Friday, February 10, 2017


When I worked at Walmart, my girlfriend and I we're going home after work
and we stopped at McDonald's to get breakfast burritos. We went to her house
and ate them butt... I had a little bottle of Habanero sauce that I bought before we
left and I ended up using about half the bottle on the food before we noticed that
I did! She warned me before hand about it when I bought it.

After eating I went back to my place and she went playing her Halo game I think.
After I got home and a while later it hit me! I ended up in the bathroom
on the toilet then went in the shower to put out the fire!
That is when my girlfriend started to text me. I tried to reply something like
"Habanero burned my ass!" but by the time I got close to typing it in she would
text me again and it would knock me off. So I sent her a text "HABASSBURN"

She suddenly stopped the text and she called me. So I got out of the shower
and talked to her. She was playing her game at the time.
I let her know I burned my ass with the Habanero sauce and she
said I told you so! And then on the phone I heard her going around in the gaming
community telling everyone "HABASSBURN, HABASSBURN!"
People where asking her what and she told everyone her boyfriend ate half a
bottle of habanero sauce. "HABANERO ASS BURN! He burned his ass!"
She went running around in the game telling all!

That is what girlfriends do and this story is timeless as her!
I love all timelessly butt without HABASSBURN!