Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Keep on breathing, I was holding my breath. Oklahoma now has Medicaid Expansion!

Keep on breathing! I was holding my breath! Oklahoma now has Medicaid Expansion! 340,279 YES vs 333,761 NO! https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/06/30/us/elections/results-oklahoma-primary-elections.html

"Oklahoma has the second highest uninsured rate in the nation, behind only Texas. Some 14.2% of Sooner State residents lacked coverage in 2018, according to the latest Census Bureau data available."

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Walking with no car with hottest summer on record - Poor and car issues!

This is said to be the hottest summer on record so why are there so many people walking with no cars putting themselves in harms way? No safety net like back in the days where you would get a taxi card for something like 500 rides a year Human services would give out to people that need it! The poor just can't get much out in their car like why buys the gas for the car when you are broke the first week of the month!

New cars are more expensive now. The more technology cars have the more the price is. Used cars are suffering from the housing crises where most people held on top their cars only for the used car market to get flooded with cars with 150,000+ miles on them with people that can't afford to change the timing belt so boom, a correction! Where old cars blow up only leaving the better cars on the street making fresh air with no oil burring smell in town. Like in the 90's when all of a sudden you realized there are no oil spots in the Walmart parking lot and the air was cleaner, those cars from the 70's burned out!

But the poor suffers now with no car in a time like it never before! The oceans are getting warmer so it is now at the point it's hotter even with a lack of a strong El NiƱo! Like how it's said global warming, it's now! And so to walk with no car in such dangers is just putting people in for natural selection and that needs to change! Those people need to not be put in harms way something needs to be done! Raising the minimum wage is a big one along with getting the safety net back to the poor because of the dangers they are in. It will get worse in a world of people walking to work with no car in 112 deg summers tired from the heat when they show up to work if they have the job skills for the job. Changing needs in the job markets for educated workers to people that are broke with no car facing change! It's stupid and needs top be fixed!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

A change to my Youtube page - Liked Videos issue fix!

There is a change to my Youtube page. Because of the deletion of "Liked Videos." I had to put them into a playlist now. "My Liked Videos - Old" and " My Liked Videos - New"
So with that...

"Sorry other Youtubers but I will no longer give your videos a thumb up only because the video I thumb up is no longer is listed on "Liked videos." on my Youtube. So to fix it a new playlist is here to replace the old one Youtube took away! Sorry if it effects your ratings or money, but life goes on. This is better than nothing. If not easy come, easy go!"

One things leads to another. Cause and effect all because of one thing but that is how it is! 

 (New) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLceEzjybohu6Z0sOvtFhq-03ey4fNQJA6
 (Old) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLceEzjybohu5bc6oBtaU1xzCtD_sraYGt

Saturday, April 4, 2020

In a time of Coronavirus Know Friends Are Electric!

In a time of Coronavirus stay away from people physically but keep in touch phone internet etc. Know Friends Are Electric!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Browser Locked Profile

Way back when I had my version of K-Meleon (K-Meleon-db types.)
 I had a locked profile for it or the FireFox profile replacement.

You can still do it today! I haven't did it with the new FireFox or Chrome
but you can if you want. Be aware it's like you are re doing your browser
and setting it up again so if you are bored give it a try!

What is a locked profile? That is when you set most files related to
your browser like the program files, and your profile is set to
"Hidden, Read Only and Archive!"

Why? So those files are not able to be changed it will be locked as you
have your browser set up as. A hacker would find it hard to change your browser settings if it is just read only etc. And bad websites find it hard also!

To start for one get 7zip so you can go through your files easy!

Me I prefer Pale Moon browser as it works better than FireFox it just has
less issues when you work on it! But you can use others just poke around
here and there. Set a file "Hidden, Read Only and Archive!" and see if it works.
If not just set it to "Hidden and Archive or just Archive!"

Also there are only two settings I changed in "About:config"
set to FALSE

set to FALSE

In Pale Moon there is two files in the
"AppData\Roaming\Moonchild Productions\Pale Moon\Profiles\~~" that needs to
set at: "cert8.db" and "key3.db" set to "Hidden and Archive!" Just remember 1983,
83 that is how I remember those files anyway.

