Friday, October 30, 2015

Accepting your work family Hotel 90's style

"Some will die in hot pursuit in fiery auto crashes
Some will die in hot pursuit while sifting through my ashes
Some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain
That is pouring like an avalanche comin' down the mountain."

You need to love life no matter what it gives you!

Not many people know about how life was in the Hotel business in the 1990's.
Everyone had their private life and it was in view as what happens in the hotel
stays in the hotel. Everyone takes care of each other and or it was accepted as is.
And also we where the talk of the town with all that happened at the Hotel.
It got around!

As for me in the 90's I was in love with a Angie Dickinson look alike a
banquet captain, and most workers knew it. At the time the pay dropped at the
Hotel I worked at and I needed a change of Hotel so I worked at another hotel
for a while. Well a few months later the Banquet manager of where I worked before
was at the Hotel I was working at the time. She told me "She misses you,
you need to come back to her, she's down." Well my love needs me so
I came back, to her and when I first saw her, her face lit up, I think we hugged!
But the point was they took care of her to the point the Banquet Manager told me
what's up! And I am like that I ran back to her being she needs me and I needed her
also! It was only supportive back then. Still love her today I love all timelessly!
But the point is the accepting your work family.

And accepting your work family no matter what they do. As the time a lady that
worked at the hotel got caught in a empty room by a Banquet manager as she was
on a table with her legs in the air and with another worker going at her.
No one got fired! The Banquet manager just told them to "get with me when you are
done." He told them next time get a room because what if it was the Hotel manager
that came in the room, he would of been fired also! And that was it!

You don't really get fired from a Hotel, well unless it's a fire then you can get fired.
There was a gay waiter at the Hotel that had a hard time. His lover left him because
of some "Unicorn Hunters." I think. (So if he took off then it was not meant to be.)
But anyway he went berserk and ended up on the rooftop of his apartment taking
shots at the cops with a BB-Gun. Yes that got him fired shooting at cops
with a BB-Gun! It was funny as hell and noted not a bad thing really!
Just on the part he expressed his deepest emotions and growth always comes
after something like that. It made him a better person after.
Meanwhile it was sort of like this but with a BB-Gun!

When the Hotel I worked at first opened up they had dishes and dishes and supplies
everywhere more than the Hotel needed. 
Until... There was a worker from Lebanon that had a bad day and just let it all out! 
He threw dish after dish at the wall breaking them. Another worker came in and saw
what was happening so he grabbed a few and threw some at the wall.
It was a frenzy for a while. But they stopped and quickly cleaned them up.
All felt better and they where ready to go to work. A fuck you, fuck you
and a new start of a new Hotel! Ah ok I'm ready lets go!

Me? I had a bad day also. Things where just too busy once and a pushed a
Rubbermaid cart full with glasses down the stairwell it was funny as hell,
it bounced down the stairs with glasses going everywhere and I slammed the 
door before it hit the wall and yelled BOOYA! It was there for a week before 
I said well I better clean it up I did it! And in fact I was I laughing my ass off as 
I was cleaning it. It was funny the second time around!

And there was the issue with 911, some of those guys worked at the Hotel.
And at onetime I was alone in the elevator with both of them.

There was a cool guy at work that grew up a lot! Much too fast!
His girlfriend a long term love left him for another guy at work because
she was pregnant by the other guy. If that was not hard to take, 
she ended up dieing but they saved the baby! 
(All is forgiven, as we all really don't know what we are doing!)
He kept his ground and we all supported him. We all felt with him!

Life is life and for the time the song from the Butthole surfers, Pepper
was the song for the times at my work place accepting your work family
the good and bad! Would you want life any other way?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quinoa Recipe Cayenne Peppers and Quindim

Among other things I cook! Depending on what it is or what relates.
Cook a steak with lime and cayenne pepper. It's kind of a Brazil kind of thing.
Cook chicken with lemon or fish with Orange!

Spaghetti but with chili, sour cream and cayenne peppers.
Why the cayenne peppers? Others burn me but they never do and
I feel better with them. It's the Capsicum that works with me.

I also have to pass on a Quinoa Recipe I found.
And it's the "Lemon, Spinach & Cranberry Quinoa Salad"
that sounds good to me! 

What is Quindim? It is a dessert made from sugar, eggs and coconut.
I ran across it in the 90's in a restaurant that had a Brazilian chef.
It was one of the better things around at the time.

"Quindim is a popular Brazilian baked dessert made from sugar, eggs and coconut. 
It is dense, intensely sweet and very addictive! While Dora Silva brushes her moulds 
glucose syrup for added sweetness and shine, you could also use melted butter 
or cooking spray."

And yes I sometimes eat ramen also with cayenne pepper and peanuts.

Lemon Jello made with tea. 

But the point of this is really to note not to live in a box!
Life is out there waiting for you, ya know so get out there!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

New testing limits Obama administration announces

Are kids taking too many test in school? Well many say yes and people are listening.
I did a relating story and I hope it got noticed.

When kids have many test to get ready for, where is the time to learn for not the test.
In view it would be like the football team testing with less practice on the field.

Having less test is valued in small less funded towns. When the most of your town
is poor and unsupported you will get unprepared kids coming into school.
A good conservatard would blame the Teachers and the school for not doing their job.
When you have Teachers that have to bring up the kids level to where they should be
in the first place. Then comes the testing with kids lower than they should be at.
Less testing would help Teachers for less pereration for those test and more time on
for Teaching the kids. And would help the Teachers from passing out!

