Saturday, February 20, 2016

Raise the pay or have Mad Max cars

Being consumers make jobs you should see the power broke people have!
In many red states there are many fighting wage growth.
Like Oklahoma with their tax revenue failure, noted from those tax cuts,
with most of the people needing those tax dollars to help pay the rent
bills etc. Many in Oklahoma repo their car to cut their bills.
They walk allover the place, making it.

It's just a whole lot of stupid from not paying enough, that will have to be
fixed sometime. Obama Care is a issue because you make $7 after taxes
showing how fast the Republicans are to jump on how it hurt so many people...
that make children wages, but fail to say that!

Wanting to Privatize Social Security with people making $7 after taxes
in the end retiring on $1 an hour retirement being they never made enough
money to put into it, they had rent, food, bills etc!
Much better is to raise the pay so they pay into it more!

Privatize schools making Public schools so unfunded the most of the
kids going there come out not ready for the ever changing world out there.
Impoverishing the labor force as the rich kids go to hire the majority of
poor, who will pass the background check? That will be fixed down the road
don't worry!

This goes on and on. Why not raise the pay so people would be
living as an American not without AC like a third world country.
Crime goes down as the people could just buy their food.
Make the town look better as they could buy wood and fix their place!

Well they have to raise the pay sometime why let the poor go into Mad Max
to make it? Can you see all the rich running out of town as the poor
would and should drive Mad Max like cars!

