Monday, September 11, 2017

911 Marwan Al-Shehhi worked at the Doubletree Tulsa

This has been something that has been bugging me over the years.
The FBI knows this but the public may not.

Marwan Al-Shehhi and another guy I can't place, the 911 Hijackers worked
at the Doubletree where I worked at the time. In fact I worked a few times
with them. I remember them. The guy with glasses and a beard Al Shehhi.

After 911 the Hotel was flooded with FBI. I was working at the other property
at the time. And our banquet was over so our work was almost over and it was
just a few workers at the other property, so us working had no clue what was
going on.

Keep in mind Marwan Al-Shehhi was tagged to of been at the
Spartan Aeronautics in Tulsa. But what was not said the same name also was
tagged at the Tulsa Doubletree and is why the place was full of FBI
they where tracking all of this down.

~~~~~It is not unusual for foreign students like Mr. Moussauoi to call the
Airman Flight School in hopes of becoming pilots. Among such students who
considered the school in July 2000 were Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi,
two of the hijacking suspects on the jetliners that crashed into the
World Trade Center. Federal agents have already questioned officials at a
flight school in Tulsa, Spartan Aeronautics, about a one of the suspected hijackers,
Fayez Ahmed, whose name has also been rendered as Ahmed S. Faiez.
Mr. Ahmed listed the school's address on his pilot's license.
School officials say they have no record of anyone with that name attending.

Another suspected hijacker, Ahmed Alghamdi, also sometimes listed as Ahmed A.
Alghamdi, gavev a Tulsa apartment as his address on his commercial pilot's license.
In July 2000, Mr. Atta and Mr. al-Shehhi spent a night in the dormitory for
Airman Flight School. Mr. Davis, the school's director of operations,
said that neither man had a pilot's license and that they spent a day touring the
facility and inspecting the airplanes. Mr. Davis said the pair ultimately decided
to go elsewhere, and records show that later in the month they began taking
classes in Venice, Fla.

~~~~~Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, Okla., is listed as the address on
his pilot's license but the school says there is no record that he ever took 
a class there.

I was bugged that if I knew what was happening could I done something,
to stop it, gave a warning out. Would I been able to put a end to it before the
911 happened. It could of been worse for me, if they could of axed me without
bringing unwanted attention on? I was in the service elevator alone with
both of them once. Protected destiny, well I guess so!

It is a heavy weight on me to bare thinking about the what if.
What if, crossing paths not knowing the bad!

I know really there was nothing I could of done without knowing anything.
This was in a time of not being too aware of all the bad people want to do
to others.

This is needed to blow off steam. Believe it or not go find out yourself, if you want to
know. I am just getting this out of me! I'm deep!

I now know or I see it as 911 was meant to be. Knowing you can't have the good
without the bad. Or noted as a gods will is gods will. It would of happened
regardless of effort to stop it. This was the early 2000's a time of people
not knowing all about all of this stuff! 911 was meant to happen to know
the bad to not have the bad! It will get that way. We all will grow up sometime!