Smaller towns are slower towns. That is normal I mean you don't expect test scores
from a bigger city in a small town do you? That would be like going to a community
college and getting a Harvard college education. You get what you pay for!
Low income towns pay less taxes and give less funding to the schools as such.

Oklahoma and most Red-States are against it's own people.
Conservatard parents could be why the kids are lower starting.
Well it's true! When you have trucks driving around with confederate flags
in the back flapping away or anyone who has a yellow sticker Tea Party 
pile of shit looking like a snake on their truck, or a blame Obama sticker says 
it all as they more likely teach their kids to be Conservatards. 
So comes the testing... Blame yourself!

Well they do blame themselves and like it. I lived on Oklahoma enough
to say it. They are sadomasochist here. That's why they don't want better.
They want it to be the same as it always was, bad! They vote for people that
want to cut taxes with the rich making as much as they do in a year in one minute!
Low taxes means less food stamps higher rent being there are now less taxes to
help cover things. They don't want help! They like it bad and it gets passed on.
Thus my saying everyone is a victim of stupid people! As people that like to buy
food can't because the pool is pulled down by stupid people.

Conservatards are bad because they take everyone down to their level.
You can't move up if you are going backwards.
The dinosaurs did not survive being reductionist. So they all died!
So stupidity should not be a point of view because you don't want everyone
to die with them!

So I hope less testing will give more time for Teachers to get kids up to where they
should of been before they even should of started school regardless of people
wanting bad.

~~~~Obama administration announces new testing limits
Obama administration announces new testing limits 03:05
The administration isn't citing specific tests that should be continued or scrapped, 
leaving that decision up to the particular districts as testing differs from state to state. 
The guidelines don't replace those that are part of No Child Left Behind, but if 
Congress were to alter that law and include the Obama administration's 
recommendations, districts would then be required to follow them.

Additional details will be released in January, the White House told CNN.
The administration gives general ways to assess each of those qualities.
Obama said the new guidelines call for taking only the "tests that are worth taking" that 
are "high quality, aimed at good instruction" and that ensure students are "on track."

The plan recommends that students spend no more than 2% of classroom time taking 
these tests, and that parents be notified if their child's school exceeds this limit.
Testing shouldn't "crowd out teaching and learning" and should just be one of many tools 
to measure how students and schools are performing, Obama said.

On Monday, Obama will meet with teachers and representatives of states and school 
districts to discuss the issue. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and his deputy, 
John King, are expected to attend. The Washington-based Council of 
Great City Schools said in a report issued Saturday that "there is no correlation 
between mandated testing time and reading math scores on the National Assessment 
of Educational Progress."

"In other words," the release said, "there's no evidence that adding test time improves 
academic performance." Two major teachers unions lauded the Obama administration's 
announcement. "It's common sense," said Randi Weingarten, president of the 
American Federation of Teachers. "The fixation on high-stakes testing hasn't moved 
the needle on student achievement."

"It's a big deal that the president and the secretaries of education-both current and future
are saying that they get it and are pledging to address the fixation on testing in tangible 
ways," Weingarten said. But, she added, "the devil is in the details."

Meanwhile, the National Education Association tweeted an endorsement to Obama's
plan, writing on its official Twitter account, "Parents, students, educators: the
administration has heard your voices! Students need #timetolearn!"

Parents, students, educators: the administration has heard your voices! 
Students need #timetolearn!

Joe Strummer's Life After Death

Just being this, a story I wanted to pass on, it has a good point noted in my life also.
As in my writings in these times.

"My face is very deep in the mud," he said. "I can't see the trees or the woods
or the valley or the hills. You can only follow what's on your mind.
In fact, song is something you write because you can't sleep unless you write it."

And I have been that way where I jumped out of bed to write a story.
Follow what it is on my mind and heart!

~~~~~Joe Strummer's Life After Death
December 20, 2012

The world has been without Joe Strummer for a decade. The co-founder and
lead singer of The Clash died Dec. 22, 2002, of an undiagnosed heart defect at
just 50 years old. Yet even his most topical songs continue to resonate.

The band's biggest single, "Rock the Casbah," released in 1982, could as easily
have been about last week's news from Syria. A Middle Eastern sherif, or king,
orders his force to bomb his own subjects, who are rebelling.
Like the best Clash songs, it manages to be a pop tune and a protest song
at the same time.

"There's a warmth to the Clash's music which I think is part of their great appeal,"
says Chris Salewicz, author of a 600-page biography called  
Redemption Song: The Ballad of Joe Strummer.
"There's actually great melodies, and there's a great immediacy about it, combined
with Joe's lyrics," Salewicz says. "People talk about The Clash as a political group.
I saw them as a satirical group. Their function was really like something like the
underground press used to be, to point out, to make fun, really,
of institutions and authority."

In an interview not long before his death, for the documentary  
Westway to the World, Strummer said much the same thing.
"Politically at that time with Thatcher in Britain, and Reagan in the White House,
it wasn't looking too great for the left," Strummer said. "And we were always on
the left. But, having said that, we didn't have any solution to the world's problems.
I mean, we were trying to grow up in a socialist way to some future where the world
might be less of a miserable place than it is."

Joe Strummer came from a middle-class background. Born in Turkey in 1952 and the
son of a British diplomat, John Graham Mellor changed his name to Joe Strummer in
his 20s as a joking reference to his self-taught guitar style. He started forming political
opinions early, as a student at the London boarding school he was sent to at 9 years old.

