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Recipe found in medieval mystic’s writings

If you are thinking about the meaning of life or what kind of life do you
have needing a better life asking where is my "Sweet Tea!"Oh god why!
I guess it's best to take in those things that will make life better for you!
Get that what you need and make some candy as it was there all the time for you!

"Initially, the recipe was thought to be for a drink to cure the flux, but the thermal
imaging revealed it to be “dragges” herbal sweets used to refresh the palate and
cure a variety of ills. The ingredients sugar, aniseed, fennel seed, nutmeg,
cinnamon and ginger were luxuries at the time."

~~~~~Recipe found in medieval mystic’s writings was probably for 'dragges'
It is a case that has intrigued historians, psychiatrists and theologians for the last 80 years, but an academic has found what may be the oldest known attempt to diagnose Margery Kempe’s erratic religious behaviour. A recipe for medicinal sweets, written 600 years ago in the back of the medieval mystic’s memoir, has been deciphered by Dr Laura Kalas Williams – and the Exeter University-based researcher is convinced that it reveals an attempt to prescribe a cure for Kempe’s notorious fits of devotion.

Though the recipe, written in the final portfolio of the 1438 manuscript, has long been known to scholars, it had hitherto proved impossible to read. Dr Andrea Clarke, the British Library’s lead curator of medieval and early modern manuscripts, suggested multispectral-imaging technology be used to reveal its secrets. Kalas Williams and two colleagues, Professor Eddie Jones and Professor Daniel Wakelin, were then able to decipher the ingredients and discovered it was a cure for “flux”, defined in the Medieval English Dictionary as “a pathological flowing of blood, excretions or discharges from any part of the body, or dysentery”.

Kalas Williams said she was convinced the recipe was a response to the mystic’s various bouts of illness as well as her copious crying. “I don’t think [the recipe] has been written there randomly,” the academic said. “The book tells us that at one point, she suffered a terrible episode of flux (probably dysentery) and was given extreme unction, thinking she was going to die, so the presence of this recipe at the end seems more than a coincidence.”
A middle-class mother of 14, Kempe lived in Norfolk from about 1373 to 1440. After the birth of her children, she took a vow of chastity, and for the rest of her life undertook pilgrimages to Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela, Italy and Germany.

Described by Kalas Williams as “the Marmite of medieval mystics”, she was infamous for “loud cries and boisterous weeping” in church and dramatic displays of religious devotion, which included mystical visions that placed her at the heart of the action during the nativity and crucifixion. They also made her as many enemies during her lifetime as they did followers; she was arrested for heresy and narrowly missed being burned at the stake.

Kalas Williams admitted her thesis was controversial. Scholars have speculated about the significance of the recipe since the manuscript was rediscovered in 1934. Though medieval books often feature arbitrary jottings because parchment was expensive, no other random notes appear in the manuscript, which was dictated by the mystic between 1436 and 1440, initially to her son. “There are many other annotations in the book, but all of these directly engage with the words on the page, in dialogue with the content,” the academic said. “This makes it improbable that the recipe is a random, thoughtless, annotation.”

Initially, the recipe was thought to be for a drink to cure the flux, but the thermal imaging revealed it to be “dragges” – herbal sweets used to refresh the palate and cure a variety of ills. The ingredients – sugar, aniseed, fennel seed, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger – were luxuries at the time.

The manuscript, which is the only surviving copy of the memoir, thought to be the oldest autobiography by a woman in the English language, has proved controversial since it was rediscovered in the 1930s. Many attempts have been made to explain Kempe’s profuse weeping, collapsing and roaring while under the influence of her visions. As well as epilepsy, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, it has been posited that the mystic suffered postpartum depression, as her first extreme religious experiences and “demonic torment” followed her first difficult pregnancy.

Kalas Williams dismissed attempts at diagnosis as “anachronistic” and preferred to use Kempe’s memoir to understand the medieval view of women’s bodies and health. “For me, Kempe is a tenacious figure, determined to be heard in a culture where women’s voices were not supposed to be heard, and brave enough to express her emotions publicly and viscerally,” added the scholar, who is writing up her findings for academic publication later this year.

The Female Prostate and a Quantum Threesome

Not that I am a sick man. I am desperate, yes but not sick, well...
I guess I know too much, sorry but... I need to note that everything has a 
reason and as all life we all look to go higher, not lower.
It's like an evolution, it's revealing and healing, a force of the galaxy, it's a threesome!

But I also put it in a spiritual view, sort of a Quantum Activism format or 
something like it. http://www.amitgoswami.org

In view many women say men think with their privates.
Well a woman's privates also effects her emotions making the
mind a slave to her privates. It's a matter of hormone balance and condition.
Like it would be for a male with sore privates. Makes a bad day!--( Warning )

Men = Mind to privates!
Women = Privates to mind!

It is a Yin and Yang noted males have a prostate,
and so do women small or big but they do!

So what is the quantum entanglement and the female prostate relate too?
The point of quantum entanglement, hormones and pheromones or
what unknown that drives people. It is in the same manner the
Yin and Yang the concept of duality forming a whole.

"Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or
groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state
of each particle cannot be described independently instead, a quantum state
may be given for the system as a whole."

It is all in the same manner men and women as the entanglement
of how we all are making the whole. Or something like it!
Becoming the one as one yet not the same. The meaning of life?! 
Not only about having sex but connecting as the same!

If you ever took a sex therapist or human sexuality courses in college,
you will know about the Sexual Bonding Practice. 
Take away the sex and talk about the result, bonding, becoming one.
The higher things that have higher values than sex by itself.

Love does not care about the past or the bad. Love is love, going higher!

Higher values like a non sexual threesome. It would be in the class
of bonding therapy. And that is where there is a high level of emotional
content for the purpose of healing or breaking the shell of the person that is
abused, rejected and all the bad is replaced by being desired, adored,
accepted and pampered usually by all being naked with the lady laying on
top of her two lovers. There is no sex just the aim of emotional healing,
as she would be the queen bee and life would be good for her on the top! 
It is a threesome but no sex just support and love for the queen bee!
"Or have a threesome where you exchange lots of erotic touch but choose not to
have intercourse. Sex without penetration is safer both physically and emotionally." 

Another higher value is what relates to a sexual threesome.
DP! One of the rules of having a threesome is for everyone to be
involved and that would imply DP, aka a Sex Sandwich! 
Now it's not about the act of it, the value and the heart of the matter
is the teamwork between the guys as the point of DP is to focus on
the female's G-spot! Both guys have to find the spot in both ends
and as a team they focus with timing and etc. The G-spot will twist 
around a lot if the males work as a team. And the Female appreciates
the act but more in knowing they are both teaming up on her is the
highest value knowing they are for her happiness!

Sex therapy is not only sex! The point is therapy to heal, bond to
your partners. All for the one and the same for the others as she
is happy they are happy also! Quantum entanglement!

Yes I related a threesome with Quantum physics!

Anyway, the stuff you learn in college! TMI? Really it is important to 
bring up this kind of stuff. For the most part being real about life 
as we all are. And for women there are issues that not even they seem 
to know. And know gold is the emotional content of such, that is the
heart of the matter! 

It's for health reasons women need to know this stuff and more...  

~~~~~Female urethral syndrome. A female prostatitis?
"They stain histologically for prostate-specific antigen and, like the prostate, are
subject to both infection and cancer. The most important aspect of recognizing this
microscopic "female prostate" as an anatomic feature is that its infections may
completely explain many cases of the urethral syndrome."

~~~~~Decreased beta-carotene levels in exfoliated vaginal epithelial cells in 
women with vaginal candidiasis.
Decreased beta-carotene levels, and possibly other antioxidants, may alter the
local immune response resulting in disturbances in the vaginal flora, overgrowth
of candida, and the development of vaginal candidiasis.

Middle age women do need Beta-carotene along with an Omega-3 type with
vitamin D3 / calcium. The Beta-carotene and Omega-3 is needed for the fatty tissues
in the light of the lack of hormone therapy relating to old age and risk.

~~~~Hormone Therapy
 What are the benefits of taking HT?
HT is prescribed to relieve:
  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness that can result in painful intercourse
  • Other problematic symptoms of menopause, such as night sweats and dry, itchy skin
Other benefits of taking HT include:
  • Reduced risk of developing osteoporosis and reduced risk of bone breakage
  • Improvement of mood and overall sense of mental well-being in some women
  • Decreased tooth loss
  • Lowered risk of colon cancer
  • Lowered risk of diabetes
  • Modest improvement in joint pains
  • Lower death rate for women who take hormone therapy in their 50s.
What are the risks of taking HT?

While HT helps many women get through menopause, the treatment (like any prescription or even non-prescription medicines) is not risk-free. Known health risks include:
  • An increased risk of endometrial cancer (only if a woman still has her uterus and is not taking a progestin along with estrogen).
  • Increased risk of blood clots and stroke. However, in women within 5 years of menopause there was no statistically significant increase in stroke risk. Also, studies suggest that using estrogen delivered from the skin via a patch/cream might further lessen the risk of blood clots.
  • Increased chance of gallbladder/gallstone problems.
  • Increased risk of dementia if hormone therapy is started after a woman has been in menopause for 10 years. It is not yet known if it might be beneficial for women who start HT in their 50s.
Most of our understanding about the benefits and risks of hormone therapy on the heart and breast come from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study (one of the largest studies done on hormone therapy):

HT and the heart

Recent analysis of WHI actually shows that the risk of heart disease may be related more to the advanced age of the participants as opposed to the HT. The study also found that HT given to younger women, at the onset of menopause, appeared to decrease the risk of heart disease. More specifically:
An increased risk of heart disease is only seen in women taking long-term estrogen-progestin combination therapy (EPT) if they start HT in their mid-60s. There does not seem to be an increased risk of heart disease when women in their 50s start EPT. Estrogen alone (ET) has not been shown to increase the risk of heart disease. Analysis of the age since menopause actually shows a decrease in the risk of heart disease when ET was started in younger women (those just beginning menopause).
Currently, it is not recommended to use hormone therapy solely for the purpose of preventing heart disease. However these studies give us reassurance that when women just newly approaching menopause need HT for a short time, it is safe to do so in terms of long term heart disease risk.

HT and breast cancer

Diagnosis of breast cancer increases when combination EPT is used beyond 3-5 years. This means that out of 10,000 women who use estrogen progestin therapy for more than 5 years, there will be 8 additional breast cancers diagnosed. In contrast, the WHI study showed women who use estrogen alone had no increase in risk of breast cancer even after 11 years of use. In fact, fewer breast cancers were seen in the group taking estrogen alone, though this was not statistically significant. When a woman comes off of hormone therapy, any potential increase in her risk of breast cancer quickly goes back to her baseline norm. This is why hormone therapy can be a safe option when women in their 50s (who are generally at lower risk for breast cancer compared to older women).

But really this is only to pass on useful knowledge. Or to point at something
I now about relating from something I learned in college relating it to the now.
And also as relating to my writings something like this would be expected from me! 

Know it has teeth and will bite you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sexually Transmitted Food Allergens

If you love someone you care about your partner and if there is issues then
the heart of the matter is the willingness to adapt for your partner.
The willingness to adapt without disabling but supporting each other is a 
beautiful thing! It's about love and responsibility and a better life together!

~~~~~Sexually Transmitted Food Allergens
The abstract sort of says it all: woman has known allergy, boyfriend eats allergen, 
they have sex and girl has allergic reaction. For the uninitiated, the skin-prick testing 
thing might seem a bit weird – they got samples from the boyfriend before and after 
he ate brazil nuts (masturbation for science!) and injected them under the girlfriend’s skin
but this is a standard allergy test. Allergists already do this with bread mold and ground up 
dust mites, so I guess semen should be any stranger, but I still raised an eyebrow. 
If there’s an allergic reaction, after thirty minutes or so, the area around the skin prick 
will develop a characteristic “wheal and flare,” which is a raised lump at the site of the prick 
(the wheal) and a reddish circle of inflammation surrounding it (the flare).

If you have an allergy, but you don’t know the cause, allergists will draw a grid on your
back and inject a standard battery of allergens. I know from experience that this is an
unpleasant procedure, especially when they don’t find anything and decide that the shallow
pricks on the back weren’t enough, so they opt to inject a few other allergens deeper in
your shoulder… but I digress. These doctors found that the woman responded to her
boyfriends semen after he had eaten brazil nuts.

The Minute Maid the Bathroom and Chicken sandwich, etc

Have you ever had someone ruin it for you?

In the 90's there was a couple I worked with that where
a bit perv! At the time I had a cold and I needed a cough drop
so I asked the lady of that couple if she had one.
She had one and gave me one. But well I found out
it might of been one that was in a female place...
Not that place but the other!

The lady was getting tired of her partner and I think she
was sort of working on me! So she gave me a sugar free
menthol cough drop one that her partner might of put up
in her to get her going. She just grabbed one without knowing
if that was the one, it was like a game for them.
Why did she still have it in her purse?
That points to the other thing that I found out with them
and points to the Minute Maid drink!

The couple liked to play nasty! One night at work her guy
was drinking a Minute Maid when all of a sudden he gagged
with his tongue out! HAW! Then he threw the bottle in the trash
sort of hard! Well this pissed off his lady. Later she came up to me
in private in a way I guess to sort of hit on me or to turn me on
to her. Well she told me what the Minute Maid was about!

The guy liked to hold the bottle up to her privates as she was
having her orgasm so some of her stuff was in the bottle!
And the reason he gagged was because there was a pube
in it and he gagged! Relating to the cough drop she had it for her guy!

I can't drink Minute Maid now or take a menthol cough drop, blah!
Every time I see a Minute Maid I think of the guy gagging with
his tongue out! HAW!

The bathroom? What was the nastiest bathroom you have
been in? I have you beat!

In the 90's me and my friend where going to something called the
burning of the trees. A after Christmas thing people did at the time.
There are no bathrooms there so on the way there we stopped
at the River Parks bathroom. When we went in there the light was off.
So... I turned on the light... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ever seen the movie "Haunted House on the Hill?"

Well like the part of the movie there was blood everywhere.
We first went in and noticed the blood on the floor.
Then we saw a trail of blood all the way to the wall.
There was a pile of pants and underwear with blood on them.
Then we saw bloody hand prints on the wall.
We both where expecting to see blood going up the wall to the
ceiling like that movie!

We both turned around to get out when we noticed something on the floor.
It looked like a tortellini! Me and my friend thought this was a mafia hit!
Like a message to the cops like don't fuck with the Tortellinies!
My friend looked at it and all of a sudden yelled out "IT'S A ANUS!"
At that moment I felt the pain, it was like I pulled out a cuticle on my finger.
You know, those little skin tabs you have on your finger then you pull the tab
 and it pulls out your cuticle! That's what it felt like looking at it!

We realized it was anal sex gone wrong! The guy ripped out the other guys
anus! At the time we didn't have cell phones so we drove to a Q.T store
and called 911 there.

We both have nothing bad about gay people. Just don't do it like they did!
There is a time and always a time to not have sex in the park bathroom!

 *Relating note. At a hotel I worked at there was a guy that tried to get
workers comp for having sex at work. A guy ripped out his anus when
they had sex in the stairwell. The HR lady just LOLed at him.
Also reminded him the employee handbook said to not have sex at work!

