Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Minute Maid the Bathroom and Chicken sandwich, etc

Have you ever had someone ruin it for you?

In the 90's there was a couple I worked with that where
a bit perv! At the time I had a cold and I needed a cough drop
so I asked the lady of that couple if she had one.
She had one and gave me one. But well I found out
it might of been one that was in a female place...
Not that place but the other!

The lady was getting tired of her partner and I think she
was sort of working on me! So she gave me a sugar free
menthol cough drop one that her partner might of put up
in her to get her going. She just grabbed one without knowing
if that was the one, it was like a game for them.
Why did she still have it in her purse?
That points to the other thing that I found out with them
and points to the Minute Maid drink!

The couple liked to play nasty! One night at work her guy
was drinking a Minute Maid when all of a sudden he gagged
with his tongue out! HAW! Then he threw the bottle in the trash
sort of hard! Well this pissed off his lady. Later she came up to me
in private in a way I guess to sort of hit on me or to turn me on
to her. Well she told me what the Minute Maid was about!

Her guy liked to hold the bottle up to her privates as she was
having her orgasm so some of her stuff was in the bottle!
And the reason he gagged was because there was a pube
in it and he gagged! Relating to the cough drop she had it for her guy!

I can't drink Minute Maid now or take a menthol cough drop, blah!
Every time I see a Minute Maid I think of the guy gagging with
his tongue out! HAW!

The bathroom? What was the nastiest bathroom you have
been in? I have you beat!

In the 90's me and my friend where going to something called the
burning of the trees. A after Christmas thing people did at the time.
There are no bathrooms there so on the way there we stopped
at the River Parks bathroom. When we went in there the light was off.
So... I turned on the light... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ever seen the movie "Haunted House on the Hill?"

Well like the part of the movie there was blood everywhere.
We first went in and noticed the blood on the floor.
Then we saw a trail of blood all the way to the wall.
There was a pile of pants and underwear with blood on them.
Then we saw bloody hand prints on the wall.
We both where expecting to see blood going up the wall to the
ceiling like that movie!

We both turned around to get out when we noticed something on the floor.
It looked like a tortellini! Me and my friend thought this was a mafia hit!
Like a message to the cops like don't fuck with the Tortellinies!
My friend looked at it and all of a sudden yelled out "IT'S A ANUS!"
At that moment I felt the pain, it was like I pulled out a cuticle on my finger.
You know, those little skin tabs you have on your finger then you pull the tab
 and it pulls out your cuticle! That's what it felt like looking at it!

We realized it was anal sex gone wrong! The guy ripped out the other guys
anus! At the time we didn't have cell phones so we drove to a Q.T store
and called 911 there.

We both have nothing bad about gay people. Just don't do it like they did!
There is a time and always a time to not have sex in the park bathroom!

 *Relating note. At a hotel I worked at there was a guy that tried to get
workers comp for having sex at work. A guy ripped out his anus when
they had sex in the stairwell. The HR lady just LOLed at him.
Also reminded him the employee handbook said to not have sex at work!

~~~~~McDonald's McChicken Sandwich Is Going Viral for a Terrible Reason
 A graphic video of a man engaging in a sexual act with a McDonald’s McChicken
sandwich has gone viral. The McChicken hashtag was trending on Sunday evening
and into Monday for what many people reportedly thought was for promotional reasons.
However, those who clicked on the related links did not find a promotion or coupon.
Instead, they were faced with a video containing explicit content, Snopes.com
first reported.

But people’s responses to the video is what propelled it to a top trending topic on
both Facebook and Twitter, Business Insider reports. The McChicken video had
thousands of responses on social media, with most people expressing disgust.
Celebrities like Seth Rogan and Chrissy Teigen even had something to say about
the McChicken fiasco.

~~~~~The Dough woman at Mazzio's Pizza Tulsa Farm Shopping center 1990's!
In the mid 1990's the Mazzio's at the Farm shopping center in Tulsa they had a worker
that made a woman out of dough in the back. It had the places and was said it was being 
used on both ends. Also some of the dough was being used for the pizzas. 

For the life of me I never could get a mental image of what it must of looked like

out of my head. Also to the fact how could you get off with something like that?
Well could you by looking at THIS get off?

At the time me and my friend thought this was sort of funny being that at the time
Mazzio's was a place for rich people! And it also was funny driving by it knowing
there was a woman made out of dough there.

There are also more sick pizza stories but I won't say here as it will ruin pizza for many!