Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thanks past dude, you gave me $20

The things you think about in college, stupid or smart, they do have a purpose!

There is a trick I used to do back in the late 90's.
It's like giving yourself a time traveling gift into the future, from the past!
And when you find it, it's like saying "Thanks Past Dude!"

I think it came from some stoners in a physics class sometime ago.
I don't really know but I remembered about it, so I did it a few times.

All you do is, after winter is over and before you put up your
winter jacket you put a $20 in the pocket then put the jacket
out of sight. You will forget about it in about four months so when
winter comes at a time when you more likely need the money
there it is for you.

It's also like testing yourself, like if you find the $20 and you are
still down that tells you that you do need some antidepressants for a few weeks.

But overall finding $20 is cool and is like a time traveling gift!
Give it a try!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blame your Governor not ObamaCare

Really people freak me out! Why? It's the Republicans that say ObamaCare
has hurt people, like they never asked why?
Well it's mostly they are in a state that does not help people with ObamaCare.
They have a Governor that fights it, so you get no help with it and it hurts you.
That is what the Medicaid expansion was about, to make sure it don't hurt
you so you are covered. It's your Governor that hurts you by not getting you help!

People need to put the blame where it belongs.
Like in Oklahoma point noted!

It's like the saying "It's my choice to be a Stupid Voter."
No not when it hurts everyone around you also!
It's is stupid to blame the wrong person for it, without thinking how did it get this way!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Extreme human Eye Control

There was a guy that I worked with at Walmart that could make
his eyes wonder one eye at one time.

He would do that when a rude harassing
support manager would gripe at him over something.
She would be yapping at him when he would start to make one eye
move around. Doing both eyes was just too much so one worked fine.
He told me she didn't say anything just paused and just went on griping on.
(He tried!)

We made around $6.80+ after taxes in a micromanaged place so you
should not take your job serious like you make $12+ an hour
like they want you to.

But the point of the story is about eye control.
Being able to move one eye at a time at will is not a disorder it's
more of a eye trick. It would come in handy in micromanaged places.
But really it kind of gives me a headache looking at it like it would hurt
to do it too much!

I only thing I did with my eyes when I was a kid was to cross them,
and a trick where I lay in bed with my head hanging over the edge to the
point I get really dizzy then I hold it until it fades away or I can't take it no more.
We all do funny things as kids!

~~~~Moving One Eye Independent of the Other
My grandson is able to move one eye in a different direction to the
other at will. Is this a problem?

Not a problem. What your grandson is doing is consciously focusing the
eyes at near, although actually looking at a distance. This allows him to free one eye
from its tracking connection to the other eye. The eye can then move back and forth,
seemingly not connected with the other. This disturbs the vision in the fixated eye
temporarily and it may shake a little back and forth. Kids use this to amaze their
friends and some circus performers have mastered the technique to amuse audiences.
It is not harmful.

It's amazing how the brain is plastic, adaptive being there is a way to
disable one eye so the other can look around without the other following.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

ISIS in the USA and the Pickle

From where I sit, if ISIS makes it's way to the US I really see it
as the worse thing that would happen to you would be a pickle
up your ass!

No really in the US many people have guns, even more like Texas,
Oklahoma etc. Can you see ISIS trying to hold people hostage
at a store in Alabama? I really do think even Granny would pull out her
Colt 45 and shoot back at them! "I seen what you made that kid do!"
Fake or not they pissed off all granny's and mothers all over the world.
Granny will pull out her gun and fire back now if she sees a ISIS!

Also you know the store parking lot would be full
of pickup trucks with people with shot guns etc.
They would have the place surrounded!
"Have no fear the rednecks are here!"

Brooklyn style? Yes, East to West it's going to be the best.
There are many places that will shoot back!

And that is ok! America has and always will protect itself,
the Government and the People will take action.
America is about freedom!
It's like a time of war really with ISIS and the guns will be
getting out more in the US like they have before in history.
There is a time for peace and a time for war.
If things get bad they get worse for ISIS!

So really just duck for cover and look out for those pickles!
Things will get better down the road and now I hope to see more
countries standing up against ISIS!
Mexico? Pancho villa MF! Ra-tata!

Really ISIS is stupid being what they do and not caring
about the consequences of such actions they are facing now!
They did it to themselves!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You talk too fast, sounds like blah blah blah

Life is slower in the country and should be.
I guess you could say it's like the saying.
"Turn on, tune in, drop out."
"Through the use of psychedelics and by detaching themselves
from the existing conventions and hierarchies in society."
Meaningful in small towns.,_tune_in,_drop_out

But really you don't need psychedelics, maybe smoke some catnip
if you are broke, but the point is the point why make life bad for yourself.
Zen out or you could say let the gripers gripe can't make them not, soF
turn on, tune in, drop out and hear the blah, blah, blah!
You let it go in the end you know you come back to where you started
kind of like working at Walmart! So it's pointless to stress!
If it's bad run away, don't feel trapped!

In school I remember a coach saying to me "Don't fight the waterfall."
A bit of Zen for the times it was the 80's but I got it, and life was good!

If you are in a small town then you are not in a big city.
Really if you make $6+ after taxes than you are not in a big city.
A big city would be like $12 hour for the same job.
So why stress like you make $12 when you make $6?
You get the job done but without the stress of $12 an hour worth of it.
Work your $6 an hour and turn off the other $6 of it to blah, blah, blah!

So really everyone needs to tell the city foke, Jitterbug type bosses
"You talk to fast, sounds like your saying blah, blah, blah!"
If you dare! I told a Walmart support manager once,
"I can only work faster at one place at one time, Im working faster over here,
I will work faster over there when im done here working faster."
Also said "I can't clone myself!" Something like that! Yes I did!

So really the point is to slow down enjoy life because acting like a
dog chasing it's tail you find yourself back where you started!

