Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lower Education Forcast!

It's a sad road we are getting on and it needs to get changed!
It is said your education is only worth the paper it's printed on.
Well it's true out in the world. Going to a redneck college and getting
a masters degree is not the same as going to Berkeley.
The point is resources for learning. You get what you pay for!

My dad put me in a High school that had better resources for
learning. As most parents want their kid to go to a better college
vs a JR college because people that came from a good college
makes more money than not.

But now with Trump and noted that Republicans don't like
education noted by the tax cuts, tax cuts, charter schools, private
schools, telling colleges to lower their cost, etc, it's a going down in a pit of hell!
"Parents waiting to pick up their children that afternoon said the school had not
informed them that the state had revoked its charter. They were not aware of
the risk that credits might not transfer to other public schools."

Well Charter schools go broke a lot and the same as getting rid of the
common core it makes education not common and that is a bad thing
for kids going into college being the all different standards for the schools.
This would force the point more of being worth the paper it's printed on for
colleges. In the term of leaning on not accepting kids from a shitty school going
in to college to save the labor force!

Private school vouchers don't work. Remember the 80's when the vouchers ran out?
When I was in high school in 1985 there was many of my friends that disappeared. 
Their voucher ran out so they didn't finish school. 

Lowering the cost of college is taking away resources. Like cutting the fab lab
to save money to lower the cost. Or Hiring nothing but adjunct professors that
have no time to deal with kids not ready for college "holding back the whole class!"

The force pulling on colleges is the demand for better educated labor force.
The education needed for coming jobs is looking to be higher!
But as things look the floor is getting lower as the top is looking to get higher!
There is a divide growing to less kids going to college.

~~~~~5 things to know about Trump's Education Secretary pick: Betsy DeVos
American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten on Wednesday called DeVos' pick "the most ideological, anti-public education nominee put forward since President Carter created a Cabinet-level Department of Education." Weingarten added, “In nominating DeVos, Trump makes it loud and clear that his education policy will focus on privatizing, defunding and destroying public education in America. DeVos has no meaningful experience in the classroom or in our schools. The sum total of her involvement has been spending her family’s wealth in an effort to dismantle public education in Michigan. Every American should be concerned that she would impose her reckless and extreme ideology on the nation."

~~~~~Lower Education
Toby (not his real name) flunked a graduate course I taught last year. He failed the in-class assignment (a mid-term essay exam) as well as the out-of-class assignments (a couple of case analyses and a take-home exam). Reviewing Toby’s work was excruciating; extracting coherence from his paragraphs was a futile exercise, even with repeated readings. Theoretical analysis in his writing was virtually nonexistent. Put simply, this was an academic train wreck.

As I interacted with Toby over the course of the term, I kept asking myself, “How did this pleasant young man ever manage to obtain an undergraduate degree?” He certainly had one, awarded by a regionally accredited institution (not mine). And how did he get into yet another institution (my institution, but not my program) to pursue a master’s degree?

Welcome to the world of Lower Education. Toby’s case may be extreme, but it underscores a fundamental reality that shapes a major segment of higher education in the United States: Colleges cannot survive without students, so colleges that have a difficult time competing for the “best” students compete for the “next best” ones. And colleges that have trouble securing the “next best” students focus on the “next-next best” ones, and on and on and on, until a point is reached where the word “best” is no longer relevant. When this occurs, students who are not prepared to be in college, and certainly not prepared to be in graduate school, end up in our classrooms.

This is not startling news. It’s a rare college or university that does not have an academic remediation/triage center of some kind on campus, where an enormous amount of time is spent teaching students skills they should have learned in high school. To be sure, many of these unprepared students drop out of college before graduation, but a significant percentage do make it to the finish line. Some of the latter will have indeed earned their degree through great effort and what they’ve learned from us. But others will have muddled through without displaying the skills we should require of all students. My 35 years of university experience tell me that in these cases faculty collusion is often a contributing factor.

What is the nature of this collusion? In far too many instances, little is required of students in terms of the quality and quantity of their academic work, little is produced, and the little produced is, to put it mildly, graded generously. Some might argue that the mind-numbing proportions of A’s we often see these days, along with the relative scarcity of low grades, is a reflection of more effective teaching strategies being employed by professors, coupled with a growing population of bright students committed to academic excellence. Unfortunately, this uplifting scenario strikes me as much less persuasive than one that implicates factors such as transactional/contract grading (“5 article reviews equal an A, 4 equals a B,” etc.), faculty who wish to avoid arguing with increasingly aggressive students about grades, faculty who believe that awarding high grades generates positive student evaluations, faculty who express their philosophical opposition to grading by giving high grades, and the growing percentage of courses taught by part-time and non-tenure-track faculty members who might see the assigning of a conspicuous number of low grades as a threat to their being re-hired.

One of the most pernicious consequences of this state of affairs is cynicism toward higher education among those most directly responsible for delivering higher education -- the faculty. Research suggests that one of the most powerful sources of motivation for outstanding employee performance is goal/value internalization. This occurs when espoused organizational goals and values are “owned” by organizational members, who then strive to achieve the goals and live up to the values in their work. Colleges and universities have traditionally been in a privileged position with respect to drawing upon this type of motivation, given their educational mission. The beliefs associated with this mission can include a sizable chunk of myth, but as societal myths go, the ones embraced by higher education (e.g., the ability of research, knowledge, and analytical skill to enhance the public good) tend to have high social value.

In the current zeitgeist, however, many faculty are dismayed to see the provision of educational credentials trumping the actual provision of education. (Fifty might not be the new forty, but the master’s degree is certainly the new bachelor’s.) This perception is enhanced by a proliferation of curriculum-delivery formats (weekend courses, accelerated and online programs, etc.) whose pedagogical soundness often receives much less attention than the ability of the formats to penetrate untapped educational markets. It is difficult for a strong commitment to academic integrity to thrive in such environments.

