Monday, July 25, 2016

Kmart bankruptcy and closing stores or shake up

If you been at a K-mart lately you might of noticed how bad the place looks.
It's I dead giveaway of a failing business missing stained tiles lights bulbs not
working! And the workers know also, there is a real concern!

Many places are going down not just Kmart, stagnant wages by the mass of people
is taking many places down. I do without myself and it's clear the mass of poor
takes people down with them.

The pay has to go up there is no choice about it. The worst thing to do is cut
the wages, you should know people spend what they earn. So how is that going
to help if you are broke and stay home. And how is it fair for businesses owners
to lower their prices to match the poverty wages. That is less money for businesses!

The wages are going up because it's effecting businesses forcing them to close
because of the people with no money. They are losing money they are closing!
So in that it's best to vote for your best interest being you need to buy things,
feed your family. Trust that the pay has to go up or have nothing because you
make nothing! Nothing, is nothing when you need something!

See that light that the pay is looking to go up!

K-mart I do believe is holding for the better pay going up to make better
sales. I see that, it's obvious! Many other businesses are holding for the same.
There are other places that are dust in the wind to the lower wages.
In that it's ok for businesses to go out it's like burning down the weeds to make
room for the grass to grow, better places... Grass will rise, It will rise! Have no fear!

To the Kmart workers be aware but then it's no surprise. I worked there for a time
I was surprised it held up when I was there. Changes are changes but better days are
on it's way. When your pay goes up shop at K-mart!

WikiLeaks Hillarys E-mail is norm like Tricky Dick!

All of this hoopla of Hillary's E-mails is really nothing bad.
It's called campaign strategy! Bernie and staff said bad things about
Hillary and worked on a strategy to win. Trump and staff says bad things about
everyone and the same.

All this is, is a strategy to win! A political campaign is a war and
needs to be viewed as such.

What was said in Hillarys E-mails are really not as bad as
"Tricky Dick!" Nixon don't forget about the "Gays for McGovern."
trick when Nixon got people to hold signs saying "Gays for McGovern"
at one of McGovern's campaigns. That was a big moral issue back
in the dark ages!

Not to say about the other tricks and why Nixon is called "Tricky Dick!"

I hope people will understand this and not take the Hillary E-mail like a
conservatard would! Just get cookies and watch the show!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hot Down South Tonight

Being the way things are, Trump and everything and the BS from
the Republican convention 2016 with the myths people are getting tired of!
Trump looking down the road like "Broken promises he's lying!" in the times
we have to be true to each other no mater how awkward!

