Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Who stands up for Walmart workers

There are many protest going on at Walmarts all over.
"Some workers are expected to strike, walking off the job
during their shift. They will be joined by teachers and
other community leaders. The demonstrators are backed by groups like
OUR Walmart, which has union ties. And they are calling for higher wages
(a minimum of $15 an hour) and fair schedules"

Walmart makes $476 billion a year in sales do you expect Walmart workers to
go on a walk-out on their own with no backing?
Unions are needed when you look at the ,bad jacks, micromanagement,
retaliation etc.

Retaliation? Walmart does not care.

So the NLRB had to step in!

(To the workers call the NLRB in DC if you have a problem not the one in your state!)

In small towns a walk-out is not effective. There is too much stupid thinking around,
they won't understand why you walked out! Also being less job options in small towns
it's best to protest by getting another better job. Just know it will take 500+ background
checks on people to replace you there! Get a job first then quit!

Also you can get out looking bad in your Walmart attire like to the Red-Lobster and
places the rich goes and just get tea or something. Like a poverty crusade in other words.
Show your poverty get many workers to do that flood the place!
Show your wages etc!

Anyway I wanted to say to all the workers, have a happy Thanksgiving!
And stand up for yourself!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wages going up for immigrants thats good

This is a good thing to do. You need to look at the past like in Oklahoma
when many places payed them the lowest pay they could.
Really all that did was bring down the wages for all from the
cost of low wages police, lack of sales, less taxes payed from the low pay.

Immigrants coming to the US did not take your job it was the pay
they got that did. Low pay brings down others pay to the lowest.
Without higher wages there are less sales, less money to burn to make jobs.

The immigrants came but could not advance to help make jobs,
being they where broke. That what took your job, low pay with nothing back.

~~~~Obama immigration plan gives micro wage boost
Want to get paid more? The White House claims President Obama's
immigration plan will raise wages for immigrants and American-born alike.

But the amount seems less than eye-popping ... $170 a year by 2024.

Wages are a very sensitive topic in the U.S. these days. That's because Americans
haven't had a real raise in years. Average hourly earnings aren't keeping up
with inflation, and U.S. median income has fallen back to 1995 levels.

On the flip side, allowing low-skilled workers to remain in the country will translate
into a $40 average wage gain for native-born workers, the administration says.
Undocumented immigrants, however, would see an even bigger benefit.
Their earnings would likely rise by about 8.5% since they could work legally
and find jobs that match their skills, according to the
left-leaning Center for American Progress.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chaos Theory and Snowflake

Being the time for winter with snow coming there is a need to
mention about the chaotic order of nature.

And moreover to say there is a need for more innovation.
Or less of the "Think about the now" thinking mostly noted
in small towns. With that thinking you will find your self stuck in the mud
as life passes you by.

You won't have a clue you need to have a clue, you are in the now!
In the now like not seeing the shit hit the fan then it gets all on you.
You are in the now and did not see it coming!

Well really how many farmers are mentioned in the history books? 
We need more people getting out of the now and innovate more!

So strange as it is when you look at a snowflake up close, I hope
it makes you ask how did it do that and more important to ask
what else does that! And to not get stuck in the mud!

If I was in the now I would of not of made my version of the now old
K-Meleon-db type browser, or worked on my other stuff.
I would of been too busy only working for a pay check.
What kind of life with no innovation? Useful as a door knob!

