Saturday, October 29, 2016

Republicans / Trumps stupid and in the Now

As people might of noticed things are not good for many
but they never tended to ask the Republicans, why they where obstructing
the growth! Minimum wage growth. If things where going down then something
is needed to go up, to pull people up instead of letting them take everyone down
with them a tax burden to all lack of sales! Letting those stores close because of
those consumers that live with no AC because it cost too much. Cost to much?
Then everything else cost too much also, no sales!

With stagnant wages and people that need food stamps and help here and there,
because they don't make the money to buy their own food so they have no choice
but to be a tax burden. Why? Well people keep pushing for less government overreach
with more than normal amount of people needing government help.
It's like people needing more food stamps so they can live and with people wanting less
government help doing without expecting you to suffer just like they do with less food stamps!

Crying about Obama Care but not asking where is the Medicaid expansion to help
people with it? Also it's not a issue if you make a living wage just write a check for it!
The issue mostly is why are there still adults making children wages?
Children don't pay for healthcare, pay the rent etc... 

There is a sacrifice between quality of life and self sufficiency. The Cave man in a cave
with no power because he can't afford it was self sufficient vs someone that can just
pay their bills! Also to note people pay taxes anyway so that government overreach
is really just your tax dollars at work! You paid for it!

Really red states are the most impoverished shown by reality, their cars with no bumpers
houses falling apart noted by a mass amount of minimum wage retirees in town.
Can't afford the cost to repair their home! People working hard making the same pay.
The same wage for over 10 years is not good for your retirement!
You need to think ahead there, but the no, it's mostly the be in the now thinking.
It kills all growth. Shown by the town being the same town for over 50 years!

 Trump wanting to build a wall against Mexico when most coming into the US
just fly in a plane then overstay their visa!

All of Republican / Trump living is tiring, it gets old! I mean really why live in a
house with no power with others living well driving cars with bumpers!
Well I would advise to not make it bad for yourself
stop being a "Sadomasochist Voter!" and move forward not in the now!

In the now?! That is such a bad thing in reality it is against any adaptation points
in Paleontology! In nature the squirrel knowing it's time to hide his nuts for winter.
If the squirrel was in the now it would be too late for winter, it wouldn't know!

Cliff climbing you have to look ahead! "You do have to look ahead and plan your
next move, but you don't want to be looking to the top."
When I climbed I knew and was told to look ahead to your next footing so you
will know what to do before you get there! Looking ahead!

Looking ahead like I do at work as in working at Walmart I work one aisle
and before I am done there I am already thinking ahead what I need to do
at the next aisle so I will know if I need to cut corners on the first aisle to
get more time on the second aisle!

And I also should point that there are so many people that don't know everything
is connected. "What it is, is what it is!" So that is all they are, as they are!
Connected like me looking ahead to know what time I would have to do it
so I know to cut short on where I am now so I can get to the future place sooner!

So don't be in the now, because there is no evolution there! Just the same!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Put Your Motor In

I say this a lot about living and not living, being in the dark ages with
life going around you! All you do is miss out on everything!
To me I point of being supportive of a Married lady wanting that talk.
It's ok dating a Married lady if all involved knows. Who is, who to who!
The Married lady would have a better life or what she can be, not
in her boxed in world! What are you missing out on? Think about it!
Being undecided or choosing the worst for you for no extra support?
What life is that... For how long!

And like voting it's clear, you ether vote for the backward thinker and
watch people loose their gay rights again, women also loosing might
be the right to vote again? Let racism grow again!
Or even getting to the times it's ok for a married lady to have a
significant other, other and it's ok being it's about her needs!
Then just to have a holy roller do the same with no one knowing.
A real point of insanity, locked up in a box!

Open the box, it's just a matter of having a open garage door to bring
the motor in! Accepting the good in life, good intentions as it hast to be
good for all or not at all!

The point is with my pain is to vote for the better of the all!
To make life better for all! To make better!