And to add all of this is in a hot time looking for the 120 heat index.
Really it's hot down south tonight!

~~~~~A Comprehensive Guide To Myths And Facts About Hillary Clinton, 
Benghazi, and Those Emails.
On October 22, Hillary Clinton will testify before the House Select Committee on
Benghazi regarding the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi and her
use of a personal email address while secretary of state.

In their relentless drive to find a scandal that doesn't exist, media have spent the last
three years pushing numerous myths surrounding Clinton's alleged role in the attacks
and her legal use of her personal email account.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Unknown Fire

This is just a little fire or to note I am tired of the unknown as many are!
There is unknown info kept from us pointed by actions and data.
You know there is a time for the truth to pop up. The data that does pop up
does point to some strange things!

Well there is a lot of strange out there! Religion today really needs a update!
I do see the point that Jesus is more likely an Alien! Well DUH!

"Like his death and alleged resurrection, the birth of Jesus of Nazareth is cloaked in 
mystery. Just as the pillar of light led the Israelites through the wilderness to the 
Promised Land in the Old Testament, another enigmatic object served to guide 
those with wisdom to the birthplace of a carpenter's son in the New Testament."

"Elsewhere in the manuscript, Jesus favors Judas above other disciples by saying, 
'Step away from the others and I shall tell you the mysteries of the kingdom,' and 
'Look, you have been told everything. Lift up your eyes and look at the cloud and the 
light within it and the stars surrounding it. The star that leads the way is your star."

I also need to note about the part on the The Gospel of Thoma
and the book of Oahspe. This points to a connection of something known
asking how is it known! Five trees in Paradise? Five heavens?!
19. Jesus said, "Congratulations to the one who came into being before coming
into being. If you become my disciples and pay attention to my sayings,
these stones will serve you. For there are five trees in Paradise for you; they do
not change, summer or winter, and their leaves do not fall.
Whoever knows them will not taste death."

Oahspe emphasized service to others; each person is graded according to service to
others. Each individual, group and nation is either in ascension or descension; sooner
or later, all ascend, rising in grade. The higher one's grade, the better are the conditions
within one's own soul, and the better the place awaiting one in heaven.

According to Oahspe, when mortals die their spirits continue to live, regardless of
who they worshiped, or even whether they disbelieved in an afterlife.
The spirit realm becomes their new home, which is called heaven, and the
individual spirit is called an angel. There are unorganized heavens close to or on the
earth. Also starting there and linking to the highest heavens are the organized heavens.
Both types of heavens are accessible to mortals. If a portion of heaven lives in a
state of chaos and delights in evil, that portion is called hell.

An angel must subsist for a season after death somewhere along a continuum of
delightful to abysmally wretched conditions. The heavenly place where angels initially
live is determined by what their habits were as mortals; as well as by their aspirations
and diet. Selfish behavior, low thoughts, or eating animal derived food will place a
newborn angel in the lowest level, being on the earth. Evil oriented persons enter
heaven into hellish conditions. Nevertheless, all in descension eventually turn around
and ascend upward to more delightful places within an organized heaven, whose chief
is called God. God is an advanced angel ordained into office for a season.

Also to note relating a quote from Oscar Wilde.
"God knows; I won't be an Oxford don anyhow. I'll be a poet, a writer, a dramatist.
Somehow or other I'll be famous, and if not famous, I'll be notorious.
Or perhaps I'll lead the life of pleasure for a time and then who knows?
Rest and do nothing. What does Plato say is the highest end that man can attain
here below? To sit down and contemplate the good.
Perhaps that will be the end of me too."

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

This is a good point also to note this is a journey people need to research themselves! 
There is a lot of info that is kept from us. But the point is us humans need to know 
whats going on! The data and actions are pointing to something hidden and important!

Me? I'm getting tired of the hoopla! Who wouldn't! 

~~~~~Article originally published in the
Online Magazine American Chronicle

CIA interest and involvement in extraterrestrial reality has been well documented through declassified documents. The extent and the degree of CIA involvement has not been well documented but is massive and beyond the comprehension of most investigators. Of course the CIA is not the only major player in the investigation, exploitation and suppression of extraterrestrial technology and reality.

Other organizations like the NSA are very much involved but what is unique about CIA involvement is the covert scope and breadth of CIA operations throughout society not just in the United States but worldwide as well. The CIA both in terrestrial and extraterrestrial operations is for all extents and purposes an agency owned and operated by entrenched special interests. It´s a complete shadow government in itself that creates and manages shadow governments in countries around the world for entrenched special interests in business and politics.

The Church Commission investigations of CIA criminal wrongdoing barely scratched the surface of the CIA´s terrestrial unconstitutional and unethical operations but never even laid a hair on the CIA´s extraterrestrial operations.

Today the CIA with its own private army, air force and navy, it´s national and international death squads, its huge trillion dollar off the record funding operations, its infiltration and control of mainstream media, its control over not just the military and press in the United States but other nations as well, is staggering.

While the CIA is a constitutional agency many of its covert operations especially the extraterrestrial operations are unconstitutional or given only an appearance of legality through secret executive orders out of the White House. In a classic case of the tail wagging the dog the CIA´s extraterrestrial operations are so secret and deceptive that there is almost no control or oversight by legitimate constitutional government.

