Monday, July 25, 2016

WikiLeaks Hillarys E-mail is norm like Tricky Dick!

All of this hoopla of Hillary's E-mails is really nothing bad.
It's called campaign strategy! Bernie and staff said bad things about
Hillary and worked on a strategy to win. Trump and staff says bad things about
everyone and the same.

All this is, is a strategy to win! A political campaign is a war and
needs to be viewed as such.

What was said in Hillarys E-mails are really not as bad as
"Tricky Dick!" Nixon don't forget about the "Gays for McGovern."
trick when Nixon got people to hold signs saying "Gays for McGovern"
at one of McGovern's campaigns. That was a big moral issue back
in the dark ages!

Not to say about the other tricks and why Nixon is called "Tricky Dick!"

I hope people will understand this and not take the Hillary E-mail like a
conservatard would! Just get cookies and watch the show!