Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sorry but I run because life is too short

As many know I am a lover of life and I see love as no boundaries.
No matter how fucked up it might seem... In value life is short for not
being fucked up. My past loves where far out there, so the value of love,
love missed and regret, rules. I have to teach for others to know to make that effort!

Why? I talked to a girl at work about a half hawk once. And she smiled at me.
You have to understand I fall in love easy! She was 18 and so I thought about it
she was young for me but that was ok. Well in reality I should of hooked up with
her because she ended up being killed. This is one of those things that
is in my life the asked question, would I of saved her if she was with me?
Yes I would of put her in a better environment. I didn't know at the time but it hurts!

Thinking about something without emotions blocking the thought.
I hit on a lady once only afterwards finding out she is going through a divorce.
I didn't know! But I hope thinking about it she knows she has value and not
a piece of crap. Damn she was not even divorced yet and has a guy interested!
Damn she's good! But life is strange like that! I am interested! 
We both hurt and life is too short!

I also fell for another lady that I got hit by cupid with I seen her jump up and
down venting a few times. I was in a room once and I heard her walk on a cat
walk outside the building I knew it was her I recognized her walk. My ears got 
pointed and my tail got fluffy! I pulled up my pants and said hi when she came in
the building. As she was leaving I asked her if she was coming back to my building. 
Yes I was begging her. Please come back!!! It's love!

As for me I still support my EX wife being her life is too short. She is 73 and has 
health issues so she may not be around long. She is my EX and we don't get along but
I support her. Love is not finite. I'm 48!

And I also fell for a married gypsy lady, that I need in my life also. 
She ran over my toes and almost me by accident. And appropriately
I got on my knees and begged her to come back, I love her!
It brings up the point when is my time up? Life is short to not love!

Polyamory! Life is too short to put boundaries on love, you are just hurting
yourself and others also. There is the point to love and support being it's worth!
No man is an island. No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others.
We all are not islands! Deep and needed things to think about as the song.

Beastie Boys to publish long-awaited memoir and Brass Monkey

There is always the point to treat others fair and the Beastie Boys brings up that point 
from time to time! I remember the song Brass Monkey when I was a dishwasher. 
A worker brought his boombox once and played that tape. The song always hit me 
as funny, working as a dishwasher with dishes flying everywhere!

 ~~~~~Beastie Boys to publish long-awaited memoir
The two remaining members of the Beastie Boys, Michael “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz, are to publish a memoir chronicling the history of the New York hip-hop trio.

The publication follows a 2013 book deal. In an interview on Beats 1, Diamond said: “Like many things we embark on, there are many false starts and, honestly, [there were] directions we went in that we realised were not the directions we should be going in.” He said the book will finally be published in autumn 2018.

He said it would be “unlike any other music book”, and gave hints as to what it might contain: “To tell our story, we have to give the cultural history of where we came from. New York City in the 80s, you had all these incredible, exciting music, art, film. All of that sort of has to converge to be able to explain [our story]. We just had the good fortune of being around all of it, so I think that’s number one.” Diamond added: “It’s kinda surreal what happens in bands’ lives, so you have to use all dimensions to tell the story more accurately.”

The core lineup of the Beastie Boys, with Diamond, Horovitz and Adam “MCA” Yauch – who died of cancer in 2012 aged 47 – formed in 1983, and blended punk-rock with hip-hop to become one of the most original and beloved rap groups of all time. Their albums Licensed to Ill, Ill Communication, Hello Nasty and To the 5 Boroughs reached No 1 in the US, and they have sold more than 50m albums worldwide.

In 2014, Diamond said the band was effectively over following Yauch’s death. “We have not been able to tour since MCA, Adam Yauch, died,” he said. “We can’t make new music.”

Monday, January 15, 2018

Your Keys in a Fishbowl, Swinging

Back in the 90's I worked in a hotel. I found out about a swingers club. 
I called their number a few times wanting to see what it was about without knowing 
what would happen. No answer! Being in a hotel I would of fit in. Like in the 
"What happens in the hotel stays in the hotel." 
I was known from the hotel so I was ok!

Or "If it happens keep it there, don't take it to work!" I worked at a country club
for a bit. I had that talk with the banquet manager and got to read "The black book."
It is just rules for relations. As in I was warned about if a rich lady wanted to take me
to Hedonism III it was up to me but "If it happens keep it there, don't take it to work!"
Many rich women went there with a once a year lover "To get their oats" as I was told!
Well I was young with a butt and so they expected something would happen so
they warned me because of all the money in the country club. Bragging $1 billion
of worth and so if I get shagged by a rich lady "Shh Bby Is Ok!" it might be bad
ruffling feathers depending who or who's might be bad so shh! 
It was ok and expected. Nothing happened, sad, sad... but now I know! 
They where protecting the club!

At the hotel I worked at I heard from another hotel worker about something called 
the "Concorde Club" in Oklahoma. AKA Swingers club. At the time people where
partying like it's 1999! And this was just another funny thing going on at the time 
to me.

I was cleaning up after a banquet and the mic was still on and running, 
so with no customers in the room just workers I got on the mic and said,
"The first annual meeting of the Concorde Club is now in session
the honorable **** presiding!" and went boom, boom with a coffee cup.
This guy and his wife poked their heads in the room and looked at me he said
"He said it!" And she looked sort of disused and shocked that I said it.
I guess they knew about it also! It was just too funny for me but told them

Also funny and close to the story here. I got a call from a worker at another hotel
laughing hysterically. His hotel had a something going on with ads in the paper etc.
"Swingers Club!" It was a swing dance club!!!! And he said people where comming
in looking around then they would leave. This was happening over and over again!
So he called me and I came over so see this and sure enough more people came in
and took off! It's just something that hit me as funny. People are human and
thats a good thing! Thinking about it they did have a Fishbowl at a table in front.
It was tickets for a prize but still! If I see a fishbow l can not say I won't 
drop my keys in it needing to hear that "Shh Bby Is Ok!"

