Monday, June 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Wins Democratic presidential nomination

Clinton has won the Democratic nomination. A first for America in it's 240 year history!

"Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Monday, according to
CNN's delegate and superdelegate count, and will become the first woman in the
240-year history of the United States to lead the presidential ticket of a major
political party."

For all Democrats I would advise standing by her. Keep in mind her E-mail issues
is not really a issue. Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice used private accounts for
classified emails also. This is nothing new even the FBI was looking at porn.

Hillary's E-mails is no issue! And for her turning over her E-mails really?!
I would like to see the NSA do that! You can't do this stuff in the real life in
Government. It's noted the FBI has files on the CIA etc and E-mails are not
meant to be seen because of those issues of having a need to know point
in government. This helps keep the government in check in it's function.

And about the NAFTA? "More Republicans than Democrats supported NAFTA."

And in voting independent in reality is just stealing votes away!
Your vote could of helped Hillary win but you gave it away to a
Independent that won't win by reality, numbers are numbers!
Now we have Trump walking in making America great again like the
dark ages! Well if it happens it's your fault for voting that was or just not voting!

Anyway you see it Hillary is the nominee and it's time to pull together because
she is the Warrior! 

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