Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Red state health care and the dildo

Red states by result of their policies not accepting medicaid expansion.
Impoverishing the poor that have to pay out of pocket with no help.
The ACA is a growing thing. To be viewed like when Social Security
first came out. There will be changes to make it better.
But in red states with their low taxes they fight it making a tax burden to all.
Along with lower pay, lower taxes so less tax money the poor needs for help.
If you make nothing then you have nothing. So they have insurance and can't
afford to use it. Points to the result of that!

The ACA is only a issue to red states being the people don't make the
wages to pay for it. They could of wrote a check for it no problem but no!
The question is why do they make children wages causing a tax burden to them all.
They use more tax dollars than they pay in taxes being they don't make much to tax!

Oklahoma is bad in this Texas is worse!

~~~~~The red state health care deficit is expanding
Five years later, that tragedy is exactly what has come to pass. While as many as
23 million Americans obtained health insurance during the first enrollment period for
the Affordable Care Act, millions more were needlessly left without coverage in the
reddest of red states. Because 24 GOP-controlled states rejected Obamacare's
Medicaid expansion that virtually pays for itself, seven million residents remain insured.
Up to 17,000 of them are projected to needlessly die every year. By refusing to run their
own exchanges, blocking the outreach of "navigators" that Medicare has used with great
success for more than 20 years and turning to myriad other obstructionist tactics, states
like Rick Perry's Texas, Bobby Jindal's Louisiana and Nathan Deal's Georgia have
accomplished what five years ago seemed impossible.
Republicans have made the yawning gap between blue and red state health care worse.

But the point really is it's just a deprived quality of life and health.
Why? You could of had your ass smacked with a dildo!
Why? Because I love you! And brings up the point what are you missing
because of all the red states mess! I'm deprived!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tapped out, Target down, Stores going down

In my town I noticed closing stores, bad business models like Denny's going
high dollar almost like pushing appetizers in their stores with pot holes in 
the parking lot and the building falling over almost. Old as hell!

The point is the stores don't need to lower their prices as that would bring
down their stores. Much better is to raise the pay! If not then those places
will go away! Stores are going down noted in small and big towns.
Are the consumers tapped out? Well yes when you have policies being
pushed out or stopped by Republicans you will have suffering consumers!

The clock is ticking on the wages educated business know the pay
needs to go up as their sales go down. It's a clear it's a wall we are hitting!

So it's clear to me to make store owners more money the pay 
has to go up! If the pay does not go up then it's the same as burning
down the weeds making room for better places. In my town the places
that are coming to town are all high dollar stuff that many can't afford and
to me they won't stay open more than 3 years as it's norm in my town.

So the point you get what you pay for. As in the labor force,
do they really care at work being they make $7 after taxes? 
The lack of funding going into high schools with kids smoking weed all over
the country thinking they run the school until they go to college or at home
find the DEA etc kicking down their door! Those kids will be the labor force!

So the road is low! The issues are wages to push growth not everyone
doing without! People need to ask more store owners how are they doing
so people will get grip about what is going on!

~~~~~Target misses the mark
Target's latest results and outlook for the second quarter did not meet
Wall Street's bull's eye. And that's leading to more worries about whether consumers
are tapped out.

Target (TGT) stock fell nearly 10% in early trading Wednesday after the retailer
reported sales that missed forecasts. Target also warned that its sales and
earnings for the second quarter would be lower than what analysts were expecting.

Overall sales were down 5% in the quarter, but that was largely due to
Target's sale of its in-store pharmacies to CVS.

Investors won't have to wait long for yet another reading on the health of consumers.
Walmart (WMT) will report its first quarter results on Thursday morning.
The numbers may not be pretty. Analysts are expecting a drop in revenue and
profits from a year ago.

***Keep in mind the income of the people going to Target vs Walmart also
Walmart is adapting to the situation. In poverty people only shop where they
can afford. It is a give in other stores will go down as shoppers start to go to 

Quantum Entanglement or what

In life there is Quantum entanglement or the red string of fate, regardless of distance or
time, if it's there it's there! Noted by my old lady, she worked at the
Vinita Oklahoma hospital for the insane in the 80's.

And in 1989 I met my girlfriend before I met her as she was driving her car
on the highway in Vinita passing the McDonald's arch way. I noticed her with her
GEO packed full of stuff full of kids.

