Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Drain the swamp and put it in your pockets

Well you know what it would be like for you if all of your rich bosses where in power.
Would you get a raise? Well in small towns they never give raises.
Ever asked why there is so many minimum waged retirees?
Work hard make the same pay! 

But the point is more a warning of Trump's effect to small towns.
Less for the workers and more for them!
Well... Low taxes to people that don't pay a lot of taxes from low pay.
Being the poor takes in more tax dollars than they pay out in taxes.
Low taxes is less for the poor!

~~~~~The Big Problem with Trump’s Billionaire-Filled Cabinet

But the problem is that working-class Americans stand to lose a lot when billionaires
are put in charge of the nation’s executive branch. Running a country is not like running
a business. Take, for instance, Trump’s tax-cut proposals. According to an analysis
by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, Trump’s tax plan “would cut taxes at all
income levels, although the largest benefits, in dollar and percentage terms,
would go to the highest-income households.” The analysis shows that some
8 million American households, including a majority of single-parent households,
would actually pay more because Trump’s plan eliminates the personal exemption and
the head-of-household filing status. For instance, according to the Tax Policy Center’s
analysis, a single parent with $75,000 in income and two children can currently claim
a head-of-household deduction of $9,300, plus three personal exemptions, reducing
this particular household’s income to $53,550, a reduction of taxable income of $21,450.
While Trump’s proposals would more than double the standard deduction to $15,000,
it would eliminate the other deductions. The family’s taxable income would thus be
higher under the Trump plan—$60,000, instead of $53,500—resulting in
$2,440 more in taxes.

So staying home more often being there is less money sort of takes care of itself in
the form of less sales. Raising the pay makes better sales not people staying home
doing without. Better sales is better than none at all! More pay more for bussnisses
to have so they can pay their workers pay. Low pay is less to pay their workers also!

~~~~~What goes around comes around
Mike, Tom, and I compared notes after Mr. West left. Mike described Mr. West as a bully and a scammer who at first seemed like a decent customer. For his initial purchases, he paid with checks, and they cleared. However, the latest check had bounced. He eventually covered the cost, but only after Mike threatened to take him to court.

Mike got me up to speed on how he wanted us to handle Mr. West's requests -- which were always in the form of authoritative demands. Absolutely no business rules were to be bent for Mr. West. We would go strictly by the book. He wanted us to handle it ourselves unless Mr. West insisted that he get involved.

The next week I was in the local parts distributor picking up my order. I knew the rep well and could see something was bothering him, so I asked what was going on. His story was almost identical to Mike's: Mr. West placed a small order and paid up front, placed a second order that he paid within two weeks, but with the larger third order Mr. West still hadn’t paid -- and it had been three months. The rep was blamed for the lost money, and the boss had taken away some of his accounts.

I tried to console the rep with my own stories about Mr. West. I don't think it helped much. I was too late.

The next time I saw a newspaper article about Wild West Computer Company, the firm was on the verge of bankruptcy. The reporter had called up the Better Business Bureau and newspaper where the company had originally been located; sure enough, there was a trail and a tale of woe. Mr. West moved away.

I drove by that old plaza on the way home one day. Grass was growing taller than ever in the cracks in the empty parking lot. I thought I saw a tumbleweed rolling into the pines.