***But if the pay goes up, spend what you earn. You now have a pot to piss in so piss!
Help make life better for everyone!

~~~~~Raising the minimum wage will create jobs and help businesses succeed
Many North Carolina workers are locked in low-wage jobs that don’t pay enough to make ends meet, even though they’re working full-time. Over the long-term, state lawmakers need to implement a comprehensive strategy that creates pathways out of this low-wage economy. But right now, they can provide an immediate boost to working families by increasing the minimum wage from the current level of $7.25 an hour. Raising the wage floor would put more money in the pockets of workers, increase sales for local businesses, and strengthen the state’s overall economic performance, without increasing unemployment, according to a new fact sheet released by the Justice Center yesterday.

Most importantly, raising the minimum wage benefits adult workers and their families, providing a critical antidote to the ongoing boom in low-wage jobs. Almost 6 out of every 10 new jobs created since the end of the recession are in industries that pay poverty-level wages. More than 80 percent of new jobs created since 2009 don’t pay enough to cover life’s necessities, including housing, healthcare, groceries, and gas costs. Raising the minimum wage would make the difference between destitution and self-sufficiency for thousands of workers on the bottom rung of the state’s labor market.

One critical effect of raising the minimum wage for these low-income workers is the boost to the entire economy that comes from putting more money in the pockets of large numbers of those workers most likely to spend it. For example, boosting the wage floor to $10 an hour would affect approximately 1 million workers in North Carolina. And because of the boom in low-wage work, the vast majority of those North Carolinians benefitting from the wage increase are no longer the part-time, teen-aged workers who once filled the bulk of entry-level jobs in past generations. Now, more than 85 percent of those benefitting from a minimum wage increase are workers older than 20 years of age, and more than half work full-time. A half-million children in the state would experience increased security thanks to their parents’ higher wages—a critical support given that North Carolina has the eighth highest percentage of children living in poverty in the nation.

As low-income workers spend their bigger paychecks, local businesses will benefit, growing the economy without hurting overall employment. Economists have repeatedly found that those states that increased their minimum wages have seen better economic performance, lower unemployment, and higher job creation rates than those states that didn’t raise their wages, controlling for regional economic trends. The evidence clearly and repeatedly contradicts critics who claim that increasing the minimum wage forces employers to offset greater payroll costs by reducing the number of employees.

In fact, raising the minimum wage creates more customers, more sales, and bigger profits. For example, recent studies have indicated that raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour would increase paychecks for North Carolina’s workers by $2 billion a year. That’s $2 billion in increased consumer spending at local businesses, boosting business sales, business profits, and creating more than 5,000 new jobs.

Additionally, raising the minimum wage helps small businesses reduce payroll costs by reducing employee absenteeism and turnover while simultaneously boosting productivity. Economists have long recognized that better-paid workers are more efficient, more effective, and more productive. Most importantly, increasing wages at the bottom rung reduces absenteeism and turnover—the two biggest drags on business productivity. Turnover requires managers’ time to review application, interview applicants, and provide on-the-job training and supervision for new workers once they are hired. And higher wages persuade workers to stay on the job longer, reducing the need for constant training of new employees.

These positive effects of a minimum wage increase outweigh the costs for local businesses and will not lead to layoffs. Taken together, the extra sales and stronger employee productivity more than outweigh the additional wage costs to businesses. And even where businesses do feel the need to reduce labor costs, 25 years’ worth of studies by labor economists have shown that businesses don’t respond by laying off workers, they respond by reducing workers’ hours—for example, a 10-percent increase in the minimum wage can reduce employee hours by about 1 or 2 percent. But low-wage workers still come out ahead—even after seeing their hours go down, they see a net increase in wages of 8 to 9 percent.

Given these overwhelming benefits, it’s no surprise that raising the minimum wage is so popular across the entire political spectrum. For example, during the 2014 elections, voters approved minimum wage increases everywhere they were on the ballot—from deep red states like Nebraska, South Dakota, Arkansas, and Alaska to blue cities like Oakland. Recent polling showed that 58 percent of North Carolinians support raising the minimum wage. More than half of self-identified conservative voters support local ordinances requiring that local businesses pay their employees a living wage.
Raising the minimum wage is good for workers, good for businesses, and good for the economy. It’s time to raise the minimum wage!

More In Praise of Idleness & the side of hell, the need for a change!

Being the way the work system is now, I sure do see the need to push the,
"In Praise of Idleness" By Bertrand Russell.

"Before advancing my own arguments for laziness, I must dispose of one which
I cannot accept. Whenever a person who already has enough to live on proposes
to engage in some everyday kind of job, such as school-teaching or typing, he or
she is told that such conduct takes the bread out of other people's mouths, and is
