Friday, April 24, 2015

Balance In Your Life?

No matter what road you are on, or what four stop you end up at in some
path of your life with everyone looking at each other at that moment.
Such out of anyone's hand as the galaxy itself put all there, such a time for
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

But the point could be a light pointing for the need for more balance in your life.
Life has it's strange eddies they are needed and sometimes you have to
go with the flow and find balance! Follow your heart.
A happy soul, smile is valued more than gold!

~~~~~Do You Need More Balance In Your Life?
From a holistic perspective, there are many ways to identify an imbalanced state.
You can be mentally, emotionally, or physically imbalanced. You can also have an
imbalanced lifestyle in general or an imbalanced approach to different areas of your life,
like love, career, or family. When it comes to optimal health, the goal is to attain balance
in all levels of your self and areas of your life. This is a key component not just for health
but also for personal fulfillment. But what does that mean and how can we go about
achieving balance in our lives?

In order to have balance you must put things in order. To do this, stop and think about
your life and how you lead it. When you do, you will start to see what the people, places,
or things that are causing chaos in your life are. With this awareness, you can then put
things in order, which will inevitably include doing some spring cleaning.
Things that don’t fit you (or fit in with your life), and things that no longer serve a purpose,
must go. Your environment is a reflection of your internal state, so, if you see clutter,
clean it out, maybe even rearrange some furniture or throw some paint on the wall.
Balance means peace, so this also includes letting go of people that bring unnecessary
drama into your life and that you cling to even though they are no longer in harmony
with who you are. It also means maybe even designing a new life plan to work on,
seeing what you need to do to achieve your goals, and managing your time
according to what you truly want to accomplish. If you feel like the white rabbit
in the movie Alice in Wonderland, it’s time for you to choose your top three
priorities, make a daily schedule, and focus on getting things done that matter you.

Food can also be the culprit when it comes to lacking balance. Mental and emotional
imbalances are generally caused by a mineral deficiency due to poor diet choices.
Reevaluate the physical aspect of your lifestyle from the foods you eat that may
harm you and the amount and quality of rest you get, to the movement and
exercise you incorporate weekly.

You will feel the difference in your quality of life when you are in balance. Simplicity,
honesty, integrity and balance are transformational tools in your life, and they bring you
health benefits along with a sense of empowerment.
Take charge and be the catalyst of change in your life!

Balance is Zen!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

School Employees Liability Protection What?

School employees will soon be protected from liability for acting in their official duty
at school functions under legislation signed into law.

Why are the Teachers doing the job of parents? The Teachers need to use force
on the bad parents get them to do something about the bad kid.
Anyway with the state law messed up you know the parents have rights in America.
This law would be with holding their rights, so the federal side will take over in that.
It would be a federal case being the state won't follow the federal law!
You can't mess with someones kids if your not the parent.

The state in Oklahoma is corrupt. As in our state superintendent she is a puppet!
She was a Teacher and she said America is based on religious principles,
is ok with Bibles in the school? It's not! There is a separation also.
If you can't follow the rules then the rules follow you!
Let the churches pay taxes and follow the law. Like Render to Caesar!

The many saying they are losing their religious rights. It might be as a holy roller
that goes to Church and never reads the Bible wanting to pass some law in office.
I hope they go to hell! I say that because they are leading people astray.
Religion is changing your not loosing it. It's like The cleansing of the Temple!

She also wants to raise Teacher pay, with a Governor that won't raise anything.
In fact our Governor would say to lower the Teachers pay to make them more
competitive! Our Governor is a TeaBagger dur!

I would not trust the state more than I could throw them!
The Teachers had a rally at the capital and our Governor ran away
from it. DUR! It's ok for Teachers to use force against the capital!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wal-Mart to Remove Zone Managers in Store Overhaul

There are changes going on and the workers need to see it coming if they don't 
know already. Be aware of this and if you need to get out, work at doing so.
These are changes again coming. If it gets crappy get out!

~~~~~Wal-Mart to Remove Zone Managers in Store Overhaul
Retail giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc. WMT announced that it is eliminating the job position
of zone managers from its U.S. stores in an effort to streamline its operations.
The change will affect around 14,000 employees, as there are generally about
six zone managers per store. The company will re-assign these zone managers as assistants
and department managers with no changes in their pay structure, Bloomberg said.

