high school girlfriend was a ex teen prostitute, someone pimped her at 13
I think. They took her to Vegas then a long time later they took her home broke 
her jaw dropped her off rung the door bell at her parents house, and she was my 
girlfriend after that when she was 15. In the 90's I remember someone calling me 
at 6AM about being tested for AIDS one of the guys had AIDS that got her. 
I tested good and she is still here also so it was ok. 
Still kind of freaks you out about it even though we didn't really have sex.

My old lady her mom tried to kill her when she was a kid and bad and bad 
happened to her. And added after my divorce being un happy for it's own reasons.
I had a bouncy time between a girlfriend I loved. It was on again off again.
I lived in three places at the time because I didn't know where I would end up! 

And from that bouncy, bouncy times and all my other loves comes on a light
for Polyamory. Love both but not all in the same house!
My old lady is a old lady and change is not wanted there in something like that.
She's ok with me finding someone new but keep her out of it, but support her.
She knows I won't leave her I need her also. Polyamory!

I fell for a Married "Gypsy lady!" I should of been on my knees sooner!
She has boom, boom, but........ Maybe next year? I do love her!
Damn we need to talk! At least she would be entertained by me!
I'm ok with that! Oh please!

Other than my loves is about my dad dieing, me being hit by a car on a moped,

I had a cursed car that tried to kill me four times. I had to jump on my roller skates 
in to a creek next to a road or get hit by car once.  
Worked in a hotel with two of the 911 guys was in a elevator
alone with both of them once. Protected destiny? I think so I have a strange life!
A college friend had a lady that gave him DMT giving him a psychosis for a few days 
he was seeing green lizards etc.
It's in my writings here, about all that stuff but the point is to point
for those that have bad in their life, the good catches up!

For me it's good to be poly, why put up walls? 
I love everyone anyway! And the road I came from I understand
life is not to an end! It's a beginning of a road and worth the ride!

I need to note human is human with rights. Gay rights are fixed and coming next 
is Polyamory! Don't discriminate my Polyamory thank you!

****There is a lot I won't say here about my life or others lives,
even if it seems like a lot there is a lot not said!
It is covered like the "What happens in the hotel stays in the hotel!"
But still to protect the guilty (Normal human behavior) all of the stuff
names etc is withheld.
It really does not matter these days anyway, it only makes them more adorable!
But what matters is a trust! Now that's love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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