Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Privatize Education vs Trailer Park candidates

In Oklahoma with the budget fail is a push to help fund kids going into private school.
What is that going to give the kids down the road, what will be taken away from them?
This is not a good thing! The poor kids need more than they are getting!

"The state would pay part of the cost for parents who want to switch their children
from public to private school under a bill that narrowly cleared a
House committee Monday."

Taking kids out of the public schools making less funding and resources for learning
for the public schools regretfully pushing those low income people to have less of
an education, impoverishing the labor force from their less education.
Never a good thing!

Those rich kids going into private school is far less that those going into public
schools. When the rich kids get out there and work at hiring people who would
pass the background checks or qualify for the job being the mass would be
from public schools. It gives you a Trailer Park full of candidates for the job!

It's the law of nature and is why parents want their kid to go to Harvard
and not a JR college. Bigger funded school = more resources for learning
giving higher income from that. Most today can't afford their education and
is why it runs in the family of not having any.
It's not that they are lazy it's that they could never afford it!
Taking the kids away from public school makes schools less funding
giving the kids less and more kids not ready for college.
Keeping the lack of education going.

Having to be truthful of it, is the point the state does not want education
being uneducated is good for the rich people as being educated you tend
to vote for your best interest. It's the fact of life in Oklahoma!
It's in the same road as Human services giving people just enough food stamps
so you can't make it out of your hole, so you will be just another head to
count for more government money. Why else would they give a granny
$10 a month in food stamps, how much money do they get in from the
government for that granny, $1000? Giving granny $10?
Something to think about relating how the state is!

I am talking about a lot of kids with all of this needing to be fixed
to stop a crashed system! It's best to not start the crash in the first place!
It's not good to push for private schools being what the other end will be like!

The Oklahoma law smells like Koch to me!

~~~~~Koch Brothers' Plot To Privatize Education Has Already Stolen 
$3.7 Billion From Taxpayers
For years the Koch Brothers and their Republican puppets have been trying to
dismantle the American public education system in favor of privatization.
They, along with their nefarious advocacy group Americans For Prosperity,
have poured millions of dollars into charter schools, school board elections and
a number of other programs aimed to privatize education.
Now, we are learning that our country has lost billions of dollars in taxpayer
money that has been given to charter schools over the last two decades.

The Wisconsin-based Center for Media and Democracy released the findings
of a year-long investigation into private schools in the country.
The study is the most comprehensive look we have had into how our tax dollars
have been “invested” the Kochs’ dreams of privatized public schools.
The Center filed more than fifty public information requests and looked at
twenty years of federal authorizations of charter school funding; they found
that our government has spent $3.7 billion on charters and much of that money
has vanished into thin air. According to the report as states continues to waste
money on private schools and decrease funding for public schools, it’s becoming
more difficult to find out where the money is going: