Friday, May 31, 2019

Food Allergies - Plant Defense Mechanisms related and etc

Strange as it might sound to many because of the high levels of co2 and nitrogen here and there could cause a massive plant boom. If plants are doing better so could their defense mechanisms in that making things bad for us as the plants become more than plants to defend themselves from us! I am saying plants might cause more allergic reactions to us down the road to the unknown sometime. Who is to say it won't!

Something to keep an eye on how plants are reacting to the environment change,
because no one wants a Tomato that now has Trichome!

~~~~~Ariana Grande postpones world tour after allergic reaction to tomatoes
Ariana Grande will be postponing shows in her "Sweetener World Tour" after experiencing an allergic reaction to tomatoes, the singer reported in a Wednesday post to Instagram. Describing her reaction, the 25-year-old former Nickelodeon star wrote "my throat almost closed" and it "still feels like I'm swallowing a cactus."

~~~~~Botanical Barbarity: 9 Plant Defense Mechanisms
There’s no brain in a cabbage. That’s axiomatic. But the lack of a central nervous system doesn’t prevent them, or other plants, from protecting themselves.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Energy drinks may increase heart issues - Caffeinism

Many out there might know about excessive caffeine effecting the heart and so anything with high amounts of caffeine does the same. Energy drinks! So to note be aware, look at what you are drinking! Is the caffeine too high, sugar, salt, vitamins etc.  Read the label and think about it!

~~~~~"The toxicity of Vitamin-B12 is folic acid-related anemia if low, numbness or tingling in right arm or right side of face, anxieties, panic-anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, hyperthyroid, optic nerve atrophy. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products, but has been obtained through insect / feces-contaminated grains, fruits, or vegetables. The RDA of Vitamin-B12 is 4 to 6 mcg."

~~~~~Caffeine Toxicity. When ingested in excessive amounts for extended periods, caffeine produces a specific toxidrome (caffeinism), which consists primarily of the following features:

Central nervous system (CNS) – Headache, lightheadedness, anxiety, agitation, tremulousness, perioral and extremity tingling, confusion, psychosis, seizures
Cardiovascular – Palpitations or racing heart rate, chest pain
Gastrointestinal (GI) – Nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bowel incontinence, anorexia

CNS findings on physical examination include the following:
Anxiety, agitation
Altered mental status
Head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat findings
Pupils that are dilated but reactive to light
The thyroid should be examined because thyrotoxicosis may mimic caffeine toxicity.

Cardiovascular findings on physical examination include the following:
Widened pulse pressure
Sinus tachycardia, dysrhythmias

GI findings on physical examination include the following:
Abdominal cramping
Hyperactive bowel sounds

~~~~~Energy drinks may increase heart malfunction, high blood pressure risk.
Taking in energy drinks too quickly may disturb electrical activity in the body, potentially bringing on irregular heart rhythms and high blood pressure, a new study says.

Consuming a 32-ounce energy drink can create heart abnormalities and raise blood pressure compared to drinking a non-energy beverage, according to a small study published in the June edition of the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Sex cult Nxivm - IM MAKING SMOOTHIES!!

If you are planning to make smoothies it's best to be open about it with each other. If you are not open the same will happen again as the light is on those kind of things. As I say about Ethical Non-Monogamy, Polyamory, Polyandry, lovers etc. The point is to be fair with each other about it! Ethical! There is nothing wrong with a sex cult as long as there is agreements with each other! It's just a interpersonal circle agreement in reality!

It's the 21st century and smoothies are ok with fairness!

Me? I had my times sort of. In the late 90's I thought about hooking up with a married rich sex offender close but it didn't go. I thought she was just a rich lady behaving badly but later I found out she really was a sex offender! It's bad!

~~~~~‘I Was in One Mode: Protect Keith’: NXIVM Member Testifies About Naked Meetings, Group Sex, Dungeon Paddlings. In March 2018, Lauren Salzman, a high-ranking member in the self-empowerment organization NXIVM and a so-called “master” in the alleged sex cult DOS, was making a smoothie in the kitchen of a house outside Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when her friend Loreta Garza, another NXIVM member, burst into the room. She told Salzman that cops had just arrived at the house to arrest Keith Raniere, the group’s charismatic head, and Salzman’s on-off lover of nearly 20 years. Watching Raniere skulk out of a walk-in closet as guns were pointed at her head, however, put all of his teachings, all of his promises, and all of their shared dreams together into perspective. “It never even crossed my mind that I would choose Keith and Keith would choose Keith,” Salzman said.