Faculty who are distressed over all of this should not wait for presidents, provosts and deans to rescue higher education from itself. Moreover, regional accrediting bodies, despite their growing emphasis on outcomes assessment, do not typically focus on courses, programs and admissions standards in a way that allows them to adequately address these issues. For the most part it is faculty who teach the classes, design and implement curricula, and, at least at the graduate level, establish admissions policies for programs. What should faculty do? I offer three modest suggestions:
  • At the departmental level, work to develop a culture where expectations for student performance are high. When faculty members believe that teaching challenging courses is “the way we do things here,” they are less likely to offer non-challenging ones.
  • Advocate throughout the institution for the centrality of academic quality to policy making, program development, and program implementation. The question “What are we doing to ensure that X embodies a commitment to academic excellence?” should never be left implicit.
  • Create opportunities for faculty and administrators to come together in small groups to explore the issues raised by Lower Education. These two constituencies need to find a way to collaborate more effectively, and the mutual stereotyping that frequently characterizes their relationship represents a major obstacle. If we want our conversations relevant to Lower Education to change, let’s experiment with changing the structure within which some of those conversations take place.
Contemplating Lower Education reminds us that faculty members will always face pressures to compromise their academic principles. But explanations of unethical behavior should never be confused with justifications for such behavior. Ultimately, it was the faculty who gave Toby his credential of a bachelor’s degree. They shouldn’t have.

 ~~~~~How rural America is missing out on the modern American Dream
Median U.S. wages have been flat for decades, and blue collar workers are increasingly frustrated with the dwindling job opportunities -- a fact that was highlighted with the election of Donald Trump.

Opportunities exist -- there are more than half a million open computing jobs nationwide, according to But students growing up in the countryside aren't prepared for them. Rural students are far less likely than their peers in cities and suburbs to gain exposure to rigorous computer science training. These skills have emerged as a fast track to high-paying jobs.

There just aren't enough qualified teachers in rural areas to train students to take advantage of the vacancies, according to experts. Teachers in these areas have the disadvantage of wearing more hats and teaching a wider range of courses than their counterparts in denser areas. This makes it hard to focus on a subject and stay abreast of the latest developments.

Funding is also a challenge. If budget cuts happen, computer science, which generally isn't part of a core curriculum, may land on the chopping block.

Kathy Surd, president of the Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Networks, said computer science hasn't always survived cost reductions in her state. But in the last two years, Surd said there's been a push to expand computer science education, which she said levels the playing field for students who want access to good jobs.

Nationwide, educators are realizing the promise of computer science. The College Board's Computer Science A course is the fastest growing AP class. The number of students taking it has doubled in the past five years. Yet students on the coasts -- in the Boston to Washington, D.C. corridor, plus all of California -- are most likely to take it, according to data from Barbara Ericson of Georgia Tech.

A 2016 study from Gallup and Google (GOOG) found that computer science is less of a priority in rural schools than in urban and suburban areas.

It doesn't help that it's difficult for teachers to find good training in rural areas. Gina Green, a newly minted computer science teacher in rural Bolivar, Missouri, is fortunate to teach near a university that offers computer science education.

After hearing that there would be a million unfilled computer science jobs in the U.S. by 2020, Green went back to school. She's now qualified to teach students the programming languages Java and Python.

She said the hands-on help of a human instructor was critical. While a teacher might be able to read a handful of books on the Civil War and sufficiently teach an American History class, Green said computer science doesn't work that way.

In recent years, a spree of tech "bootcamps" have sprung up, which give adults a crash course in programming. While a promising development, they're overwhelming located in large cities.

Green is now in her second year of teaching a computer science course to high school students. She said the course, which is three years old, was the first one offered in rural Missouri.

"There's a huge gap," Green said, between the computer science avenues available in the biggest cities compared to those in rural areas.

"It's imperative that in rural America that we say, this is an option for you," Green said. "All these jobs are disappearing. All across the nation, these traditional jobs are disappearing. I think it's an opportunity for these kids to achieve the American Dream."

Recently Green was chatting with a student with an unusually high IQ. Green asked what he wanted to do with his life. He responded that he might be a diesel mechanic, work in a factory or work for the highway department.

"He said those things because that's what he's been exposed to in his family," Green said. "A student like that might love computer science."

The student hasn't enrolled in Green's computer science course yet. But she's hopeful he will.
"I'll be encouraging him," she said.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Low income and the retail food environment

Healthy food cost a lot! Well getting a salad and the fixings when you have no
money tends to rot in your fridge before you can eat it. Somewhat true as in
I like to eat a salad a bag of kale for a meal. Being it's only like $3 for one meal.
Ramen? I don't really eat it there was a issue in my town of people bleeding
out their ass! It turns out they where eating too much ramen it was tearing things up
in their guts. But for me I looked at the sodium in one bag. A serving is half a bag!

But the point is in town if there is low pay in town you will get low food there also.
Making food healthy also drives up the cost of the food and so people will stop
going there keeping the food unhealthy or have nothing there.

All of this is no issue if the people made more money as they could just pull out their
card and buy the food. So if the pay is low the same will be for what will be in town.
If the labor force is unhealthy so is the middle class as you don't see the middle class
working at Walmart!

Also is a issue many corporations where planing on Hillary to win raising
minimum wage! So there would be better sales, but now... Many places
that where planing to open new stores are now in re-plan to open
where the wages are higher! Or something sustainable.

~~~~~The association between neighborhood economic hardship, the retail 
food environment, fast food intake, and obesity: findings from the Survey of the 
Health of Wisconsin
Neighborhood-level characteristics such as economic hardship and the retail food environment are assumed to be correlated and to influence consumers’ dietary behavior and health status, but few studies have investigated these different relationships comprehensively in a single study. This work aims to investigate the association between neighborhood-level economic hardship, the retail food environment, fast food consumption, and obesity prevalence.

~~~~~Low-Income Senior Citizens In Delaware No Longer Eating Dog Food To Survive
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 9 percent of people age 65 and older in the state of Delaware are living in poverty. Their poverty is so severe that they are eating dog food because they cannot afford to buy human food. But senior citizens in Frederica, Delaware, are now filling their pantries with good wholesome food thanks to help from their community.


Looking ahead or aiming toward the 21st century you have to thought
about in history how many Veterans from the Vietnam war came back
and had to deal with life. It was hard for that time.

Now think about all the time spent in Iraq and Pakistan and others in
war times and not. It is far longer and far too many that any should
of been put into action.

With such a big problem sometimes a big answer is needed.
Psychedelic Therapy! 

~~~~Inside Mind-Tripping, Soul-Changing, Ground-Shifting,
21st Century Psychedelic Therapy.
Ric Godfrey had the shakes. At night, his body temperature would drop
and he’d start to tremble. During the day, he was jumpy.
He was always looking around, always on edge. His vibe scared the
people around him. He couldn’t hang on to a job.
He started drinking and drugging, anything to numb out.

Years passed before a Department of Veterans Affairs  counselor told
him he had severe posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. The former Marine
had spent the early 1990s interrogating prisoners in Kuwait. Years later, he was still
playing out the Persian Gulf War.

Counseling helped a little, but the symptoms continued. He went to rehab for his
substance abuse, then tried Alcoholics Anonymous. “That went on for 10 years,”
he said. “I don’t know how many times I hit rock bottom.”

Then one of his Seattle neighbors—a woman who also suffered from PTSD told him
about a group of veterans who were going down to Peru to try a psychedelic drug called
ayahuasca, a jungle vine that is brewed into a tea. Indigenous Peruvians called it
“sacred medicine.” A wealthy veteran had started a healing center in South America
and would pay all his expenses.

The next thing Ric knew, he was crawling into a tent on a platform out in the middle
of the Amazon jungle. The sun went down. The shaman gave him the tea, a blessing,
and a pail in which to vomit.

“Your body will not keep it in you,” Ric recalled. “At first, it’s the worst thing you’ve ever
done in your life. Then all of a sudden you blink your eyes and you are not there anymore.
You get out of your body and look back and see what is wrong with you.
I saw the shell of the person I didn’t want to be and stepped out of it. It was the most
amazing thing. I’ve taken lots of drugs before, but I never remembered.
I think this is the key. You actually gain knowledge from this.
I don’t even consider it a drug. It’s an eye-opener.
It makes you think about stuff. Your deepest, darkest secrets, stuff you have been holding
on to since you were eight years old—it washes out of you, and you feel like a totally
different person. People look at you differently. Your whole world changes before your eyes.”

Three years later, Ric Godfrey says he hasn’t had a single symptom of the shakes or night
terror since he came back from the jungle. He’s relaxed and holding down a great job.
“I’ve always been afraid that someone was out to get me, but I don’t have that
fear anymore,” he says. “I still like to sit with my back to the wall.
I still have certain military idiosyncrasies, but I’m not afraid anymore.”

Psychedelic drugs are back. Not that they ever really went away. You could always find
them on the street, in the psychedelic underground, and along the more enlightened edges
of the drug culture. What’s new is that these powerful mind-altering substances are coming
out of the drug counterculture and back into the mainstream laboratories of some of the
world’s leading universities and medical centers. Research projects and pilot studies at
Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Purdue University, and the University of California, Los Angeles,
are probing their mind-altering mysteries and healing powers.
Psychedelic drugs like psilocybin and Ecstasy are still illegal for street use and cannot
be legally prescribed by doctors, but university administrators, government regulatory
agencies, and private donors are once again giving the stamp of approval
and the money needed for research into beneficial uses for this “sacred medicine."

Psychedelic Therapy would help in bad cases where current therapy fails.
And keep in mind "Therapy" not by yourself.

I had a college friend that went out with a lady and she was the Wicca
type, as it went she gave him some DMT and they where going to have
sex together under DMT to "Bond together." 
Well he kind of had a psychosis for a few days and he ended up driving 
his car down the streets downtown Tulsa bouncing off cars looking at the
tall buildings as he was going because he was being chased by a 
"Lizard thing." (Machine Elf) that was stocking him. He was heading for the college
to take his classes regardless! The lady he was with asked us if we seen him
and she told us what happened, when he ended up coming in the college 
cafeteria. He started to yell at a wall at the whatever it was
that was trying to get him. So I ended up getting a red cherry slushy and 
I challenged the monster throwing the slushy at the wall like I killed the monster. 
Him seeing the red on the wall was it's blood and it snapped him out of it
we talked him into that I killed it's ass! 

After that we took him home being that he was awake for days.
He told us to get his car and bring it back to his home.
But when we got to where it was we couldn't find it. 
We found it by hearing the exhaust of the V8. 
His car was deep in the bushes still running. We figured he went into the 
bushes and ran to the college to get away from the green lizard! 
Funny as hell we thought! 

In High School in the art class there was a kid in class that took a dot of
acid. He was freaked out not knowing what hour it was because 
he said the clock was running backward so he didn't know the time.
And later in class he said every time he walked by the teachers desk 
there was a ruffle in the trash can so he didn't look until he finally had
to look. He screamed and fainted. He told me he saw two green hands
pull itself out of the can. It was a gremlin like thing he said. A machine elf!  

The point is you have to be stable before you take any thing in that range of drug!
And you need a therapist when you take any drug in that nature.
Very much like they have way back with the Medicine man and out
in nature!

~~~~Healing with Psychedelics
Psychedelic medicines are some of the most powerful tools in the world for
personal healing and psychological growth. This guide is intended as a starting
point for using psychedelics for personal healing, recovery, and development,
on your own or with a mental health professional.
This site is science-focused: at the bottom of each page, we link to articles and
research studies related to the particular substance, treatment goal,
and treatment method.

More than healing it also points to more than anyone could know.
Opening the door to your happiness, enlightening you your worries are trivial!
Also are the strange relating things many have said they have seen when on DMT!

~~~~Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)
People who have used DMT have all reported being in different situations
however the creepiest aspect of these reports is that most people report seeing
the same entities and even environments as other people who have taken DMT.
A wonderful doctor, Doctor Rick Strassman from Los Angeles (home of famous
druggies such as Jim Morrison), has written many documents as well as a few books
and has done many research studies by studying the behavior and reports made by
his patients (all of whom I envy).

His patients have reported seeing entities such as mechanical dwarves, reptilian
green creatures, and giant bug-like monsters. Keep in mind, each of those entities
have been reported multiple times by multiple people. The environments have
been described differently from person to person however few have reports
have been similar. Environments such as giant laboratories, vast fields,
foreign planets, ect... have all been reported. The experiences have all been quite
similar as well in the aspect that the majority of encounters have been positive encounters
where the entities tell the DMT user to reach positive goals in their life.
Something like that would change my life to be quite honest.
And thee most commonly reported experience from every user is that they
were not put into a state of mind, but that they were put into another dimension.

~~~~Interviews with People Who Just Smoked DMT
Jodie: I felt what God was like. It was something that was smaller
than anything. It’s not made of anything—it is everything around the thing
that it is and everything inside of it at the same time and it kind of moves about in
a way that’s not on the grid. It was like time traveling, but it wasn’t time before
or after, it was just adjacent to us.

Early on I saw that Earth was having a vibration. That it was like a constant breath,
but we can’t see it. You can’t see it from photos. The edge of everything. It got so hot.
It was like a wave that was like electricity. It was black and then red and then white,
and it was rounded and arched as if it were in orbit somewhere.

Your bodies were, like, singing—everything you were doing was like a song.
You were making a symphony. The scratching and the movements were all in a rhythm,
and I felt very happy. I was also seeing all this fun, wacky clown stuff.
All these crazy geometric patterns. It seemed like they were laughing at me.
Then there were these little elf things. I couldn’t see them but they were letting me
know that they were there. I felt very happy, like,
“Yeah, this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Note the part Elf things!

~~~~Machine Elves 101, or Why Terence McKenna Matters
The Elves: "There are forces friendly to our struggle to birth ourselves
as an intelligent species." The elf component is the spice in the
Terence McKenna flavor.

It is the supernatural entities encountered during his tryptamine experiences that
compose the language of McKenna's Archaic pulpit. "In the phenomenon of  
Stropharia cubensis, we are confronted with an intelligent and seemingly alien life-form."
McKenna recounts time and time again the analogous experiences with these entities,
what he calls "self-transforming machine elves" which one can make contact with in the
psychedelic universe. "Right here and now, one quanta away, there is raging a universe
of active intelligence that is transhuman, hyperdimensional, and extremely alien."
What this suggests is that the psilocybin experience opens the pathways to a sort of
parallel dimension, where one can speak and interact with otherworldly beings.
The intrigue of this lies in its repeatability of these alien forms and the nature of
their interactions: "This spectacle of more than Oriental splendor is the characteristic,
even unvarying, manner in which this experience presents itself."