"Authority is supposedly grounded in wisdom," Strummer said in Westway to the World.
"But I could see from a very early age that authority was only a system of control.
And it didn't have any inherent wisdom. I quickly realized that you either became a
power or you were crushed."

Strummer was sometimes criticized as an underclass wannabe.
But Salewicz says Strummer came by his beliefs honestly,
after dropping out of art school.

"He only did the first year. And then he becomes a squatter, squatting in unoccupied houses.
And I think that's a kind of great leveler," Salewicz says. "He was given a lot of left-wing
indoctrination by various squatting kings at that point.
But I think it's a very democratic society. Everyone really is the same ... because they're
having a really hard time. They're reduced to the real ocean floor of society."

The Clash's first single, "White Riot," released in 1977, was a call to white youths to
rise up in protest, the way Strummer felt that black youths in the U.K. were already doing.
Strummer's social consciousness continues to incite musicians today, including
Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, U2 and The Wallflowers. In the 2008 song
"Constructive Summer," The Hold Steady shouts out its hero:
"Raise a toast to Saint Joe Strummer!/I think he might have been our
only decent teacher."

"The Clash seemed like real people, and they were for the people, and that was obvious,"
says Tad Kubler, lead guitarist of The Hold Steady.

"[Strummer] had a real signature style, not just of playing, but the physical 
element of it too," Kubler says. "It was always moving. 
His sense of tempo — meter — was phenomenal."
Referencing the insistent dat dat dat dat rhythm of the song "London Calling,"
Kubler says, "If you look at him, that's not what he's playing on guitar,
that's what he's doing with his body."

Written following the Three Mile Island nuclear accident in 1979, the message of
"London Calling" echoes in today's concerns about climate change:
"The ice age is coming/The sun's zooming in/Meltdown expected/The wheat is 
growing thin."

Speaking with NPR in 1999, Strummer said he just wrote what he had to.

"My face is very deep in the mud," he said. "I can't see the trees or the woods or the valley
or the hills. You can only follow what's on your mind. In fact, a song is something you
write because you can't sleep unless you write it."

FYI about "IGNORE ALIEN ORDERS" Please see video on:

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ashley Madison hacks vs Polyamory vs History

In the light of the Ashley Madison hacks it's has to be said that it has exposed
everyone is human. People having affairs only shows there is a reason why
they do that. It's being wired into us from the cave man days.
It's a primeval response. Noted in the cave man days women had to have sex more
to have a one or two babies vs animals as once and have five, six babies.

Also relating to the times of the caveman days you know there would of have of been
gender equality as your pack had to work as a team or die!

But it's not only a cave man view! When you look into Havelock Ellis and his marriage.
"In November 1891, at the age of 32, and reportedly still a virgin, Ellis married the
English writer and proponent of women's rights, Edith Lees. From the beginning, their
marriage was unconventional, as Edith Lees was openly lesbian.
At the end of the honeymoon, Ellis went back to his bachelor rooms in Paddington.
She lived at Fellowship House. Their "open marriage" was the central subject in Ellis's
autobiography, My Life."

"According to Ellis in My Life, his friends were much amused at his being considered an
expert on sex. Some knew that he suffered from impotence until the age of 60.
He then discovered that he could become aroused by the sight of a woman urinating.
Ellis named this "undinism". After his wife, Edith Lees, died, Ellis formed a relationship
with a French woman called Françoise Lafitte."

Bertrand Russell also had connections with Lady Ottoline Morrell and
the actress Lady Constance Malleson.

"He soon fell in love with the puritanical, high-minded Alys, who was a graduate
of Bryn Mawr College near Philadelphia, and, contrary to his grandmother's wishes,
married her on 13 December 1894. Their marriage began to fall apart in 1901
when it occurred to Russell, while he was cycling, that he no longer loved her.
She asked him if he loved her and he replied that he didn't.
Russell also disliked Alys's mother, finding her controlling and cruel.
It was to be a hollow shell of a marriage and they finally divorced in 1921,
after a lengthy period of separation.
During this period, Russell had passionate (and often simultaneous) affairs with
a number of women, including Lady Ottoline Morrell and the actress
Lady Constance Malleson."

Also noted, life changing read of Chapter 7: The sense of sin.
The Conquest of Happiness (1930) is a book by Bertrand Russell.

Lady Ottoline Morrell:
"In February 1902, she married the MP Philip Morrell, with whom she shared a
passion for art and a strong interest in Liberal politics. They shared what would
now be known as an open marriage for the rest of their lives."

Lady Constance Malleson:
"During the First World War, her pacifist opinions brought her into contact with
Bertrand Russell, whose mistress she soon became
(having agreed with her husband on an "open marriage").
In 1923, she was divorced from Malleson. Her interest in social reform led her
to travel abroad, and she carried out lecture tours in Scandinavia in the
1930s and 1940s."

Calvin Coolidge, (The Coolidge Effect?)
Behavioral endocrinologist Frank A. Beach first mentioned the term
"Coolidge effect" in publication in 1955, crediting one of his students with
suggesting the term at a psychology conference. He attributed the neologism to:
an old joke about Calvin Coolidge when he was President The President and
Mrs. Coolidge were being shown [separately] around an experimental
government farm. When [Mrs. Coolidge] came to the chicken yard she noticed
that a rooster was mating very frequently. She asked the attendant how often that
happened and was told, "Dozens of times each day." Mrs. Coolidge said,
"Tell that to the President when he comes by." Upon being told, the President asked,
"Same hen every time?" The reply was,
"Oh, no, Mr. President, a different hen every time." President:
"Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge."