~~~~~McDonald's McChicken Sandwich Is Going Viral for a Terrible Reason
 A graphic video of a man engaging in a sexual act with a McDonald’s McChicken
sandwich has gone viral. The McChicken hashtag was trending on Sunday evening
and into Monday for what many people reportedly thought was for promotional reasons.
However, those who clicked on the related links did not find a promotion or coupon.
Instead, they were faced with a video containing explicit content, Snopes.com
first reported.

But people’s responses to the video is what propelled it to a top trending topic on
both Facebook and Twitter, Business Insider reports. The McChicken video had
thousands of responses on social media, with most people expressing disgust.
Celebrities like Seth Rogan and Chrissy Teigen even had something to say about
the McChicken fiasco.

~~~~~The Dough woman at Mazzio's Pizza Tulsa Farm Shopping center 1990's!
In the mid 1990's the Mazzio's at the Farm shopping center in Tulsa they had a worker
that made a woman out of dough in the back. It had the places and was said it was being 
used on both ends. Also some of the dough was being used for the pizzas. 

For the life of me I never could get a mental image of what it must of looked like
out of my head. Also to the fact how could you get off with something like that?
Well could you by looking at THIS get off?

At the time me and my friend thought this was sort of funny being that at the time
Mazzio's was a place for rich people! And it also was funny driving by it knowing
there was a woman made out of dough there.

There are also more sick pizza stories but I won't say here as it will ruin pizza for many!

Vlad the Impaler Masturbating and Hitlers one Testical

In college my friends where History majors so they knew about this
and in my Psychology classes it also was somewhat talked about,
partly for entertainment but knowledge!

As the sayings goes, "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." 
Bertrand Russell.

Many may not of known but Hitler had one testicle!
In December 2015, it was reported that doctor's notes from Landsberg Prison
recorded that Hitler had "right-sided cryptorchidism".


But many knew and the info was on file in many governments
in Hitlers time.

Vlad the Impaler masturbating? Well yes there are many references
from Vlad's surroundings about his bad deeds.

"In some cases, the pole was rounded, not sharp, to avoid damaging internal
organs and thereby prolong the suffering of the victim. The pole was then raised
vertically to display the victim's torment - it could take hours or days for the
impaled person to die."

Also is said from the point is that Vlad was said to have erection problems
and it was said that he was able to get off by the face of death.
Noted by the story that Vlad liked to have people impaled or tied on the roof
during a lighting storm. He masturbated as as they got hit!

Many stories can be seen as exaggeration to push out fear to secure the nation.
But he was bad so most is seen as true just relating to fact!

"In total, Vlad is estimated to have killed about 80,000 people through various means.
This includes some 20,000 people who were impaled and put on display outside the city
of Targoviste: The sight was so repulsive that the invading Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II,
after seeing the scale of Vlad's carnage and the thousands of decaying bodies being
picked apart by crows, turned back and retreated to Constantinople."

So what is the point of all of this? It relates to why they are like they are.
In Psychology you would know about the inferiority complex!

"An inferiority complex is a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty, and feelings
of not measuring up to standards. It is often subconscious, and is thought to drive
afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement
or extreme asocial behavior. In modern literature, the preferred terminology is
"lack of covert self-esteem".For many, it is developed through a combination of
genetic personality characteristics and personal experiences."

And as I remember one of the talks about it was is that if a therapist went
back in time and knowing all of this, would he be able to work with them for
a change stopping all behavior before all happened or curved it after.
Possible but who would be willing to go!

Those are the interesting questions asked in college and to the point of making
other points from the other point.

Much knowledge is gained from useless knowledge!

Dominant Role of Women in Love - Khajuraho

Love really does not have boundaries. You may think it does but really!!!
In life it's best to accept it knowing it's for the better of the good.
If there is a reason for it and it is for good then accept it!

It's about that balance vs not. A love in your life, lovers is pointed
as growth to gain, support. It's like a therapist. So in all of that
you have such for the need to be better not worse!

So for these days regardless of all of the stupidity growing there needs to
be a connection as such for growth! And that is ok being it's worth!

Dominant? This is something said from the cave women days.
Women had to be dominant to own the males for her protection
from predators and others. So to dominant was to take care of needs.
He is good for her so she chose him. Relates to our prehistoric past
noted by the ALPHA Female bulldozing the male today.
Just a Cave Woman and correct for today... Thank god!

Also it's about for the male to know or have love and belongingness!
Just a part of the hierarchy of needs. Love and belongingness brings
up to the esteem needs going to self actualization!
If one is all is also going up and as such life is good for all!
And that is the point of the need for a dominant female for the male to make
life better for and others also from that! It's common! 

Love and belongingness is also to love and belong in a place in the Galaxy
or the Galaxy made a place for you to love and belong!

Whatever it is there is a place in the Galaxy for dominant Females
and this needs to be pushed on more in these times!

It's about love because all comes from that!

And the Khajuraho Temples!
"It is believed that the erotic sculptures, amongst them nymphs, with their
sensuous poses and pouting expressions are a way of giving importance to
wellbeing and love of life."

Monday, February 27, 2017

Doing More, With Less - No man is an island

It is noted "No man is an island.
No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others."
This saying comes from a sermon by the seventeenth-century
English author John Donne.

As in real life you might of looked around yourself once at work
and seen it as true! Much in a way with Walmart as how they treat their
workers. When I worked at Walmart they wanted me to get those 2500 lbs
pallets done even though it took like 10+ minutes to take the pallet from the
back storeroom to the aisle then the same back because of the bad jacks.
I would kick over the whole pallet that is 6 to 7 feet tall to work on it.
And I even worked two aisles at the same time. Every 15 minutes I would
bounce back and forth. Why? Half ass is better than no ass at all!
One aisle done is less than two aisles half done... Share the wealth!

I once told a harassing manager at Walmart,
"I can only work faster at one place at one time,
I will work faster over there when I am done working faster over here!"

Anyway doing more with less means more of less!
Really you get what you pay for!
Like the Overloaded car story. This is what do more with less really is!

