Thursday, May 12, 2016

Accepting people for who they are

As you know this is like the 21st century a time we let go old stigmas of today
like the ones you had in Middle school many still have today!
Accepting people for who they are is needed these days!
Transgender, Polyamorous, LGBT, etc. We are not going to sit on the back of the bus!
Like a Transgender in the bathroom is the same as the 1950's with the
white only bathroom out of fear of the other races. Xenophobia!

In my life I see beauty not relating to age, being married , fat, small, I see the
inside and that is really what maters. I am in love with a married woman I want to
date her (Support. As in take me home I'm willing for that talk!)
And my old lady is a old lady, 25 years older than I am.
I support her to keep her from being a bag lady. And also support for a quality
of life being with her age and health we know she only has 5 to 7 years to her life.
What does that say about me?

There is a need these days to treat people, property etc, fairly!!!
There is no need to have fights. Really it's just crap that won't matter
years from now! Swimming in crap kind of makes life bad for yourself.
The lake of fire or lake of crap it's the same thing. Hell is on earth!
It's best to take that hand that wants to take you out of it to higher places!

You lose nothing and gain everything!
But the point here is to accept people. Noted with Marcie Free!

~~~~~Marcie Michelle Free (born Mark Edward Free on April 12, 1954)
is an American rock singer, best known as the lead singer of King Kobra,
Signal and Unruly Child.

In 1990, Free then joined up with Bruce Gowdy, (Stone Fury/World Trade) and
Guy Allison (World Trade) (keyboards), forming a group known as Unruly Child.
Unruly Child signed with Atlantic/Interscope Records in 1991 and released their
self-titled debut album in 1992. In 1993, Free sang the theme song  
(To Be) The Best of the Best for the action film Best of the Best 2.

Also in 1993, a solo album consisting of demos Free had sung for a mother/daughter
songwriting duo named Judithe and Robin Randall was released on an independent label
in the UK called Now and Then Records. The album entitled Long Way From Love
was re-released on Frontiers Records in 1998. This album version included some of the
live performances Free gave while in Manchester, England for the first rock festival known
as "The Gods of AOR" in October 1993.

Shortly after the release of Long Way from Love, Unruly Child, after losing their record
deal with Atlantic/Interscope, had reformed under the moniker Twelve Pound Sledge and
were writing new material in hopes of re-signing with another U.S. label.
That never happened, though songs from these sessions were later released in 1995,
as a solo album on independent labels in Germany and Japan, entitled Tormented.

Suffering with gender dysphoria all her life, Free came out to the world as Marcie Free in
November 1993. In 1995, Free retired from the music business and moved back to Michigan
to be close to her family. However, she still sings professionally on the side and in
September 2009, Free, Gowdy and Allison reunited as Unruly Child and signed a recording
contract with Frontiers Records. A new album with that label, Worlds Collide, has been
released to critical acclaim. Unruly Child's triad (Free, Gowdy, Allison)
continues to write and record. They have announced a new release scheduled for spring
2014 entitled Down The Rabbit Hole coming out on the band's new label "Unruly Records".

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