Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Red, Arctic temperatures surge in the dead of winter

This is something I brought up a few times when I was on the Current TV website.
At the time I was not a poster of environmental stories. I was more economical in
my writings. So even I posted a few notes about how messed up things are getting.
And so now is a red flag as such the North Pole is at it's hottest point in the winter
where it should not be! All of us should be worried as it effects all of us!

~~~~~Arctic temperatures surge in the dead of winter
Winter is still in full swing in the North Pole, but temperatures this week have been downright summerlike in the Arctic.

Although it is shrouded in the darkness of a 24-hour polar night, temperatures in the Arctic have soared well above freezing this week, marking the hottest temperatures recorded in the region during winter, according to scientists from the Danish Meteorological Institute.

Calculations from Cape Morris Jessup, the world's northernmost land-based weather station, show that temperatures from February in eastern Greenland and the central Arctic are averaging about 15°C (27°F) warmer than seasonal norms.

And although the Arctic has seen temperatures climbing for decades, the past few years have seen the most extreme changes, according to Martin Stendel, a climate scientist at DMI. For the past 20 years, temperatures above freezing in February have only been recorded three times -- first in 2011, then in 2017 and now.

"For years, absolute values of temperatures have become higher and higher, but if you look a couple years back it's not so interesting whether the temperatures were minus 10 degrees C or minus 5 degrees C because the temperature was still well below zero," Stendel said.

But this month's unusual rises are interesting -- and unprecedented -- and have continued for a record nine days in a row.

Zack Labe, a climate scientist at the University of California at Irvine, tweeted a chart demonstrating how dramatically different this February's temperature is.

The extreme event continues to unfold in the high #Arctic today in response to a surge of moisture and "warmth"

2018 is well exceeding previous years (thin lines) for the month of February. 2018 is the red line. Average temperature is in white.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cicisbeo or Walkers!

Heading for the 21st century there is a need to be accepting the needs and 
growing up about who we all are. There is the point to note everything has a 
reason and so is the point to act upon or to fix such issue that needs to be fixed. 
To accept the reasoning of why the issue is there in the first place
and to do what is needed to fix whatever it is, would be a good
sign of growing up accepting what is needed. To stop acting like your parents,
and to grow up into the man or woman you are into the future not the past!

Cicisbeo or Walkers? That does point to a trust as to a long term relationship
in the point of all the time in building trust. The point of such has meaning
to all. The wife gets support, love, like a open door much growth! 
The husband gets the trust that his wife is ok and is supported not running loose 
getting in unknown trouble. Or whatever it is the point is to make better,
as we all look to go higher in life. It's best to accept those needs in life.
If such actions fit, then all the better to do better for all!

In 18th- and 19th-century Italy, the cicisbeo (Italian pronunciation: [tʃitʃizˈbɛːo]; plural: cicisbei), or cavalier servente (chevalier servant in French), was the professed gallant and perhaps lover in a sexual sense of a married woman, who attended her at public entertainments, to church and other occasions and had privileged access to his mistress. The arrangement is comparable to the Spanish cortejo or estrecho and, to a lesser degree, to the French petit-maître. The exact etymology of the word is unknown; some evidence suggests it originally meant "in a whisper (perhaps an onomatopeic word). Other accounts suggest it is an inversion of bel cece, which means "beautiful chick (pea)". According to OED, the first recorded usage of the term in English was found in a letter by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu dated 1718. The term appears in Italian in Giovanni Maria Muti's "Quaresimale Del Padre Maestro Fra Giovanni Maria Muti De Predicatori" of 1708.

Social importance
his arrangement, called the cicisbeatura or cicisbeismo, was widely practiced, with knowledge and consent of the husband, especially among the nobility of the cities of Genoa, Nice, Venice, Florence and Rome. While many contemporary references to cicisbei and descriptions of their social standing exist, scholars diverge on the exact nature of the phenomenon. Some maintain that this institution was defined by marriage contracts, others question this claim and see it as a peculiarity of 18th-century customs that is not well defined or easily explained. Other scholars see it as a sign of the increasing emancipation of aristocratic women in the 18th century.

The cicisbeo was better tolerated if he was known to be homosexual. Louise d'Épinay wrote from Paris to her friend Ferdinando Galiani about the impending departure of marchese Alvise Mocenigo, the Venetian ambassador, whose tastes the ambassador had displayed in Paris:

Nothing equals the friendly companionship afforded to a woman by men of those persuasions. To the rest of you, so full of yourselves, one can't say a word that you don't take as provocation. ... Whereas with those gentlemen one knows quite well that they want no more of us than we of them—one feels in no danger and deliciously free"

Regardless of its roots and technicalities, the custom was firmly entrenched. Typically, husbands tolerated or even welcomed the arrangement: Lord Byron, for example, was cicisbeo to Teresa, Contessa Guiccioli. After his death, her second husband, Marquis de Boissy, was known to brag about the fact. Byron also famously analyzed the institution from an English point of view in his poem Beppo. Attempts by the husband to ward off prospective cicisbei or disapproval of the practice in general was likely to be met with ridicule and scorn:

[...] for, you must understand, this Italian fashion prevails at Nice among all ranks of people; and there is not such a passion as jealousy known. The husband and the cicisbeo live together as sworn brothers; and the wife and the mistress embrace each other with marks of the warmest affection.
[E]very married lady in this country has her cicisbeo, or servente, who attends her every where on all occasions, and upon whose privileges the husband dares not encroach, without incurring the censure and ridicule of the whole community.

Cicisbei played by set rules, generally avoiding public displays of affection. At public entertainments, they would typically stand behind their seated mistress and whisper in her ear. Customs of the time did not permit them to engage in relationships with any other women during their free time, making the arrangement rather demanding. Both parties could decide to end the relationship at any tim
e. A woman's former cicisbei were called spiantati (literally penniless, destroyed), or cast-offs.