Hoover wore a dress! "Quoted Susan L. Rosenstiel, a former wife of Lewis S. Rosenstiel,
chairman of Schenley Industries Inc., as saying that in 1958, she was at a party at the
Plaza Hotel where Hoover engaged in cross-dressing in front of her then-husband and
Roy Cohn, former counsel to Senator Joe McCarthy."

Also "For example, on June 13, 1958, the head of the Washington field office informed
Hoover that, prior to marrying a member of Congress, the member’s wife had been
“having an affair with a Negro [and] also at one time carried on an affair with a
House Post Office employee.” More recently, the report said, the congressman’s wife
“endeavored to have an affair with [an] Indonesian, who declined.”

Einstein admitted he spent time with six other women while married.

And Catherine The Great having 22 male lovers during her long life.
She was partial to handsome young men. She died in her bed, after a stroke.
It's just a matter what part of reality offends people, or knowing how short life is,
or that others are needed for others!
What part of the 22 male lovers supporting her, making her "The Great"
is not understood?

Sexuality of Abraham Lincoln?

The respected push and effort for the times, showing the need to push on and proceed!
Oscar Wilde!

George Borrow? "Borrow depicts an old man (Taylor) and a young man (Borrow)
discussing the merits of German literature, including Goethe's  
The Sorrows of Young Werther. Taylor confesses himself to be no admirer of either  
The Sorrows of Young Werther or its author but nevertheless states.
It is good to be a German (for) the Germans are the most
philosophical people in the world."

In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the 
things you have long taken for granted. Bertrand Russell

Well history is an awful truth showing the light of today!
With the Ashley Madison attacks is nothing more than attacking human behavior.

"Most people don't want to assume cheating will be an issue in their relationship,
and so most people don't spend much time thinking about what they'd do if it happened.
And yet the existing statistics suggest it's pretty common. Research by
Geneviève Beaulieu-Pelletier, who studies relationships and infidelity at the
University of Montreal, estimates that the chances of someone cheating while
in a committed relationship range from 46% to 76%."

"The participants answered questions about the level of emotional trauma they had 
experienced, and they also took questionnaires designed to assess the amount of 
forgiveness that had transpired after the affair. The researchers used a three-stage 
model to define forgiveness: dealing with the impact, searching for meaning, and moving 
forward. Those who had crossed through all three stages were considered to have 
effectively forgiven their partners."

"The study volunteers also answered a survey that measured signs of posttraumatic 
growth, with questions that centered on five factors: their response to new possibilities, 
their relationships to others, their personal strength, the amount of spiritual change, 
and their appreciation for life."

"After analyzing the answers, the researchers found that forgiveness was the only 
significant predictor of posttraumatic growth. Put another way: It didn't appear to 
matter how deeply the trauma had affected them emotionally; what mattered was their 
capacity to forgive."

The capacity to forgive is going over the wall after that the growth happens.
Along with understanding who you are, what is not being met.
And that is a noted point is to forgive and movie forward noted in a push for Polyamory.
Accepting everyone as a group a extended family, so there is no more affairs as everyone
knows everyone long term. People go toward Polyamory to get into a better light.
Being open shows a caring nature to your partners nature that would be still not met
if you don't move on, as the reason for the affair would still be there.

Prayers and forgiveness does not help human needs being met, it will happen again! 
And that would be expected and norm as it takes actions to balance ones life.
You can't get balance without adding a little weight.
It's about the after forgiving saying what do you need that is the point!

Not fixing her needs ends badly! When the heat is on like at a 80% divorce
rate and her not getting support to cool down, you end up with the BS of
a red state in the dark mess! Not good being it's fixable but nothing is done to fix it!

Why have her blow her lid? Growth and support is needed!
A wife blowing her lid like that more likely won't happen if her two partners 
are hugging her now don't you think! Also stops any kind of abuse as the two are 
for her needs, and one or the other would put a stop to any abuse!

Being in the light there would be not much of an issue about the Ashley Madison hack,
as many would know you would be on there. I was on there before (( BOOM )) I admit it,
but I was too poor to use it! And I wanted to use it just to say hi, not date people.
Contact people I kind of  knew from the hotel days I worked. I'm supportive!
Like a reunion kind of thing.

I would hope to see Ashley Madison add a Ployamory part to their site.
A need to grow up about it and it would be a better foundation!

Well be true about it, ask do you have a secret affair?????????????????? (Warning!)

Or do you go Polyamory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I first hooked up with my old lady I found her on the web,
14 years ago. Different times but still you have to be real!
People are out there on those kind of sites and it's ok as everyone is human!

I fell in love with a married woman not on the internet and without Ashley Madison!
But I guess it's still a ping pong ball bouncing around, she's thinking about it I hope!
I hope they talk about it! We all love her!

It's about support, I'm there for her, it's just a woman's prerogative to decide.
Maybe in a few years? I'm ahead of my time!
Point noted look forward to a time people can treat others fair and understand
life is not a one way road shown with history!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

When are you Going To Make A Living?


More to the need to give some kind of outlook for, where to go!
Getting out of Walmart. Ask "When am I going to make a living?"
But really, when will I find a job I love? And that's the point!
It doesn't have to be a high up job for you to be happy.