therefore wicked. If this argument were valid, it would only be necessary for us all
to be idle in order that we should all have our mouths full of bread.
What people who say such things forget is that what a man earns he usually spends,
and in spending he gives employment. As long as a man spends his income, he puts
just as much bread into people's mouths in spending as he takes out of other people's
mouths in earning. The real villain, from this point of view, is the man who saves.
If he merely puts his savings in a stocking, like the proverbial French peasant,
it is obvious that they do not give employment. If he invests his savings,
the matter is less obvious, and different cases arise."

And the need to look at is happening now to your workforce.

"This briefing paper begins by providing an overview of the jobs crisis facing
American workers a crisis that must be resolved if low-wage workers are to
experience brighter labor market prospects. It then explores the racial/ethnic
composition and education levels of the low-wage workforce.
Next, the briefing paper examines which states have the highest and lowest shares
of low-wage workers. Following this is an analysis of which of the 22 occupation
groups identified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics have the highest and lowest
shares of low-wage workers, and provides an overview of how overall employment
in those groups is expected to change by 2020. It then turns to a discussion of how
overall education, training, and work-experience requirements of the U.S. workforce
will change between 2010 and 2020. The paper concludes by explaining why any
focus on increased access to good jobs for low-wage workers should be less
concerned with educational attainment or changes in the skill demands of the
labor market, and more concerned with a range of policy-related issues that
affect job quality namely, the stagnating value of the minimum wage,
the erosion of health and retirement benefits, and the decline in bargaining power
of American workers."

Knowing that many are poor, not payed nothing.
And many people knowing now that the wages sets the market.
Having people that does without, kind of kills that Supply and demand stuff!

For the most part, you might see the need to raise the pay, when your workers
have no way to take care of their family. No way to get a raise, no overtime.
So when the rent goes up what do they do? Get their car REPO and walk all over town.
Those people are your work force, they might live in their apartment with no power,
cracking the walls etc in the 100+ deg heat.
The poor cost a lot and we can't make you money because we do without
and take in more help than we pay out in taxes.

So how are us poor to get an education? The money comes first then
the education. Or are they willing to pay for it because we can't afford it.
There is no night time daycare for my kid so are we you to do the Okie thing
& lock up your kid in a room with a bag of chips while you go to class?
Or just do anything & have the cost of DHS come & take the kid.
The cost of the poor just moves with no money!

The point of this is we need to be dumping money in the workers and stop this madness!
They cost us too much! We need more people with money not the cost of it!

Point of the low road, low pay noted! Raise the pay!

***The whole working system does need to change! The wages do need to go up.
 Being the wages sets the market and many have low pay, the market will get pulled
down by the low and their cost to others!

***When your pay does go up spend what you earn, go to K-mart bring the zombie
back to life! Just think about it not doing without I sure am!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Privatize Education vs Trailer Park candidates

In Oklahoma with the budget fail is a push to help fund kids going into private school.
What is that going to give the kids down the road, what will be taken away from them?
This is not a good thing! The poor kids need more than they are getting!

"The state would pay part of the cost for parents who want to switch their children
from public to private school under a bill that narrowly cleared a
House committee Monday."

Taking kids out of the public schools making less funding and resources for learning
for the public schools regretfully pushing those low income people to have less of
an education, impoverishing the labor force from their less education.
Never a good thing!

Those rich kids going into private school is far less that those going into public
schools. When the rich kids get out there and work at hiring people who would
pass the background checks or qualify for the job being the mass would be
from public schools. It gives you a Trailer Park full of candidates for the job!

It's the law of nature and is why parents want their kid to go to Harvard
and not a JR college. Bigger funded school = more resources for learning
giving higher income from that. Most today can't afford their education and
is why it runs in the family of not having any.
It's not that they are lazy it's that they could never afford it!
Taking the kids away from public school makes schools less funding
giving the kids less and more kids not ready for college.
Keeping the lack of education going.

Having to be truthful of it, is the point the state does not want education
being uneducated is good for the rich people as being educated you tend
to vote for your best interest. It's the fact of life in Oklahoma!
It's in the same road as Human services giving people just enough food stamps
so you can't make it out of your hole, so you will be just another head to
count for more government money. Why else would they give a granny
$10 a month in food stamps, how much money do they get in from the
government for that granny, $1000? Giving granny $10?
Something to think about relating how the state is!

I am talking about a lot of kids with all of this needing to be fixed
to stop a crashed system! It's best to not start the crash in the first place!
It's not good to push for private schools being what the other end will be like!

The Oklahoma law smells like Koch to me!