~~~~Vastly Overloaded Car - The Complete Story
The stupidity of some people in this world never fails to amaze me.
The photo above was taken in Waldorf, Maryland by a Transportation
Supervisor for a company that delivers building materials for 84 Lumber.
When he saw the overloaded red Jetta there in the parking lot of IHOP,
he went and bought a disposable camera to take pictures.
Note the exhaust smoke, indicating that the car is running.

A woman is either asleep or otherwise zonked out in the front seat passenger
side. Witnesses said the physical state of both the guy and woman was
"other than normal." Note than in addition to the lumber on the roof, the back seat
contains ten 80-pound bags of concrete! Home Depot estimated the load weight
at 3000 lbs.

~~~~Exposing the Myth of “Doing More With Less”
We first heard it in the early 00s–Executives and Managers saying,
“We’ll just have to do more with less.” Well-intentioned at first, for some it soon
became a poor alternative to managing effectively. While in specific situations the
statement can be temporarily true, in most cases, we believe that those who proclaim
and perpetuate the myth that this is an appropriate way to manage a workgroup,
department or enterprise, are demonstrating their failure to manage.

What triggers this commentary is a recent workshop we performed for a customer
we have worked with for over 22 years. We have seen them flex, grow, improve,
and cut back, all in response to market conditions, the shape of their business, and their
sense of coming business pressures. We did discuss the dangers of the “more with less”
message with Executives and Managers 8 years ago, and with just a few exceptions,
they have fortunately not fallen into that trap during this latest downturn.
But in my recent sessions in this industry leading business, we detected something
sinister and terrifying.

While employees we encountered demonstrate strong loyalty to the organization,
and show a sense of strong rapport up and down the chain of command,
we detected individual contributors, project managers and managers alike who are
overwhelmed and exhausted. People who have prided themselves on the quality
and efficiency of their work in the past, are now deciding which essential project results
will be eliminated or reduced; which project double-checks to push into post-project
support; which internal customers to choose to fail to respond to.
We have seen this death spiral before.

Jobless Recovery
Many organizations are facing this dilemma, in part because of the uncertainty in the US,
between politics, consumer spending, the high unemployment rate, the threat of possible
hyperinflation, and the unknowns in the next set of policy decisions that will affect business.
These concerns are the root cause of this Jobless Recovery, as businesses are afraid to add
staff to meet current demands, so they continue to manage increasing business with
existing, or remaining staff. And even when they are not using the tired “more with less”
mantra, that is what it looks like to their employees. And, if you think this only affects
project success, this affects the operations side even more than the projects side
of the business.

How To Honestly Do More With Less
In the early 2000s, as we starting hearing the “More With Less” mantra with increasing
frequency, we put together a presentation, aimed at Managers and Executives, about
“Doing More With Less.” In that presentation, we made a number of assertions,
including that most managers who proclaim the need to do more with less were usually
rewarded with much less with less. In other words, they were killing efficiency and
effectiveness, overworking already exhausted team members, damaging morale more,
negatively affecting the quality of the organization’s results more, and damaging the
business unit’s or government agency’s reputation more.
We’re not sure that is the more they were after.

We went on to coach Managers in the ways they really can do more with less. Interestingly
(or not), the same Successful Project Climate guidelines we have recommended for years
remain the best way to measurably do more with less on a sustaining basis and sustainability
has been a recent theme in project management, so it makes sense to apply it to
managing projects:

    * Prioritize better, then staff fewer current projects appropriately, completing each one
better, faster and at lower cost, rather than fragmenting talent across too many projects.

    * Place team members full-time on large projects, at least half-time on medium ones.

    * Eliminate project and ready response priority conflicts.

    * Eliminate, deflect or defer unnecessary interruptions in project work.

    * Position Managers to “carry the water” for the team, pushing barriers out of the way, and demonstrating that the organization works for the team, rather than vice-versa.

    * Measure and manage both effort and results, and recognize and reward achievements.

Nothing more than competent Managers of Project Managers and their teams have done all
along, but these actions are even more important in difficult times.
Most practitioners understand that while teams could perhaps, at peak, produce
10%-20% more results, Managers, internal Customers and Executives have the
power to improve performance by 2x–4x in individual
projects, and 8x—10x in the overall organization over a 3-5 year period.
Now that is an honest and measurable way of Doing More With Less.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Job Growth and Education Requirements on low pay

Education is needed looking ahead to the changes and stability of the workers.
Being stupid in high school really is just putting yourself into the trailer park
down the road! You get what you put into it and more looking ahead is needed!

It's known that if you can't follow the rules the rules follow you!
Or a point of natural selection! As in college, if there are kids in the class that
act like they did in High School running in the halls and not in class the college