~~~~~Every woman needs a man or two to make her feel like a star
It's not easy to explain the concept of "walkers" to a new husband. "They're a selection of five or six men who take me to parties in rotation," I explain. "Their purpose is to be witty, above averagely attractive and a little obsequious, thereby making the evening enjoyable, or at least bearable."

In retrospect, I should have started with the fact that there's also no romantic involvement whatsoever. "So, they're gay, then?" Not always, I say. "A walker isn't the same thing as a male friend – and he's certainly never a 'stand-in' for the husband." There: clear as mud.

In 18th- and 19th-century Italy, the role of the cicisbeo or cavalier servente was more defined: these were walkers not just "with benefits", but with the husband's blessing. Later, the term came to be used to describe the kind of charitable young men who would escort their aged aunts to the bridge club – or female "beards".

Walkers didn't become what they are today until the 1920s, when Zelda Fitzgerald had strings of them. Yes, her marriage to F Scott descended into a tangle of resentment and acrimony, and, yes, Zelda was ultimately committed to a sanatorium. But otherwise, they really worked for her.

A good walker, you see, makes you feel like a Hollywood starlet. He'll pick you up from your door (rather than a crowded pub), admire your outfit (and, unlike friends, never see you in anything with an elasticated waistband) and gracefully point out wardrobe malfunctions or uneven flooring as and when they occur.

Walkers can be married (although if they are, you rarely discuss the wife/kids), but should never be used as human bling. One girl I know persists in making this error, and choosing glittering good looks over substance. Whenever I see her at a party, she's either desperate to escape a dense male-model consort or pretending to be asleep. This is where men would slip up, were they to take up the habit (something I'd encourage).

Walkers have a bad reputation, but there's nothing emasculated or courtier-like about them. However, as with all labels, one should refrain from using them to people's faces. Which is why I hope none of mine read this.

It was as I read a florid description of "the Jacuzzi scene" in Silvio Berlusconi's most recent sex scandal that I decided the makers of Viagra should be forced to apologise publicly to all women. "The girls were lining up," alleged 28‑year-old Nadia Macri, "and Berlusconi was in there saying, 'next'." I can just picture the old goat now: the combover dislodged as he bobs up and down among the bubbles, like an unwanted extra from Fellini's 8½.

Age once had the benefit of enforcing a sexual curfew: true, an old wolf would only lose his teeth, rather than his appetite, but his long-suffering wife could at least look forward to a few decades of respite in the winter of their married life. No longer. Like it or not, the shape of the future is a randy, Jacuzzi-bound septuagenarian calling out: "Next!"

