Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sears Stocks up and the weiner down

Many may know but just because a business goes down does not mean there will
be nothing. Sears / K-mart will live on one way or another. It will shrink to
a Dollar General type or even to a worst case will be a only online store like it was in
the beginning as a ordering catalog!

But really really Sears is a good stock investment also by the fact it recovered many times!
I would invest more in Sears than Trump!

~~~~~Sears stopped selling Trump goods, clearing the way for a Twitter lashing 
and rise in its shares
Sears Holdings announced Feb. 11 that it would no longer sell Trump Homes items in the online stores for its Sears and Kmart brands.

Now it just needs US president Donald Trump to respond with a Twitter attack—and the beleaguered US retailer could hope for a bump in its share price.

That’s what happened to Nordstrom, whose stock rose more than 7% after being lashed on Twitter by the president for dropping first daughter Ivanka Trump’s brand.

Sears and Kmart said they stopped selling online 31 Trump Home items, including furniture, lighting, and bedding. Neither stocked Trump Home merchandise in brick-and-mortar stores, though Sears Holdings said the products could still be available “online via third-party Marketplace vendors.”

Sears Holdings implied that other, non-Trump Home items had also been removed as part of its “initiative to optimize its online product assortment.” The company said in a statement: “We constantly refine that assortment to focus on our most profitable items.”

Unlike Nordstrom, Sears Holdings didn’t say explicitly whether the decision had to do with a lack of customer interest in Trump-branded products. Internal data obtained by the Wall Street Journal showed a steep decline in Nordstrom’s sales of Ivanka Trump goods last fiscal year, decreasing by 32%. Sales fell in 45 out of the 52 weeks and were particularly disappointing in the weeks leading up to the US presidential election.

As of this writing, Trump has yet to make his thoughts known about Sears Holdings’ move. He has never tweeted about Sears before.

~~~~~Sears gets new lifeline and stock soars
Shares of Sears (SHLD) surged more than 30% in early trading Friday after the company, which also owns struggling Kmart, announced plans to cut at least $1 billion in operating costs a year and reduce its debt and pension obligations by $1.5 billion. (The stock was up as much as 50% in premarket trading.)

Sears also said it has amended an existing deal with creditors that will allow it to borrow $140 million more. That will help Sears as it closes more stores and tries to invest more in its online retail operations.

The news comes a few days after shares of Sears hit an all-time low as investors grew increasingly worried about its high debt load and declining sales.

CEO Eddie Lampert said Friday the company intends to reduce its corporate overhead, more closely integrate operations between Sears and Kmart stores and improve its merchandising, supply chain and inventory management.

"We believe the actions outlined today will reduce our overall cash funding requirements and ensure that Sears Holdings becomes a more agile and competitive retailer with a clear path toward profitability," Lampert said.

The move is the latest by Sears to try to fix what many view as a dying franchise.