~~~~~Koch Brothers' Plot To Privatize Education Has Already Stolen 
$3.7 Billion From Taxpayers
For years the Koch Brothers and their Republican puppets have been trying to
dismantle the American public education system in favor of privatization.
They, along with their nefarious advocacy group Americans For Prosperity,
have poured millions of dollars into charter schools, school board elections and
a number of other programs aimed to privatize education.
Now, we are learning that our country has lost billions of dollars in taxpayer
money that has been given to charter schools over the last two decades.

The Wisconsin-based Center for Media and Democracy released the findings
of a year-long investigation into private schools in the country.
The study is the most comprehensive look we have had into how our tax dollars
have been “invested” the Kochs’ dreams of privatized public schools.
The Center filed more than fifty public information requests and looked at
twenty years of federal authorizations of charter school funding; they found
that our government has spent $3.7 billion on charters and much of that money
has vanished into thin air. According to the report as states continues to waste
money on private schools and decrease funding for public schools, it’s becoming
more difficult to find out where the money is going:

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Make a U-turn

There is that time in your life where you need to think of where you are and
what you are missing. Balance support is a needed thing these days!
Think about it, it's a lot of love to love regardless!
Paths are meant to be sometimes when it is so obvious!
And in that it's clear that there is a need for a U-turn in your life!
Being love is for the better of the good and a road worth being on!
Make a U-turn because I love you!

~~~~~How to make a U-turn
Made the wrong decision? Changed your mind? If you are afraid of
making a U-turn, fear no more. Here are three tips to help you get the
courage to switch directions with no regret.

Making a big life decision is tough. And sometimes you realize you’ve
made a choice and it turns out to be the wrong direction.
But our goals and desires naturally evolve, so it’s normal for our
decisions to evolve with them. You may agonise over a U-turn,
but you will eventually find that suffering a few embarrassing conversations
is a small price to pay for making the right choice. 

What to do
1. Make a choice, even if it is a bad one
These days we are bombarded with a wide range of choices,
so the pressure to make the ‘right’ decision is huge.
That makes it even harder to say that we made the wrong choice.
As a result, we may become frozen and unable to change things.
‘The downside of unlimited choice is unlimited responsibility,’ says  
Barbara Kelley, author of UndecidedHow To Ditch The Endless Quest 
For Perfect And Find the Career - And Life - That's Right For You
But a choice is always better than making no choice at all.
‘Failure is recoverable, regret is much tougher.’

2. If things change, admit it and embrace your U-turn
It’s hard to admit to a U-turn and risk looking like a time-waster.
A U-turn is always dramatic and very public: there’s no way of
avoiding gossip or judgement. But if you want to enjoy your choices,
you must overcome fear. If you still have doubts, ask close friends for advice
before you go public. And remember: a U-turn is not a sign of weakness.
You shouldn’t beat yourself up when you decide to change track.  
Alex Lickerman, Buddhist and vice-president of student counseling services
at the University of Chicago, agrees: ‘Circumstances never remain static,
so why should our responses to them be forever locked in their initial form?
The best answer often changes over time.’

3. Have a strategy and use your U-turn to inspire others
There is no need to apologize for turning back, unless it affects others.
You can successfully exit from a U-turn: ‘Explain the reasoning behind your
decisions and how you’ve made your new decision in time,’ says founder of
Life Clubs Nina Grunfeld. Be brave and confident, holding on to your conviction.
Your boldness in changing direction can inspire others.
Some may even become envious: lots of people wish they had the courage
to change course like you.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Oklahoma fix to budget gap

The states budget crises I would say is a result of low taxes, low this, cut that.
Republicans like to impoverish their consumers then blame others for the fail.

"The state is facing an estimated $900 million budget hole that could soon grow
to more than $1 billion. It is also likely that the Office of Management and
Enterprise Services could announce another revenue failure in coming days,
setting the groundwork to deepen the 3 percent across-the-board cuts
ordered in December."

Blaming the fail on oil prices is a so, so blame. People spend more money on
state taxes and sales at Walmart then they do on oil.
$3 worth of gas used to get to Walmart to spend $100,
what makes more sales tax?

"Cigarette tax increase $182 million Fallin billed her proposed cigarette tax
increase as a public health measure that also doubles as a new revenue source.
Her proposal would increase the per-pack tax from $1.03 to $2.53."

A poverty tax in these days is not a good thing to do. You are taking money away
from other sales as of course the poor will spend more money for the cigarettes
and spend less else where. The money gained will offset by less sales as
their pay stays the same as the cost goes up.

I would recommended taxing Chardonnay, Jack Daniels, all of the high dollar shit!
being if you buy that stuff you more likely are in a stable higher income bracket.
Being you don't want to impoverish the consumer as they would make the
store owners less money to pay their workers. Consumers makes jobs.

I would raise the minimum wage being it would be more taxed and be
more for workers to spend. Most poor in my town use no AC in the summer.
And they like it that way but it makes it bad for the state in lost revenue.
Noted also by many not wanting the pay to go up because of a fear they
will raise the cost of the merchandise to pay for the higher wages but
don't care that they have nothing and will always have nothing as they can't
afford anything shutting down most stores with non sales being broke.
Who said you need anything?

Noted why small town thinking won't make it in the Government being it
would be just backward thinking making America like a big field of
nothingness on fire.

You can't go forward if you are going back to the western days!
Info on better pay:

~~~~~Closer look at the governor’s plan to fix budget gap