Flooding exposes deficiencies

You can't have the good without the bad. Flooding exposes towns that are not brought up yet, that don't have the investment in infrastructures. Small towns are small for a reason so small is small. It's like running a Marathon holding your breath your not going to make it to the finish line. So you don't expect success there so you get the bad that just does not keep up!

Also many rich people tend to build close to the river that will eventually flood. Rich people live at better places as you hardly see the police in a rich neighborhood as the slums referring to educated people live better lives and so better places. But your education is only worth the paper it's printed on not questing your education points to Smart as not really being smart. But this is a small number of people that build too close to harm vs town being flooded.

The point of all this if there is a flood in that place don't live in that place you will just be setting yourself up for failure!

~~~~~America's infrastructure is decaying here's a look at how terrible things have gotten.

~~~~~Flood-Exposure Is Associated with Higher Prevalence of Child Undernutrition in Rural Eastern India.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Wake up and smell the coffee and CBD effective for heroin addiction

Mostly to note about research a push about how to fix the problem of addiction.
Society is the cause of addictions. Low pay small towns of small and fails of crap and the point of how to deal with it? Drugs!

There is a bigger divide than ever in bigger cities vs the smaller towns or the poor in bigger cities the point is still there. Small towns are small for a reason. You make nothing you have nothing. In a world of a changing labor force out in the small town driving unsafe cars walking to work burning out before they get to work from the walk in the 110 deg summer temps. Or being poor as the same in the bigger city that are for the rich only with no help for the poor. 

Just raise the pay! After working on removing the social issues causing the issue wake up and smell the coffee and take CBD if needed!

~~~~~Attraction to smell of coffee may help addiction treatment.
"We have known for some time that drug cues [for example, the smell of alcohol] can trigger craving in users, but here we show with a mildly addictive drug, that craving might be linked to an increased ability to detect that substance," Stafford explained.

Previous research revealed that people who were trained to associate an odor with something unpleasant later showed greater dislike of that odor. That suggests a possible model for conditioned odor aversion, the researchers said.

~~~~~Study finds CBD effective in treating heroin addiction
Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive ingredient in hemp and marijuana, could treat opioid addiction, a new study says. Given to patients with heroin addiction, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, reduced their cravings for the illicit drug as well as their levels of anxiety.

"The intense craving is what drives the drug use," said Yasmin Hurd, the lead researcher on the study and director of the Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai. "If we can have the medications that can dampen that [craving], that can greatly reduce the chance of relapse and overdose risk." The available medications for opioid addiction, such as buprenorphine and methadone, act in a similar way, curbing cravings. But they are still not widely used. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, just one-third of US patients with opioid dependence in private treatment centers actually receive these kinds of medications. According to the 2016 surgeon general's report on addiction, only 1 in 5 people who needed treatment for opioid use disorders was receiving any sort of therapy.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Help for more Americans save for retirement issues of minimum wage retirement

Looking ahead it is hard to retire in a world of the pay being way too low vs living today many have no savings for retirement. It is a issue bad for the country! You can't run America poor it would have nothing and we all need something! Can't keep up the poor forever it cost all of us because there is so many of them with no savings!

Minimum Wage Retirement:

Almost 80% of US workers live from paycheck to paycheck:

Rural poverty - Social mobility in a Social Economic Vacuum etc:

~~~~~Bipartisan Senate plan aims to help more Americans save for retirement
Bipartisan lawmakers introduced a new plan Tuesday designed to help more Americans save for retirement -- offering new flexibility and help for low-income citizens who've saved nothing.

Sens. Ben Cardin of Maryland and Rob Portman of Ohio unveiled the plan, which includes reforms in four main areas -- helping workers set aside money, offering more flexibility in retirement years, aiding low-income Americans and promoting small business retirement plans.

The proposal would allow employers to make matching contributions equal to workers' student loan payments. It would also increase the age for minimum distributions from 70.5 to 72 in 2023, and 75 by 2030, to allow individuals to save more by working longer. It would also expand 401(k) eligibility to part-time employees who work between 500 and 1,000 hours for two consecutive years. For small businesses, the bill increases the tax credit for starting a new retirement plan, to as much as $5,000.

"Ensuring that families and workers can retire with dignity and stability is an ongoing, and strongly bipartisan effort," Cardin said in a statement. "There have been many recent efforts acknowledging this need, yet more work needs to be done to make sure families have the necessary tools to be successful in their retirement."

A Government Accountability Office report this year found nearly half of retirees over age 55 didn't have money saved, and only 49 percent of small businesses employees and 39 percent of part-time workers had access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Among lowest-paid workers, only 22 percent had participated in a retirement plan.

Cardin and Portman crafted legislation in 2001 to reform retirement law.

"Since our last comprehensive package became law in 2001, we've seen more Americans participate in 401(k)s and IRAs to save for their retirement but our savings rate still remains too low and there are far too many Americans with no retirement account at all," Portman said.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Green New Deal and life as it is!

"Sometimes you are getting in too deep sometimes you make a young mans mistake like falling in love with the beautiful wife of a mafioso he puts a price on your head she's swear she'll leave him for you but you can't do that you can't make her live the life of a fugitive so you faked your own death in a falafel cart collision and sail to America to start things fresh you tell everyone there that you where a Comedian in England and despite your ridiculous cartoon accent and no one in England having ever heard of you no one really questions it this kind of life I suppose eking out a living reading off stats and jokes once a week on premium cable but not a night that goes by that you don't dream of the white Sardinian sands and the soft lips of isabella!"

~~~~~With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.

~~~~~Bill Nye wants to remind you of the seriousness of global warming and he's not mincing words. The well-known science commentator appeared on "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" on Sunday and put things bluntly while talking about the Green New Deal, introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey. Nye wants you to know, "The planet's on f***ing fire."

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Walmart's store managers pay and the bonus- Workers Revenue Per Employee

It's known there is a lot of greed at Walmart! In my days at Walmart starting as like $7.35 and taking four years to get up to $8! The pay is higher now but also the cost of living is up. Well who can afford a smart phone these days?

Added to the tariffs going on now. Walmart is going to have to pass on the cost now! And so that takes sales down at Walmart as their shoppers are not known to be rich otherwise no need for the "People of Walmart!" Just the point of sales with broke people. So for a note for all and other countries hang in there till Trump gets out! Fair pay is coming sometime or Trump again to bring us all back to the 1950's in living and sales too poor to shop at Walmart!

So to note about the pay issues at Walmart... In my days there where good Walmarts and bad ones to work at. But to note about the pay! If the store managers now make $175,000 a year not with the bonus the pay is far more. Around 2007 the sales bonus was 136% of the store managers pay. I don't know about the sales bonus info now. But if it is you will see the pay there crazy vs the workers! Not to even say about the Waltons! "They have more wealth than 43% of American families combined. Their net worth is nearly equal to the combined wealth of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett." At the time of this story "At $9/hour, Walmart workers make less than $16,000/year working 34 hours per week, which is Walmart’s definition of full-time. The Waltons, however, get $26,000 per minute from their Walmart dividends alone." It is more now!

*Waltons -

*Managers -,21.htm

*Workers -

Note the workers are high on making Walmart the money!
What is Walmarts Revenue Per Employee? About $233.82K!
Really that is what you make for Walmart! 

Tarded people saying "If you are NOT doing your job at the level expected,
then your job SHOULD be in jeopardy." Should note for the time the workers
where making their pay after taxes an hour vs the REV. PER EMPLOYEE
$233.82K per employee revenue! Wage slave thinking and a need for better pay!
If the workers can't take care of themselves how are they to take care the workplace?
What will Walmart get keeping the greed. It's for the best interest to pay better! - (Info about)

~~~~~Walmart's store managers make $175,000 a year on average.
Walmart wants the world to know you can make a really nice living working in its stores.

The company has about 4,700 store managers in the United States and they earn an average of $175,000 a year, Walmart said in social governance report Wednesday.

Walmart (WMT), the United States' largest private employer, has been criticized for its $11 minimum wage — including by its rival Amazon. But Walmart said it has raised its starting wages in the United States by more than 50% over the past three years. Including benefits and bonuses, the average wage for a full-time, hourly worker at Walmart is $14.26 an hour. Walmart's department managers can also earn up to $24.70 per hour.