~~~~~News blooper: Global Calgary anchors lose it over ‘swinging’ mistake
Global Calgary meteorologist Jordan Witzel could barely keep it together on 
Tuesday when he thought Canadians were being encouraged to swap sexual partners.

Witzel was introducing the ParticiPACTION 150 Play List activity of the day but became confused when he saw the activity was “swinging,” mistaking it for something other than the playground pastime.

Witzel’s mix-up caused anchors Scott Fee and Amber Schinkel to dissolve into laughter.

Note, swingers is a "Is A Broad Umbrella Term." It's what the agreement is about.
Who, is who, to who. Swingers is not only sex as all things have a reason!
It needs to be looked at like group therapy as the point is to be better not worse!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Does it work, The Flu Vaccination Makes the Flu Worse Study

There are issues with the flu vaccine.

But why do people still get the flu even if they got the vaccine?
There is a study that brings up a good point!

~~~~~Study: Flu Vaccination Makes the Flu Worse
New research just published confirms what other studies have already shown: that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine actually made flu symptoms worse. This was widely reported in 2010 in Canada, after the flu season that year.

The new research  just published examined swine that received the H1N1 vaccine, and were subsequently exposed to a related strain of the same virus they were vaccinated for. The result: “enhanced pneumonia and disease after H1N1 infection.”

The researchers found that the antibodies produced in response to H1N2 could not bind to a key region of the H1N1 virus and could therefore neither kill nor neutralize them and stop them binding to cells in the pigs’ lungs, and in fact helped the new virus to fuse to lung cells and multiply more readily, through a process the scientists dubbed “fusion enhancing.”

This is HUGE news, not just for the H1N1 flu vaccine, but the entire philosophy behind vaccine effectiveness, almost always measured simply by the presence of antibodies, and not actual epidemiological verifiable results. Vaccines do harm and do kill: this is verifiable and even admitted by both the government and the vaccine manufacturers. But, vaccine effectiveness is seldom, if ever, discussed, because it would destroy the whole basis for “the greater good” belief in justifying vaccine sales and vaccine injuries and deaths. Recent reports of measles and chicken pox outbreaks among those already vaccinated for such diseases, for example, result simply in a call to vaccinate more often.

Don’t expect to read this new research anywhere in the mainstream media, however. The flu season is just around the corner, and along with it, the annual push to get everyone vaccinated with the flu vaccine, even though studies have shown that the flu vaccine is only 1.5% effective. Given the fact that the flu vaccine can cause Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome, a modern day form of polio, why would anyone take such a risk?