It's an hour into Sir Elton John's winter ball, and I've been complimented once on my shoes and twice on my walker. With good reason: he saw off the lumbering twit who stood on the hem of my dress earlier, and I haven't once been forced to point out that my glass is empty.

He's also looking impressively slender. "I'm wearing a mirdle," he confides, when I point this out, inviting me to twang the Spandex-like man-girdle beneath his shirt. I try to disguise my horror. "Does it hurt?" He thinks about this. "It does feel like someone is pressing down hard on my diaphragm, but it's shaved inches off my man-gut. That said," he cautions, reaching for a foie gras blini, "it's no substitute for healthy eating and exercise."

Friday, February 23, 2018

Arming teachers as a solution to increase school safety NOT!

There is a question that needs to be asked? Why do kids bring guns to school?
Well to kill people and you can't kill people with your bare hands so guns are
needed being there are more than one person it takes more than one gun also.
So it escalates with many guns. Give the teachers guns so now the kid will
do the stupid as stupid is, they will now bring pipe bombs bazooka's and anything
bigger than the guns teachers have. So it escalates higher as the same as bringing
guns to a hand to hand combat situation it goes higher.

Why give teachers guns to cater to xenophobic people?
Xenophobic people? Live by the sword, die by the sword!
It's true as it is just something called education vs like mediocre minds.
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow
blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions
courageously and honestly."

Xenophobic? Well yes. "NRA Leader Warns Conservatives Of 'Socialist Wave'
In Wake Of Shooting." And "European style socialism."
Socialist? Like plants they don't work for water they
get it for free! When was the last time asparagus got a paycheck in water?

Sort of noted by Ozzy Osbourne: "keep hearing this fucking thing that guns don't
kill people, but people kill people. If that's the case, why do we give people guns
when they go to war? Why not just send the people?"

Stupid is stupid and always will be as long as there is stupid.
It's better to ask why was there a deficiency? Why was that allowed to happen?
Cut education with a kid that does not have the education to recognize or relate
a problem to their personal life? Not having something to recognize it by.
Cant relate it to anything in their life. So they act according to what they know.

So really the foundation needs to be looked at. Also why was there access to such
a massive gun in the first place for a kid or anyone really. Like in hunting you kill it,
you can't eat it because of all the lead it's full of! What kind of deficiency is it to hunt
with a bazooka type gun? Reflects of a bad personal issue and should be a red flag
to society as that behavior is destructive and is not really needed!
And so should be noted for a school environment as the same in giving teachers guns
so kids would have to go higher. Why?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

STEM skills with low wages

Is it a skills gap or is it the children wages? Well this is harsh but you can
not pretend it's not the issue. You get what you pay for!
There is a reason it's said "Pay peanuts get monkeys!"
You get what you pay for noted by the point that there is a reason
people work low paid jobs. Something is in their background,
mental disorders or bad drug related issues, a bad self view of their 
world around them. Something somewhere is holding them back,
willing or not it's there! It is or it isn't in the high up workforce you are there
or you are not there!

"Many people with far more ability than you have are living out of a shopping cart."
"You can find them playing chess in a park in NYC. Some of those dudes could be
world champion chess players but they have other problems that prevents them."

Mostly it's the pay! If the people you are looking to hire have a low foundation 
how are they to function without issues when they have a load on them they are
living on a foundation of glass. And so the point of offering low pay to a job
needing higher wages. A employee in your workplace is like a plant as it grows
along with productively it needs more water, water being money!

What does the employer have to look forward to getting what they pay for?
And more to the fact all it does is hurt all around them! As in the point of people
thinking that low pay hurts the poor. Well not really in that the poor will just
let it go buy cheaper things, do more redneck engineering.
And all of that makes no one money so no growth. Low pay is less sales!
So if the pay for the job is too low it dictates what you have to look forward to.
Small towns are small for a reason. Kept down by it's low pay.
And so that would be the future of your business!