The CIA´s extraterrestrial operations were created to get a handle on, exploit extraterrestrial technology and propagandize the public but now seem to be almost completely under the control of elite global entrenched special interests in collaboration with predatory extraterrestrial races. In other words the predatory extraterrestrials and their willing and not so willing human entrenched interests have turned the tables on the process and now use the CIA´s extraterrestrial operations against the interests of the world public and even the ethical extraterrestrials that would be our allies.

Over the period of my UFO/ET investigations I have run across little tidbits of information that combined with some creative remote viewing are allowing me to gain some understanding of covert CIA Extraterrestrial Operations and the threat they pose to society. Of course the CIA often gets blamed for the faults of others and has been tasked with an impossible task that requires widespread criminal activity. There is certainly plenty of blame to go around and once again the CIA is sure to be singled out as the scapegoat.

I believe CIA/NSA covert extraterrestrial operations have become a lynchpin to worldwide shadow government resulting in a very dangerous and flawed extraterrestrial policy. In my opinion extraterrestrial operations and policy should be in the hands of diplomats rather than the military and clandestine services, and should be immediately transferred to the State Department so that an enlightened extraterrestrial policy can be created and implemented at he highest levels.

Some of the latest tidbits of information coming from insider sources seem to indicate that CIA extraterrestrial operations are beginning to meltdown with accelerating UFO/ET disclosure. I just had some personal confirmation of this from a source that is becoming psychologically unglued and recently while drunk and very hostile called up regular military officers in the middle of the night, gave special codes and then proceeded to harangue a high level general.

This accelerating meltdown and turmoil in internal CIA/NSA/ET operations is causing the threat and intimidation levels to rise inside and outside of government as UFO/ET disclosure beckons. I also infer this from recent comments passed on by insider A on the OM /UN thread.

I am also beginning to wonder if this might be partly terrestrial fallout from a now rapidly escalating ET space war. I am thinking that we will soon see a covert internal war in government accelerate into real overt fighting as regular military and politician´s rebel against the oppressive tactics employed by an increasingly dangerous and threatened secret shadow government of which the CIA/NSA plays an important role.

There are always those who ask me to provide more evidence for my concepts and conclusions. Often I can´t do that in order to protect my sources and at times I just get tired of doing the confirmation work that is only a few keystrokes away for anybody remotely interested in the subject. The following case is an example of many sources and cases I have not been able to divulge. I have remained quiet on this case for about 15 years and only now feel it is okay to go public with it as evidence in support of the CIA/NSA extraterrestrial program.

In 1993 we were building publicity for Operation Right To Know a UFO/ET activist organization I co-founded. I have many letters from this time and was contacted by Robert E. Cotner in a letter postmarked 2/22/93 asking me to contact him for a deathbed confession. He claimed to have ended up in prison by being framed by some corrupt local government officials and provided me with much documentation. He was isolated and had no friends that could help him. Over a period of years we exchanged letters by snail mail and he briefed me on his involvement in CIA/NSA extraterrestrial projects. I think I can safely release some of this material including his name and his death bed confession affidavit signed and notarized on 3/3/93. So many years have elapsed and Robert Cotner is most likely dead by now. Hopefully some other enterprising UFO/ET investigators will become involved in this case for the insights it offers into super-secret CIA/NSA shadow government programs.

In a first long letter Mr. Cotner describes himself as CIA/NSA low level black bag covert field agent. At times he says he worked under Admiral Bobby Inman and had a high level contact with Wackenhut Corporation that he never used. He says he worked under G. Gordon Libby. At other times he did not know who he worked for. There is more information in his letters on extraterrestrial and terrestrial affairs but for now it´s enough of a hassle to just transcribe the following long affidavit.

Some of the information explains how to make very dangerous devices and poisons from common household products that should not be openly circulated. Robert commented on handheld radiation devices that can covertly kill or cause physical and mental damage. There is also a detailed discussion on how to create fake IDs and identities that are part of basic CIA training.

This affidavit was written on a prison typewriter with many misspellings and other errors some that I have corrected. I have made some other slight alterations for better reading like changing C.I.A. and N.S.A. to CIA/NSA.