~~~~~Vaccination may make flu worse if exposed to a second strain

A new study in the U.S. has shown that pigs vaccinated against one strain of influenza were worse off if subsequently infected by a related strain of the virus.

Microbiologist Dr. Hana Golding of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at Bethesda in Maryland and colleagues at the National Animal Disease Center in Ames, Iowa and elsewhere, vaccinated “naive” piglets (those that had never been exposed to flu viruses) against the H1N2 influenza strain and later exposed them to the rare H1N1 virus, which is the virus responsible for the 2009 swine flu pandemic.

When the piglets were vaccinated they produced a wide range of antibodies to block the H1N2 virus, but these “cross-reactive” antibodies not only failed to provide protection against the second virus, H1N1, but appeared to actually help the H1N1 virus infiltrate lung tissue and cause more severe symptoms and respiratory system complications such as pneumonia and lung damage. The unvaccinated controls suffered milder pneumonia and fewer other complications.

~~~~~What is the resolve? Help your immune system! Any help to your immune system
helps. The goal is to take Vitamins to help you not get sick.

For the most part I see is vitamin D3! When you look at China and other places that
does not get a lot of sun light because of smog, it points to much bad!
Mushrooms, mold etc are made in the dark. So even with Vitamin D3 that is made in
the body by being in the sun light you see the lack of sunlight is not a good thing.
Don't be nasty, wash your hands after going to a public place, pick your nose etc!

N1H1 etc hurts people because their immune system is low in the first place!
Kind of like when I worked overnight at Walmart. I got sick a lot there.
I see it as I did not get much sun light being I was sleeping all day long and
working at night. Being in a public place did not help. With my "Day Job" now
I still am working in a public place and I have not got sick as I did from Walmart.

Vitamin D3 goes to your bones. That is important because bone marrow is the
heart of your immune system.

Vitamin C also helps. Keep in mind it is ascorbic acid so you should
like with Vitamins take with food to lessen the acid burn.

Beta-carotene is also needed.
"In the body, beta-carotene converts into vitamin A (retinol). 
We need vitamin A for good vision and eye health, for a strong immune system, 
and for healthy skin and mucous membranes." 
The point for your immune system is the mucous membranes.
Helping the body's defense to not get the flu.

More is Zinc, Catnip, herbs and etc it's just a point how far do you want to go.
Vitamins D3, C and Beta-carotene for the most part keeps the bad away and 
should be taken along with a multivitamin because of the risk of the flu.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

My past life memory relating to Cuttlefish behavior

This is something I do find funny. I have a past life memory as a fish!
A Pikaia from the Cambrian Period and more? Well yes I do!

But also relating is my personality trait is plasticity! I change to needs and 
I'm entertaining in a challenge. Might be the same as the Cuttlefish
relating to my past life into today?

Personality traits are the spice of life. As I say about myself a lot, my trait is being  
flexible sort of with plasticity! I change if needed to Alpha, Beta, Nu or Zeta.
I will fit in and if in a bad time I will be Alpha as in the time at a Hotel I worked at
the Banquet manager nicely quit and being she was also running the hotel and
being everyone was in a training camp in another state at the time, I kicked in!
Until they put the security guy in charge after his time off. But the boss let me 
run it till then. So yes I am capable from jumping from Zeta to Alpha,
boom if needed!

So relating to my past life memory and the trait of the Cuttlefish it seems
to reflect of how I am and for me i'm not surprised!

Also Psychedelics do make us grow. It helps to repair the brain or jump starts 
the brain in a early age in a therapist supervised session. 
Noting a homeless person slipped me LSD when I was a kid
I acknowledge that it might of helped me in my multiple intelligences that set
my thinking in a multiple format. Or brought me questions and set me on a path
as I wondered what the hell that was. Either way Growth!

Also as a kid I have to mention that when I was a kid my "Object Permanence" 
happened far sooner than expected. I am advanced in that cognitive stage when 
I was a kid. I remember playing ball and slightly seeing the ball go under a couch.
I knew it was out of sight so it was gone to me but also knew it went under there.
My first paradox in life!

So I put my hand under the couch not sure if my hand would disappear and I felt
something and I pulled it out and when I looked at it. It was my ball and at that 
moment it set off a something like a seizure. I remember shaking bad, like my 
neurons had a massive connection wire up at that moment, like a PC reboot. 
Boom, boom norm, just like that. 

We all have a bit of the Cambrian Period in us being the ability to
breath air. How did we breath air if there was nothing but fish in the sea
back then? Anyway these things make me ponder the meaning of life!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Sam's Club store closings

The wages are growing and so people spend what they earn.
Give times are changing as more people shop online more local
places, malls are not doing so well... Depending how brought up your town is.
If the people can afford the technology then they are more prone to have the money
and means to shop more online. Not so good for local sales.

But Walmart is closing Sam's clubs. Something relates if it's because of the cost
of Sam's club of the many not having the money to go there.
"Sam's Club is not a cheapest-of-the-cheap outlet. You need a membership to shop
there, a privilege that comes with a $45 yearly membership fee.
That's cheaper than Costco's $55 a year, but it's still an expense."

But noted Walmart makes around $500 billion a year in sales so the point of hurting
because of the lack of sales is iffy! And Walmart can pay their workers $12 a hour
and have it covered by their sales revenue. You know the money Walmart makes
and so is the questions of what is going on.

I would advise Walmart in this time where the time for the wages to grow
for people to spend what they earn. Walmart needs to be more transparent
as people are watching what is going on!

