Thursday, September 8, 2016

Alpha's don't age well but...

This is something covered in developmental psychology
about a aging Alpha type. Alpha's don't handle the issues
of aging well! The issue is like in a Alpha female life is
harder and more stressful so aging is pushed faster.
But the point is her reaction to society's view of a elder
Alpha as she looses her Alpha in that she will as she gets
old. People look at elders as people that need help and
can't think for themselves, they become invisible!

So that Alpha can be no longer and if she keeps as a Alpha she will normally be
seen as just a crazy old lady and in a way forced to be more sedated to fit in
with society. Life is a personal hell for a aging Alpha. The Alpha needs to be aware
of this! This is those things that needs to be talked about to keep in mind knowing
it will happen. There is a lot to talk about and it is appropriate to get the support
one needs to deal with life. "No Alpha is a island!" This is something that needs
to be talked about sometime! Now there is a lot to talk about!
Alpha's can be prone to premature aging but also Alpha's do seek out more
support to de-stress also. And I would say this is needed more regardless.

But supported, loved the Alpha lives longer. An Alpha also needs to know who they are!
Alpha do what Alpha does! An Alpha does things that they can't really help.
So there is a higher need for self-control but that does not stop actions.
It's not in reality that a Alpha can totally have self-control. If a Alpha female knows a
male is good for her she will bulldoze the male to gain support.
This is just a part of our human nature it goes to the caveman days.
Just a part relating to our Id and that is not a bad thing!
It's best to accept your Alpha's needs. Alpha's don't fit in a closet!!!
It's a matter to a Alpha being happy or upset it's about the needs of the Alpha!

~~~~~Are Alpha Females Healthier Than Their Counterparts?
Alpha females have intrinsic characteristics—aside from being competitive, controlling, 
and more aggressive, they are also born healthier, more energetic, and more resilient.
Sure, alphas can get themselves into more stressful situations by virtue of being more 
dominant and on the front lines at all times, which in turn make them more vulnerable 
to personal attacks. Alphas get to have more head-to-head physical, emotional, 
and intellectual confrontations. Their innate ability to endure frontal assaults may
exceed others’ genetic capabilities to sustain stress itself.

Have you ever watched a frontal collision between two alpha females?
Would you be able to endure the pounding of direct blows over and over again or
would you prefer to stick your head in the sand? There is a wide range of qualities
among alphas: “Some alphas are more alpha than others.” The political debates exemplify
a combination of the ability to show dominance while simultaneously showing
intelligence, assertiveness, and the power to invite others to follow through
charismatic attraction. 

The personality mix that helps at certain times in politics or in business may signify the 
demise of a successful career at another time. An alpha who has trained herself yes, 
even alphas can be trained—to be more flexible, inclusive, and collaborative will be wise 
to choose when to be more direct and dominant, as compared to when to be more 
cooperative and open to alternatives. 

These are some strategies to continue to prevail while handling stress more effectively:
1.    Understand your talent and focus on developing some flexibility:
Alphas strive to be on top and dominate. These traits are excellent if you want to pursue
a career in which you are the boss and master-of-the-universe. This leadership style
prevailed decades ago, but our current corporate and political environments tend to
frown at a “Because I said so” attitude. If you are an entrepreneur who begins,
maintains, and finishes all projects on your own command, this may work.
However, unless you are a C-level executive who is hired to cut off heads and
leave every eighteen to twenty-four months, bloody bodies spread everywhere, 
after the battle is over to fight another similar battle somewhere else you may
benefit from learning more consensus-building and mediation-driven style.
This flexibility will add some marketable qualities to your business life and may even
extend your life span by years. Getting along with others better will reduce your stress.

2.    Add complementary physical exercises: Of course you participate in triathlons
and all sorts of hard-core physical competitions. Or maybe you are on your third trip
to climb Mount Everest. The adrenaline-driven feeling of pure dominance over your
body and physiology is unmatchable. And yet, you may want to add some other
exercises to your repertoire: instead of pushing your heart rate to the max while you
are training for a marathon, try swimming slowly for an hour. Instead of cranking up
your energy with caffeine-rich products prior to a workout, how about trying
Yoga or Tai-Chi? Your first reaction to these suggestions is: “No way!” I know,
I work with alphas all the time and yet, I have found that once alphas allow
themselves to slow down sometimes and enjoy the calmness of just being at peace,
their eyes open wide as they see the world through a different prism for the first time,
away from their regular rushing to the next activity. Although Type A personality
is vulnerable to cardiovascular disorders both men and women alike and we are
making a leap here to suggest Type A and alphas share some common traits, 
women benefit from additional protection in their cardiovascular systems as
compared to men. However, it will be helpful to continue to find effective ways to
stress less and relax more.

3.    Practice empathy: I know you are upset: your Chairman or Chairwoman
fired you over the phone. Avoid calling your boss, client, or colleague
“idiot, stupid, or doofus.” Spitting out hurtful words when you feel dissed only
diminishes your own power not to mention burning bridges with people who may
otherwise respect you for your leadership skills. Women are perceived as more
empathic and collaborative in general. However, we are also seen as more
emotional and moody as well. As controlling as you may like to be of others,
learning to exert self-control will add to a powerful repertoire of being an alpha. 
You may tend to respond to a perceived attack by attacking directly if you feel
vulnerable and, while you want to exert dominance and show you are the head
honcho, it gets tiring to lash out and protect your turf all the time.
While people respect leadership, people hate feeling bullied. In the end, while the
thirst for ambition may oust a great leader, competitors will jump in and 
destroy the bully at the first sign of perceived vulnerability. Learning to tune-in
to your followers will make you a more effective leader and it will help you
manage your stress better too.

4.    Transition power; allow other alphas to join you: Your persistent stamina,
amazing focus, and dominant track record speak for itself. At the same time,
what worked thirty years ago is outdated today. Even if you are obstinate and you
want to avoid change to remain in power at all costs, look around and identify
other alphas who may be able to continue your legacy or create one of their own.
It is difficult to let go of your power even in the face of life-threatening 
illnesses, as in Steve Jobs’ decision to forego his position as Apple CEO.  
You want to seal the values that inspired you in your creation while allowing new
ideas to come to existence in the future.

5.    Enjoy: The feeling of power can be exhilarating and addictive.
Feeling healthy, balanced, and well is an extraordinary characteristic of alphas.
Find ways in which you can continue to enjoy your multiple activities while keeping
quality down time. Avoid using stimulants to push you to perform and produce at
the highest level during times when you feel down or overwhelmed by activities.
Avoid using alcohol to calm you down if you are too hyped up. Learn other meditation
and relaxation techniques and practice them daily. Look around and ensure you are
including quality time for your family and friends, and enjoy every bit of your 
relationships. By the end of the day, it is your love for others and their love in return
that you take with you at the end of your journey.

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