In fact, these elfin beings are a construct of a greater picture.
Terence makes it clear the "speaking entity" of the tryptamine realm is an interior
manifestation of the Logos, the ultimate source of all knowledge.
The machine elves act as a sort of ambassadorship for the Logos, the collective
unconscious, Oversoul, or Gaian Mind. It is from this place that Terence received the
knowledge of his time wave theory: "Shamans and mystics and psychedelic travelers
may be getting a very noisy, low-grade signal about a future event that is somehow
built into the structure of space and time."

Again, the shamanic model makes itself evident. In indigenous societies, the shaman
receives all of his/her knowledge from the same type of beings through entheogenic plants;
it is integral to the success of their curing methods. "The shaman is able to act as an
intermediary between the society and the supernatural, or to put it in Jungian terms,
he is an intermediary to the collective unconscious."

~~~~Machine elf
McKenna's first published mention of the machine elves in his and his brother Dennis'
book The Invisible Landscape (published 1975):

We especially refer to the apparently autonomous and intelligent, chaotically
mercurial and mischievous machine elves encountered in the trance state,
strange teachers whose marvelous singing makes intricate toys out of the air
and out of their own continually transforming body geometries.

Later, McKenna describes the experience in more detail. The following is a
partial transcription of a workshop titled "Time and Mind" - The Tykes.
At about minute one or two of a DMT trip, according to McKenna, one may
burst through a chrysanthemum-like mandala, and find:

There's a whole bunch of entities waiting on the other side, saying
"How wonderful that you're here! You come so rarely!
We're so delighted to see you!"

They're like jewelled self-dribbling basketballs and there are many of them and they
come pounding toward you and they will stop in front of you and vibrate,
but then they do a very disconcerting thing, which is they jump into your body and then
they jump back out again and the whole thing is going on in a high-speed mode where
you're being presented with thousands of details per second and you can't get a hold on
[them ...] and these things are saying "Don't give in to astonishment", which is exactly
what you want to do. You want to go nuts with how crazy this is, and they say
"Don't do that. Pay attention to what we're doing".

What they're doing is making objects with their voices, singing structures into existence.
They offer things to you, saying "Look at this! Look at this!" and as your attention
goes towards these objects you realise that what you're being shown is impossible.
It's not simply intricate, beautiful and hard to manufacture, it's impossible to
make these things. The nearest analogy would be the Fabergé eggs, but these things
are like the toys that are scattered around the nursery inside a U.F.O.,
celestial toys, and the toys themselves appear to be somehow alive and can
sing other objects into existence, so what's happening is this proliferation of elf gifts,
which are moving around singing, and they are saying
"Do what we are doing" and they are very insistent, and they say
"Do it! Do it! Do it!" and you feel like a bubble inside your body beginning to
move up toward your mouth, and when it comes out it isn't sound, it's vision.
You discover that you can pump "stuff" out of your mouth by singing, and
they're urging you to do this. They say "That's it! That's it! Keep doing it!".

We're now at minute 4.5 [of the trip] and you speak in a kind of glossolalia.
There is a spontaneous outpouring of syntax unaccompanied by what is
normally called "meaning". After a minute or so of this the whole thing begins
to collapse in on itself and they begin to physically move away from you.
Usually their final shot is that they wave goodbye and say "Deja vu! Deja vu!".
About the link to story above:
"This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy."

Also note "they come pounding toward you and they will stop in front of you and vibrate."
Jodie from
"Early on I saw that Earth was having a vibration. That it was like a constant breath,
but we can’t see it. You can’t see it from photos."

Really anyway you see it in the right settings Psychedelic Therapy helps.
Right settings!

Monday, November 28, 2016

My Middle school best time of my life 84

Middle school 1983 and 1984 was the best time in my life
with all the stuff that happened. It's all called life experiences!
A biography of my school years. Keep in mind, this was 30+ years ago.
It's much different times now!

Today I see all of my past as growth. Just my legacy I had earned but
not bragging about it!

(This is a disclaimer. This story has TMI. Just be aware!)

***Like the video "Hot for the Teacher" That kid was me sort of.
In middle school I got on the bus and my socks where too loose so
my shoe came off and the bus driver said "Sit down waldo!" Really
he did! This was when that video first came out. The bus driver saw
the video and thought that was funny as hell saying that to me!
At the time I did look like Waldo!

Also on the bus radio, whenever they played Billy Squier
"The stroke" the part where he says "Stroke, Stroke etc." All of us on the bus
would shake our legs and arms to the song like we where having a stroke!

And yes I was "Hot for the Teacher" in school. I had a Teacher that everytime
she erased something from the chalkboard I had to look.
As her butt went right her top went left. So it was like a Jello kind of thing.
I never looked at Jello the same way again! I guess I got love sick!

***There was a custodian with a plunger in a bad place doing
something bad in the "TV room."
I saw the teachers reaction to seeing him when she opened the door
with her students behind her. Her and her students where going to the room.
I had a good view down the hallway because I was in the front seat
in the class room I was in. I didn't see the custodian thank god,
but when a kid behind her went to open the door the teacher slammed
the door on his arm and broke it, he was running in the hallway screaming
and her students kept their distance from the teacher but didn't runaway.
All they knew is the teacher broke the kids arm.

There was a video of the custodian doing his thing that still makes it's
way in small parts to the senior video they make every year.
It pops up from time to time! Keeping the legacy of our school alive!

***Me and my friends where eating lunch in the auditorium
when we see a teacher and a custodian going in a empty closet.
(We where laying down looking under the door.)
It brought up a point / a life's question as I was thinking
"Why is she doing that if it hurts that bad, I wouldn't do that it looks painful."
When my friend kicked the door and it popped inward then popped open
hitting me in the head knocking me out.

Coming back I freaked out because I could only see out of my left eye.
(The door was blocking my right eye!)
"Im blind, Im blind!" "Shut the door dumb-ass!" "I can see, I can see!"
Running away my friend said "Lets get out of here before he sticks it in
our asses!" that broke me up so bad as I was running at top speed all the
way to the Q.T. off campus I was laughing and running so fast and hard my
lungs where burning and I was foaming at the mouth!
At the Q.T. some lady passing by stopped her car and asked
if I was having a seizure! "He's ok I don't know whats wrong with him."
said my friend. And my friends started to run back to school before
the bell rang, but I was shot and walked back. Bell or not I can't run!

Later we peeked around the corner of the hallway at the teacher and
noticed she was paranoid as hell, looking around at all the kids etc.
So we felt bad for her so we wrote her a note.
Keep in mind we where 14 at the time we knew this was a big thing and
feared we would be expelled for seeing all of that. The note said something like
"Sorry for stopping your 'BLANK' sex, we won't say anything please
don't expel us from school!"

We drawled straws to see who would slip the note under the door.
It was me! I went by her door and kept trying to slip the note under the door,
but it kept slipping up and around and around it went.
I got it in the door finally and took off. I think you could hear her scream all
through the school. Sad we where mindless 14 year olds that had no clue!

***Un related. In 83 I was the teachers aid in class, she kept giving me notes
sealed in a envelope to give to the custodian. One day I looked at one and held
it up to the light. I saw red lipstick on the note, so I carefully opened it from the side
pulled out the note and read it. "Thanks for our special time together,
with your special thing, in the special place, with the special sauce!"
Keep in mind im 13 at the time. "Special sauce?" "He works at Mcdonald's?!"
I really thought that at the time!

It wasn't until college in psychology class remembering about all that back then
and realizing what the special sauce was. I laughed my ass off so hard in class!
My annoyed instructor asked me if I had anything to share with the class.
So I told them, TMI! "Sorry I asked" said the instructor!

***When I first started middle school the school was using mobile homes
as class rooms as they where doing construction during school.
I got lost looking for my class and went into this mobile home.
This Teacher was sitting behind her desk and seemed red in the face acting
really strange. She kept telling me over and over
"What are you doing, this is not your class, get out of here, go!"
I was just standing there wondering why she was acting so strange and
red in the face. So I went away. A few months later I got in trouble and
I was sitting outside of the principal's office with some other kids I knew.
When a custodian rushed in and went in the office.
The principal told the kid in the office to step out and closed the door
so all of us put our ears on the wall. The custodian said he was looking
through the Teachers desk and found a dildo in her drawer.
The principal then said "what where you doing looking in her drawers."
Then they both where laughing then the principal said
"Oh hell, never mind, take me there." Like this was not surprising.

The principal told all of us to go back to class he will get to us later, so
all of us followed them from a distance. They went straight to that mobile home
that I went in when I got lost. "Crap!" I think I said! Now I knew what was going on
with the strange acting Teacher, she was like talking to me with that thing
stuck in her. It's hard to explain unless you seen something like this face to face.
I guess the closest view point is:

***There was a special needs kid that drowned in the schools
swimming pool. Our coach was talking to us about it in our gym class,
because the kid did not like the coach, being he would not let him
swim in the pool. When he was talking a big gym light started to move
by itself back and forth then popped and fell in the pool.
The ghost of the kid?
The coach came back to class the next day with a helmet on!

***In the winter me and my friend got our water guns and filled them
with water and yellow dye or something yellow and we went in a yard of a
old man that we didn't like and shot the snow in his yard to make it look like a
bunch of dogs pissed in his yard. The funny thing was I spelled
"FUK U" in the snow because I was out of water and couldn't do it right.
Riding our bikes the next day to see our work, we heard the old guy
talking about it to his neighbor. He said "The scary thing is that it said FUK U
how does a dog know how to spell?"

***Funny but really in the 80's in middle school,
I remember my teacher asking me a bunch of questions.
Like What do I think about this and what do you think about that etc.
She was asking me questions that where related to Bertrand Russell.
I was 13 at the time who the hell is Bertrand Russell?
So I didn't know anything about him but she knew of his works.

I had the same view point as Bertrand Russell when I was 13 and
I am talking about right on! We think alike! I think my teacher thought
I was a reincarnation of him. Even though he died after I was born.
Still strange! I agree I do fit in there with Bertrand or he fit in with me,
(metaphysics) but anyway...

***Not sure if it was High school or Middle school but it is funny!
I brought a 5+ lbs bag of Skittles on the bus and this other
kid grabbed my bag and twisted it, POP the Skittles all went
on the floor of the bus. I need to note a school bus in the 80's
had a gap between the dashboard and the windshield.
The lady bus driver heard the noise and started to slow down.
I was on the floor trying to round them all up
but there was too many!

When the bus driver put the breaks on they all
started to move toward her and she said
"what is that, what is that?" all of a sudden she
slammed the breaks on and those Skittles
flew right up between the dashboard and
windshield and rained on the bus driver.
She had a hard time putting on the breaks with
the Skittles bouncing around, her foot kept
slipping of the break.
Many of them went down the steps toward
the door, like a rainbow wave of Skittles.

The bus driver then called for help on the CB but with the Skittles banging
around it sounded like broken glass. So when the bus driver finally got to
the school she took me and the kid to the office by our ears.
When we got there many department managers where there.
The transportation manager ran all the way there from the bus barn
so he was late. He about passed out getting there.
We told them what happened and it was so funny all the staff
in the office closed their doors because they where laughing so hard.
The school superintendent put a ban on me having Skittles,
but did not expel me! It guess it was too funny!

Thanks Skittles, no really!

***I don't know if it was Middle school or High school, but
I remember a guy mocking his girlfriend that had bad PMS
with a banjo in the cafeteria. (The school had a few banjos.)
Every time she opened her mouth he plucked the banjo.
She ended up screaming and he played the banjo with her screaming.
Sort of cool but not cool, a bit of insanity in music kind of thing.
It cleared out the cafeteria, but I stayed in close to the exit.
I remember a teacher running and slapping the banjo out of his hands
(BLONG!) and if flew across the room and hit the wall.
The teacher yelled "What are you doing she's losing her Minddddd-da!"
She was out of breath as she said that. The rest of the day the kids would
say "did you hear about the girl that lost her mind in the cafeteria?"
I would say "no she lost her Minddddd-da!"

***Also I remember some kids hired a stripper to give a kid a happy B-bay
thing in the cafeteria with cake or something.
That was a bad thing the principal was pissed off!

***In middle school many poor kids found out they could put penneys
on the rail road track and after a train goes over they had what looked
like a food token the cafeteria used to give lunch tickets out for kids.
The kids would be sitting in class then hear the train running.
And for the kids it was like a "BOOYA" moment in class!
This was the 80's Reagan was making things bad in school and pay!
Kids have to eat!

 ***We are talking about 1984 etc. At that time all these bands where
coming out with good stuff that blew your mind. Aldo Nova, Ratt, Dokken etc...
Then came Motley Crue and the funny time I had explain to a kid
"Those are not girls dude, those are dudes, dude!" "What? I masterbai.... uh!"
"What?" and he runs away. This kind of stuff happened a lot for the time,
kind of norm.

***In Middle school we had a holy roller principal that had a pep-rally
once so he could tell us to not play records backward it's the devils music!
He was talking about a song from Chicago "you're my inspiration"
"I wanna have you near me Satan!" a teacher ran to her desk and got her
Chicago tape and showed him the lyrics "I wanna have you hear me saying."
S.A.Y.I.N.G! The coach did not like the principal and after that the coach
started pacing around cursing when he noticed all the kids sitting
in the bleachers, and let us all know how good of a job we are doing.
Rally is over.

***Me and my friend saw the Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip
movie. My friends sister saw the movie before us and she went out last
by the backdoor and she let us in as she was going out.
We hid a bit until people came in. Then we sat up as high as we could so we
didn't  look like 13 year olds. Most of the movie was over our heads.
Except the parts about Mexicans. He was Mexican. "Hey that's not right!"

Also my friend had a relative that was in the band DIO.
Me and my friend where riding our bikes at ORU tulsa and DIO was