~~~~~Chaos Theory
Chaos theory describes complex motion and the dynamics of sensitive systems.
Chaotic systems are mathematically deterministic but nearly impossible to predict.
Chaos is more evident in long-term systems than in short-term systems.
Behavior in chaotic systems is aperiodic, meaning that no variable describing
the state of the system undergoes a regular repetition of values.
A chaotic system can actually evolve in a way that appears to be smooth and
ordered, however. Chaos refers to the issue of whether or not it is possible to
make accurate long-term predictions of any system if the initial conditions
are known to an accurate degree.

~~~~~The secrets of snowflakes: Scientists capture incredible close-ups of
ice crystals (but they had to freeze the microscope to -170C to get the shots)
Photographed using a specialized microscope whose viewing stage is chilled to
-170C, scientists in Maryland are showing a whole new side to what's caught on 
the tip of our tongues. Using a low-temperature scanning electron microscope, 
researchers at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center have captured an 
astonishing new view on naturally-occurring snowflakes.
Shipping in the samples collected from snow banks or during fresh snow 
fall from around the country, the researchers study their composition for 
their effects on our ecosystem.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Nuke and EMP the Aliens

This story being more of relating to philosophy, Science Fiction or truth really. 
I have seen a TV show on H2 about the devil's graveyard. 
"Entire show was an attempt to promote using HAARP shields and EMPs to
neutralize the Aluminum 26 isotope. Asserted if we don't encourage our gov to 
neutralize AL 26 in these vile vortices, our planet's magnetosphere will be 
destroyed because AL 26 is an element that's threatening all life on earth." 

Also AL 26 could be used to save life to keep the core from making
the crust of the earth spin too fast.
Or to stabilize the earth from the core. It could be there to keep the
static charge of the moving core from charging the crust of the earth.
Like seen on the show it holds a good charge. That is my best answer!

So really without knowing why it is there and who put it there.
You really need to know why before you blow it up!
"Nuke their ass and take the gas" thinking is stupid!
AL 26 is more likely there to save us.
It's like saying some ISIS Alien put the AL 26 there to kill us!
Aliens or Humans they are not all bad, not the same!

AL 26 has been in the earth from the start of time!
The earth's core would of stopped a long time ago
if AL 26 slows down the core!
The devil's graveyard won't kill us!
"Aluminium has many known isotopes, whose mass numbers range from
21 to 42; however, only 27Al (stable isotope) and 26Al (radioactive isotope,
t1⁄2 = 7.2×105 y) occur naturally."

Aluminum can act strange! In 1986 I was using an old shortwave radio
with a homemade short aluminum antenna after all night of running the
radio I turned it off and went to remove the antenna and I got zapped!
So I left it alone and I went to turn on my other radio and it worked.
But I noticed it was not plugged in yet, the shortwave was still plugged in
to the outlet. The thing was working with static power a Tesla kind of thing!
So I put on rubber gloves and got the antenna and threw it out
the window where I heard a pop, pop, pop, boom kind of noise from outside
like it bounced around before it hit the ground.
Like a Sodium in Water Explosion kind of thing.

Really it did happen!
So somethings on the show could be true!

If the show was real or fake or more of a tip to other relating things
like I picked up on and what my story here is about. It doesin't matter
there are relating things to it!

As in using EMP's to neutralize the Aluminum 26 isotope.
Like other storys about Aliens using magnetic technology.
"(Note: The elevators, lights, and doors at Dulce Base
are all magnetically controlled.)".

Also noted on the video about Dulce!

When you go back in time like with Dwight D. Eisenhower.
"Former American President Dwight D. Eisenhower had three secret meetings 
with aliens, a former US government consultant has claimed."

In that points for the time all of the nuke test going on.
Being that Nukes make EMP's and could be a good weapon against
magnetically controlled technology. Well I see it that way!

"The only nations to detonate nuclear weapons in outer space are the United States 
and the Soviet Union. The U.S. program began in 1958 with the  
Hardtack Teak and Hardtack Orange shots, both 3.8 megatons."

"The strong electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that results has several components. 
In the first few tens of nanoseconds, about a tenth of a percent of the weapon 
yield appears as powerful gamma rays with energies of one to three 
mega-electron volts (MeV, a unit of energy)."

Note the Soviet Union also tested Nukes or attacked the Aliens?
Makes me wonder! Did a war happen? Was the war of the worlds radio broadcast 
a test to see how people will act?
Sort of like a food stamp death test, when you think about it.

So lets not let people know about this war, the test came out bad!

And all the nuke test in New Mexico, you know the place that has
beliefs in Kachinas and Roswell, the Ant people, Skin Walkers etc.
They are Aliens?

Also seen Skin Walkers, walking 
on the video about Dulce. If you noticed them I have!

So really Aliens are in New Mexico and the nuke test was an attack on them
and in the Soviet Union?

And about now with all the Earthquakes going on.
Is this an attack on underground Alien bases?
Like how I was thinking when I seen the the tv ad with the
Orkin man driving in a tunnel the ad said "Not in our house, Not ever!"
With underground bases probably all over.
A statement of war with a TV ad?

Also if there is a "First contact." It will be just a show.
It really would be like "About time you guys pop up, you
been around since the bible days at least!"
I just hope it won't be a dark aged holy roller meeting
the Alien in the first contact. I could see the holy roller,
calling it a beast of hell then cutting it in half or something.
Don't know what it is? Then kill the sucker! We call them boogers!

So really I don't know, that is why this story is more like 
philosophy, Science Fiction or truth really.
It's just something I see as relating and blew my mind more of a 
wow dude moment so I did the story.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Low taxes, cut funding, stay home now

It is ok that the Republicans have taken control of the Senate.
It would of been better blue, but you can't have have the good
without the bad. With more red around I suspect more giving
to the rich taking from the poor. Tax cuts, cutting food stamps
and all the poor uses being you don't see the rich on food stamps
needing those tax dollars. I see more poverty and the cost with it.

It's like giving some of your food stamps to the rich guy so he can
put it in his gas tank of his new Dodge truck when he can afford to
do that on his own anyway.

Consumers make jobs otherwise you would have empty stores,
stores closing like Sears did in my town and many other stores.
Like putting a Java Dave's in my town only to have it close months latter.
So really all of this is just natural selection on the types that think
businesses make jobs. But oh well it's your life take care of yourself
cut your own spending to offset their cuts to you!

This is mostly needed in small towns that have low pay.
"If they wanted me to buy that than they would of paid me better!"
Like that kind of thing. In bigger cites or states that raised the pay
things are different, if you got it spend it. But small towns they are
really bad at not sharing in the wealth and that is where one
locks up being their low pay won't let them buy anything.

Tax cuts? To me I see it as here in my town we have a
Tea Party type in power. What does the Tea Party want?
Us all to die or benefit their group not the poor.
Well My town is working on growing but with tax cuts they want.
Tells me they want the town to not grow they want it the same it
has been from the 1950's. Really many here has fought growth here
and with less tax money coming in it stops the city from moving on!

Also note that just because you are poor does not make
you really poor. Other countries are poor and are happy.
Sort like the saying "People that work don't know fishing!"
Like realizing you never needed it anyway and it's ok to
let it go! So now really is the time to shut down to save what you
can before the tax cuts hit! Buy less you will make it.
You need to get ready now!