And to the point, as voting independent is taking a vote away from those
that need it as always in a close race all votes are needed!

So go vote to win not loose! Vote Hillary and let's grow together!

Newt Gingrich's Fascination With Sex - Not Sex

This brings up a good point on What it is, is not what it is! Really!
Sex is not done for no reason at all. What it is, is bonding, healing
done for a reason in real life. That is the best point of sex, all people
a willing partner for all. Not willing partners in sex then there is abuse.

~~~~~Newt Gingrich’s Strange Fascination With Sex
If you’re concerned about the assault allegations against Donald Trump, are you 
“fascinated with sex”? That’s the claim Newt Gingrich seemed to make on Tuesday 
night, when he accused Megyn Kelly and Fox News of covering the allegations too 
aggressively and ignoring the issue of Hillary Clinton’s speeches.
“You want to go back through the tapes of your show recently?” he asked. 
“You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy.”

***Anyway what is Newt crying about he had a affair himself!
Keep in mind he was attacking on Bill Clinton for Monica Lewinsky at
the same time Newt was doing his thing!

~~~~~Gingrich Admits to Affair During Clinton Impeachment
"There were times when I was praying and when I felt I was doing things that were
wrong. But I was still doing them," Gingrich said during the interview. "I look back on
those as periods of weakness and periods that I'm not only not proud of, but I would
deeply urge my children and grandchildren not to follow in my footsteps."

***Also to point dating a married woman is not a bad thing as the point is Polyamory
It's a agreement between all so all is on a fair platform for growth. 

I need so say that Polyamory is not a obsession as it's point is for support
for ether partners in the relationship for healing!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Richard Branson. Trump in White House Dangerous!

Although I say it a lot don't take only my word about it.
Go ask and find out yourself and vote for what will be better
for the country... A stable country not full of hate!

~~~~~Richard Branson: 'Dangerous' to have Trump in White House
Richard Branson, the British billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group, said he is 
terrified of the thought of Donald Trump becoming president of the United States 
because of "how dangerous it was to have somebody so vindictive in the White House."
In an interview airing Tuesday on "Erin Burnett Outfront," Branson said he first met Trump years ago for lunch and that Trump focused on five people who refused to help him after his company filed for bankruptcy.

Branson said Trump "spent the rest of his lunch telling me how he was going to spend the rest of his life destroying those five people," which Branson found "very bizarre."

Branson said he felt no choice but to speak out about the meeting to "let people who believe that Trump is wonderful know that there is a side to Trump that is dangerous and rather unpleasant and certainly unforgiving."

"I think one day it would be wonderful to have an entrepreneur running the White House. But not this entrepreneur," Branson said.

Branson also said that there are numerous things Trump has said that make him and other Republicans he knows "squirm." He said he knows a lot of entrepreneurs and business leaders that one would expect to be Republican, but "with almost one voice, they are very disturbed and very frightened" at the idea of having Trump in charge.

"The unpredictability of the person I think would unsettle the markets," he said.
The British billionaire also thinks that Trump's campaign has hurt the Trump brand.
"I don't think he is a great businessman," Branson said.

Branson contended that "he's appealing to the worst fears in people, and I would say his brand has been very badly damaged." He said Trump won't go hungry, but "his brand is very, very different today than it was six months ago."

Branson said he has not spoken with Trump recently, but by speaking out, "if he gets into the White House, I'm sure I'll be one of the many people on his list that he'll be out to destroy."

ObamaCare going along like the Social Security Act. Nothing new!

~~~A limited form of the Social Security program began as a measure to implement
"social insurance" during the Great Depression of the 1930s, when poverty rates
among senior citizens exceeded 50 percent. The stock market crash of 1929 had
destroyed the value of many Americans' retirement savings, and bank failures
did further damage.