~~~~Enjoying Life in the Slow Lane
“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” —Mohandas K. Gandhi

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I stand by France in the attacks.

I stand by France in the attacks. I stand by the fact of all the people that
are standing up.

My brand WalmartRamen and all I have also represents the United States of America
at the march!

Like I say many times.
"In the myth of the Celestial Cow it is recounted how mankind plotted against Ra"
What is going on in France I see as like the same.
Mankind is plotting against the bad in the world. It's a time for change!

Thanks to all for getting up and fighting!

With each attack they do at anyplace you need to look at what they get,
more like France getting stronger. And the same for others if things get bad.
People get tired of their BS and their days are numbered! Good will win!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Waffle Stomp, Peeing in the sink, Food in the sink

I am sure this story will give you a OMG moment.
Well it should! I remember a college conversation in the 90's
about people that pee in the sink being how lazy it seems to be.
But more to ask in a psychology class type conversation
why people do it vs being caught doing it.
The wife would smell it in the sink when she brushes her teeth,
for sure. DUR!

Also at the time no one knew what a Waffle Stomp was.
Or even if anyone pooped in the shower.

Funny and more funny when the EPA has sensors all over
neighborhoods looking for people dumping oil down the sink.
They all would think it's a sewage leak getting into the water supply
if some one craps a lot in the shower!
Really they did this stuff in the in the 80's me and my friend brought
gasoline to the creek and we dumped it in to the creek setting it on
fire then we would play the boom-box "Smoke on the water"

Funny being 14 year olds but we didn't know the gas was getting sucked up
by a sensor kind of thing. Later that night we where watching the local news
and they where talking on there about a massive gas leak they are looking into
at the creek we play at. My friend called me up on the phone "Holy Shit!"

So really people know people poop in the shower!

I never did poop in the shower or pee in the sink, but when I was a kid me
and my friends where riding our bikes at night in this new neighborhood they
where making. Some real high dollar places three stories high etc cool for kids
to explore! We where exploring this house they where working on it had no
toilet or sink or anything hooked up yet. We where checking out the house
and my friends went up stairs and I was about ready to go up there also when
I had a bad case of the diarrhea! I ran to the bathroom and the only thing available
to me was the floor vent in the bathroom because the toilet drain had a rubber plug
in it and I had no time! The vent was right there close so...

Afterward I didn't tell my friends about it and we all took off.
I didn't want them to poke fun at me. So I didn't say anything.
I found out months later when they put the house together and the
owner got moved in he finally turned on the AC I guess the moisture
in the vent from the AC it brought the smell back to life after a month!