A better running technology / businesses should put more back into the
country bringing us all up. Why be held back of low wages.
Holding back your businesses is holding back the country!
Small countries are easily controlled so low pay is a way to take over
the country? Seems stupid but why have the pay low unless it's a way
to stop growth making all weak?!

~~~~~Low wages not education to blame for skills gap
Low wages rather than inadequate training are to blame for the STEM skills gap, according to research from the University of Warwick.

A new briefing paper suggests that the lack of workers with skills in science, maths, engineering and technology (STEM) and 'soft' communications skills is not due to problems with the education system, but to employers being unwilling to offer higher wages to suitably skilled workers.

The research was conducted by Dr Thijs van Rens associate professor in the Department of Economics.

He said: "It is often taken for granted that the skills gap and skills mismatch is a supply problem and appropriate training is not available to workers. However US data shows that market wages do not reflect the relative demand for different types of skills.

"Businesses complain about the lack of workers with STEM skills but are unwilling to raise wages for these workers - or reduce wages for workers with skills that are less in demand."

A discussion of Dr van Rens' policy briefing paper titled The Skills Gap: Is It a Myth? will be hosted by the think-tank the Social Market Foundation held in association with the University of Warwick's Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) on Thursday 10 December. The roundtable event, will examine how employers, policy makers and educators can help to reduce this skills gap in light of the new evidence.

Concern is growing in advanced economies, and in particular in the UK, about the skills gap: the growing gulf between the skills workers possess today and the skills businesses say they need. The concerns are often focused on shortages of workers with skills in STEM subjects but increasingly also on 'soft skills' like problem solving, team working and communication.

Dr Thijs van Rens will set out his analysis, based on US data, which shows that the source of labour market mismatch is that market wages do not reflect the relative demand for different types of skills. He will argue that the position often taken for granted in the public debate - that the skills gap is a supply problem - is incorrect.

In his research Dr van Rens used data on job finding rates, earnings and profits across states, industries and occupations to measure the extent of skills mismatch or gap on the US labour market, and the underlying frictions that gave rise to it.

Dr van Rens suggests that the labour market can adjust to a skills mismatch in two ways. The workforce may adapt to the demand for skills, for instance by acquiring training or changing occupation, or firms may adapt to the supply of skills.

However for one or both of these to happen, wages must reflect the relative supply and demand for various skills.

He sets out three reasons why skills mismatch exists: workers don't adjust to changes in skills demand; firms don't adjust to changes in skill supply, or wages do not reflect skills shortages.

Dr van Rens also argues that reform of the education system is not an answer to the perceived lack of appropriately skilled workers. As long as wages do not reward certain skills workers will be less likely to acquire them, and even if they do, will find employment in higher-paid occupations that do not utilize these skills.

He added: "While firms complain about a shortage of qualified physicists and engineers on the labour market, a very large number of graduates in these fields work in the financial sector, where they only use their STEM skills to a very limited degree.

"Encouraging universities to educate more physicists and engineers will not make any difference if these additional STEM graduates look for jobs in investment banks."

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Future Of Water

The world has many issues with water and it's a issue and a note for all
to understand we all are in the same boat in low water!

~~~~~Cape Town is parched. Severe drought and high water use have collided in South Africa’s second largest city, and unless the drought breaks, residents may run out of water in the next few months when there simply isn’t enough water left to supply the drinking water taps.

Cape Town is not alone. Water crises are getting worse all over the world. The past few years have seen more and more extreme droughts and floods around the globe. California just endured the worst five-year drought on record, followed by the wettest year on record. São Paulo, Brazil, recently suffered a severe drought that drastically cut water supplies to its 12 million inhabitants – a drought that also ended in heavy rainfall, which caused extreme flooding. Houston was devastated in 2017 by Hurricane Harvey, the most extreme precipitation event to hit any major city in the United States.

Severe droughts and floods. Water rationing. Economic and political disruption. Urban taps running dry. Is this the future of water?

Many regions of the world, as in Cape Town, have reached “peak water” limits and find their traditional sources tapped out. Many rivers are dammed and diverted to the point that they no longer reach the sea. Groundwater is over pumped at rates faster than nature can replenish. And massive long-distance transfers of water from other watersheds are increasingly controversial because of high costs, environmental damages and political disagreements.