playing in Oklahoma at the time. His relative was looking for him and
his mom said we where at ORU riding bikes.
So he took his white limo to ORU and found us!

They put our bikes in the back of the limo and we got a ride with the band
back home. Yes I met Ronny James Dio he was not happy about having a
white limo because the black ones where all used up for funerals white was
all they had. "The prince of darkness does not drive up in a white limo!"
He was kind of not happy he was in a white limo and being at ORU!
"Is this ok?" Funny!

He asked me about my famous family member and he kind of insulted him / me
on the fact of the cocaine use he had at the time.
"Too bad... If one of my band mates used the drug they would be fired.",
"Where is he anyway?" (No one knew at the time!)

The DIO video "The Last In Line" it relates of us riding our bikes and the kid on the
bike was based on my friend. I think that guy with glasses in the guitar solo looks
like me! I remember hearing the song in a elevator in the 90's.
Spooky, elevator music, funny at the time!

***To offset the DIO story being it still bugs me being in
the limo with Ronny James Dio at ORU. The fact it was ORU... Anyway!
I had a dream once before Easter I was on a bridge over fire and this beast kept
coming at me ripping at me it hurt, over and over he came at me and me fighting
it but it hurt enough that I said JESUS, and the next thing I knew I woke up with
a bird chirping outside my window and the sun was coming in shining on me.
Happy Easter! I guess that shows my spiritual side!

***Me and my friend met a ghost council Indian Chief
when I was a kid. We where in the boy scouts in 1983, we all where hiking,
on this hill in Tulsa when me and my friend sat on a rock looking down at the
Arkansas river. The rock was was shaped like Oklahoma.

Me and my friend was talking about Cowboys and Indians when all of a sudden
This guy said something behind us. We did not hear anyone coming behind us.
There are leaves around and a bunch of skinny trunk trees.
So there was no place to hide and leaves to make noise.

He told us to respect and for each feather he had on his headdress
he killed a Buffalo! Smiled at me. I guess he looked into our future and
decided to let us go. Looking back at it. I don't know!

Me and my friend looked at each other and
when we looked back at the Chief, he was gone!
He could not of ran that fast without making any noise, with no trees to hide!

***In the summer time my friends had a tire and we took it to this big hill
I wanted to go down in it, but had no clue! We put a pillow on my back and
one for my knees in the tire. I was ready to go I said and they pushed me down
the hill I remember going around three times and on the third time I remember
my arms where flapping like a bird as I spun around, then I blacked out!
When I came back I was on the ground with my head on the tire looking
at the sky wondering why the clouds where spinning clockwise!
By then my friends got to me and told me my arms where flapping
like a bird all the way down and they thought I hit 60 mph.
I went far and almost went into the creek! Never did that again!
And down the road when I saw that in a Beavis and Butthead show
it was amazing to see it. It was like a flashback! Wow dude I did that!

***In the 80's sometime me and my friends where riding our bikes at night
in this new neighborhood they where making. Some real high dollar places
three stories high etc cool for kids to explore! We where exploring this house
they where working on it had no toilet or sink or anything hooked up yet.
We where checking out the house and my friends went up stairs
and I was about ready to go up there also when
I had a bad case of the diarrhea!

I ran to the bathroom and the only thing available to me was the floor vent
in the bathroom because the toilet drain had a rubber plug
in it and I had no time! The vent was right there close so...

Afterward I didn't tell my friends about it and we all took off.
I didn't want them to poke fun at me. So I didn't say anything.
I found out months later when they put the house together and the
owner got moved in he finally turned on the AC I guess the moisture
in the vent from the AC it brought the smell back to life after months!

It really was funny "Shit!" Because we still took our bikes over there
off and on seeing what they are doing in the neighborhood,
with me knowing I crapped in that house but thinking it would like dry up
and no one would know! It ended up like a time bomb!
(Sorry whoever it was that had the house!)

***Also in the days when me and my friends rode bikes we heard from a friend
that there was a whorehouse in a rich neighborhood.
So we rode our bikes to it. I don't remember if my friends dared me to knock
on the door but I did. A lady answered the door she looked at me and
said I was too young or something like it. We debated for a while until
she asked me something and I replied "I don't have any money yet."
After that she slammed the door shut and me and my friends took off!
We only wanted to look around in there!

***I had two girls fight over me once. I liked both of them and they liked me
but we where young in the 1980's so we knew nothing about agreements like that
so they fought over me. Of course I felt good because I had value.
A point of being poly if we where only adults at the time to understand it.
Having two people for you brings value!

***I had friends that took anything we could bikes, big wheels, skates etc
to a place called Turkey mountain. It was the place where I saw the
ghost Indian chief. But at the time there was no road directly to it so
we had to carry the stuff on our bikes thru another town to the place.
It was a road going down the hill we went to. We rode our stuff down the hill.
I took the big wheel down the hill and every time I would
end up going down the hill backward like at 40 mph.
The plastic tire only lasted 3 times down the hill before it melted
smoking a bit. The kid on the skates I think only went down once.
The other thing I had was a old time toy that was powered with push
and pull handles. That was the funniest thing we brought. Going down the hill 
it was going so fast the handles where beating me up like it was punching me!
I was laughing all the way down the hill and so where my friends watching me.

***I had two teachers that snapped in class. One had a real problem she kept
talking about Greek mythology like she believed it. She would end up in tears
with her makeup running down her face.

The other teacher from what I heard back then went home during lunch only
to find her husband with someone else. The teacher went back to school and
it was my class I had with her next.

She told us to open any chapter and read on our own leave her alone
don't bug me! We all thought this was cool, she was a tight teacher
like a nice Nazi sort of so this never happened before.
As we where doing our own thing she kept tapping
her desk with her nails, sort of like a time bomb. It got louder and faster,
then all of a sudden BOOM she grabbed a roll of 50 pencils and broke
them with her knee. She was saying about every bad word known.
"$#%, ^%$#, #*#$^, Corn Hole, $&^&*" etc...
Note the word "Corn Hole" this was 1983 I think when this happened.
13, 14 yearolds don't know what that word was back then.
Most girls at 14 had coloring books back then no Internet etc.

Sitting class it felt like a nuke went off, her eyes
where bugged out of her rhinestone glasses her
mouth was open so much you could see her
tonsils flying around. Her breath was hitting us
in our chairs and it was like a shock-wave of a
 nuke. She threw a book at a kid it flew like
it was a bird. And the kid went running out the
door with the desk he just fit out the door.
It looked like Fred Flintstone driving his car
out of the room. All the kids then looked at
each-other like asking should we run also?

But by then the teacher got it together and ran out of the class.
(She later apologized to us.) But the after effects of not knowing what the
word "Corn Hole" was is more damaging because of not being able to
find out!

A friend in school said he was at the mall with his friends and he asked a
adult if he could ask him a question. "Well yes how can I help you, young man?"
"Whats a Corn Hole?" the guy looked scared and started to run away from
the kids. Being the adult was scared, now they have to know what the word