***This is nothing new today with the uninsured that would of driven up the cost
of insurance to no use, the low wages, with ALEC keeping many from getting raises.
Then giving dead end loans to the poor to make some money off them making a
housing crisis. Many poor do not have health insurance and get costly,
making others pay for it. This pushes the need to change the system.

Also being there are many states that do not have medicaid expansion
helping the poor that don't make the money to pay for insurance.
It's more of the issue why do they make children wages making them a tax
burden. It's true I am a tax burden also! Healthcare is not a issue if you make
a living wage you would just pull out your checkbook and pay for it.

There where also dead end loans aimed at the poor there is also junk
insurance policy's the lower income has. Many insurance company's
don't like them and have been trying to get rid of them for years!
So being dropped on your insurance is not really a new thing, many had been
dropped many times before!

So in our new Great Depression today action does need to happen!

***All things start bad! We all learn and change it for the better we don't
go backward. It's a evolutionary process as a group we go forward!
Like the Apollo mission they did not scrap the program because of
a mistake, no they fixed the mistake so it won't happen again and moved on!

~~~Initial opposition.
Social Security was controversial when originally proposed, with one point of opposition
being that it would allegedly cause a loss of jobs. However, proponents argued that there
was in fact an advantage: it would encourage older workers to retire, thereby creating
opportunities for younger
people to find jobs, which would lower the unemployment rate.
Opponents also decried the proposal as socialism. In a Senate Finance Committee
hearing, one Senator asked Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins,
"Isn't this socialism?" She said that it was not, but he continued,
"Isn't this a teeny-weeny bit of socialism?"
Most women and minorities were excluded from the benefits of unemployment
insurance and old age pensions. Employment definitions reflected typical white
male categories and patterns.

Job categories that were not covered by the act included workers in agricultural labor,
domestic service, government employees, and many teachers, nurses, hospital employees,
librarians, and social workers. The act also denied coverage to individuals who worked
intermittently. These jobs were dominated by women and minorities.
For example, women made up 90 percent of domestic labor in 1940 and two-thirds of all
employed black women were in domestic service. Exclusions exempted nearly half of
the working population. Nearly two-thirds of all African Americans in the labor force,
70 to 80 percent in some areas in the South, and just over half of all women employed
were not covered by Social Security. At the time, the NAACP protested the
Social Security Act, describing it as “a sieve with holes just big enough for the
majority of Negroes to fall through.” Some have suggested that this discrimination resulted
from the powerful position of Southern Democrats on two of the committees pivotal for
the Act’s creation, the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means
Committee. Southern congressmen supported Social Security as a means to bring
needed relief to areas in the South that were especially hurt by the Great Depression
but wished to avoid legislation which might interfere with the racial status quo in the South.

The solution to this dilemma was to pass a bill that both included exclusions and
granted authority to the states rather than the national government
(such as the states' power in Aid to Dependent Children). Others have argued
that exclusions of job categories such as agriculture were frequently left out of new
social security systems worldwide because of the administrative difficulties in
covering these workers.

Social Security reinforced traditional views of family life. Women generally qualified
for benefits only through their husbands or children. Mothers’ pensions (Title IV)
based entitlements on the presumption that mothers would be unemployed.
Historical discrimination in the system can also be seen with regard to Aid to
Dependent Children. Since this money was allocated to the states to distribute,
some localities assessed black families as needing less money than white families.
These low grant levels made it impossible for African American mothers to not work:
one requirement of the program. Some states also excluded children born out of
wedlock, an exclusion which affected African American women more than white women.
One study determined that 14.4% of eligible white individuals received funding, but only
1.5 percent of eligible black individuals received these benefits.