I, Robert E. Cotner, born 3/19/46, SS No. 441444447, military number R.A. 25731405, NG 25731405, and MKULTRA CIA number 1059, Tulsa Private Investigator number 1059, (until 1979), do hereby swear under oath that the following is true and correct to the best of my memory, and that this should be accepted as a death bed statement, because I am dying and may be murdered even before I can die of other causes.

MUFON UFO Journal, "Official Publication" of the Mutual UFO Network since 1967, (that´s odd)! I just read it, and in 1967 I had just gotten my private investigators license in Tulsa , Oklahoma (no. 1059) and was contacted by the FBI. (I went into the Army in 1963, and the CIA in 1964, and I left the CIA and FBI in 1972). I was among other things involved in part of the MKULTRA project, and as such I saw my first UFO at Edwards Air Force Base in 1964, (the saucer from Roswell , with letters of a 4000 year old language on its controls, which I can duplicate).

There are at least three different types of UFOs I have personally seen. And three different races that built them. From 1967, when I decided to get out of the CIA, I started stealing copies of top secret files and records on many different subjects including UFOs and those stolen files are still hidden where I put them.

Tesla, before he was murdered, invented most of the devices now part of the "star wars" and a lot of it is in space right now.

I maintained my informational contacts in intelligence and etc. up until 1990, so that is the newest date I can give you. (I would prefer to be asked direct questions I can answer with a yes or no answer).

Tulsa Oklahoma cable T.V. Channel 3, in 1986 had me on the DAZE show, for an interview about my past CIA work, and they still maintain a tape of it. I still know, (right now) how to access secret files of 5 governments on UFOs. The things I know about government secret projects will get you put in prison, or killed, as it has me.

Deep cover, clandestine projects operations is what I mostly did, usually. The people in charge of these secret government projects do not argue any moral rights or wrongs, justice and fair play never enter into their acts.

Some ETs have already interbred with humans. These beings are multi-dimensional capable. Our government employs them in many different fields including UFOs, and their ancestors came here in UFOs through warps in the dimensions. Our government has duplicated some warp devices. These beings have overwhelming natural talents including psychic. Legends tell us about them.

While I was with the CIA I was sent many places including Russian ones. All these people should remember me: Semyon Kirlion and his aura photos that lead part of the way to research on dimensional warps: ( Krasnodar ) ; Dr. Gennady on bio-energy research and powered weapons: Dr. Felix Zigel showed me secret Russian UFO documents, including captured WW2 German ones on Atlantis and UFOs and Professor Pushkins on gravitational waves from living systems, all before 1972 when I had personally examined or stole copies of documents proving our and Russian joint projects on UFOs since 1917. I saw 3 different types, from 3 different races, one of which was multi-dimensional, and in 1979 in China Lake Naval Base, I saw the last one.

Our government works with one race only. U.S. Senators who have been in Congress more than 4 years are directly or indirectly involved in a conspiracy to prevent the public from finding out the truth and they will harm you if you get too close to the truth.

Page one of two.

Some UFO government projects are financed by illegal drug manufacturing importation and sales in the U.S. today.

Since 1964 any UFO investigator who got or gets too close to the truth has or will disappear or be placed in prison, a accident resulting in their death and any attempt to present any evidence to politicians will result in actions of this nature if it contains any truth, because harassment or intimidation is not done by real people involved in the real projects.

The second type (from a different race) UFO I saw, was at a mountain complex owned by DOW, in Tennessee or Georgia mountains, and the third type (from a third race) I saw in a Colorado secret Chemical Warfare Center.

The top secret U.S., German and Russian files from 1917 to 1990 that I saw, and stole certain copies of, clearly show UFO evidence going back 13,000 years, and completely destroys all established religious bases, and most of societies ideals and that is one reason the government can not release those records and files to the public.

I do know one man who knows more than I do, has seen more than me, and has stolen original as well as copies of original files and evidence, and is now traveling in hiding in the U.S. as a homeless person because of it. He can draw from memory many things I can only identify after I see them again.