You got to do what you need to do to get out of there if it is bad and
find a better place. Just work on getting the job first don't just walkout!

A job is a job, your happiness is really not from work it's things, people, lovers, friends,
cats and dogs that give you balance that takes away the bad from your work.
Your happiness is their happiness, balance!

If you work at a sweat shop then here is some links that kind of give you a view
of that the road ahead looks like!
Just know what my past love said once, "You can not have flowers with out a few storms!"

 So get on your road to happiness!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders and time for a Socialist President

Joe and Bernie and Hillary is the most possible candidates that I see right now, why?

Hillary has issues in her past, as she was working at Walmart
corp in the times when Walmart was screwing the workers anyway they could.
"Mrs. Clinton’s six-year tenure as a director of Wal-Mart, the nation’s
largest company, remains a little known chapter in her closely scrutinized career.
On other topics, like Wal-Mart’s vehement anti-unionism, for example,
she was largely silent, they said." She has learned from her past I hope as times change.

And we are in the red zone as you look at the data.
"The other wealth gap—the 1% vs the 0.01%"

The issues of that? Going down the line, the poor spends what they earn.
So being their pay is low the divide is big and the money going from the poor too
the middle and 1% is shrinking. So the divide of the 1% vs the 001% is growing.
Take from the 001% and give to the poor sends the money back up the ladder.
Really the 001% has enough and this is the time that it should not be tolerated!

The unspoken about the 001%? I will say it, it's the issue they might pack up
with all their money and buy a country and say $#%& you to the US!
But also noted in doing that it will mess up all globally and that is a action
to itself much like global war! It won't be tolerated globally, just by the
mass effect of it happening! I am talking the whole world!
What is hell worth a long time burning or $#%& it and go for it,
get it over with! That 001% just became Osama bin Laden and
the world is looking for them not just a few countries!

I am saying it will be so $#%& up most countries will crash and
the country that won't crash is the country the 001% bought and
the world would invade it! Really, I am for real! Think about it!

But more likely the Commerce Clause or Necessary and Proper Clause
will pop out and the US would keep the money from leaving with 
full obvious authority of the united states, as it would be yes or broke!

The blame for being poor? There are many that point at a lack of education.
But the divide is too far to afford the education and with one you still have the 
gap that is there making it unfordable in the first place. 
Education? Who's going to pay for that? The workers are too are too busy 
holding on the handle going to hell in a hand basket. 
These days the income comes first then the education, the divide is too big!
Kids are gong homeless to cut their cost for college!

Also blaming strangely enough on lower income family's pointing to
single patients with kids. That is not a point cause of poverty but a
reaction of poverty. Hell is a married life in poverty. The fights over money
the inability to let it go and live within your means. Or within your means with no 
AC all summer long in a 85 deg apartment. There will be fights and any man
would say $#%& you and run! In hell that is norm! 
Poverty caused the mom to be single!

All of this should not be an issue in the first place! Republican, moderate, to liberal,
it's not working the divide is worse! In that I hope you see the need for a 
Socialist President! It's like in view of a French Revolution here!

Am I a Thomas Paine, in the A$$ I hope so if people will think about what is needed
in the US being what is not being done. We are not kicking the ladder enough!
And it is time for a Socialist President in all times there are times to pull out your guns
and fight for the nation, this is like such action needed! We will not be Socialist all 
the time after. It's the point it's needed to save us!

And I have to note I also want someone who I know will have a good foreign policy
and both would be good.

These are changing times, changing as we all are more connected than we ever been.
If those country's go down we will also, in the effect of a stock market crash,
with sudden inflation hikes because of everything getting turned upside down.
Also the days of America coming in and taking over someones country is going away.

Like in "Unlike many far-left liberals, Bernie Sanders endorsed the air strike efforts on
ISIL, but the independent senator believes that it should not be a U.S. led effort."
"If the Middle East people perceive this is the United States versus ISIS,
the West versus East, Christianity versus Islam, we’re going to lose that war.
This is a war for the soul of Islam and the Muslim nations must be deeply involved."

If we learned from the past over there we have to change what we are doing!

Bernie Sanders is a well-known supporter of a two-state solution and has in the past
been very critical of both Israel and Palestine. According to On The Issues,
Bernie Sanders has shown a pro-Arab, pro-Palestine voting record.

That is true and people should note when Israel was talking at the UN they
said it should be war crimes for the Palestinians for putting their weapons in
schools. But Israel didn't have to attack the schools killing children.
Luke 6:31 and Luke 6:30
Or noted how Israel spies got their nuclear weapons technology from the US.

Joe Biden's foreign Policy, is real also!
US and Russia can disagree and still work together - When we came into office
two years ago, our relationship with Russia had reached a low point.
The war between Russia and Georgia played a role in that decline, but even before
that conflict erupted in August 2008, a dangerous drift was under way.

While we no longer considered each other enemies, you couldn't always tell that from
the rhetoric flying back and forth. Ironically, this came at a time when American and
Russian security interests, as well as economic interests, were more closely aligned
than ever. That's why Pres. Obama made it a priority to reset our relationship with
Russia and asked me to launch it just three weeks into the new administration at the
Munich Security Conference. I said then that "the United States and Russia can
disagree and still work together where our interests coincide.
And they coincide in many places."

We focused the reset on concrete outcomes that serve both countries' interests
"win-wins," as President Obama calls them.