means. So they chase the adult out of the mall saying "Tell us!, Tell us!"
And my friends older brother a stoner was dating the sister
of a girl that was in the class when the teacher blew up.
He said he was eating dinner with them and they where having
beef stew with corn bread. The dad had a hot piece of meat between
his teeth sucking in air to cool it off, when the younger sister said,
"Mom, Dad I know what corn bread is but whats a corn hole, Is that
like corn bread with a hole?" The dad sucked and choked on the
burning meat. So the mom came around and did the heimlich maneuver
on the dad. The piece of meat flew across the table and landed in front
of my friends older brother and seeing the steam coming off the meat and
the dad pissed off in that second he realized what his teacher was
saying about irony, "I get it!"

There is more to a story than the story itself!

***We had a custodian that got drunk as the day goes along.
I heard that he had Vodka in a spray bottle and was taking shots as
the day goes along. (Back then they had water and Alcohol mix
for disinfection smells like vodka.) He would get drunk and drunker
until the last hour when he couldn't push the dust broom anymore
it was holding him up. Then he would drop the broom in the hallway
and lock himself in the closet.

***The bad! I had a Teacher that said "BURN IN HELL!" Well that was good
she said that being that a girl got raped in school and you could hear her yelling
in the class rooms when the AC would stop running.
The principal, office staff etc was running room to room looking for them.
All the time she was yelling the kids thought she was getting stabbed.
The bad thing was she was telling him please stop and he was going on.
He knew he was got and was going to finish.

By the time the principal, staff found them in the basement we heard them,
say "get that out of her." And at that time someone in the office played the
morning announcements cassette tape full blast so we couldn't hear things.
But we knew it was over! Then a short time later the police chief and deputy
came in to the school parking lot with the supercharger screaming.
The doors flew open and out they went.
They went running down my hallway where my class was.
And it was a thank god moment for everyone.

Then after that some office staff walked the girl down the hallway
with both arms. She was bad looking!
My Teacher saw the girl and knew it was not another kid that did that to her.
And when the police chief and deputy walked the custodian down the hall
in hand cuffs my Teacher came unglued! "How could you do that to a little girl,
she's just a child!" She yelled "BURN IN HELL! Slammed the door and open the
door and yelled "BURN IN HELL!" Then slammed the door again then she kicked
the door and broke her heel and ended up hitting the floor with her fist.
All the time we where not crying or anything. The Teacher stood up for us kids!

The Teacher got herself together then opened the door.
But the other class room in-front of us had a new Teacher.
When our Teacher yelled "BURN IN HELL!" the new Teacher
was on her knees in the door way crying "WHY, WHY, WHY!"
with all of her kids behind her in tears, girls with black makeup
going down their face. A real awkward moment, we are not crying
and they are! So my teacher pointed to her kids, "The kids!"
and the new Teacher saw she had her hands full.
Sort of awkwardly funny in a way.

The Teacher got us back into working in the book when we noticed
the police chief and deputy was taking the custodian to the police car
they bent him over and the chief pulled out his night stick and popped
him in the tail bone and pushed him in the back seat of the car.
Then they got in the car and lit it up out of the parking lot suppercharger
screaming a patch of rubber going out of the school.
Everyone on the parking lot side of the school that seen that cheered.
We all knew the chief and deputy was like saying
"Don't you worry they will have to %#$% with us before they get to you!"
We got it!

I think my Teacher said "Take him to hell boys."
I remember that, but Im not sure who said it.

This was bad, but in a sub point of view the Teachers composer sets the class.
My Teacher kept us cool by being cool. The other Teacher being new,
was in tears crying "WHY, WHY, WHY?" And so was the kids in Tears.
It was bad times and the new Teacher was not a bad Teacher the point is the point.

A short time later there where all new custodians that knew our names and
our teachers. I remember this girl looking at one and he grabbed a broom
and dustpan and used it limp wrist, half assed.
The girl said "Your not a custodian!" They later apologized for not
being truthful it was not deceitful and they just wanted to help.
They where really Psychologists dressed like custodians.
The custodians still had their jobs.

***Me and my friends where eating lunch on the roof top somewhere
and I was looking down the side of the building at the windows!
I was watching this teacher and a girl talking.
They looked around then she jumped on his desk and he kissed
her grabbing her all over. I called my friends over and they looked.
Being that was funny for us at the time, we all started to yell over and over,
"BLANK, her in the BLANK." (You know that the blanks are!)
full with the body movements to follow. They heard us they looked right
they looked down they looked left, then they looked up!

The teacher turned white as a ghost and the girl turned red as
a tomato. And we knew they did! So we realized we better run!
But we didn't realize they heard us all over the school yelling.
And for the rest of the day all the kids said
"Did you hear those people saying BLANK her in the BLANK!"
We didn't want to get expelled so we where like, no when was that?
We didn't see that Teacher again! This was the last of the funnies that
happened in middle school.

***In summer school sometime don't remember how it happened but a kid
I was hanging around with got a teacher in a ditch and bent her over and
was going to pull down her pants. I could not believe what was going on
and I told him to stop everyone will see you come out of here after.
He stopped and let her go she ran! All people are not normal never think that
they are. I could not believe a kid would act that way!

***In middle school coach was at Vietnam and would have flashbacks
from time to time. We would be playing dodge-ball when all of a sudden
a can of Coke would fly in the air at us and coach would kick the table over
and say something about charlie. Who is this charlie and why is he mad at him?

***A coach caught a man raping a middle school girl.
But it was not a man it was a high school kid having sex with his
young girlfriend. Coach ran across them in a room and he thought it
was one of the guys that had a house down the street that hangout
to check out the 14 year olds outside during lunch.
He ended up beating the shit out of the kid and was carrying him
by his underwear down the hallway when the underwear broke
and the kid was naked in the hall. He took off but coach cought him
and kicked him punched him etc.
Then coach carried him upside down with his feet in the air.
When the kid punched him in the back. Coach landed on top of him
and picked him up again but by then the kid gave up and coach carred him
to the front of the school and sat on him till the cops came.

He later went around and apologized to everyone and let us know he thought the
girl was getting raped by the guy down the road.
Understandable with my schools history! Coach was standing up for us!

***Un related! We got a new coach, his name was Dick.
When I was in my English class I found some letters for the wall in my
teachers room. I found the letter R! So being the times I thought it would be
funny to replace the C on his "Coach Dick" name plate by his office
with the R! "Roach Dick!" The Coach was a meanie anyway.
But I didn't consider he ripped the name plate off the wall and with the
principal went class room to class room to find out who did it.
My teacher shook her head after they left my class I was in at the time.
A big hoopla over a nameplate?

***In middle school time my friend I hung outwith told me
his mom had a boyfriend. How can she have a boyfriend
with a husband so I didn't believe him. Until...
Me and my friend was playing a battleship game as
his mom was running around getting ready for something.