~~~Debates on the constitutionality of the Act
In the 1930s, the Supreme Court struck down many pieces of Roosevelt's New Deal
legislation, including the Railroad Retirement Act. The Social Security Act's similarity
with the Railroad Retirement Act caused Edwin Witte- the executive director of the
President's Committee on Economic Security under Roosevelt who was credited as
"the father of social security" to question whether or not the bill would pass; John Gall,
an Associate Counsel for the National Association of Manufacturers who testified before
the US House of Representatives in favor of the act, also felt that the bill was rushed
through Congress too quickly and that the old age provision of the act was "hodgepodge"
that needed to be written more properly in order to have a higher likelihood of being ruled
constitutional. The Court threw out a centerpiece of the New Deal,
the National Industrial Recovery Act, the Agricultural Adjustment Act,
and New York State's minimum-wage law. President Roosevelt responded with
an attempt to pack the court via the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937.

On February 5, 1937, he sent a special message to Congress proposing legislation granting
the President new powers to add additional judges to all federal courts whenever there were
sitting judges age 70 or older who refused to retire. The practical effect of this proposal
was that the President would get to appoint six new Justices to the Supreme Court
(and 44 judges to lower federal courts), thus instantly tipping the political balance on the
Court dramatically in his favor. The debate on this proposal was heated and widespread,
and lasted over six months. Beginning with a set of decisions in March, April, and May, 1937
(including the Social Security Act cases), the Court would sustain a series of
New Deal legislation. Two Supreme Court rulings affirmed the constitutionality
of the Social Security Act.
  • Steward Machine Company v. Davis, 301 U.S, 548 (1937) held, in a 5–4 decision, that, given the exigencies of the Great Depression, "[It] is too late today for the argument to be heard with tolerance that in a crisis so extreme the use of the moneys of the nation to relieve the unemployed and their dependents is a use for any purpose narrower than the promotion of the general welfare". The arguments opposed to the Social Security Act (articulated by justices Butler, McReynolds, and Sutherland in their opinions) were that the social security act went beyond the powers that were granted to the federal government in the Constitution. They argued that, by imposing a tax on employers that could be avoided only by contributing to a state unemployment-compensation fund, the federal government was essentially forcing each state to establish an unemployment-compensation fund that would meet its criteria, and that the federal government had no power to enact such a program.
  • Helvering v. Davis, 301 U.S. 619 (1937), decided on the same day as Steward, upheld the program because "The proceeds of both [employee and employer] taxes are to be paid into the Treasury like internal-revenue taxes generally, and are not earmarked in any way". That is, the Social Security Tax was constitutional as a mere exercise of Congress's general taxation powers.
 ***There are same issues with ObamaCare It's the same in history and should not
be looked at like a failure. ObamaCare will do well being the government is behind it.
Just as Social Security was. 

~~~Expansion and evolution
The provisions of Social Security have been changing since the 1930s, shifting in
response to economic worries as well as concerns over changing gender roles and the
position of minorities. Officials have responded more to the concerns of women than
those of minority groups. Social Security gradually moved toward universal coverage.
By 1950, debates moved away from which occupational groups should be included to
how to provide more adequate coverage. Changes in Social Security have reflected
a balance between promoting equality and efforts to provide adequate protection.
In 1940, benefits paid totaled $35 million. These rose to $961 million in 1950, $11.2 billion
in 1960, $31.9 billion in 1970, $120.5 billion in 1980, and $247.8 billion in 1990
(all figures in nominal dollars, not adjusted for inflation). In 2004, $492 billion of benefits
were paid to 47.5 million beneficiaries. In 2009, nearly 51 million Americans received
$650 billion in Social Security benefits.

***You also need to note the cost of living is higher now than the wages.
Social Security was not planed out with the view of wages going low.
We are America not a third world country!
ObamaCare will as I see it bring up the pay in a way, being the workers
will have to get insurance, the cost of the insurance will travel as low sales going
to the rich that sales the stuff the poor is buying.

Being the poor has less money to spend. As a group of many low income with
less money really hurts businesses. It's like natural selection putting out the
high dollar places in town and making room for affordable places.
Also the wages has to come up or have no sales!
It's not that hard just look at it in a naturist view supply and demand vs low pay!

ObamaCare will do good with lawmakers helping it do better like Social Security,
did with the changes to make it work better. The did not hold people hostage
over it back then. If they did, many of us would not be here today!

Also Franklin D. Roosevelt's approval ratings was also low after Social Security
got started. Many are glad we have it now!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lanny Cordola - Miraculous Love Kids

In America women are still fighting a battle of the rights of her own body
and etc. But it's changing! Women are not property like it was in the bible days
they got the right to vote in the 1920's. Also women has access to social security
in the beginning women didn't have any!

But now the push is for the better, women are getting there.
America looks like it is getting the first women president.
There is a push for fair pay also with women.
Women have the right to put on the paints on in the family
and take over to get what support or needs she has.
This in unheard of in many counties!

Life is getting better for women in America and so the outreach
going to other countries pushing the change is a good thing,
as the small change affects the whole!
Like the butterfly effect.
This push in other places makes the path for a fair life for all!

Please support Lanny Cordola with his "Miraculous Love Kids" group.
It's about time we all push ahead and it's a good start there!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Open Minded and Love, Support...

Who you are, who you are, can't make you not!
Has that ever worked pushing for something you are not?
Your own personal hell?! Why not be who you are... Supported!

Love and support is needed to better in life. It's ok no matter how
awkward it is. Take in that love, if it makes you a better person it's
not that bad. Love does not make you loose anything as it's about
the support. You love someone you care about them and support.

Me? I love a Married Gypsy woman. We are a good pair together,
compatible, fair, ethical as I want that talk! As she is worth that!

So the point is to be open to new stuff. In life there is a need to
live better not to live like you are not. How will that life be when you
turn sixty? I would find your other half, half to make you whole!
Well... It's ok to be a significant other, other to the others other,
being the support and the light of the others being supported from
that other making the other a better other to all the others!
Ok... It's worth it.

Not having a open mind is a closed mind and with that is no growth always
the same, same. It's against the pursuit of happiness in your life.
It's a easy choice do you live in your own hell or be open to better things.
Gain not loose because being open is not loosing!