It really was funny "Shit!" Because we still took our bikes over there
off and on seeing what they are doing in the neighborhood,
with me knowing I crapped in that house but thinking it would like dry up
and no one would know! It ended up like a time bomb!
(Sorry whoever it was that had the house!)

Moving on to Food in the sink! That is the most recurring issue people have
in Oklahoma! It's seen as only a issue to the wife because she is the only one
complaining about it. "Food in the sink, food in the sink, food in the sink."
For men it's not an issue being there is always food
in the sink that's where you put your dishes.
And even in the old days before they had dishwashers think how much food
was in the sink at that time. Was it an issue to your Grandma?
Ever heard your grandma gripe over it? NO!

Really it's seen by the men as the wife having obsessive compulsive disorder.
Like how she reacts to seeing one piece of corn in the sink.
And if you go with your wife how much is enough? I mean you can't clean
it with a toothbrush being it will take most of your time and keep you
from functioning. Like at work how is a guy to clean with a toothbrush
he would get nothing done. The boss would come around and ask whats taking
them so long get the work done!

All of this would be over a piece of corn!
That is really life in the country with a lack of
"Don't sweat the small stuff!"

So really the point is to let go the food in the sink issues. Let it go!
And also moreover don't poop in the shower etc! They know!!!

In the world of low pay build gypsy wagon

There are tiny homes and then there are Gypsy Wagons.
What a funner way of living making you smile every time
you walkout of the house. Living in a world of low pay in your
small town knowing not to be down, let it go and live with resilience,
in your Gypsy home! Don't make your own hardships. Make life easy!

There are people with food in the sink issues making their life bad.
So scared there will be one piece of corn in there.
Really, what kind of life is that?
"If course there is food in the sink that's where you put your dishes."
"There was plenty of food in the sink in the days before a dishwasher you
never see them freak out back then cleaning the dishes by hand.
(That is a big issue in small towns for some reason, other than peeing in the sink.
Or even worse a waffle stomp! Go ask the city water guys if people do that,
I don't!)

Or you could put it as non technology making life better for you!

Or even in Zen!
If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do
something about it, then there is no need to worry.
If it's not fixable, then there is no help in worrying.
There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever. (Dalai Lama)

The ultimate way is without difficulty; those who
seek it make their own hardship. The true mind is originally
pure; those who exercise it make their own defilment. (Hui-K'ung)

All things are free-flowing, untrammeled, what bondage is there,
what entanglement? You create your own difficulty and ease therein.
The mind source pervades the ten directions with one continuity; those
of the most excellent faculties understand naturally. (Tzu-hu)

So really the point is to get a Gypsy home and put food in
the sink like they did back in the old days! Turn off your phone and
Zen out! Life is good!
Don't make your own hardship be happy and that is the point!
Like the "Sign of the Gypsy Queen." Make a house pack your things and leave!

Need a bigger one, make a bigger one.
Need a smaller one, turn your car into one, sort of like a Bugaroo!

~~~~Build a Gypsy Wagon in the Woods
Tiny homes are popping up all over the place these days, and this particular
micro home-on-wheels, fashioned to look like a classic gypsy wagon, is set in
the middle of the forest. While it measures a tiny 160 sq.ft., the compact space
provides almost everything a person needs for a comfortable life in the woods.
Read on to find out all the intriguing details about this magical place,
which we're sure the likes of Frodo would be delighted to call home!

~~~~Building a Gypsy Wagon
For many years I have been interested in Gypsy Wagons or "vardos" and
western sheepherder wagons. As it isn't practical for me to have an authentic,
horse-drawn lifestyle I decided to make a version towable at highway speeds.
After reading just about every book I could find on wagons, caravans, old-school RV
construction and trailers, a model began to take shape in my head.
For me, it needed to be short and maneuverable, sleep two to three people,
and still have the air of old world craftsmanship. This meant not looking like a
modern RV. My secondary goal was that it should cost as little as possible without
sacrificing sturdiness or basic comfort. Finally, I decided on wood as the primary
building material as that is what I am familiar with and is definitely a very cozy and
comfortable medium for a living space.

Most of the actual work was performed with a table saw, band saw, drill,
and a slew of hand tools as I found time around my day job.
Although I don't really consider it "done", it is complete enough to use
and is currently on the road.

This page is dedicated to a needed significant other in my life!