On top of this, the climate is no longer stable. It is changing because of human activities, and among the expected and observed impacts are changes to the frequency and intensity of extreme events, with impacts on both water supplies and demands.

~~~~~With a mere 0.5 per cent of the world's population, Canada has jurisdiction over 20 per cent of the global water supply – a vast and valuable resource that is largely taken for granted by those who depend on it.

Yet, according to the first national assessment of Canada's freshwater ecosystems in decades, there is plenty of cause for concern. Each of the country's 25 major watersheds is facing multiple environmental threats, while the data needed to track changes and guide policy makers are surprisingly inaccessible or simply non-existent.

"We don't know the facts," said David Miller, president of World Wildlife Fund-Canada, the environmental advocacy organization that conducted the assessment. "It's a recipe for inaction."

I am sure you see the point of treating people fair. Whatever the buyout is or who 
for what you need to know all of those things really does not matter with no water. 
We all are in a mess.

There are options in looking at the ocean for drinking water but with that how 
long will it take us to mess up the ocean, kill all the fish... Never a good day!

I see it as we all ho have to work on getting water from the ocean but also to put
a balanced replacement back into the ocean. To watch the oxygen levels putting
it back where it is needed. You see the point more work is needed.
For everyone's water know "No man is an island."

~~~~~New material can remove salt and metal ions from seawater
Scientists have developed a new, more efficient way to filter salt and metal ions from water. The method relies on metal-organic frameworks, a unique material with an expansive internal surface area and crystals capable of trapping chemical compounds dissolved in water.

Currently, reverse osmosis membranes are responsible for the majority of desalinization efforts. The membranes also serve as the last stage of filtration in most municipal water systems. Unfortunately, the membranes aren't very energy efficient.

A team of researchers from Monash University in Australia and the University of Texas in Austin found metal-organic frameworks, or MOFs, can be designed to selectively filter both salt and ions.

The differently sized nanoscale substructures inside the unique materials serve to trap and transport different types of ions.

In addition to making seawater potable, MOFs could also be used to filter lithium from mining wastewater. The rise in popularity of lithium ion batteries has made lithium a valuable and sought-after -- but increasingly rare -- natural resource.

"Instead of relying on the current costly and energy intensive processes, this research opens up the potential for removing salt ions from water in a far more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable way," Huanting Wang, a professor at Monash, said in a news release.

"Also, this is just the start of the potential for this phenomenon," Wang said. "We'll continue researching how the lithium ion selectivity of these membranes can be further applied."

The findings -- detailed in the journal Science Advances -- suggests MOFs could also be used for municipal water filtration systems.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Teacher Accountability in not brought up towns, the poor 10 percent chance

Teacher Accountability relating to high-stakes testing is a issue in smaller
towns that are not brought up yet. Small tows are small for a reason.
As in the term "Raised in a corn field, your mind is only mushed as
the corn field you live in." Noting the lack of stimulus from the lack
of tax dollars from lower pay for schools. Lack of investments from lower
income towns. Stimulus? Like how they always say to keep your mind busy
or you will loose it! So if you go fishing and just go staring at the water waiting
for a fish. Vs duct tape a gas leaf blower to a bicycle to see how fast you can go.
Is this going to work? How fast will we go? It's the matter of personal investment
by doing something vs what resources to do such?

The point is that is how it is in small towns and overall relating to the
lower funding you get less so doing high-stakes testing to kids that
are below level is just setting up teachers and kids for failure
as the kids are more likely coming to the class below level.

Also noted in behavior in how many kids don't grow up until
they are in their 20's not 18. That is how I baseline kids in small towns.
Education is needed, it's like the water that covers the iceberg, the
less you have the more those things pop up and like a crash of the Titanic,
everyone goes down with it! And yes they do! If a kid is having discipline 
issues and is just put back into class without putting the kid where
the issue can be fixed. The kid and others are not learning in class
just spending their time trashing a bathroom getting a mental disorder
from it down the road. Training the brain to be psychotic and that
does not help the learning environment now and in the future!
It's like they got hit in the head with education but they think it's a 
junebug, unrecognized as it flies past their head!
"How do you know, if you don't know?" = Lack of funding to know!!

So because of the lack of support in small towns with bigger towns with 
more resources more income for learning, better foundation. 
More tax dollars to use! Small towns are not big and should be seen
differently than bigger cities!

When I was a kid in the 80's I went to the principle to complain that my
teacher was not teaching me enough. Can you see that done in smaller towns
in the 80's? I had the foundation and awareness I don't want to get stupid
like to just let it go! Like just cut off your legs to save your toe! No thank you!
But in a smaller town that kind of thing won't happen like your not to think for
yourself! It might be drilled in the kids mind but then the kid should know
they are not them stand up and do the best for you! You get what you put into it!