New World Order should not mean US fights for the UN
Kuwait, with a January 15 deadline. Biden expressed concern that the president
had changed and broadened his foreign policy goals in the Middle East.
"We talk about a New World Order," he said, "A Resolution 678 authorized
member states "to use all necessary means" to force compliance with the
UN demands for Iraq's withdrawal from You go get them; we give you the
authority to do it.' That is the essence of that New World Order.
That is not a New World Order I am prepared to sign on to.
"New World Order in the United Nations and collective security adds up to
We will hold your coat, United States.

Joe and Bernie is the most possible candidates! So realistically you will have to
look into the candidates for yourself.

I stand by Joe for a candidate in 2016 I would like to see him run!
He earned it! But that is me, as for you, it takes you to look into who you like.

Note all will have a foreign policy. Unless we are in a fire will the first thing
a candidate will talk about would be foreign policy.
Not talking about it now does not mean the candidates are isolationist!

Joe's numbers will go up if he decides to get out and run!

Joe Biden has the endorsement of me and my brand "WalmartRamen" if he decides to run!

Option Z? Donald Trump, the guy that would shut down the government over
planned parenthood. Putting Fear in many elders with heart conditions not knowing
if they will be able to "get their check in the mail" to pay their bills to keep the AC on,
or get their heart meds. Over shutting down a place that would help the poor, educate
and realistically keep things in check. You have to be real, they are out there!

And that is a well noted point. Many people, the GOP, don't like Donald.
I don't know why they put him out in the forefront? Many normal Republicans
are willing to vote for Joe! (Look into it Joe!)

Also with Bernie I say he is needed in a time of no massive action against the
mass of inequality today. A socialist president is needed to kick the ladder.
It is time for a hard socialist in office looking at the inequality issues!
The split is too far overwhelming when looking at how money buys power
to benefit the people with money! The rich don't really care and don't hear the
people way down there!

Joe will be good also! Would that be cool if Bernie adapts to be the vice president
if Joe gets way out there! That would blow my mind! Joe and Bernie for the people!
We need both of them to get the 001% !

Anyway you see it, please get out there Joe Biden and run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell.

This is a book I wish more people would look into these days.
It does point to the heart of the matter of many issues today not even
being recognized. It's like people being hit in the head by a book or rubber-band
with them thinking a bug hit them in the head!

The book by Bertrand Russell, is far more than I will post here so you need to
read it yourself. I hope it makes a point to others on how they are living
and what is just sitting there for them!

~~~~~The Conquest of Happiness
"The secret of happiness is this: let your interests be as wide as possible,
and let your reactions to the things and persons that interest you be as far
as possible friendly rather than hostile."

In adolescence, I hated life and was continually on the verge of suicide, 
from which, however, I was restrained by the desire to know more 
mathematics. Now, on the contrary, I enjoy life; I might almost say that 
with every year that passes I enjoy it more.

This is due partly to having discovered what were the things that I most desired,
and having gradually acquired many of these things. Partly it is due to having 
successfully dismissed certain objects of desire - such as the acquisition of indubitable 
knowledge something or other as essentially unattainable. But very largely it is due 
to a diminishing preoccupation with myself. Like others who had a 
Puritan education, I had the habit of meditating on my sins, follies, 
and shortcomings. I seemed to myself no doubt justly a miserable specimen. 
Gradually I learned to be indifferent to myself and my deficiencies; 
I came to centre my attention increasingly upon external objects: the state of the world, 
various branches of knowledge, individuals for whom I felt affection.

~~~~~The Conquest of Happiness, 1930, by Bertrand Russell
(London; Allen & Unwin, 1930) Full Text
This book is not addressed to the learned, or to those who regard a practical
problem merely as something to be talked about. No profound philosophy or
deep erudition will be found in the following pages. I have aimed only at putting
together some remarks which are inspired by what I hope is common sense.
All that I claim for the recipes offered to the reader is that they are such as are
confirmed by my own experience and observation, and that they have increased
my own happiness whenever I have acted in accordance with them.
On this ground I venture to hope that some among those multitudes of men and
women who suffer unhappiness without enjoying it, may find their situation diagnosed 
and a method, of escape suggested. It is in the belief that many people who are 
unhappy could become happy by well-directed effort that I have written this book.
Many chapters covers much about life and the suppression of the dark ages in how 
we live today! How we live, love and relate to each other never changes.
From the 1930's till today here we are!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How We Are All Truly Connected

Out in the world there is a growing need to be connected.
There is a growing unbalance in society showing a need for deeper connections
and meaning. I agree as many others do there is a need for more deeper
connections today. It might be more than many would like to know
but isn't about time? What is your happiness worth?