The zone managers own responsibility of several departments, which may include
overseeing the pharmacy, health or beauty-product sections.
The position was created in addition to individual department managers to improve
efficiency and customer service and hence sales. However, the Bentonville,
AK-based company reportedly found that department
managers better understand and interact with shoppers instead of zone managers.

The decision to remove the zone managers' post is thus justified on part of the retailer,
as it has been working to improve customer service. The move is expected to reduce
bureaucracy, improve customer service, and will give more responsibility to front-line
workers. In addition to the shift of zone managers, the world's largest retailer stated
that it has plans to add 7,000 to 8,000 department managers as part of an overhaul
of its store operations. Increasing the number of department managers will help
the company better understand customers' needs.
The company is expected to complete the changes by mid-June.

We note that Wal-Mart is undergoing a turnaround plan in order to improve its sales,
business operations and customer service. As part of the strategy, the company expects
to strengthen the roles of the department managers and will raise the starting wage for
some of these positions to at least $13 an hour this summer and at least
$15 an hour early next year, as was stated in the open letter to employees in February.

Walmart also stated that it will raise entry level wages to at least $9 an hour this month
and to at least $10 an hour by Feb 2016. In addition, the company would spend around
$1 billion to raise wages of approximately 500,000 full-time and part-time associates at
Wal-Mart U.S. stores and Sam's Clubs in the first half of fiscal 2016.

The strategy also involves addressing other perceived weaknesses such as poorly
stocked shelves or stale grocery offering.
It is encouraging that Wal-Mart has been vigorously working on improving its shopper
trends through these initiatives. The company also believes that assigning ownership
of work to department managers will help to retain good employees in a restricted
labor market.

***Keep in mind Walmart made around $500 billion in sales and is up in gross income
and internet sales also up. The wage cost is covered by sales and gross income not an
issue about it at all!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

America: What Time Is Love?

You might remember that song from the 90's from KLF
"America what time is love" You know the one that Glenn Hughes said
saved his life from drugs and we all are glad he didn't end up like
many Rock Stars. He had many worried at the time!

That is awesome and a good point to this story. Learning from your mistakes
and from that you know what to take serious and what to take as trivial BS
because you been there seen that, there's nothing there so you know it for
what it is. You know what is important and what is not!

And another part of this story is what many don't seem to
know. I didn't! Kind of a where are they now story,
that kind of blew my mind when I found out.

The Female member of The KLF, Cressida Cauty
is now the Female member of The KLF, Dr Cressida Cauty.
She has a PhD and is now into cancer research.

"The ex-wife of KLF’s co-founder and artist Jimmy Cauty, is coming to the 
end of her PhD studies at the UK's University of Brighton’s School of Pharmacy 
and Biomolecular Sciences, where she has undertaken ground-breaking research 
into liver cancer."

Now the point of this is point one can do better for ones self.
Like for a kid in school won't always be a kid in school.
There are better things ahead of you. And you just need to look ahead,
know what to take serous and what to take as BS so you can get there!
You know you need to get out there and do your part. I do!
What Time is Love? When you get going that way to do your part, whatever it is!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

In the world of low pay Dandelion, Edible Plants

If you are having a hard time with your pay getting food or healthy foods
there are options, wild plants in your backyard or anywhere.
Yes many are edible. If you are broke just go driving around and pick up the food!

It's natures garden out there! Who needs those high priced foods just get
them yourself! This will be more needed than ever with the drought working
it's way around this year like they are talking about.
I am sure you see the need to get what food you can,
many plants take heat better than others.
This is something I would really think about!

Dandelion? Not sure if this is totally Gypsy or what but you can make
dandelion wine! The plant is the most useful of the bunch so next time
you mow leave them alone, you will need them down the road!

"What to look for: Stemless green leaves with single yellow flower
Where to find: Meadows, fields and grasslands throughout Canada
When to look: Before the flowers open, pick the leaves; in late fall,
harvest the roots Eating tips: Rinse leaves for use in salads or as wraps;
flowers can be used to make wine or jam; use roots to make tea
Goes well with: Other wild edibles, such as onion, garlic and leek."

"If you have ever eaten dandelions, then you know that the roots and leaves
are quite bitter. That flavor stems from the flavonoids that give the dandelion
such effective purifying and cleansing properties. Bitter flavor aside, the dandelion
may be one of the world’s most nutritious green vegetables.
It ranks among the best natural kidney and urinary tract cleansers and it is a
detox powerhouse. In fact, if you check the labels, you’ll see that most detox
formulas on the market use the dandelions toxin eliminating properties
in their products. It’s time to rethink our relationship with the lowly dandelion.
in an age where many are beginning to put forth the notion of lawns for food.
most of us already have an awesome ally and easy salad growing
whether we have a vegetable garden or not!"