Walmart employs more than 1.5 million workers in the United States. Women make up 55% of its workforce, while people of color make up 44%, the company said.

Retail jobs provide "a gateway to upward mobility for millions of people," said Walmart.

"We're investing in our associates through wages along with better educational opportunities, benefits and training," CEO Doug McMillon said in the report.

Walmart has expanded paid-time off and parental leave policies in recent years and introduced Walmart Academy to train workers in advanced skills. As a result, Walmart said its worker turnover is at a five-year low.

Climate change was another area of focus in Walmart's report.

"We believe climate change is likely to affect national economies and supply chains around the world through potential effects such as lower crop yields, increased health costs and storm damage," the company said.

Walmart said it aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 18% by 2025 from 2015 levels. The company says it's on track to reduce 1 billion metric tons of emissions from its global supply chains by 2030.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Save Your Marriage With Ethical Non-Monogamy

As I say it's ok to be open well as I say life is short. Being close to 50 your view of relationships are different than in your 30's! Being 50 you really only have 20 to go before you hit 70 so relationships are viewed as life long and so the aim is long term looking ahead!

These days I would like to be told to sit down for that talk. I am open and will say yes! That is how I am and is how things should be like in the 21st century. A point of trust of best interest of mind is what I am saying. A point to talk open about who is who to who to make all better. Instead of having the two guys fighting over the woman it would be better for the two to hold the ladder so she can go higher. If you do, you do if you don't, it's ok. The point of her knowing she has value with two guys having interest for her is gold. I am just saying as a point of Ethical Non-Monogamy is to do better as it makes all better! Also is the point of being married with kids with Ethical Non-Monogamy. It is also most common these days. A point to heal, support, help keep it normal! Bring in more help in those messed up times is ok.