We all do have a deeper connection to each other anyway, more than we all knew!
Best noted by the video "The Oneness - We Are All One"
"Big thanks to the creators of those movies for giving us a more in depth 
look into our true reality."

 ~~~~~Quantum Mechanics Reveals How We Are All Truly Connected
We all know, deep down, that we are all connected. But is this notion of being
connected only a magical feeling or is it concrete fact? Quantum mechanics or the 
study of the micro-world states illustrates that what we think of reality, is not so.
Our human brains trick us into believing in the idea of separation when in truth, nothing is
truly separated —including human beings.


The Perception of Separation

As a species that grew and evolved to become one of the Earth’s most dominating
forces, we came to believe that we were its greatest glory. Surely this thinking has
slowly evaporated, but it still holds weight in today’s culture. But when we look into
the atomic world with a magnifying lens, it becomes evident that we are not exactly what
we thought we were. Our atoms and electrons are no more important or 
significant than the makeup of the oak tree outside your window, 
blowing in the wind. In fact, we are much less different from even the chair you
sit on while you read this.

The tricky part in all of this knowledge and wisdom that quantum mechanics has imparted
to us, is that we don’t know where to draw the line. Primarily because the physiology 
of our brains prevents us from truly experiencing the universe as it is.
Our perception is our reality; but it is not the universe’s.


The Basics of Quantum Theory

In order to truly understand what is happening at a sub-atomic level when we think of
someone or when we feel the lightness of love for another; we must first bridge the gap
between the micro-world and the macro-world. This is much easier said than done,
because the micro-world operates under significantly different laws.  
String Theory states that our universe is made up of tiny little string particles and waves.  
These strings are the building blocks of the universe we experience, and make up 
the multiverse and the 11 dimensions that exist in the multiverse.


Quantum Entanglements Spooky Actions

So how do these tiny strings that bind the book of life, correlate to how we experience
consciousness and affect the physical realm?

It was in 1935, that Albert Einstein and his coworkers discovered quantum entanglement 
lurking in the equations of quantum mechanics, and came realized how “spooky” 
and strange it truly was. This lead to the EPR paradox introduced by Einstein, Poldolsky 
and Rosen. The EPR paradox stated that the only ways of explaining the effects of 
quantum entanglement were to assume the universe is nonlocal, or that the 
true basis of physics is hidden (also known as a hidden-variable theory). 

What nonlocality means in this case, is that events occurring to entangled objects are 
linked even when the events cannot communicate through spacetime, spacetime having the 
speed of light as a limiting velocity.Nonlocality is also known as spooky action at 
a distance (Einstein’s famous phrase for describing the phenomenon).

Think about it this way, when two atoms that come into contact with each other, 
they experience a sort of unconditional bond” with one another. 
That spans an infinite amount of space, as far as we are capable of observing.

This discovery was so bizarre that even Albert Einstein went to his grave thinking that  
Quantum Entanglement was not real and simply a bizarre calculation of the universe’s
workings. Since Einsteins days, there have been a multitude of experiments to test the
validity of quantum entanglement, many of which supported the theory that when
two particles come into contact, if one’s direction is changed, so too will the other.

In 2011, Nicolas Gisin at University of Geneva was one of the first humans to 
witness that very thing, a form of communication that went beyond the realm of space
and time. Where there would typically be a medium like air or space for the 
atom to communicate what it was doing; during quantum entanglement there 
is no medium, communication is instantaneous. Through Gisin’s work in Switzerland,
humans were physically capable of witnessing quantum entanglement through the use of
photon particles for one of the first times in human history.


So What Does This Mean For Humans?

Senior scientist at Princeton University, Dr.Roger Nelson began a 14-year long
study and organization called The Global Consciousness Project (GCP)
The GCP uses electromagnetically-shielded computers (called “eggs”) 
placed in over 60 countries around the world that generate random numbers. 
Imagine that each computer (egg) is flipping a coin and trying to guess the 
outcome. With heads being counted as “1’s” and tails as “0’s”. 
Each time they guess correctly, they consider it a “hit”. 
The computers do this 100 times every second.
Based on probability, you would imagine that with enough attempts, the 
computers would break even at 50/50. And up until the catastrophic and
rattling events of 9/11, that’s what was occurring. Randomness created by
quantum physics, to the best of its ability.

After 9/11 occurred, the numbers that were once supposed to behave randomly, 
started working in unison. All of a sudden the “1’s” and “0’s” were coinciding and
working in sync. In fact, the GCP’s results were so far above chance it’s actually kind of
shocking. Over the 426 pre-determined events measured in the entirety of the project, the
recorded probability of a hit were greater than 1 in 2, far more than probability
could explain. Their hits were measuring in at an overall probability of 
1 in a million. Reminding the world and skeptics alike, that even quantum physics  
shows itself in the least likely of places.

So what this means on a psychological and philosophical field, is that what we once thought
was a figment of our imagination is much more real than we could’ve ever imagined.  
When you touch someone’s heart, emotionally becoming attached to someone, 
something occurs. Your atoms, the building blocks of your presence in the 
universe become entangled.

Sure, most physicists will tell you it’s impossible to feel this entanglement, this “spooky”
connection to another living being. But when you reflect on a past love or a mother
inexplicable knowledge of their child in danger; then you really have to stop and 
look at the evidence. There is proof that we are all connected, and it has more to do
with the creation of the universe than the simple fact that we are all humans.

Its not magic, its quantum mechanics.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What is your value and being needed

Looking into this with the view of something relating to my past
in many sub parts. There is a need for me to say that you are needed.
Believe it that many out there don't know that!

Either they are stuck in their life of Bullshit concerned about crap
like what someone said on Facebook, Twitter as they have their phone in
their hands. The phone in the hands is best looked at as egocentric,
me, my, I, bullshit! And that is what it is about, me, my, I!
Or concerned, offended by crap that is really pointless to be concerned about.
You could be offended by History like in Catherine The Great having 22 male
lovers during her long life. She was partial to handsome young men.
She died in her bed, after a stroke. It's just a matter what part of reality
offends people, or now knowing how short life is, or that others are needed for others!
What part of the 22 male lovers supporting her, making her "The Great" is not understood?

How would you know that if you live under a rock? What grows under a rock?
In that mode in the dark you won't even know, you are to know
your own worth to others.

I dated a girlfriend in the 90's, she saw something horrible going on at her home,
I can't say here, but it was bad so she ended up walking to the Middle School
crying the whole way in a total psychosis to go to her younger sister.
At the time the younger sister smoked weed and was in a bad road herself!
The older sister made it to the Middle School and was in the gym with black makeup
down her face looking bad from crying! It looked like the movie Carrie like they
expected blood to fly abound!

But the younger sister came to realize she was needed and important
as she had to take care of her older sister, ending the drug use of the younger
sister right then and now! That is not the full story but the point of what happened.
People do have value and are needed by others and needed for the better
of the good for all.

This story is here because of new details about Cathriona White girlfriend of Jim Carrey.
And as I seen it, being me seeing it as issues with issues without letting it go.
Being called a failure in the eyes of not being you is a failure of the name caller and
should not be taken seriously! A good reply to being called a failure would be
"Like what ever!" Because you would really know you are not a failure by the most
obvious surroundings friends and life work relating to not only yourself!

Keep in mind I am a Psychology major 1990's but still, I have to for the better
of humanity have to note that people do have value. Pointed from my relating life
that others relate to also!

Trust yourself and know "Tis better to have loved and lost than
never to have loved at all." Alfred Lord Tennyson. We all wish other half's would go for it,
but you get the point! Life is short and has value, turn off the crap and go for it!
The other half in your life has value to others and is worth a lot! As others should know
themselves they have worth!