Then in 1996 on a road trip with my friend I met a lady also at the Vinita McDonald's.
I couldn't keep my eyes off her. When we came back to Vinita I looked for her
everywhere even in the ladies bathroom!

Where is this going? I first met my old lady and ended up staying with her
so I moved in to another town. But as the strange is everyone lived in the same town.
I worked with and first met the 1989 connection working at Walmart and we hooked
up not knowing who she was at first. I found out later in the relationship!
Also at the time I also ran in to the 1996 connection with my 1989 connection
and I am sure we both met as me and the 1989 connection worked at the Walmart.
And I ran into the 1996 lady in a fork in the road she went right!
But I ended up working with her in the same building and same room!
And by her room are markers by her door that point to what would be
called a bus stop. As I have one in my office also.
A bus stop is a final destination, all paths meet at that spot!
I recognize it for what it is!

So what brought me hear in the first place? All three of us met at a cross road at
different times nonlinear as time is not a factor in Quantum entanglement.
Only for all three of us being in the same town?

Why, how? Can't answer that there has been plenty other strange things in my life.
Saw a ghost when I worked at K-mart. And a ghost kid walking down the stairs
at work. I stayed in a haunted place in St. Louis! And I an go on and on!

Strange but I have to note it as Quantum Entanglement being the connections
at different times.

So really, this is just something bigger than me the bus stop.
Strange as it is I accept it!

~~~~~Quantum Entanglement: Love on a Subatomic Scale
When talking about love and romance, people often bring up unseen and mystical
connections. Such connections exist in the subatomic world as well, thanks to a bizarre
and counterintuitive phenomenon called quantum entanglement.

The basic idea of quantum entanglement is that two particles can be intimately linked to
each other even if separated by billions of light-years of space; a change induced in one
will affect the other.

In 1964, physicist John Bell posited that such changes can occur instantaneously,
even if the particles are very far apart. Bell's Theorem is regarded as an important
idea in modern physics, but it seems to make little sense.
After all, Albert Einstein had proven years before that information cannot travel faster
than the speed of light.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Believe it or not it or not in my days at college the movie split was one
of my favorite movies. And my friends in college pointed that they thought
it was something I would write at the time!

At the time there where people in college around us that where like that!
Even in my life it tends to also be like a movie from where I been,
so to my friends it was a give in about the movie in parts they laughed
at me because it was funny and fits how college was back then.
"It's, oooh it's a straw!" at the time that would be a quote from me!

But as for me now I don't know how I find this stuff? Found it in 1989 and
today well it fits in how life is in the world today! Times are strange!
In the starting credits the part when the word "Split" divides and the static
appears, that is noted as room for growth!

The movie has a Gypsy in it!

*So begins SPLIT, one of the most criminally underseen films of 1989.
The sole film to date of mathematician Chris Shaw, SPLIT is a low-fi sci-fi film
of the most ambitious variety, a bizarre ride of dystopian paranoia, religious
allegory, and tongue-in-cheek humor that basically defies description from
the computer generated opening credits (from Shaw’s brother Robert) to the
inconclusive ending.

*Starker ends up rooming with a talkative waitress and is stalled from his project,
occasionally retreating into a psychological hole. He goes out for groceries dressed
in drag. People have conversations about the "oscillation and the evolution of
consciousness." A cult is formed. A Pop Tart burns in an oven.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Accepting people for who they are

As you know this is like the 21st century a time we let go old stigmas of today
like the ones you had in Middle school many still have today!
Accepting people for who they are is needed these days!
Transgender, Polyamorous, LGBT, etc. We are not going to sit on the back of the bus!
Like a Transgender in the bathroom is the same as the 1950's with the
white only bathroom out of fear of the other races. Xenophobia!

In my life I see beauty not relating to age, being married , fat, small, I see the
inside and that is really what maters. I am in love with a married woman I want to
date her (Support. As in take me home I'm willing for that talk!)
And my old lady is a old lady, 25 years older than I am.
I support her to keep her from being a bag lady. And also support for a quality
of life being with her age and health we know she only has 5 to 7 years to her life.
What does that say about me?

There is a need these days to treat people, property etc, fairly!!!
There is no need to have fights. Really it's just crap that won't matter
years from now! Swimming in crap kind of makes life bad for yourself.
The lake of fire or lake of crap it's the same thing. Hell is on earth!
It's best to take that hand that wants to take you out of it to higher places!

You lose nothing and gain everything!
But the point here is to accept people. Noted with Marcie Free!