~~~~~How to Be Open Minded

Adjusting Your Perspective

1. Embrace the unknown. If you want to be more open-minded, then the first thing you have to do is embrace something that is completely foreign to you. Sure, this may sound a bit broad, but the unknown can really mean something as simple as taking a different route to work, finally accepting that coffee date with your neighbor, or seeing a movie by a director you’ve never heard of. If you want to be more open-minded, then you should try to embrace one new unknown thing every week—or even, every day.
  • Have you never checked out that new restaurant in town because you don’t know what it’s like there? Now’s the time to check it out.
  • Have you avoided signing up for that English class you’re interested in because you don’t know anything about Romantic poetry? Go for it.
  • Have you avoided the Barre classes at your yoga studio because you’re afraid you won’t know what you’re doing. Check them out and you’ll see that it wasn’t as scary as you thought.
2. Don’t knock anything before you try it. Close-minded people are famous for forming negative opinions of things they’ve never even tried. They may hate the other pizza place in town without even setting foot in the door, or they think the vegan movement is completely silly without ever trying it themselves. So, the next time you catch yourself espousing a negative opinion about something, ask yourself what evidence you have to support your ideas.
  • If you find that there is absolutely no evidence to prove your case, then you should try that thing yourself before you say anything else.
  • If your only evidence comes from biased sources, such as your favorite blogger or your best friend, who agrees with everything you say, then that doesn’t really count.

3. Just say “yes” instead of “no.” If you want to be more open-minded, then you have to start saying “yes” to the things you would formerly say “no” to. This could be your friend’s standing invitation to go to go on a hike, your co-worker’s invitation to join your company’s bowling league, or even your barista asking if you’d like to try the new latte special. Stop saying no to things and start saying that you’d like to try them. You’ll be surprised by how quickly this changes your perspective.
  • The next time you say no to something, ask yourself what lies behind this impulse: is this fear of the unknown? An unwillingness to step out of your comfort zone? The desire to be hanging out in bed in your pajamas instead of meeting new people? Face the feeling and find a way to fight it.