~~~~~Jim Carrey's Girlfriend Cathriona White Reportedly Committed Suicide After 
Upsetting Message From Her Mother.

Troubling new details surrounding the death of Cathriona White, Irish makeup artist 
and on-again off-again girlfriend of Jim Carrey, have surfaced. A supposedly "hateful" 
message from White's biological mother is now receiving scrutiny, a heated message in 
which White's mother reportedly called her a "failure." As previously reported, 
White's body was found unresponsive last week after an apparent suicide.
During the investigation, authorities have also learned that White attempted suicide once 
before in 2012 after her father died of brain cancer. The aforementioned message from 
White's mother was received on her 30th birthday, according to the Daily Mail
The day Cathriona committed suicide was also the third anniversary of her father's death.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Life is too short have a balance

A good question to ask yourself about where you are in life / career
is everything just floating in crap? Crap and more carp?

As like a 50ish running in career when you will be 60ish in no time
then in time always, you realize those things just don't matter any more.

As my old lady looking at all of her career things on the wall and telling
me it's just papers on a wall no one really cares about them but her.

"One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that
one's work is terribly important."
Bertrand Russell, Conquest of Happiness (1930) ch. 5

"In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on
the things you have long taken for granted." Bertrand Russell

And that is true in human nature to ask those questions about yourself
to have a correction in your life or career.

Pick up a lover, Catherine The Great had 22 male lovers during her long life.
The 22 male lovers supporting her, made her "The Great!"
Or bad as a peasant in reality a peasant in career thinking they are important,
with no support themselves. Peasants usually die in a corn field with no one
knowing who they where!

If one is good for the other, they are a keeper! A lover also supports so really
with love and support you would not really care about how bad the job might be
if you have a willing partner, partner's who hug you!

"Tis better to have loved and lost than
never to have loved at all." Alfred Lord Tennyson.

To never loved at all. What kind of life is that? That is not in our Human Nature.
Useful as a doorstop. Now hold the door open for those others wanting a life!
So when, like is your time to go through the door?????
Are you going to just stand there???? Not moving yet? Ok!?
Einstein said hi, he went through the door six times already!

Bertrand Russell, two or three times also!

Oscar Wilde? Abraham Lincoln? Zip through the door.

Calvin Coolidge? Even Hoover wore a dress!

Well I hope you see the point of just letting the good in life pass you by!
As you hold the door! It's better in life to have someone who will carry you
through the door! Welcome to being human before your health gets bad.
Are you willing to die over a door stop?

My old lady's health is bad now, so her life is short.
She wants me to find someone, not really a dieing wish but still
she wants the best for me. But the point is to note life is short,
she knows that! And to note she's too old for that shit.

So in view it's needed to know if you are in your 50's then you will be getting
too old for that shit also soon and is where in the now you get a lover to take on
life together being better for all together, balance! Before you get too old!

Keep that in mind, I got hit by a car doing 45 mph with me on a moped 
and made it! So I may not take things people think as serious, seriously!
It's not serious to me! Life is too short really to be serious!
I know life is short! Love!

A screw embedded in the floor of my office

This is one of those sort of quantum entanglement sort of stories.
At my workplace there are some screws embedded in the floor
only at the building I work at. I looked around the whole place at work
over time and only found them in my building!

And with that being in the back of my head for a while I decided
to clean up my floor in my office and sure enough I saw one.
It's small but sliver gray metallic like a nail and it is in my office.

I view it as a strange destiny, quantum entanglement sort of thing!
A placement, road, path through space and time?

It's just that this would not really be a big thing if it was not for my strange
history sort with things. My life is a entangled mess! No kidding!

It might not be my path, but it is a path.
I was always ok with the strange destiny markers,
pointing as they are still there at work waiting.

As in after I wrote this story the next day there was a baseball game going on
and there was a school bus that had a Zebra on the side of it I seen!
I am real about that! Go look at the video I posted.
Then the game happened the next day! MR Destiny is talking!

*Not the photo at work, but to note the point of what I am talking about.