professor will pop out a test right after class. Right out of the blue and if you are
not in class you can't take the test! Also if you come into college from a bad
funded school not working through it to get what you need the college professor
will kick you out of class if you are holding back the whole class because of not
knowing. So you get what you put in. Like going up the mountain to the
peak and it's a long way down as it's not like in high school close to the bottom.
Also to note you pay your low taxes for your school and should note...
"What do you want?" It's a matter of what you put in, you are to learn so
you can get ahead to where you need to go! Like paying for a bus ticket
does not mean you get to drive the bus, but it get's you there if you don't
jump off the bus!

Yes it's like going up the mountain peak so you need to be
looking up. Why? These are stupid times there is a issue with
wealth inequality many walk around just letting their stores go
out of business or deal with the lack of sales as the many have no
money to buy those things. Small town inadequacy of not giving raises
to the workers and building places the many can't afford.
Wealth inequality is death for futures! Getting out from high school and
moving up is hard!

The inequality issues are looking to get bigger with Trump with his
rich friends in power as they more likely don't care about the workers
and take their raises they would of got and send them up the ladder to the
stock investors meanwhile most of the poor spends less closing down stores.
So more focus is needed in high school!

There is also the stupid out there as in cutting funding for schools
because of the states budget. Teachers low pay as a Teacher makes only
like $1000 more than a custodian a paycheck. $15 an hour vs $8!

Also stupid is schools going into a voucher program knowing that vouchers 
run out as cost / inflation goes up. Also pushing more unaffordable schooling
for the poor kids lowering the labor force and growing wealth inequality.

Also going to a charter school system also is bad as the schools would have
different standards and schools having different funding and corruption issues.
Different standards in schools is also from the schools income from the owners.
Different standards from High Schools in college holds back the whole class
as the professor has to stop teaching to bring the lower students up to speed.
Holding back the whole class!

Also is the laws as they run and are changed.

"What does this all mean for Oklahoma?"
Given that Oklahoma schools already face a deep budget crisis and teacher shortage,
tasking districts to raise new revenue to bring the funding of Title I schools up to the
average funding level of non-Title I schools may seem impossible. But it’s not.
Oklahoma actually does a fairly good job of sending more state and local funds
per student to high poverty districts. Because our school funding formula adds weight
to students who come from low-income families or who face other disadvantages,
the highest poverty districts receive about $531, or 7 percent, more per student
than the lowest poverty districts. We don’t have the large funding disparities seen in
places like Texas and Illinois.

Also "The state representative filed House Bill 1115, which would prevent the
legislature from creating new mandates unless they're funded."

This is a bad thing being Oklahoma has no funding and tends to just do without.
Anything is better than nothing! Having no funding for new mandates is no mandates!
In the long run there will be less and less mandates as the states funding is not there.

Keep in mind it's about the lack of funding. Low pay is less taxed and spent.
Small towns have way too much minimum wage retirees. That points to the
lower tax revenue and a declining funding for anything!

If the Republicans are wanting to get rid of ObamaCare just because of it's cost
to people that more likely make children wages. Why not raise the pay so people
could just write a check with no issues! Or like getting rid of NASA just
because of a few accidents. Those are like the people running things now!
But the issue is the point of not wanting growth and that makes no growth
for Schools.

Going up the mountain the kids need to look ahead at where they are going.
Yes you might have to go where the money is.
Look for a college with better funding but get out there and do something!
And stay in class!

Wealth Inequality running things!

Why go up the mountain to the peak?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Obamacare subsidies lawsuit

There is a lot of stupid going on. And a lot of learning. You can't
run things from a small towns view. You can't cater to these small town people!
If you do then America will have nothing like they have nothing!

~~~~~Republicans postpone settling Obamacare subsidies lawsuit

The House GOP and the Trump administration said they need another three months to come to a resolution, according to a motion filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals on Tuesday.

The payments reduce the deductibles and co-pays for more than half of enrollees on the Obamacare exchanges.

It's widely expected that Republicans will agree to pay the subsidies, which are expected to cost $9 billion this year and $11 billion next year. Killing them would wreak havoc in the individual market. Many insurers depend on these payments -- without them, they might abandon Obamacare, which could lead to fewer choices and higher premiums for consumers. Such a move would be at odds with the "orderly transition" that Republicans have promised. 

***But I need to note that lowering the subsidies will force many poor out of the
insurance market. More will drop for a bigger paycheck anyway.
Out of a 180 million working class people 60 million is a good norm number
of children waged adults / People what walk with no cars / non raised pay noted
by the amount of minimum wage retirement filling small towns. They will drop
for the extra $190, $500 a paycheck! Yes they will!