But to hold teachers accountable with a small not brought up town that
gets what it's paid for with low taxes from low pay, low sales.
The town needs to be brought up before any testing.
With the mass of economic inequality full of people that can't even
live with the AC on in the summer can only afford $27 a month bill that's it,
yet alone pay for a $40,000 college loan!
Education cost money so the pay needs to go up. The wages makes the town, 
the town does not make the wages! And with such wage divide the pay 
comes first then the education.

High stakes testing is not a issue with no poverty to lower everything.
More funding is needed to bring smaller towns up and more consideration
of the environment of small towns also helps.

We believe in accountability. You can’t aspire to excellence without defining it. Schools should be evaluated based on student learning, in unambiguous terms and according to college- and career-readiness standards benchmarked against those of high-performing states and countries. When these ratings show unacceptably low results for years at a time, state and district leaders must apply solutions that are proven to help students learn.


Babies, first 1,000 days and Malnourishment

There is issues with funding for the poor cut safety nets, low income.
All it does is bring the poor down and the poor are the people the upper class
hires... Who will pass the background check? You don't see the middle class
working at Walmart in reality.

But the point why have babies set up for failure just because of low funding,
low pay that is not a good thing to just let the babies go like that! Just to have
the babies a victim of stupid people by not getting the funding, help they need!

~~~~~More Than Half Of American Babies Are At Risk For Malnourishment
The nutrition children receive during their first 1,000 days ― from conception until their second birthday ― has a profound impact on how they develop. Without the proper nutrition during that window of time, young brains will not grow to their fullest potential, diminishing the kids’ opportunities for the rest of their lives, according to public health and medical organizations.

But while the World Bank, USAID, the World Health Organization and UNICEF push to improve early nutrition among impoverished communities in developing nations, there has been much less emphasis on the first 1,000 days in the United States. That’s not to say that all is well here: Over half of the country’s infants are on nutritional assistance and the top vegetable eaten by U.S. toddlers is the french fry.

Last week, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a groundbreaking policy statement highlighting the importance, and irreversibility, of the 1,000-day window.

“Failure to provide key nutrients during this critical period of brain development may result in lifelong deficits in brain function despite subsequent nutrient repletion,” the AAP Committee on Nutrition said.

In other words, no amount of catch-up can completely fix the lost time for brain formation. Malnourishing the brain can produce a lower IQ; lead to a lifetime of chronic medical problems; increase the risk of obesity, hypertension and diabetes; and cost that individual future academic achievement and job success. The impact can even be generational, perpetuating a cycle of poverty for lifetimes to come.

It’s unclear exactly how many kids in the U.S. are malnourished, but there’s some disturbing evidence: A quarter of toddlers don’t receive enough iron, 1 in 5 children are obese, 1 in 6 households with children are food-insecure, and over half of infants participate in the federal Women, Infants, and Children program for supplemental nutrition.

These children’s futures are at stake, said Lucy Sullivan, executive director for the nonprofit 1,000 Days, which advocates here and abroad for better early nutrition.

“The first 1,000 days matter for all the days that follow.”

Does it work, The Flu Vaccination Makes the Flu Worse Study

Being real why put chicken eggs in your blood where the protein can't be 
broken down over a 50 / 50 chance it will work?

There are issues with the flu vaccine.

But why do people still get the flu even if they got the vaccine?
There is a study that brings up a good point!

The point of getting the flu shot knowing you will get sick as you might
have a 50 / 50 chance with the shot is a decision you will have to make for
your environment. As you get older your immune system slows down.
In a flu outbreak anything helps. If you want off the vaccine get off it at a 
better time. Because it's agreed that your own immune system is better
fighting off the flu.