4. Learn to examine every situation from multiple angles. This is easier said than done, of course. Let’s say you’re politically liberal and support a serious handgun ban. Sure, you may think your way is the best way, and you don’t have to change that, but you should read some arguments from the other side to see what the other people are saying. You may find that they have some good ideas of their own; and if you don’t, then you’ll feel more justified in your own opinion because you’ll be more informed.
  • Read up on how other countries run their governments. America could learn a thing or two from Sweden and vice versa. Seeing how other people do things can give you a better sense of any situation, whether it’s fighting crime, dealing with adoptions, or offering easier and cheaper access to healthcare.
  • Let’s say you’re a very devout Christian. Can you try reading up on other religions, or understanding the reasons why someone might not believe in God at all? Make a list of these reasons and see if it makes it easier for you to understand your differing perspectives. This doesn’t mean you have to change your mind, but it will help you have a more open-minded outlook.

5. Think of three positive things for every negative one. Though being close-minded doesn’t necessarily equate with being negative, many close-minded people tend to look at most things at the world as being negative or threatening and tend to stick to the things they know. So, the next time you catch a negative thought crossing your brain—or even the next time one escapes your lips—counter it with a positive thought.
  • It’ll feel good. Let’s say you catch yourself saying, “It’s freezing today. This weather sucks.” Can you think of anything good about the cold day? Try: “But there’s nothing like drinking a pumpkin spice latte in your favorite cafĂ© when it’s cold outside.” Or: “Maybe it’ll snow later. I love snow.” Being more positive will help you embrace the things you thought you hated.
  • The same goes for whining and complaining. If you catch yourself whining and complaining about something, immediately counter your complaints with praise or excitement surrounding that thing.
  • You can find the good in almost any situation. Maybe you hate your 2-hour commute from Sacramento to Berkeley, but you can love the alone time you get to listen to your favorite audiobook.
6. Pick up a completely new hobby. This is another great way to adjust your perspective and to become more open-minded. Try karate, hiking, oil painting, power yoga, photography, or any other activity that you have never tried before, don’t know much about, and don’t even particularly think you’d be good at. Sign up for a class in your town or at a local college. You will meet new people also interested in that thing and will learn to look at the world in a new way.
  • Who knows, your new hobby may even turn in to a passion. And if you really find yourself having a passion for something new, your outlook will improve. A love for photography, for example, will change the way you look at the world.

7. Mix up your routine. Close-minded people tend to do the same thing every day because they’re convinced that they wouldn’t be happy if they did something different, had a different breakfast, or took a different route to work. So, do just that. Don’t eat the same bagel and cream cheese and go for some oatmeal and a fruit salad. Don’t go to the gym after work; try running in the morning instead. And don’t go straight home after work or school, either; hang out with your co-workers or friends instead.
  • You’ll be surprised by how quickly you’ll start looking at the world in a new way when you get out of your old rut.
  • Routines are a good way to bring order and stability to your life and there’s nothing wrong with them. But if you want to be more open-minded, mixing it up once in a while will show you that there’s more than one way to live your life.
  • Let’s say you planned to stay in all weekend and watch that ‘’Law & Order’’ marathon you’ve been craving. Your friend invites you to her beach house at the last minute—if you want to start changing your life for the better and to be more open to new experiences, then you better say yes.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Seat Belts

In life you never know what comes around the corner!
So it's best to put on your seat belt before you take off.

In a high school in my town two girls had a roll over crash
and both girls where ejected from the car one passed away!
The other is touch and go!

I am sad about this as life is short enough anyway!
I can't advise enough about putting on the seat belt,
it's simple and saves you from the worst!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Def Leppard and about growth letting it out

Many these days may not know about the Def Leppard story.
The point to know is the growth on how they got there.