So to me I see them as keeping the mandate for insurance.
If they do kill it they will bring it back fast.
They will not let healthcare be killed over more food money!

The red string of fate

In my life there are a few people I have met before I met them,
and like some situation will repeat itself, with the same people at different times.
It scares the crap out of me being I have no control over those things.

I met three women that all lived in the same town I am in and I met all of
them in another faraway town at different times!

With me it's like on a road trip playing Daft Punk in the car with my friend with a
brown hat in 1996 stopping in a town when boom! Meeting a lady in town at the
McDonald's she was sort of devastating to my normality it's point was noted like
boom you cant stop staring at her! You can try but you can't stop! It was to the
point when she was walking out she passed a wall she popped back to see if
I was still staring at her. It was love at first sight for me.
Then the next day I found myself in St louis looking out the arch and it all was trivial.
I was looking for where that town was with that lady I saw.

Coming back I had to stop back at that McDonald's again.
I looked for her everywhere wanting to see her again. Yes I looked in the ladies
bathroom I knocked on the door of course before I went in. I got it bad!
I was looking for the lady in the ladies bathroom!
Really that happened to me so it was imprinted in my memory 20 years ago.

Funny is my old lady "Annie" worked in the same town at the mental hospital.
So my old lady the one that brought me to this town in the first place,
lived and worked in the same town that the 1996 lady lived and worked,
where on the highway in the town I passed the 1989 lady!
My old lady and me are connected as the string is connected down the road.
We where going toward my car and I tripped and soon after I did
she did also. It was like the string pulled her after I tripped making her trip also.

And I also met the 1996 lady in the 90's at the Oklahoma play
"Annie get your gun", she was helping with the play.
I remember it was a full moon that night and they had a after party back
in the woods. But I remember I felt the attraction, I couldn't keep my eyes off
her back then. It was not just a full moon!
My old ladies name is also Annie, strangely relates to the play?!
Past life lovers me and the 1996 lady? Don't know, need to know!

Then in 1989 I met a lady when I was driving my white 1982 Toyota corolla SR5
to Joplin Missouri because, I wondered what was there, I kept seeing the signs on
the highway saying this way to Joplin. So the road pointed me to there so I went there.
Well on the way back I passed a white GEO METRO packed stuff going from Missouri.
She was a one of a kind because her car was packed full of stuff with kids in the car
and it was a small GEO METRO. She was magnetic also I passed her but I had
to slow down to see her again.

Really I met both of them for the first time around the same area at different times,
being my old lady also worked and lived in the same town.
Like in quantum entanglement is timeless so is the red string of fate.

Time is eternal! Then like 20 years later I ended up working with them also in
different times and places. You would call it luck of the draw if I didn't meet them
far away and all ended up in the same town together. My old lady brought me
here first then I met the others down the road as we all crossed paths!

We all worked in the same town that I am in now and I worked with them at
different times. And worked in the same building and the same room with one.
And by her room are markers by her door that point to what would be
called a bus stop. As I have one in my office also.
A bus stop is a final destination, all paths meet at that spot!
I recognize it for what it is!

And I think we all more likely crossed paths ourselves being one
worked at Walmart with me at the time with the other more likely went shopping there
time from time. So all of us crossed paths sometime! Not that I can place but I
do remember seeing one in the Walmart parking lot with my other as we ate dinner in
the car. We did that a lot at the time! So I do remember seeing one going to
Walmart as I was with my other eating dinner in the car but also don't know!
Me and her also had the same sort of the same. In like she would rinse meat after
she cooked it to get the fat off. Also when she was a kid she remembered
doing the dishes and putting her stomach on the metal strip that was the trim
around the sink and getting a shock from it. I did the same things!

I have to also note both grew up in Missouri and as it is I might expect it to be
the same town! Crossing paths is crossing paths! I'm sure it happened all of us
crossing paths! And that is not a bad thing!
I am glad there is some kind of light pointing in life!

And also one of them kind of almost ran me over.
Mucho gusto, a married gypsy, a keeper!
I have a protected destiny I was in no real danger of being ran over!
She stopped in the fork in the road looking in her mirror at me as I was begging
her to come back I patted my heart and I think I did get on my knees.
She looked at me out her window with her crazy lovable smile,
but she made a right turn! "Why Don't You Stay?"

That is love to be begging someone that kind of ran me over!
After all that then to beg afterward... True love regardless!!! It's clear!

Only for me to work with her years later and only for her to quit years after,
for other reasons. I told her I loved her and I wanted to go with her.
Me being, love sick even today, remembering, her crazy smile as she said
people called her crazy being I heard about it I have to say she's not!  It's ok!
But her smile got me as she told me what people called her!

And the appreciated time she almost pulled down her pants in front of me.
Sort of tired she did and trusting with me enough to do that, then caught
what she almost did pretending like nothing happened.
Her looking out the window of her door as I came around the corner me seeing her and
me written on my face the I love you look and her written on her face oh he's good
for me look as she pretended to not be looking for me as I came there.
She needs me as I need her!