"parent.lock" and "prefs.js" needs to be set only to "Archive!" those are the
main files that keeps Pale Moon running!

But you can set "prefs.js" to "Hidden, Read Only and Archive!" also.
Your bookmarks will no longer run so you would have to backup your bookmarks
and use the file as your homepage to open in every tab!

And that is mostly it. You will have to open the browser look in the profile
to see what file popped up and set it to "Hidden, Read Only and Archive!" then
see if your sites you go to works. It is really just a hit and miss thing but worth it!

Pale Moon is the easiest browser to work on, more than K-Meleon-db types where.
And is why I recommend it.

It only takes really just two add-ons to run good so there is less add-ons to set up and use. Well before you work on locking up the profile get the browser then get the add-ons then set it all up to how you want to use it. Then get to work on it. The more you do it the easier it is!

With a locked profile there might be a recurring file that pops up here and there.
So that is where you need that old program CookieMuncher that deletes those 
files as they get on your PC. It is zipped in the FFILES you can download at:

You can do this go play!

The add-ons is at: https://addons.palemoon.org/extensions/privacy-and-security

"uBlock Origin (Legacy) [External]
An efficient blocker add-on for various browsers. Fast, potent, and lean."

 The settings should be as:

     (CHECK) Hide placeholders of blocked elements
     (CHECK) Show the number of blocked requests on the icon
     (CHECK) Make use of context menu where appropriate
     (CHECK) Disable tooltips
     (NO) Color-blind friendly
     (NO) Enable cloud storage support
     (NO) I am an advanced user (required reading)
    Privacy (CHECK ALL OF THEM!)
    Default behavior (NONE OF THEM)

Be sure to set the whitelist to the websites you use. And that is all you really need to do!

The last thing to do is to open the cookie files in Notepad then delete everything
in them then set them to "Hidden and Archive or just Archive!"
"cookies.sqlite, cookies.sqlite-shm, cookies.sqlite-wal and cookies.sqlite.bak"

Then delete "webappsstore.sqlite, webappsstore.sqlite-shm and webappsstore.sqlite-wal"
Opening the browser and with the browser open when they popup again set them
as they are to "Hidden and Archive or just Archive!" If you do the same as the cookie
files it messes up sites like google types because they use the webappsstore's to login!

And that is it! Go take your journey in the world of a Locked Profile!
Be aware it is secure if you want to use it for getting on your bank or shopping online the browser might not work well being it is locked up for those sites to work proper! 

Have fun being home working on this!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Burning Incense kills germs!

Throughout history incense is used and viewed as purifying cleansing and so for a reason!  

"Incense has antibacterial properties and can kill many types of germs and clear the environment. It is very useful to prevent infectious germs and keep the environment clean and germ-free." 

"Some incense has been found to have special antibacterial properties, which enable them to naturally purify the air and surfaces in a room. A recent study conducted in a Chinese hospital showed that certain fragrances (particularly ones with a higher concentration of naturally antibacterial resins such as frankincense and myrrh) were just as effective at sterilizing a room as steam cleaning. Pure air also has additional health benefits, in a similar way to eating healthy food. Incense made with actual resin, like our natural black frankincense incense, are the best for this."

"CONCLUSIONS: The antimicrobial properties of essential oil derived from frankincense, a compound with well-known traditional use, showed that it possesses a clear potential as a natural antimicrobial agent. Moreover, the results suggest possible application of B. carteri EO vapour and incense fume as occasional air purifiers in sacral ambients, apart from daily church rituals."

UV light nature’s disinfectant and kills Coronavirus?

To reuse your N95 mask you could use UV light. Aka "Goggle Sanitizing Cabinet."
Would do the job!

"Research like this Nature study shows that far-UVC lamps can eradicate even airborne viruses without harming people, and so we can imagine a world in which walking through airport security or entering a hospital involves passing through a UV decontamination chamber."

"For now, feel free to stick your phone in a UV-emitting cleaning chamber (and be sure to clean all your gadgets daily if you use them often) but as for personal hygiene, you should probably stick to soap and water."

Hope it will be sooner! Well for packages I believe all corporations , post office etc should have their packages hit with a UV light on the way out with the safety about it! UV light is for things we touch not us! 

Things to think about!