Monday, November 30, 2015

Warm Kitten

In life it's best to be just who you are.
And know what actions you do effects others.
This is something that is not in the mind set today.
People don't have a clue the should have a clue.
To a Tea Party type conservative a liberal is the
devil I think because Tea Party type conservatives expect
you to live the life of a catfish swimming in the bottom of
the water where all the shit drops down at!
You don't see Liberals do that stuff! I'm not going to swim in shit!

And the point is... They are the evil ones being they expect
you to live in the lake of fire or shit just like they do.
And they call you the devil because your not in shit also!
If you want the better for the good you can't be in shit!

Anyway in life you don't need to make a deal with the spirit of Jazz!
In the end it's not worth a warm kitten going up your A$$!

***That episode of the Mighty Boosh is taken out of the story
of Robert Johnson king of the Delta Blues!

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