Sunday, July 26, 2015

In a world of low pay, Insulation, Alcohol Stoves.

When living a home there are options to heat your house when living
with no power or not using power to save money. 
Like making a homemade wood stove, or fireplace. 

Even in a mobile home I see it as possible to make a fireplace.
They have them in wood log cabins why not on the side of your
mobile home? It's made out of wood also like a cabin! But that is my view!

But for apartments there has been no options... Well there is a few I came up with.
Like tacking building insulation to your cold walls, covered with floor plastic
then covered with old blankets etc to look a bit better.
Really anything to keep the insulation from getting on you and without being too flammable.
There are better types that won't make you itchy, you just have to look! 
It is only tacked on to the walls etc so it can easily be removed.
Like a padded room in a way but with insulation. Still cool I think!
The point is to keep warm not the looks. That was my plan I never got to do!

The point of this story was if I did that to my apartment it would not take 
much to heat the place up saving you massive money.

So what about the alcohol stove? The point that, fire and apartments don't mix.
You are better off using insulation being it's flame retardant.
And when it happens you burn the place down, it's a bad day to say 
sorry about all your stuff dudes! 

So keep the fire away from your apartment but in your car a wood stove might help!

In a world of low pay, no AC!

To many Americans, abstaining from air-conditioning is a masochistic
folly akin to refusing Novocain or renouncing the dishwasher.

Lisa Finkelstein, a freelance editor, stopped using the semi-functional
air-conditioning and heating unit in her rented cottage in Tallahassee,
Fla., two years ago, mostly for economic reasons.

“You live with your windows and doors open, you use fans, drink lots of
cold liquids and take it easy,” she said. “You come to realize that
winter and summer is going to be kind of a bear but you dress for it,
and you enjoy fall and spring very much. What’s interesting is you
acclimate to it.”

She said that if she didn’t work from home, the adjustment would probably
be harder. “It’s miserable when you come out of a nice air-conditioned
place,” Ms. Finkelstein said.

Elderly can't afford air conditioning,that is a reality for some of
Arizona’s most vulnerable. According to a study released by the Arizona
Department of Health, an average of 50 elderly people die each year
because of the heat.

An inability to pay for air conditioning is a contributing factor.
“Is the AC on and are they able to afford it? A lot of people will turn
it off because they can’t afford it,” said Zachary Matz from Scottsdale’s
Beat the Heat program.

Can't Afford an Air Conditioner? Make One.
Necessity is the mother of invention. So, apparently, is sweating:
A college student's lack of air conditioning inspired him to figure out
an inexpensive way to keep cool using a garbage can filled with ice water
and an electric fan.

Geoff Milburn, a civil engineering student in Ontario, says his system
can chill a room in 15-20 minutes and costs about $25 (Canadian) to
produce. It works by conveying the ice water via copper tubing along the
back of the fan, cooling the air in the process.

***Not having the money for AC, is more of an issue than it is, but
not heard!

In my days in my apartment, I would turn off power at the fuse box
when I went to work, and I had no power in the weekdays.
I only had power when I had to get ready for work, then the power
was back off. I un-plugged the refrigerator being there was not much in there.
If I needed something I would go to Walmart and use their refrigerator.

I only had the power on the most on the weekends.
And I never turned on the AC being my Walmart pay, that is
how many of the Walmart workers live! I have been there I know!
From my time at Walmart!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Did a cow shit in here?

In business the saying the customer is always right is true. Well that is the fact customers
make jobs. If business make jobs then why are the wages are so stagnant with
people getting a $0.05 raise a year if at all, being people spend what they earn.
Because business don't make jobs. Broke people are not good to have as they
stay home a lot with no money to burn! But that's not the point of this story!

It's about dealing with those kind of customers, the 1% known to live in small towns
being the bigger cities turned in to third would countries these last 10 years and many ran
to smaller towns ending up in Walmart looking for coconut water while the poor gets some
ramen to fill the gap in the week after the food stamps ran out.

Playing airs to unreasonable people, never turns out good!
It's like in being bipartisan. There is no bipartisan if there was none in the first place.
So why be bipartisan to people that can't follow the rules.
Only to hear them cry over something like the IRS going after the TeaParty types.
Well if you hide your money anyway you can, find ways to not pay taxes as a group
well yes the IRS should go after them they are crooks!

Also like in my town they are making a ALDI grocery store that I see 
as more likely for the rich that does not like all the poor waling around Walmart. 
The divide of rich and poor is that bad here. 
*Note to the poor go there, flood the place! ALDI is a rich only place they hope
the hoopla to shop will filter out the poor from going in there! 

So the point is to stop putting on airs to unreasonable people!
If one walks in your house, or you see one at a store it's your time to say
"Christ did a cow shit in here?"

Monday, July 6, 2015

Need unity - love you even if your a stick alien

I have my weird stories, like hitting the stick alien I think, with the weed eater.
But the point of the mater is treat things fairly.
Like the story I did "The black light test."
"It's like the 21 century, it's ok to date a Reptilian, you just need to know so
you know what to expect making both lives better! Well hell that's my view!"
Stick alien also.

But I noticed after I said that I ran across a few saying it's ok to date and
have sex with a alien. I tend to influence people I guess.
I need to say I am my own!
Respected hacktivist they are, they are needed!

They are needed like Jim Morrison way back exposing his private parts.
In a time like the Victorians and Piano Legs, Jim Morrison was needed to get us
out of that and that is a good thing! It's the same going on today.

But the point of this story is to say it's ok to date a stick alien or any type
for the point of unity. And a point to note a social change in view of going to the
21st century! "I love you even if your a stick alien!" , "I will stick with you!"

It's about a change needed like Jim Morrison did for the better!
Have no fear, unity around the world!

Looking for a leopard?

No matter who, what, friend, a new job or used car you are looking for.
I hope you will find your leopard! Time is endless and it's about time
you find your leopard!

Finding your leopard is about finding your quality of life!