~~~~~Marcie Michelle Free (born Mark Edward Free on April 12, 1954)
is an American rock singer, best known as the lead singer of King Kobra,
Signal and Unruly Child.

In 1990, Free then joined up with Bruce Gowdy, (Stone Fury/World Trade) and
Guy Allison (World Trade) (keyboards), forming a group known as Unruly Child.
Unruly Child signed with Atlantic/Interscope Records in 1991 and released their
self-titled debut album in 1992. In 1993, Free sang the theme song  
(To Be) The Best of the Best for the action film Best of the Best 2.

Also in 1993, a solo album consisting of demos Free had sung for a mother/daughter
songwriting duo named Judithe and Robin Randall was released on an independent label
in the UK called Now and Then Records. The album entitled Long Way From Love
was re-released on Frontiers Records in 1998. This album version included some of the
live performances Free gave while in Manchester, England for the first rock festival known
as "The Gods of AOR" in October 1993.

Shortly after the release of Long Way from Love, Unruly Child, after losing their record
deal with Atlantic/Interscope, had reformed under the moniker Twelve Pound Sledge and
were writing new material in hopes of re-signing with another U.S. label.
That never happened, though songs from these sessions were later released in 1995,
as a solo album on independent labels in Germany and Japan, entitled Tormented.

Suffering with gender dysphoria all her life, Free came out to the world as Marcie Free in
November 1993. In 1995, Free retired from the music business and moved back to Michigan
to be close to her family. However, she still sings professionally on the side and in
September 2009, Free, Gowdy and Allison reunited as Unruly Child and signed a recording
contract with Frontiers Records. A new album with that label, Worlds Collide, has been
released to critical acclaim. Unruly Child's triad (Free, Gowdy, Allison)
continues to write and record. They have announced a new release scheduled for spring
2014 entitled Down The Rabbit Hole coming out on the band's new label "Unruly Records".

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mental health will drive you...

Oklahoma and mental health just does not come out very good.
Because of a lack of funding centers being shut down by past presidents.
Reagan in the 80's I remember me and my friends skateboarding down
town Tulsa and seeing all the homeless people running screaming waving
their hands in the air.

It's more than just uneducated people to the point they do have a mental illness out
of stupidity. There are people out there with real problems with no point of purpose
of why they do what they do. My old lady worked as a nurse and she worked
at the Vinita Oklahoma hospital for the insane in the 80's, she was working in there
not knowing at the time that one of the patients killed a guard earlier.
One patient told her "I'm going to get you little girl." And two other male
nurses got in front and behind her and got her out of there.

In my college years I worked for credit for the class at a group therapy treatment
at a mental hospital. I ran into nothing like my old lady did but I worked
with a bad psychologist my first exposure to him was him walking in the
room full of people wanting to get help and not, and him saying to them
"Put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care!"
A bad Psychologist, yes but the point there is really ill people out there not just
people having their needs not being met. Everyone has their own normality and
know how to fix their needs to get balance you have to add a little weight.

There are people that need help and as Oklahoma funding for that never
was there as it should! And now there are cuts going on as expected for
Oklahoma. Does it show the lack of education in government...
Well why all of this low road of people barely getting anything?
Republican policy's causing most of the mental issues?
Well why did they go down that road of illness? Lack of income
causing marital battles to the point the couples go ill!

~~~~~ Mental health officials say budget cuts will immediately affect 73,000 Oklahomans
 Mental health patients and families are in more danger - that is according to 
the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

This comes after another $13 million cut was announced Friday.
Earlier this year, the agency announced it had to cut $9.8 million, meaning it
is down a total of $22.8 million this year.

However, when you factor in federally matched funds, the department said it's
down around $40 million. It is money mental health advocates said could mean
someone’s life. For many years, Heath Hayes struggled with depression and
drug addiction. "I've been to jail. I've spent tons of money on drugs and failed
out of college," Hayes said.
He said getting treatment saved his life.

That is why he felt sickened to learn more is being cut from mental health.
"The people who need the medications, the therapy, the treatment,
I think that it's a tragedy," Hayes said. According to ODMHSAS, more than
73,000 Oklahomans will experience reduced services.
“When we went through budget cuts like this about six years ago,
we saw an increase in the rate of suicide in Oklahoma," said Terri White,
with the Department of Mental Health.

Janet Cizek owns a treatment center in Tulsa and cares for about 5,000 patients
each year. She is in a panic after learning $7 million will be cut from private
based providers, like her, across the state. "To think that some people will lose
their job, to think that some people who need treatment will die," Cizek said.

In addition, the agency said the cuts will affect the inmate population.
"When we limit services that the DAs and local law enforcement have access to,
criminal justice numbers go up, period. Including ultimately the
Department of Corrections," White said. Also, mental health workers said taxpayers
will end up spending more.

"What we know very clearly is, when someone gets treatment, it costs about
$2,000 per year per person. When someone's in the Department of Corrections,
it costs a minimum of $19,000 per year per person," White said.

One of the biggest fears is public safety.
"It's saying that the next door neighbor might not be safe. It's that someone who
needs treatment might be getting behind the wheel of a car. It really impacts and
affects everyone," Cizek said.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


One might ask where did that Tomato go!!!
Well the point is there is something sort of not thought of,
a good use for those "Bad Tomatoes" to make power! 
And that is the best part the innovation really who would of came up 
with that? Wow!