~~~~~Sam's Club store closings are a PR mess on Walmart's big day
The company announced that it will raise its minimum wage to $11, hand out bonuses of up to $1,000 and expand its parental and maternity leave policy, partly as a result of the new lower corporate tax rate.

Ivanka Trump tweeted that "America is on a roll," and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin thanked Walmart from the White House briefing room.

But while the praise was pouring in, something else was happening. According to local news reports, some workers and customers were showing up at Sam's Club, the buy-in-bulk warehouse owned by Walmart (WMT), to find stores had shut their doors.

On its big day, the largest private employer in America had a public relations mess on its hands.

News dribbled out on social media, where some people said they had been laid off suddenly. Some of the details were filled in by notices posted on state government websites in accordance with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. Only late in the day -- in a reply to a question someone asked on Twitter -- did Sam's Club say that 53 stores were closing and 10 being converted to fulfillment centers.

Throughout the day, Walmart did not make a public statement and did not return repeated requests for comment from CNNMoney. Then, on Thursday evening, the company released a statement revising the number of locations affected. It said 63 stores would be closed and up to 12 of those transformed into fulfillment centers.

Walmart still didn't say how many people were losing their jobs, but estimates that about 9,450 people are employed across the 63 locations.

"This is a fantastic example of a company just not realizing exactly how quickly information travels," said Ed Zitron, founder of the media relations company EZPR.

Executives may have figured that by not announcing the store closures, they could bury the news, he said.

"They're trying to pull the wool over people's eyes," he said. "They just made a rapid miscalculation."

On Twitter, customers demanded to know what would happen to their memberships. Sam's Club invited them to send a private message for help, and offered a prepared statement:

"After a thorough review of our existing portfolio, we've decided to close a series of clubs and better align our locations with our strategy."

Other details came out in pieces.

"Pharmacies will stay open for at least two weeks, and we will work with each state's Board of Pharmacy to help guide this transition," the company tweeted at one person. "You will also be contacted about your prescriptions and transitioning them to another club."

"Transforming our business means managing our real estate portfolio and Walmart needs a strong fleet of Sam's Clubs that are fit for the future," said John Furner, president and CEO of Sam's Club, in the statement. "We know this is difficult news for our associates and we are working to place as many of them as possible at nearby locations."