At present only 100 people really run this government, the people do not, and can not, nor will they ever be allowed to.

Further this affidavit sayeth not, except that I have not much longer to live and that my abilities to spell, write and in other areas gets worse each day. (Former U.S. Senator Bartlet and U.S. Speaker Carl Albert I once worked for on a special project also).

Signed Robert E. Cotner
Sworn to and subscribed to before me this 3 day of March 1993. Notary (unreadable signature) my commission expires 2/19/97.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Join or Die

A good point is nothing makes life worse than not voting.
Or voting badly for people that want to take you off the cliff!
You need to vote for what is best for the country and you because
you are the country and if you are against yourself you are a...

As for me I endorsed Hillary because her E-mail issue is nothing many don't 
already do in DC now. You can't go after Hillary and not everyone else that 
does the same! It must stop and you know it will now.

She is already established in the world most Presidents know her.
And well I also like Bernie and I know we do need a socialist because of the
huge gaps in wealth. Something has to be done! But Bernie is not at the usable
level as Hillary and Really Bernie is just too old to run. Look ahead!
Nothing bad but it was something I looked at going down the road.

This is the time to be united because people are tired of being dispossessed by
Republican policies. Trying to help the poor doing everything but raising the pay
or taxes to get more funding. Being the poor takes in more tax help then they
pay in taxes and the poor pays less taxes because they have less to be taxed,
it's a duh the pay or something has to go up.
You can't go forward beating a dead horse!

The wages is going up, it hast to. It's not fair to store owners to keep their
prices low to match the poverty waged people so they can make
some kind of sale! There is no growth with that! Well what do you want
everyone doing without buying less as possible, staying home more,
without the Pursuit of happiness. It's UN-American to live like a
third world country! Even though people like it bad even if it makes
life bad for others. It's time to join and have a better life.

Join or Die!,_or_Die

Monday, July 11, 2016

Adverse Possession Squatting

If your town is overloaded with homeless people, without the problem
being too far, like a bank robbery every week there are options to
not be homeless! Go squatting for adverse possession!
Why are people robbing banks? It won't end until you fix the problem.
Adverse Possession is a good start to reclaim what is yours and family!
Don't take the BS take the house!

Keep in mind squatters have rights! And you need to know your rights
and the law before you try it. And please be a good neighbor, no drugs
or loud parties, pay your taxes and know the point is to fit within the
law to own the house!

For the main part if the original property owners don't force you out,
and you live there for the given time it's yours.
Each state has different laws for the possession so if you stay
in the law then you have the rights to the property over the original owners.
Remember Squatters do have rights! In view it's like a statute of limitations
in the time it takes to own a home.

There is power in numbers so I would like to see more people doing this.
It's better than being homeless it's safer for the kids than being out in the
streets! I would like to see more of this going on! It helps the city on being
it adds more taxes to the state than without.

"(chief U.S. economist at JPMorgan Chase) has commented on the boom to the 
economy of "squatter rent" or the extra income made available for spending by 
people not fulfilling their mortgage repayments."

And now comes the reading to understand the value of squatting a property!
It's time to change lives like a new day support Squatters!

Adverse possession is a doctrine under which a person in possession of land
owned by someone else may acquire valid title to it, so long as certain common law
requirements are met, and the adverse possessor is in possession for a sufficient
period of time, as defined by a statute of limitations.

The common law requirements
The common law requirements have evolved over time, and the articulation of
those requirements varies somewhat from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Typically,
adverse possession, in order to ripen into title, must be:

(1) Continuous; this means continual possession by a single adverse possessor,
or by successive adverse possessors so long as privity exists between them.

(2) Hostile to the interests of the true owner; this is the adverse part of adverse

(3) Open and notorious, so as to put the true owner on notice that a trespasser is in

(4) Actual, so that the true owner has a cause of action for trespass, on which the true
owner must act within the statute of limitations.

(5) Exclusive, in order that there be no confusion as to who acquires title once the time 
has run.

