Friday, September 16, 2016

What is

For those that may not know, my website from 1997 DuGBuG office (DuGBuG)
is sort of the same as here in the point of putting much that I know on line.
"My work, it is for the empowerment of people!"

"It is time! DuGBuG office urges the push for humanity because we
all are the same. You make the difference! This reflects this sites push for treating
everyone fairly. Do not judge people not knowing the road they are on in life,
what in their past put them there."

I come from a family of Pioneers on my mom / dad's side.
I have a NASA pioneer in my family that worked on cabin pressure for the
Apollo 1. Back in that time this was something that was never done before.
The fire haunted him for the rest of his life. But he knew this was all new stuff.

No one knew!

I also have more in my dad's side also that work at NASA.
And on mom's side a retired Ohio Capital University Professor.
My dad's dad worked on a oil platform at the North Sea oil, United Kingdom
and at others. My dad also was a oil engineer that designed oil pressure vessels and
other related things too many to say. On my dad's side also is a singer / musician for a
well known band in the 80's 90's etc. I also have a family member that worked in the
pharmaceutical industry, that worked on the team for Aleve in the early days.

I can go on and on but about me? I started my website in 1997 with my links page in
that helped people in countries that had a iron currant up with their internet as the
links page was off-line a first for the time and still now. I also made a
tool for the K-Meleon browser and later I had my version of it the
K-Meleon-db types. I did post on the Current TV website, I was doing
stories on a triad format three different stories with the same point in the end.
A first for the time. What I was doing got picked up on the MSNBC site for a time.
And in a way haunting me is the fact I worked with two of the 911 hijackers in a hotel.
I didn't know what was going to happen they all seemed normal. At one time
I was in the elevator with both of them alone. But it was the point of what if I knew?
We crossed paths but I picked up on nothing bad about them.
This is a push for me to better humanity. Thus the point of this blog and other works.
I push for the anti 911!

Life is not only about your journey it's about what you already have in you or
have for you. What you do in life earns your way in life and with the background
of people behind you supporting you will know it's ok to go forward in a new world.

And also nobody rides for free!

Also you need to know where your heart is taking you to, what is valued 

in your life!. Also why journey if you found it! 
In love you need life for a life to love! If you found love never let it go!

I also got to drive a zamboni in 1986? Because I asked the guy driving
it if I could drive it and he said yes. So I can say I drove one in my life!
So that was my journey, like me from 1987 at 18 in Colorado!

I need to note I almost fell down the peak as I free hand climbed on the 
side of the trail on the top. Believe it or not the wind blew me back in
balance where I could grab something. Those things happen to me a lot!

And me from the 70's!

Life is a journey with beautiful colors! Like being on a Plane (esotericism)
"In esoteric cosmology, a plane other than the physical plane is conceived as
a subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe."


"If your up to it, move a mountain, your a part of it, you deserve it!"
Please support the Love Hope Strength Foundation.

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