So you see the point to say love has no boundaries like the Rome saying / view point I think, "Feel free to help out, any contributions to society would be appreciated!" If it makes better all the better! And so is why to do it, to be better that not! Letting it make you and your others better people as a whole! And it is ok to have a life changing event to get reborn!

~~~~~How to Save Your Marriage With Ethical Non-Monogamy
Open marriage is becoming more of an option for couples. For many, it's the solution to many of their issues. Therapists know why.

Beth’s affair shook her marriage to the core. Her husband was devastated, and she was panicked. She still loved him deeply and didn’t want to lose the life they’d built together. But limiting her romantic life to only her husband, Beth realized, was impossible. An open marriage, it seemed, was a far better choice — one that might save her marriage.

Before she met her husband, Beth was a free spirit floating through no-strings-attached hookups with a circle of male friends. In the early years of her marriage, she accepted that her days of untethered intimacy were over. The memories tugged at her sometimes, but her love for her husband and children always pulled more strongly. Sacrificing that youthful pleasure was worth what she’d gained in her new life. Besides she’d made a commitment to stay faithful to her husband. And that was that.

Or so she thought, at least at first.

Beth and her husband worked past her affair. Then, in a series of long conversations that took place over the course of years, Beth negotiated a new agreement with her husband: They’d embrace ethical non-monogamy and open their marriage to other romantic partners while still holding tight to each other. Beth stoked some old flames and lit some new ones. Despite his initial reluctance, her husband embraced the new phase of their marriage and entered into a long-term relationship with a woman he’d met on an online dating site.

As Beth and her husband’s sex lives grew to involve more people, a funny thing happened to the two of them: Free of any fear or worry about potential cheating, they treated each other with newfound trust and openness. Beth even helped her metamour, the term for her husband’s girlfriend, get a job at her company. Beyond having to explain to co-workers why her husband kissed two women when he visited the workplace, the stress drained out of their relationship.

“It saved our marriage,” Beth said. “But that’s probably only because there was something to save.”

An open marriage isn’t for everybody, but as Beth’s story shows, it can work very well for certain people. A growing number of Americans are reconsidering whether monogamy is a necessary part of a relationship, and consensual non-monogamy (CNM), has become more accepted and widespread. Although certain therapists and relationship experts have been slow to adapt to the change, a group of cutting-edge researchers, advocates, and writers believe CNM should be a more considered option and might even define the future of American marriage.

Americans today are clearly curious about alternatives to monogamy. Mainstream news outlets, books, and films have put polyamory and other forms of CNM in the spotlight. Meanwhile, internet searches about polyamory and other forms of open relationships have spiked over the last 10 years. And this curiosity isn’t just in the media and online. A recent Kinsey Institute research poll estimated that 20-25 percent of Americans have engaged in some form of CNM at some point in their lives, a figure roughly equal to the percentage of Americans who own cats as pets. And that number is likely to increase, as evidence shows that people under 30 are more open to CNM than older age groups.

While couples are reconsidering monogamy, most of the relationship experts they turn to for relationship advice are not. As demonstrated by a 2014 international multi-faith Vatican conference on marriage, religious authorities aren’t very flexible about monogamy and marriage (with some notable exceptions).

One might expect the secular, forward-thinking, and emotionally evolved world of relationship therapy to hold more progressive views of CNM, but that is by and large not the case. Elisabeth Sheff, the author of the book The Polyamorists Next Door, is one of America’s foremost experts on polyamory. She says that psychological textbooks and courses teach that all deviations from monogamy are equal. Therapists are instructed to treat CNM as infidelity regardless of consent. All instances of non-monogamy are treated as violations of trust, evidence of power imbalances and trauma requiring effort-intensive healing.

“Either they do not address non-monogamy at all, or they only address it as cheating,” Sheff said. “There’s zero discussion about how it might be consensual.”

With therapists by and large viewing CNM as corrosive for relationships, couples who think it is, or might be, okay for them are deprived of help they need. There are signs, however, that this situation may be changing.

In 2017, influential social psychologist Eli Finkel urged members of book clubs across America to question their preconceptions about CNM. Finkel is the director of Northwestern University’s Relationships and Motivation Lab and a regular contributor to publications like The New York Times and Scientific American. In his best-selling book The All or Nothing Marriage, Finkel explored the historical evolution of marriage and found that today’s most successful marriages are far more fulfilling than those that came before.

Problems arise, however, because not every marriage is a supremely high-performing one. While those marriages require time and effort beyond most married couples’ reach, they generally expect those ideal results nonetheless and are disappointed when their expectations aren’t met.

For couples in marriages that aren’t meeting their high expectations, Finkel suggests considering several “recalibrations” to their marriage, ranging from spouses living separately to the “high risk” option of CNM.

“All marriages have certain strengths and certain limitations, certain ways that are highly satisfying for the partners involved, certain ways that are less satisfying,” Finkel said. “And there are many, many ways that we can address places where one or both partners feels that his or her needs aren’t being fully met. One of which is relevant when people feel like their sexual needs aren’t being fully met.”

Finkel recognizes that sex is a complicated aspect of a relationship and stressed that opening up a marriage doesn’t work for most people. Indeed, just broaching the topic of CNM could court disaster. “Sex and love are frequently linked and sometimes, they’re linked in ways that we don’t anticipate,” Finkel said.