~~~~~Your next alternative power source: Tomatoes

Every year, the state of Florida throws out nearly 400,000 tons of tomato waste.
The sludge is a mixture of damaged or worm-eaten tomatoes as well as unwanted
skin and seeds from processed products like ketchup. It goes into landfills where it
can produce dangerous methane gas, or ends up in waste water.

A group of researchers at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology has found a
way to treat the problematic waste and turn it into something useful: electricity.

How does a tomato become power? The researchers have developed a special
microbial fuel cell to process the waste and turn it into electricity. It uses bacteria to
break down the organic material in the tomato waste, oxidizing it and generating an
electrical charge. The process also neutralizes the waste so that it no longer emits
greenhouse gases.

As a waste water treatment or a renewable energy source, the concept wouldn't have
much appeal. But accomplishing both things at once could make tomato power a viable
option for agricultural communities like Immokalee, the tomato farming community in
Florida that produces the bulk of the state's tomato waste.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Respect to a coworker that had Cancer!

Being how I am I need to give respect and to support to a
coworker that has died of cancer. She had a hard time these last few
years and as I was, I was supportive as a coworker knowing about
the hard times she had.

Her getting cancer to me is also a downer to me and all
because she had a hard time before hand then to get cancer!
It is hard in that her husband died a few years before,
then she got cancer and passed away also.

I noticed she was run down every year
more and more. But it was misunderstood.
For me I saw it as depression being her husband
died years before. No it was cancer,
and I need to note about screening yourself
for cancer more often.

I am about life, I know enough to know you need to love life
regardless of how awkward or in the fire it is!
Because life is short! My old lady is a old lady with her health
we know she only has 5 to 7 years to her life so I get her
to have riding lawn mower races with me around the block!
A quality of life!
I understand the life issues of the hardships and that is why I am
as I am. I tend to follow my heart!

And that is a good point you can say one thing but actions speak
louder than words. Don't be indecisive it's time for your happy landings!
Life is short so live! And that is what is really important!

I worked with the coworker for around 6 years and she will be missed!

*Please be aware and support the "National Cancer Moonshot Initiative."
During his State of the Union address on January 12, 2016, President
Barack Obama announced the establishment of a new
National Cancer Moonshot Initiative to accelerate cancer research.
The initiative led by Vice President Joe Biden aims to make more therapies
available to more patients, while also improving our ability to prevent cancer and
detect it at an early stage. Learn how NCI is supporting this important initiative,
which seeks to accelerate progress in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
During his State of the Union address on January 12, 2016,
President Barack Obama announced the establishment of a new
National Cancer Moonshot Initiative to accelerate cancer research.
The initiative led by Vice President Joe Biden aims to make more
therapies available to more patients, while also improving our ability
to prevent cancer and detect it at an early stage.

Learn how NCI is supporting this important initiative,
which seeks to accelerate progress in prevention,
diagnosis, and treatment.

*I need to note in college I had a interest in Cancer prevention.
It was something I was working to be in at college.

I was motivated at the time from working a banquet in 1993 that
had Linus Pauling in it.

And also from another coworker that survived breast Cancer.
Not to the fact my zodiac sign is Cancer it just fits the interest
from my life experiences!