The point of Joe Elliott letting out his voice. (Youtube video 25:33)
Rick Allen's pushing to learn to play the drums again. (Youtube video 1:04:23)
And others. The point here is about the growth to the end giving you the
way to the future.

Letting it out? There is nothing more that hit's you than seeing the innermost self
come out jumping up and down mocking someone that is acting stupid.
Boom it hits you! It's venting yes but it's about letting that out, out of the way
so you can move on to where you want to be. That is the growth!
I see the beauty in people!

In my life I seen the tipping point of life! When I was a dish washer at
a Hotel my co-worker met a lady staying there, ran off with her to her room.
He came back like 6 hours later told me what happened. He was in love and
the next day he quit and a year later him and her stopped in to see me at work
they where going to get married.

Me? I met a lady at a banquet I worked at in a Hotel once. She was from
out in the boons of Oklahoma and she was by herself at the banquet I liked
her so I talked to her a bit someone asked someone to dance and I danced
with her off and on most of the night. I could of hooked up with her and I
should of but at the time I couldn't. I guess it's not my destiny to be with her.

Now? I'm froze waiting on a married gypsy to make up her mind!
Like a fork in the road stuck...  Actions speak louder than words.

And the point of all this... Growth and letting it out for something better
down the road.

But this story is about the growth of Def Leppard pointing to your own life.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Minimum wage raise like before is good.

Raising minimum wage like they have over and over in the past
does not kill jobs it never killed masses of jobs.

Well raising the pay will take more people off food stamps so they can buy
their own food. Making less tax burdens of low income people needing to
make it being they don't get any raise of value forcing more tax dollars needed
to cover the difference in living for the low income people.

Also to note the crime also will go down being they can buy those things
now not steal them. Better pay is more people with money to burn.
More people coming stores to spend their bigger paycheck.

Less people walking without cars being people that walk with no cars
are unproductive as they get to work having a heatstroke or cold tired.
Can't get a car the banks underwriter says "Sorry your income is too low!"
So no car! Not to say consume less as they only have two hands to
hold merchandise. Less unsafe cars driving around with no bumpers dents
and 300,000+ miles on them dragging down the used car market.
Why live without a car with others driving high dollar cars!

Higher pay helps in garnished wages. I knew people that had 4 to 6 garnishments
waiting for them in a line. They made $3.70+ an hour! Also to note that does not
make a good view for workplaces because they know those people are unsustainable.
They are worn out and more likely don't care being they are working for
$3.70+ an hour!

Higher wages is more put into Social Security getting more money into it giving
elderly a cost of living raise. More made is more put into state taxes also.

So really life is better with better pay. It's time to give people money to burn
not the stay home people doing without!

~~~~~A report that analyzed every minimum-wage hike since 1938 should put 
a bunch of nonsense ideas to rest
From the fear-mongering headlines marking passage of $15 statutes in New York
and California, you would think nobody ever dared raise the minimum wage before.
"Raising minimum wage risky," the Lexington (Kentucky) Herald-Leader tersely warned.
"Raising minimum wage hurts low-skill workers," the Detroit News bluntly declared.
"Even left-leaning economists say it's a gamble," Vox solemnly cautioned.

Nonsense. We have been raising the minimum wage for 78 years, and as a new study
clearly reveals, 78 years of minimum-wage hikes have produced zero evidence of the
"job-killing" consequences these headline writers want us to fear.

In a first-of-its-kind report, researchers at the National Employment Law Project pore
over employment data from every federal increase since the minimum wage was first
established, making "simple before-and-after comparisons of job-growth trends 12
months after each minimum-wage increase."

What did the researchers find? The paper's title says it all: "Raise Wages, Kill Jobs?
Seven Decades of Historical Data Find No Correlation Between Minimum Wage
Increases and Employment Levels."

The results were clear. Of the nearly two dozen federal minimum-wage hikes since
1938, total year-over-year employment actually increased 68% of the time.

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