Finkel isn’t alone in his thinking. A growing number of therapists and educators are recognizing the need to provide care for couples in open and nontraditional relationships. For the last several years, Sheff has spoken to relationship therapists across America about approaching polyamory and other forms of CNM. Through her partnership with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, she’s spoken to about 300 relationship professionals about couples who are considering or have started engaging with CNM.

Sheff said that therapists dealing with CNM first need to distinguish between cheating and consensual non-monogamy. Once they’re over that initial hurdle, therapists need to strive to put their clients’ open marriage in the right context.

“If your clients come to you and say that they’re polyamorous, but really fighting a lot about money, you can’t say ‘Wait, let’s get back to this sex thing,’” Sheff said. “The money has nothing to do with polyamory, but if the therapist can’t move on past that and their own obsession with it, then it’s ineffective for the clients. They’re not being well-served.”

Sheff’s career illustrates the institutional bias facing CNM. After earning her Ph.D. in Sociology, she published numerous studies on polyamory. Getting published in academic journals is usually a path to a tenured professorship, but Sheff feels that her interest in polyamory sunk her prospects in academia. “This topic cost me my career,” she said.

With social scientists reluctant to study CNM, several psychologists are mining the subject for their research. Sheff joked that she had to dial back her claim on being America’s foremost academic expert on polyamory after reading University of Michigan psychologist Terri Conley’s research comparing monogamous and non-monogamous partners.

Sheff also singled out the work of Amy Moors and Heath Schechinger, a research team working to change how psychology understands and approaches CNM. Moors, a psychology professor at Chapman University and a Kinsey Institute Fellow, and Schechinger, a behavioral health psychologist at UC Berkeley, have extensively reached out to CNM practitioners. Their work has led to a greater understanding of the CNM population — Moors co-wrote the study about the percentage of Americans who’ve engaged in CNM cited earlier in this story — and recommendations about how therapists and counselors should care for CNM couples.

“We see relationship-structure diversity as the next wave of where we hope [psychology] goes in terms of raising our collective consciousness about the way this population is being stigmatized,” Schechinger said.

For their recent study “Harmful and Helpful Therapy Practices with Consensually Non-monogamous Clients,” published in the Journal of Clinical and Consulting Psychology, Moors and Schechinger asked hundreds of CNM couples about their experiences with therapy.

“There was no real data that addressed therapy, especially not on a larger scale,” Schechinger. “A lot of it focused more on qualitative, so really small samples. So we wanted to do something that both captured something at a larger scale.”

Currently, Moors and Schechinger are looking for volunteers to join the Task Force for Consensual Non-Monogamy they’re organizing for the American Psychological Association’s Division 44, which specializes in the psychology of sexual orientation and gender. With it, they hope to create new research and resources and advocate to include CNM relationships in psychological research and education. They’ve also persuaded the American Psychological Association to include a searchable term of consensual non-monogamy in the APA’s therapist locator system in hopes of connecting CNM couples with therapists attuned to their needs.

“So if you want to find a therapist who specialized, or at least had working knowledge [of CNM], you can go into that space without worrying about being belittled having to do a lot of explaining to a therapist,” Moors said. “Instead you can find a therapist with working knowledge. We’re hoping within the next few months this goes live and it can become a searchable term.”

While Schechinger is hopeful about the future of CNM research and advocacy, he acknowledged that the subject still faces challenges from stigma and lack of awareness.

“The field is producing much more research,” Schechinger said. “I would say that there’s a growing awareness of it but that we are still very far off from being where we need to be.”

Saturday, May 4, 2019

In the late 90's I thought about hooking up with a married rich sex offender!

Back in my days at working at a hotel there was a lady that went there off and on that was a married sex offender. She lived in a nice two story house in south Tulsa by a golf course. At the time I didn't know why she was a sex offender I was thinking it might be that she had sex with the pool boy that at the time I was ok with it being I was a young banquet server at a hotel myself. Just another rich lady acting badly that happened a lot back then. At the hotel I showed interest in her and she knew it as I looked like a love sick puppy to her, but nothing!

But lately I remembered her and thought I would look her up to say hi, remember me, want to get some coffee? But I ran across her court files that where sealed now un sealed. She was a teacher that molested a girl twice at a elementary school. like 9 or 12 something! That is like not good! Reflecting to the time when I was in elementary when a kid asked me if it was ok if the principal plays a game called pop goes the weasel in the bathroom, it kind of hurts! I said no! And so with the married sex offender I said no! Well... Being the girls age it is bad. Anything else would of been better as I would of more likely gave her balance being a Psychology major, I also took a deviant behavior class fitting to the situation.

But what would my path of been if I did hook up with her? I don't know but hope it would not of been worse as "The Adventures of Wanda June!"

Friday, May 3, 2019

low speed pre-ignition

I had many cars that backfired when I used some oils. I knew it had to do with something about the oils I kind of knew what it was. My dad was a oil engineer and way back he had a 1982 volkswagen rabbit diesel. He would look for oil that had high levels of Molybdenum. I remember he said something about the Calcium clumping together holding in heat causing a pre-ignition in the cylinder. 

In engines today it is true Molybdenum does help against LSPI. "Molybdenum compounds, for example, not only provide frictional benefits, but also have been shown to decrease LSPI when used at high levels." But Molybdenum also has sulfur in the mix and with a hot engine tends to make sulfuric acid so with that the Calcium is needed to keep it away. Also with the modern engines they have small bearings so because of that there is damage to the bearings at idle if there is a backfire with a 20W oil. The oil does not have enough cushion being the oil is like water at low speeds so if there is a jolt to the bearings with weak oil at low RPM!

So you can see the mess in oils in newer cars but it's being worked on! I am not pushing any brand just pointing to the effort to fix things. VALVOLINE has oil battle ready against LSPI so it's being fixed!