~~~~~The bottom line, Dr. Tosh said, is that a baseline of good health helps 
keep he immune system strong. "If someone is eating well, exercising, 
getting a good amount of sleep and avoiding unnecessary stresses, they are 
less likely to get ill, and if they do get ill, have better outcomes," he said.

~~~~~Study: Flu Vaccination Makes the Flu Worse
New research just published confirms what other studies have already shown: that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine actually made flu symptoms worse. This was widely reported in 2010 in Canada, after the flu season that year.

The new research  just published examined swine that received the H1N1 vaccine, and were subsequently exposed to a related strain of the same virus they were vaccinated for. The result: “enhanced pneumonia and disease after H1N1 infection.”

The researchers found that the antibodies produced in response to H1N2 could not bind to a key region of the H1N1 virus and could therefore neither kill nor neutralize them and stop them binding to cells in the pigs’ lungs, and in fact helped the new virus to fuse to lung cells and multiply more readily, through a process the scientists dubbed “fusion enhancing.”

This is HUGE news, not just for the H1N1 flu vaccine, but the entire philosophy behind vaccine effectiveness, almost always measured simply by the presence of antibodies, and not actual epidemiological verifiable results. Vaccines do harm and do kill: this is verifiable and even admitted by both the government and the vaccine manufacturers. But, vaccine effectiveness is seldom, if ever, discussed, because it would destroy the whole basis for “the greater good” belief in justifying vaccine sales and vaccine injuries and deaths. Recent reports of measles and chicken pox outbreaks among those already vaccinated for such diseases, for example, result simply in a call to vaccinate more often.

Don’t expect to read this new research anywhere in the mainstream media, however. The flu season is just around the corner, and along with it, the annual push to get everyone vaccinated with the flu vaccine, even though studies have shown that the flu vaccine is only 1.5% effective. Given the fact that the flu vaccine can cause Guillain-Barré syndrome, a modern day form of polio, why would anyone take such a risk?

~~~~~Serious and Life-Threatening Reactions? "Anaphylaxis - this is a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction. A person can have an anaphylactic reaction to any component of the vaccine. If you know you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the flu vaccine (especially chicken eggs), you should not get the flu shot or the nasal spray flu vaccine. Signs of anaphylaxis include difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, swelling of the tongue and lips, coughing and wheezing. Some people also experience dizziness, weakness, vomiting, and rash."

~~~~~Vaccination may make flu worse if exposed to a second strain

A new study in the U.S. has shown that pigs vaccinated against one strain of influenza were worse off if subsequently infected by a related strain of the virus.

Microbiologist Dr. Hana Golding of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at Bethesda in Maryland and colleagues at the National Animal Disease Center in Ames, Iowa and elsewhere, vaccinated “naive” piglets (those that had never been exposed to flu viruses) against the H1N2 influenza strain and later exposed them to the rare H1N1 virus, which is the virus responsible for the 2009 swine flu pandemic.

When the piglets were vaccinated they produced a wide range of antibodies to block the H1N2 virus, but these “cross-reactive” antibodies not only failed to provide protection against the second virus, H1N1, but appeared to actually help the H1N1 virus infiltrate lung tissue and cause more severe symptoms and respiratory system complications such as pneumonia and lung damage. The unvaccinated controls suffered milder pneumonia and fewer other complications.

~~~~~What is the resolve? Help your immune system! Any help to your immune system
helps. The goal is to take Vitamins to help you not get sick.

For the most part I see is vitamin D3! When you look at China and other places that
does not get a lot of sun light because of smog, it points to much bad!
Mushrooms, mold etc are made in the dark. So even with Vitamin D3 that is made in
the body by being in the sun light you see the lack of sunlight is not a good thing.
Don't be nasty, wash your hands after going to a public place, pick your nose etc!

N1H1 etc hurts people because their immune system is low in the first place!
Kind of like when I worked overnight at Walmart. I got sick a lot there.
I see it as I did not get much sun light being I was sleeping all day long and
working at night. Being in a public place did not help. With my "Day Job" now
I still am working in a public place and I have not got sick as I did from Walmart.

Vitamin D3 goes to your bones. That is important because bone marrow is the
heart of your immune system.

Vitamin C also helps. Keep in mind it is ascorbic acid so you should
like with Vitamins take with food to lessen the acid burn.

Garlic at a high level 6000 mg taken for prevention.

Beta-carotene is also needed.
"In the body, beta-carotene converts into vitamin A (retinol). 
We need vitamin A for good vision and eye health, for a strong immune system, 
and for healthy skin and mucous membranes." 
The point for your immune system is the mucous membranes.
Helping the body's defense to not get the flu.

More is Zinc, Catnip, herbs and etc it's just a point how far do you want to go.
Vitamins D3, C and Beta-carotene for the most part keeps the bad away and 
should be taken along with a multivitamin because of the risk of the flu.