~~~~Citizens of poorest countries are happiest in the world
Gallup, The American Institute of Public Opinion, conducted a study
to find out which country had the happiest citizens.
The survey results were striking as it was discovered that citizens
of the poorest countries were the happiest.
The list of the happiest countries was topped by El Salvador, Paraguay,
Uruguay, and Trinidad and Tobago. What is the secret of Hispanic happiness?

~~~~Save Money – Do Without.
So you want to save money? Well, I have a really radical idea for you today.
One you may not be too familiar with.

Go without.  You heard me, survive for periods without things that are
luxuries but not necessities.

Two things that we go without are Cable/Satellite and home phones.
Boom. That’s a good chunk of money saved each month.
Another thing you can do is pair down on subscriptions.
daughter had a membership to one of her favorite sites,
Animal Jam, last year and when the subscription recently ended,
we had to break the news to her that we couldn’t pay for it this year.
Thankfully, she took it well.

This is going to sound silly, but one of my recent sacrifices is half and half.
I have long been a coffee creamer snob only half and half would do.
But I had to slash it from the spending recently when I realized it was just one
more thing that I didn’t need in my shopping cart. I am now (sob) suffering
with milk in my coffee. Oh the horror.

Another way to do without is to pick a grocery shopping day of the week 
and do not waiver from it. Listen carefully, people, do not run to the store for
“just one thing”. That “one thing” will cost you $50 bucks every. time.
I’ve gone back and forth with this rule in the past but have been much more
strict about it now that saving money is imperative. Also, I usually cross the border
for my dairy and produce, so that’s not something I can simply run out
and do any day of the week.

The result is, sometimes we run out of milk.  So we do without it.
For days, if need be. Sometimes the kids eat up the two bags of apples in two
days and they have to wait a week to get more. Sometimes we run out of
cheese or oatmeal, or eggs and so we eat other things.

Also, at least once a year I think everyone should take the pantry challenge.
Don’t buy a single dry good until that puppy is cleaned out.
Get creative here find uses for that can of beans or box of spaghetti noodles
that have been lurking in the dark recesses of your pantry for ages.
You can probably cut your grocery bill in half or more for one glorious month.
No, it’s not always convenient or comfortable. Particularly for those of us who
are tried and true North Americans who aren’t necessarily used to having to
do without staples in the kitchen. Fishing out that old can of tuna for dinner instead
of pouring another lazy bowl of cereal may not be what you wanted,
but one thing you can’t deny – it definitely saves money.

There is just too many more to list here. I have a list on my site
under ( ( ( ( PERSONAL SECURITY, THE POOR, HELP ) ) ) )
Links to help you make it. Get ready to cut back!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

With voting you can't have the good without bad

These are changing times as in my town the sales are going up slowly.
Mostly from higher wages many in my town got now.

Consumers make jobs if they mostly stay home there would be
just empty stores. I wish more Conservatives understand that
instead of giving it to the rich, cutting taxes and most stuff the
many poor need. They are the consumers and many Conservatives
like to make their consumers poor.

If the GOP gets the Senate you know what that would be like.
Stuck in the mud at the cost of others. Slow wage growth to help the rich,
sort of like low taxes with the poor needing it to help pay their rent,
pay for food stamps and too much to say here.

In the mud like wanting to get rid of Obama Care but having nothing to
replace it with. Just let 200 million drop their insurance to get a bigger paycheck.
What will that do to your small town? Why have everything crash to feed the poor?

Obama Care? Food Stamps? Well if they made better pay they
could just pay for those things, not make others pay for it being
it's all they can do!

But also in light you can't have the good without the bad.
With Republicans running things it won't be to help the poor.
It goes to the rich, just look at the history of things!

Yes the economy is getting better, for the rich! Have they really shaired
in the wealth with the workers. Like making ALEC was to help the poor
by making sure unions stayed low. Like in history with low unions is hell
for the working class. And most stay home making no growth for anyone!

I still have a plan to burn wood in the winter to keep warm with no money.
Mostly with no sales being they took away my money from me with low taxes
I was needing to make it with!

But that is ok being it is an action, like a snowball going down the hill
ending in a form of natural selection for who the snowball hits.
It won't be the poor! So the wages will have to go up in the end.
The same old stuff that never worked they do, will have to change!

Vote or not vote it's a matter if you want to be in the mud again!
Like a Bush thing again!