In its statement, Walmart said that affected employees will receive the bonuses, as well as 60 days of pay and severance if eligible.

Bryan Reber, a professor at the University of Georgia who studies crisis communication, said Walmart could have basked in a day of positive news coverage, but "now the whole focus of the story shifts."

"It seems like if you're going to combine the two, you would first shutter the stores and then try to shift focus by announcing the raises and the bonuses," he said. "But to do both in the same day seems baffling to me."

Ronn Torossian, CEO of the public relations agency 5WPR, disagreed. Sharing good news and bad news together softens the blow of the negative, he said. But he agreed that Walmart should have led with the store closures, and discussed the raises and bonuses later.

And Walmart should have put out news of the store closures themselves, rather than sporadically respond to Twitter questions, he said. Still, he thinks the bad press will blow over quickly: Many retailers are struggling, so news of store closings shouldn't come as a shock or be seen as unreasonable.

There's no easy way to lay people off, but "you have to communicate with people," added Thom Fladung, managing partner of Hennes Communications, which specializes in crisis communication. "You have to be available to answer their questions, even if it's painful."

Otherwise, people have to fill in the gaps themselves -- and that's bad for everyone.

"The result is a vacuum," he said, "and what fills a vacuum is anger and rumors."

Walmart representative Greg Hitt told CNNMoney that the company did not intend to make both announcements on the same day. "The tax issue has been a floating target for some time, in terms of when we would actually discuss it," he said. "Both of those actions or announcements originated in different parts of the business."

Hitt said he made the decision to stop responding to press until the company finished its press release. The company has no plans to share a list of store closures, he said.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Advisement Trump on Shithole Countries! Trump Burped his Ostomy Bag

Trump said himself:
Why do we want all these people from 'shithole countries'
coming here?

One person briefed on the meeting said when Durbin got to Haiti, Trump began to ask why we want people from Haiti and more Africans in the US and added that the US should get more people from countries like Norway.

A person familiar with what was said at the meeting told CNN that Trump also said: "Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out."

I need to note about the Nordic model in that Trump said we need more people from
Norway in how the Republicans are is a paradox! Note what Trump said vs the
Nordic model. It's not reflecting what they want!

"While there are differences among different Nordic countries, they all share a broad
commitment to social cohesion, a universal nature of welfare provision in order to 
safeguard individualism by providing protection for vulnerable individuals and groups 
in society and maximizing public participation in social decision-making. 
It is characterized by flexibility and openness to innovation in the provision of welfare. 
The Nordic welfare systems are mainly funded through taxation."

So from that I need to bring up the quote on the statue of liberty!

"Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

What Trump said is norm from many conservatives. It's very Xenophobic!
Noted in the over concern to build a wall in Mexico!
Why most go to Airports to fly over the wall into America and never come back.
The Wall really has no meaning. But it's why the need for the wall?
Drugs? Do you get drugs from a street dealer with the Mexico drugs or
do you go to the Doctor then a weed shop in America! Many now do
get the drugs from America!

Also I need to say that the American Indians should build a Wall
to keep us out. We are in their country, America by proxy belongs to the
Native Americans! We are the immigrants! Build the Wall!!!!!!

All is true and as a advisement the GOP, Republicans are not going to do
good next time around! As I say you cant have the good without the bad.
Sometimes you have to let the bad happen so it can be recognized of it's
worth and to expose the Trump supporters who thinks this is the best thing.
As they go off the cliff like the lemmings, it is best to let them.
In a way it's a cleansing of the temple thus making room for better things!
Lowering taxes all to the bottom so corporations blow up one by one!
You need to let the stupidity take itself out to rid of the wage bottleneck
and all the backward!

So all that Trump said, the GOP, Conservatives living acting in their
Xenophobia, Racist ways and or just bad gas needing deodorant!
Let them know!

It sucks to have that Burped Ostomy Bag full of the nasty Trump has.
Sucks but now you know! They can't help it but Trump can!