Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's ok to tell me to fuck off - lack of communication

In these days what I see is a lot is a lack of communication!
As for me I tend to have too much TMI, experiences, overbearing heart talking,
or just the luck of the draw I have in my life. I have much to say,
so if I seem pestery, really sometimes you need to tell me to fuck off!
How else would I know. It's ok really, I would say ok and off I would fuck!
(Goof off, take a break, go to my corner I will be there if you need me! etc.
I work hard I need a break sometimes, so tell me to fuck off!)

Really it's communication and don't feel bad about saying it.
Really it would put a smile on my face, people just give me something keeping
quiet is driving me crazy! But really a lack of communication is a big issue these days!

~~~~~Lack of Communication Major Cause of Low Employee Morale
While a number of factors contribute to low employee morale lack of incentives or 
proper training, personal issues, poor leadership, and cultural diversity among them
the chief culprit seems to be poor communication.

In a survey of 300 human resource professionals conducted by recruiting company 
Accountemps, 33% said a lack of open, honest communication has the most 
negative impact on employee morale. When asked about the best remedy, 
38% said "communication."

When employees aren't communicated with effectively, or they lack the ability 
to communicate with co-workers or supervisors, low morale can set in like the plague.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Black Light Test

This story is not to freak you out, but have you checked yourself out with a
black light lately? I ran across some strange stories about finding
strange things on people.

But I need to note from my view I see these kind of stories as people or whoever
wanting to put the fear into people! I'm sure it happened to them and the issues of it
happening to them without consent is wrong. But there are good things out there also,
sure there are not many good stories about Alien abductions out there but look at
it into todays light. People get treated bad by others more than Alien aductions today!
I had a past girl friend that looked Reptilian under a black light.
Im not putting her down it just was awesome!
It's like the 21 century, it's ok to date a Reptilian, you just need to know so
you know what to expect making both lives better! Well hell that's my view!
"Reptilians feint when you step on their tails."

So really the point is to say there are bad people and good people they
are all not the same! Same with Aliens. People are people, it puts the light on
as Aliens as the same as people!
But really the point is have no fear. Fear is a way of controlling you!
And treat people or whoever with respect. Accept them for who they are!
If she is, it wouldn't matter to me, I accepted her as she is!

Carl Rogers emphasized accepting people for what they are, 
not for what you would like them be.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Weird Day

Whatever is on your mind, heart or just writers block, everyone has a weird day!
Welcome to being a human.

I myself have a hard time with writers block from time to time.
Like just staring at my computer screen, thinking would that be TMI or not
if I wrote that? The aim is always for the empowerment of people, for others.
I have some BIO kind of stories about a bit of my life, noted to point to where
Ive been and to point that the Human experience is a learning experience.

So what do I do to get out of a block? Go get out, do something else.
If you have to drive the riding mower to the store and get a drink.
Work on your franken car, go drive it and hear the V8 sound sucking in air,
even if it only has two gears left.

The point is the point a change of environment. Get balance, find your Zen for the day.
It's always there anytime to help you with your weird day!


Reverse deja vu? Or 16:00+ whatever comes first.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wherever You Are, Whoever You Are

No matter who you are or wherever you are, in the dark unknown.
No matter what path, lost on the road, on your own, protected destiny,
going on down the road or full with fear, ball and chains, in a box,
getting out of the box, getting free just remember wherever you are your not alone.
So really we all are with you heart and soul!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Walmart plumbing bad?

Walmart (WMT) unexpectedly closed five stores last week for what it said were
severe plumbing problems. That put 2,200 people out of work.

But the United Food and Commercial Workers union filed an injunction with the
National Labor Relations Board on behalf of Walmart Monday seeking to stop workers
from losing their jobs. It wants the NLRB to force Walmart to rehire
all of the terminated workers.

"This is a new low, even for Walmart," said Venanzi Luna, an eight-year
Walmart worker at that store and a OUR Walmart member.
We know that Walmart is scared of all we have accomplished as members of
OUR Walmart so they're targeting us. It's unfortunate that Walmart has chosen to
hurt the lives of so many people, just to try to conceal their real motives of silencing
workers just like they've always done."

Keep in mind of Walmart's point of retaliation as in how they have closed stores
down before because of wanting to start a union. And you might of heard about
their anti union actions of retaliation like the "Reverse inventory" they made the
workers do. In that they did but slowly not putting much on the shelf!
(Retaliation impedes productivity, when will they learn?)

~~~~~Here’s Walmart’s Internal Guide To Fighting Unions And Monitoring Workers
In two Powerpoint presentations, published by and confirmed as
authentic by a Walmart spokesman, the company depicts OUR Walmart organizers
as money-hungry exploiters looking to fleece Walmart associates without providing
any material benefit to the workers, and it urges managers to nudge workers away
from unions while taking care to frame their comments in ways that don’t violate the
letter of U.S. labor laws.

Walmart is getting close to the $500 billion mark in sales revenue and insane gross
income with sales and internet sales. Yet they have pluming issues?
No other stores seem to be at that point to close down stores because of bad pipes.
With that much money they will do anything to protect their money!

My best bet this is the "CNGC." That stands for,
"Compensation, Nominating and Governance Committee" doing this.
The basic responsibility of the members of the Committee is to exercise their business
judgment to act in what they reasonably believe to be in the best interests of the
Company and its shareholders.

Also from the past makeover of the store they dumped many workers as a new start.
Like to freshen the staff, weeding out workers. Stopping some stores for "Pluming"
is a good way to clear out workers to get new ones in etc.
The same thing is done in hotels, about every 3 to 4 years they will fire
the banquet manager to get someone fresh in with new standards. "Keep it fresh."
And Walmart raising the pay is to help with getting more workers as it ups the
being able to get workers that can pass the background check or is just
past crackhead bad. (Who wants to work for $7 after taxes pay?!)

I also have to note the Walmart executives are not talking much, these days.
They are a prisoner of their corporation! As noted from many corporations
there is a amount of fire that follows the job when you are up in the $500 billion!
NSA bugging the E-Mail, phones etc, they know it. Also from Walmart it's self!
The days of me getting some info is gone now!

This is a sign of fucked up shit! Walmart is changing things they also are
going to Remove Zone Managers in Store Overhaul.

With the money flow I am wondering when the Government will break up Walmart?
Not to the fact that it would any good. Walmart Family has more than Walmart.
They are property holders, Banks and more! More likely if there is a mall going up close
to a Walmart it's them doing it! The rent goes to the family.

"Walmart’s ruling family, the Waltons, has more wealth than 42% of
American families combined."

"Most Walmart workers can only dream of making $25,000 in a year. Meanwhile, the
Waltons get $25,000 per minute from their Walmart dividends alone."

The info is there please look into this yourself information is power!