~~~~~low speed pre-ignition shedding light on LSPI
Turbocharged, direct-injected (DI) gasoline engines are rapidly growing in use because their design provides improved fuel efficiency when compared with other gasoline engine designs. In particular, there can be significant efficiency benefits achieved when a smaller, turbocharged DI engine is used to replace a larger, conventional engine of the same power. However, the higher power density of these engines makes them prone to a phenomenon called low speed pre-ignition (LSPI). LSPI is an abnormal combustion event in which the fuel-air mixture ignites before intended, causing excessive pressures inside the engine's cylinders. In mild cases, this can cause engine noise, but when severe enough, LSPI can cause engine damage. There are several factors that contribute to LSPI, of which lubricating oil has been observed to be one.


If you work your ass off then how are you to take care of your family with no ass.
Hard work gets you nowhere! Well it's true. You can't keep it up forever,
it's not sustainable! It's on the same point of in the darkages like a worker 
in the cornfield worked till he died and no one knew who he was so they just
buried him and went on. Forgotten in history just some worker!

So it's best to not waste you life away it helps no one. Why disable yourself for what!

If I can be real for a second, I’m actually really sick of hearing people talk about working hard, being busy, putting their head down, etc. Whenever I hear some public speaker or Silicon Valley personality talk about how it just takes hard work to really succeed, I can’t help but roll my eyes a little.

Here’s why…

We have a bias toward hard work in our society, and it’s causing a lot of damage with very little productive use. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, our productivity rate is increasing at the slowest rate ever, and yet, I’m sure you’d agree, people are working more than ever.

Generally, when people say they are working hard, they mean they’re putting a lot of time in. What they (generally) don’t mean is that they’ve put a lot of thought in or that they know what they’re working on is really moving the needle forward on something important.

Much of this stems from the fact that our economy used to hinge on time. Workers ran machines or performed rote tasks and those machines and tasks would give a pretty static output per hour. Every now and then some philosopher or thinker would come along and propose a way to increase output per time unit, but, by and large, more time = more productivity.

As we transitioned to the knowledge economy – where more people get to be high level thinkers and not just rote task performers – we still clung to some element of the industrial age. It could be that it just takes time to shift our thinking after hundreds of years, but I propose there is something deeper.

With the rise of knowledge work has come a muddying of expectations. If we aren’t just producing widgets, what are we doing? Why are we working? So, while I’m sure it does take time for a society to change the way they think about what is productive and what isn’t, I think the real reason people still tie time working to the value of their work is because:

Measuring time is easy. There’s a number to compare, and numbers, by their nature, are easily comparable.

(As a side note, that’s also why so many people compare jobs based on salary, even though money doesn’t lead to fulfillment – it’s easy, though not informative!)

If I’m a manager and see that someone is showing up at the office early, leaving late, and responding to emails all hours of the night, I don’t have to think too much about whether they’re committed to the work or trying hard. Why spend all that time if you’re not really trying?

But – if I have to start measuring the value of your work. Ugh. That means I have to really understand why I hired you and what I wanted you to produce (shockingly, an exercise many managers don’t go through in detail). And then I have to actually look deep into your work – not just the quantity of the work you’re producing, but the quality and it’s contribution to the team or organization.

Too hard!

And – that takes time. And because of the way we value work by increments of time – it feels like stepping back to do a high level, strategic overview of what I want you to perform and how I want it to move the needle forward is a waste of my time at work too!

We all know the people that work around the clock and get little to nothing useful done. When I worked at a large law firm, I encountered many. Law firms still use the archaic billable hours to evaluate their associates, so, (generally speaking) lawyers are valued by how much they work – regardless of the overall value the work they do contributes to solving the problem they were hired to solve.

I started at the firm in 2007 when we were just getting into the great recession. Work was slow in the corporate group, and by nature, I’ve always been an efficient worker (a friend from undergrad once commented that it seemed like I was having more fun in law school than I did in undergrad – and I was! Efficiency). So, the billable hour was not my friend.