The statute of limitations
A typical statute will require possession for 7 years, if under color of title,
or 20 years, if not. A mnemonic may help with remembering the decisional and statutory
elements of adverse possession; think of it as inchoate ownership which becomes  
choaTe [(i.e. continuous, hostile, open, actual, for the requisite period of Time,
and exclusive). Decisional pieces are indicated in lowercase, statutory ones in uppercase.].


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Past Life Memory's, Really!

When I was a kid I kept having this dream
that I was in the ocean being chased by a fish thing.
I was a sea creature, swimming up and down, but my eye sight
was looking straight on as I was swimming for cover.

I did not think of it until the 2000's when I seen
a TV show about the Cambrian Period and seen a fossil
& animation of what it swimmed like. It was ME!
That was what I looked like. A Pikaia!

I knew what I looked like in the dream.
As I was being chased it was like my sight could jump
from fish to fish, until the thing got the body it was chasing.
This points to a Collective consciousness between same
type species kind of thing.

A primeval memory could be what this dream was.

But also relating is my personality trait is plasticity! I change to needs and 
I'm entertaining in a challenge. Might be the same as the Cuttlefish
relating to my past life into today?

So if fish could do that, why not a caveman etc.
There was story about cavemen having powers, like
controlling the weather etc. Strange?!

Really how would I know about the Cambrian Period, what
I looked like being a kid that never seen stuff like that before?

I do have to add another dream I had also in the same
time zone. Relating but too far out there to not be told.
The dream was that I was a fish that came out of the
water and took a breath of air for the first time.
It hurt like hell! It felt like a ripping of my innards.
Same as the pains of child birth I guess! It's a dream
I clearly remember today!

My past like goes back to the Cambrian Period!
Prove it. I can't, but it points to interesting things

Also I have one other being it's kind of bad or from another dimension.
I was in the bible days and I was a worker that just got off work and I was
walking with my cleaning supply's when I saw this house with blood around
the door. So doing a good deed I cleaned if for them. As I walked away,
all of these locus came flying in the door and I heard people scream!
I know I really did no bad intently so don't blame me for it!

Anyway... I'm a very old man! Really!
I look at myself as way back from the Cambrian Period
and issues today correct themselves. Life is not the end and will
go on long after us!

*I need to note "Clear Blue Water" is a Cambrian Period religion or
something of the sorts. The point is getting out of the dark salt water full of
death, ocean predators into the Clear Blue Water where the waters are safe.
Aka heaven! A Cambrian Period fish religion? Don't know!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Things You Do

Life is frustrating. But then if it's a fire then well you should know it will be!
Or on the other end it's a who or who's or all. It all ends up running in the dark.
There is a point in life to be real and accept people for the things they do!
Like getting out of the dark and accepting that new day as everyone is still 
there seeing the new day together! The things you do together is better than
being in the dark!  

No matter what pain you have in your life there is always a new day! I've been
there seen that to know what is valued no matter how awkward!
So really get out of the dark so nothing is wrong, be fair to each other!
I can't make you do those things, it really is up to you to make you
and others happy! Why do the things you do? Happiness!
~~~~~No one will make you do the things you love–so here’s how to make yourself
Last year, I was working a job in midtown Manhattan that made me dread 40 hours 
of each week. I wished time away. I felt hollow and anxious. The feelings followed me 
home even when the work didn’t. 

But three times a week, I chiseled out time for something sane and gratifying. 
Those were the days I’d wake up at 5:30 am and make the hour-long commute 
to an ice rink all so I could go skating before work. 

Once I invited my partner, Cameron, to come along with me on my morning trips.
He laughed as we finally got to the rink. “I’m sorry, but this can’t be worth it,” he said. 
“Not with waking up so early, or the two trains it takes to get here.”

I told him to think about drumming, or playing video games, or any of the other things 
that make him become so absorbed he loses track of time. I think that helped him get it. 
Skating makes me feel fast and alive. As it turned out, making room in my life for an 
activity that brought me joy helped me find my way to a job that made me happier 
during the work day, too.