Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dominant Role of Women in Love - Khajuraho

Love really does not have boundaries. You may think it does but really!!!
In life it's best to accept it knowing it's for the better of the good.
If there is a reason for it and it is for good then accept it!

It's about that balance vs not. A love in your life, lovers is pointed
as growth to gain, support. It's like a therapist. So in all of that
you have such for the need to be better not worse!

So for these days regardless of all of the stupidity growing there needs to
be a connection as such for growth! And that is ok being it's worth!

Dominant? This is something said from the cave women days.
Women had to be dominant to own the males for her protection
from predators and others. So to dominant was to take care of needs.
He is good for her so she chose him. Relates to our prehistoric past
noted by the ALPHA Female bulldozing the male today.
Just a Cave Woman and correct for today... Thank god!

Also it's about for the male to know or have love and belongingness!
Just a part of the hierarchy of needs. Love and belongingness brings
up to the esteem needs going to self actualization!
If one is all is also going up and as such life is good for all!
And that is the point of the need for a dominant female for the male to make
life better for and others also from that! It's common! 

Love and belongingness is also to love and belong in a place in the Galaxy
or the Galaxy made a place for you to love and belong!

Whatever it is there is a place in the Galaxy for dominant Females
and this needs to be pushed on more in these times!

It's about love because all comes from that!

And the Khajuraho Temples!
"It is believed that the erotic sculptures, amongst them nymphs, with their
sensuous poses and pouting expressions are a way of giving importance to
wellbeing and love of life."