Dandelion Lemon Tea
1 cup boiling water
1 teaspoon dried dandelion leaves
 lemon wedges for juice
1 teaspoon dried dandelion root
 raw honey to taste (optional)

Pour boiling water over herbs. Cover and let steep 3 minutes.
Stir and let steep another minute.

Dandelion Wine?

Cattail Typha latifolia? It's sort of like corn!

"Known as cattails or punks in North America and bullrush and reedmace in England,
the typha genus of plants is usually found near the edges of freshwater wetlands.
Cattails were a staple in the diet of many Native American tribes.
Most of a cattail is edible. You can boil or eat raw the rootstock, or rhizomes,
of the plant. The rootstock is usually found underground.
Make sure to wash off all the mud. The best part of the stem is near the bottom
where the plant is mainly white.
Either boil or eat the stem raw. Boil the leaves like you would spinach.
The corn dog-looking female flower spike can be broken off and eaten like
corn on the cob in the early summer when the plant is first developing.
It actually has a corn-like taste to it."

Wild Edible Plants in your Backyard!

Other is more info on what you might need to help what you might have!

Healing foods is better than Ramen!

What Happens Inside Your Stomach When You Eat Instant Noodles?

It's better to fix yourself with nature!

***But if like 7 billion people on earth all starts to go looking for food at the same time
it will be ok the world is bigger than 7 billion people!


Saturday, April 4, 2015

In the world of low pay Bugaroo

There are cost worthy ways of living for getting away from it.
It's something from the 70's a Bugaroo!
It's like a dolphin with hat on and when you see one you will shit bricks.

It is a better option than a full price camper. I would say it would be better
for part time living on the side to get away from it!
It's does not have to be a Bugaroo I can see something like a Gypsy wagon on it,
or other relating things from way back then!

Not to necessarily make it backfire with a loud stereo playing
with a Gypsy type house on the back but for me would be a option when
driving by the Red-Lobster just to the fact it would be funny as hell!

It's just too far to say what to do the options are open.
So what are you going to do about your part time living?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cheap gas is saving who?

As you might of known gas prices are saving people $750 a year.
But you need to note the poor like me don't drive much!
I save $240 a year on gas now, or the amount to feed a few people
for like half a month. Most here in my town make $7+ after taxes, but
Places like Walmart are working on bringing it up.

I even had to hyper-mile my car a lot because I had $16 to last me
two weeks being I put in no more than $15 of gas at a time in my car.
Driving with the engine turned off and in neutral gliding down a hill
saves me money that was how I made it.
Lower gas prices keeps me from doing that lately but
it depends on how much I have in the bank.

It's like how credit is viewed by the poor. It takes money to have credit
because you have to buy something. And we don't because we are broke.
So it takes money to burn gas and we are broke so we don't get around much.
Also to the fact many voluntarily repossessed their car for rent / food money.
Or their car blew up and they can't get a car loan being "Your income is too low."
Like those stupid signs on the car dealerships about "No Credit No Problem."
Well yess there is a problem "My income is too low!" and to the fact the
tags for the new thing would cost as much as my pay check!

Used cars in Oklahoma have around 150,000+ miles low.
The tags might be like $300+, the car payment $160+ insurance being
it's item of the loan the full coverage would be like $130 for me.
And I only make around $7+ after taxes so do I want a car?
That is why most people walk in town they can't get a car!
Or like me still drive their car even though it only has two forward gears left
and it does 70 mph in second gear and I can make it backfire real good so it's ok!
Many drive falling apart cars, like a Mad Max movie! I do count them as I drive a long
there are too many to count. And is cool totally Mad Max hard core!

I really see the car buying days as over for me. I am really looking now for a moped,
that I could hack up to 80 mph so I can drive town to town. Really! It's cost effective.

So the point is my spending is going down because I don't have a lot to
spend in the first place! The gas prices don't help the most of the poor that
walk without a car anyway.

Low payed people don't spend we shut everything down.
We take everyone down to our level and it's like the movie Mad Max,
it will get that way with us poor in time. It's already getting there like it
if nothing will be done. It's common sense that cheap gas it not the help better pay is!