When we are all scrounging for more hours (because that’s how you are valued), there was one guy on my team who always seemed to be working. I couldn’t understand it. We were on a deal together, and I kept asking him what he was doing! He finally told me he billed 80 hours putting signature pages together. WHAT? 80 HOURS?!

So, this guy was billing a client (I think our rate as first years was something like $315) for creating signature pages and getting rewarded because that’s how law firms value associates, when that would have taken me maybe a couple of hours because I’m not technically inept, as I assume he was, and then gone on not having work?

Backwards. While I assume he billed his time as a productive use for the client, this is really what he should have been thinking to himself:

So – yes, I’m still a little miffed about that, but it’s not personal. It’s a societal issue. What we need to be thinking of instead of hard work is smart work. And I’ve done all I can in this post to avoid the cliche, “Work smarter, not harder” adage, but, yes, that’s what I’m getting at.

Success is not about hard work. It is absolutely about focus and ensuring you use your time productively. But when we constantly talk about how hard we’re working, we perpetuate the idea that you have to work all the time to succeed in this world and you just don’t.

What you should be doing is deciding what will really move the needle forward for what you’re trying to accomplish each day and week and focus on that. FOCUS. If you get done what you decided you wanted to get done, you get to quit!

It’s not hard work – work is work, and yes some work requires more brain power, but most of us smart people like that work and want more of it, so let’s stop calling it hard. Let’s do call it smart work, though, since that’s what it is.

So – next time someone asks you how you’re doing and how work is going, set yourself up so you can answer not by saying you’re working really hard. Instead, try to answer the question by talking about everything you’ve gotten done and how you’ve moved the needle forward.

And don’t even get me started on answering with “busy…” I’ve had enough ranting for today, so will save that for another post!

In Praise of Idleness

By Bertrand Russell

"Blue collar work it don't get you nowhere
You just go round and round in debt
Somebody's got you on that treadmill, mate
And I hope you're not beaten yet."

Huge study finds drugs stop HIV transmission

With innovation, research we have growth. That day is coming for better lives!

~~~~~End to Aids in sight as huge study finds drugs stop HIV transmission
An end to the Aids epidemic could be in sight after a landmark study found men whose HIV infection was fully suppressed by antiretroviral drugs had no chance of infecting their partner.

The success of the medicine means that if everyone with HIV were fully treated, there would be no further infections.

Among nearly 1,000 male couples across Europe where one partner with HIV was receiving treatment to suppress the virus, there were no cases of transmission of the infection to the HIV-negative partner during sex without a condom. Although 15 men were infected with HIV during the eight-year study, DNA testing proved that was through sex with someone other than their partner who was not on treatment.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca dies at 74!

As many know the best part of Star Wars was Chewbacca as us kids back then tried to imitate Chewbacca's voice in our way with a yawn and a reverse burp at the same time. Hard to do not knowing how it was done and that he didn't really do it! We all where kids back then and Peter Mayhew will be missed today and tomorrow on!

Peter Mayhew loved kids and others so he started his foundation to do his part.
Please support it!

The Mayhew Family Has Suggested Donations to the Peter Mayhew Foundation in Lieu of Flowers The family of Peter Mayhew, with deep love and sadness, regrets to share the news that Peter has passed away. He left us the evening of April 30, 2019 with his family by his side in his North Texas home.

— Peter Mayhew (@TheWookieeRoars) May 2, 2019

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The economy isn't getting better for most Americans. But there is a fix. “Power to the people”

There is a big income divide. Keeping it up ends up many people doing without as they realize they can't afford it and really don't need it anyway. And so is why there is no Red-Lobster in your small town! They where not able to lower their cost to match the poverty wages of the town so they had nothing because the people make nothing!

~~~~~There is a gulf between what capitalism can deliver to workers and what it is delivering for workers. Inequality – in all its forms – has subverted the way our economy functions. We need solutions that fit the scale of the problems. Technical solutions may be necessary, but there will not be sufficient. So long as economic inequality leads to such wide gaps social and political power, workers will always be on the losing side. “Power to the people” is an old slogan. But it may be more resonant and relevant today than ever.