But again ended up even now singing "Why Don't You Stay?"
I regret not being more torrid with her, she was the best
lady for me, a pair, flames that need each other...
I need to note. It's ok for a married lady to have a boyfriend or whatever.
It's the point to support the queen bee making all balanced.
She looses nothing and gains more support as it's about her!
A woman by her nature is the queen bee it's best to accept it!

But still I say now that's crossing paths! I'm not kidding you!
That is the weird red strings in my life both pointing to this town I am in now.
Still in love from way back then! I accept my destiny like a screw embedded in the floor.
This stuff is bigger than me so I accept it! I'm ok with it! My heart tells me so!
Accepting who we all are is worth it... It is!

Need proof? Im not the only one! Meeting people before you meet them happens.

I met a girl near the end of high school. Where ever I went I would always see her
in the background. So I went to a part of the school where I never been before and
there she was. After high school and in a JR college I was thinking about her
at the time when in my class with me missing her she came walking in,
we had the same class together. All I knew she was in Chicago at a college because
she told me at our high school graduation when I talked to her. She told me her plans.

There was a drunk lady I met in the hotel I worked at in the 90's she was sitting on my
coat check table talking with me, she had a good job in the town I am in now,
I pondered what if I hooked up with her back then I am sure I would of stabilized her
more but back then I was in my late 20's who knows what they are doing at 20,
I had no clue! I did not work with her, but I would say the red string is there because
of how I met her and her working in the same town as me now back then.
And years later when he said he did that in his past, I said "What the Hell!" Life is funny!

I dated a lady I met on the internet but I also met her before I met her.
I first met her when I was on the school bus in high school.
Her and her kids where going backward into a intersection in their car with a
T-top after doing a burnout. It was a cloudy day and when they went flying
backward they stopped in the middle of the intersection when there was a
opening in the cloud and a beam of light shined on their car and only their car.
She put her hands in the light and waved them around before they took off again.
I am glad I dated her but I didn't know if we where meant to be. I never thought
of these things like that before. On the bus I knew it was like a spot light on her
but I never understood.

So with me I ponder what made me come to this town in the first place.
My old lady. If the strings all cross in one town would of they crossed in
some other town or time. I don't know what to say, it blows my mind.

"The red string of marriage, and other variants, is an East Asian belief originating
from Chinese legend and is also used in Japanese legend. According to this myth,
the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet
one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way.
Often, in Japanese culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger.
According to Chinese legend, the deity in charge of "the red thread" is believed
to be Yue Xia Lao often abbreviated to Yue Lao, the old lunar matchmaker
god, who is in charge of marriages."

48 Quotes About Red Thread Of Fate.

It's like I am emotional glue, band-aid toward whoever it might be with the red string.
The girl in High school it was clear I had to teach her to drive and be self sufficient.
all the others, I don't know! When I was in High school I was the one you went to
if you had a problem I gave you a answer or talking to me a light bulb comes on.
So it's probably the same sorts.

I have to add a freaky note, there is some freaky out there.
And to note all of this stuff is not surprising! 
In the early 80's when I was a kid, my family went to the Ripley's museum we
parked in the back parking lot and I swear I saw the "man with double pupils
in each eye - Liu Ch'ung" walk past me he smiled at me, showing me the corner of
his eye then he walked to the back door of the museum it opened and he walked in
then it closed behind him. He was Chinese like Yue Lao, strange.

Also me and my friend met a ghost council Indian Chief
when I was a kid. We where in the boy scouts in 1983, we all where hiking,
on this hill in Tulsa when me and my friend sat on a rock looking down at the
Arkansas river. The rock was was shaped like Oklahoma.

Me and my friend was talking about Cowboys and Indians when all of a sudden
This guy said something behind us. We did not hear anyone coming behind us.
There are leaves around and a bunch of skinny trunk trees.
So there was no place to hide and leaves to make noise.
He told us to respect and for each feather he had on his headdress
he killed a Buffalo! Smiled at me. I guess he looked into our future and
decided to let us go. Looking back at it. I don't know!

Me and my friend looked at each other and
when we looked back at the Chief, he was gone!
He could not of ran that fast without making any noise, with no trees to hide!
I found out in college it might of been one of the Council Oak Chiefs!
There might be some Blackfoot in my family line.

I also have a recurring number, 48!

My past like goes back to the Cambrian Period!

Might be unrelated but I have sort of a recurring song.
Like if I go into a store or restaurant I will hear it from time to time!

So meeting the Chief and Liu Ch'ung, 48, the song, Past life points to some
real fucked up shit, so I do understand there is an destiny bigger than me.
And I know to follow my heart!

It's about whats going on, why? To give more of help in ones life? It's all I see.
All you can do is go with your heart turn off your mind!
Like in physics looking at something non linear vs linear the red string is non linear
so do the Zen thing empty your mind etc and go with the heart!

Turn off the TV put down your phone your happiness or the answer
is found in the heart. Free yourself!
Kind of noted in Terence Mckenna vs today's thinking.

"Welcome to the quantum physics lab called my life!"
Love has weird huge wave of amplitudes sometimes!
All you can do is just go for the ride and wait!