All of a sudden there was a honk, honk outside and
my friends mom that looked like Peggy from married with
children with her stilettos on said something to her husband
and he said be careful then the she tap, tapped to the door where
she opened the door and just stood there for a second then
she slammed the door shut and ran, tap, tap, tap to the
refrigerator got a bottle of champagne and three glasses
then ran to the door tapping away with her stilettos
her saying "A threesome, a threesome, a threesome"
as she went out the door. Me and my friend looked out the window
wanting to know what the hell a threesome was.
We saw his mom run to a red convertible with two guys in it.
They acted like they where going to take off without her, then they stopped.
She climbed over the trunk of the car on all fours and got in the back seat
and as they took off she popped the champagne open!
My friends dad was looking out the door seeing this also.
He said something like "Nothing stands between a woman and a threesome!"

Another time after that my friend and I was playing a game and his mom
was kind of a gripe that day, and he was bothered by her so he said outloud
"Mom let it go, go see your boyfriend!" His mom said "WHAT!" and at that
time I got sent back home!

***In the 80's I remember getting a bucket of bleach and putting
it out by the bathroom window. Then I got balloons and filled them
with ammonia and in the bathroom with my boombox ready
I would throw the balloon at the bleach shut the window fast and
click play on the boombox playing the song Jimi Hendrix Blue Haze.
Give the cloud flying past the window was purple it was close enough! 

***I remember in preschool about a kid that got kicked by a donkey.
I remember a kid that was pulling on a donkeys tail and he kicked him in the neck.
It was bad. I remember a teacher grabbing me by the arm and throwing me like a
rag doll so I didn't see it. My legs where in the air and my head was scraping the
ground but I could see scene as I was flying upside down.

Keep in mind we are we little kids we don't know what death is we all thought
it was a magic trick he was doing. The teachers quickly rushed us back
to the building and took us to the back of the school. I remember hearing a firetruck
and all of us wanted to see the truck being little kids but the teachers said no!
And we where upset! That is what bugged us the most we are too young to have a clue!
This is no way traumatizing us kids at the time we had no clue and now
it's something that happened in the 70's letting you know not to let kids do those things.

***In Ohio in the 70's the fire department had a city type festival and
they had a Kangaroo with a vest on with a chain watch on in boxed fence.
You had to chase the kangaroo and grab the watch from his vest to win.
They let us kids do it! You had to stop if he made it to a corner,
that was that game, still fun being I was 8, 9, 10?

***Not middle school but when I was in a elementary school this kid
ask me if it was ok if the principal plays a game with him in the bathroom
called "pop goes the weasel." I told the kid, it doesn't sound right.
What is he doing the bathroom with you anyway.
You might want to tell your dad about this!
And over the weekend, Monday we had a new principal!

***Also in elementary I realized I could see around corners.
Only outside in the summer if I looked close to the side of the edge
of the school I could see around the corner. Is was like a mirage!

***In elementary there was a bomb treat. They made the custodians look around
for something out of sorts. And at the time a bad storm was coming in.
A custodian was in the boiler room looking and found a brown bag in the middle
of the room. He went to touch it so see if he can look in it, when a loud
boom of thunder hit. It turns out it was just a custodians lunch sitting there.
Im sure he crapped his paints! I would of!

***Also in elementary I had two kids try to beat me up in the playground.
They cornered me so I spun around and jumped in the air and threw my
fist out. I hit all of them as I spun around. "Wap, wap, wap, wap..."
I knocked them all down then I ran for it!

***I got expelled from elementary for having playboys in my bag.
Me and my friends found them in the creek we play at.
A friends older brother had them and was hiding them from his
mom / dad in the creek we found them and grabbed them up!
I was trying to sale them up at school for like a $1+ a mag.
I don't know why but I put one in the teachers mailbox at the school?
I don't know why even today??? But a kid ratted me out.
Another Teacher searched my bag and I got busted I got expelled
on Friday the 13th!

***Also when I was in my elementary time 1979 I think,
I remember a teacher taking me to a bar to have a coke to also meet
her boyfriend or husband. It was something about her pay check
to pay the rent, she brought me along. Nothing bad... but I guess that
was my first date with a teacher when I was 10!
That was really cool it was life in the 70's
when life was better. It was a feeling of there is more to life than a
box you call school, for the time!

Also at the same school it was run by Nuns but had teachers teaching.
The Nuns would walk the halls. I was in a math class and my friend next to
me was having a hard time and said damn!
The head Nun in the hall heard him and made him hold out his hand.
And hit him with a Nun ruler. Being it was a Nun I laughed at him.
Then the Nun hit me and my friend laughed at me.
Then we both laughed and she let loose on us!
My teacher came to the rescue and we ended up having to apologize.
Also on the playground on the swing I got bored with with it
and thought it would be fun to go all the way around it.
So with help from a friend I think, he pushed me as I went up and over
only to drop down and with a whip noise as I slammed down.

So over and over I did that and I guess I was making a lot of noise
when a Nun came running at me, and told me to stop.
It was fun while it lasted I did it one other time in school but
by then I was too heavy and the chain broke and I hit the sand below.
I gave up on it after that!

***Yes I am for real! This stuff really happened to me
or I heard about it from the masses in school at the time.

Middle school is a social experiment anyway.
I did not really learn much in the books.
For the time there was much going on to the point,
that when many of us got into High school we where mostly depressed.
I remember a group of us having to sit in front of the school psychologist.
He wanted to know why we where depressed. NOTHING IS HAPPENING!
So we let him know and he didn't know how much we knew.
"I am well aware of that lets not talk about that... etc."

All of this is not putting down my school! It validates how cool it is!
When you put it all together it gives you a lifetime of stuff to talk about!
All of these stories are in the past not now!
It's about a legacy, all is forgiven! 

Keep the fire going this was the best time of my life.
This is like a BIO of my years at school.
And I hope it will be the best time of others there.

The custodians today that works at my old school should be proud
to work at a kick ass school! What school has that legacy!

High School? Being bored at High school There was a trick I learned
on a school bus. When the bus makes a right turn or left turn with
all the windows down you can throw a paper ball outside toward
the front of the bus and it gets sucked in a window hitting some kid
in the head. The fun is seeing the kid wondering who hit him! LOL!

Also in High School many kids got parts as extras in the movie
"Weird Al" Yankovic UHF they where making. 
On the part when the cars where all lined up, this girl I liked back then 
got a part and she was there in her red Toyota Celica, funny! 

In High School in the art class there was a kid in class that took a dot of
acid. He was freaked out not knowing what hour it was because 
he said the clock was running backward so he didn't know the time.
And later in class he said every time he walked by the teachers desk 
there was a ruffle in the trash can so he didn't look until he finally had
to look. He screamed and fainted. He told me he saw two green hands
pull itself out of the can. It was a gremlin like thing he said. A machine elf!  

High school for me was the dark ages nothing as much happened to me,
but there are many stories of what happened to others.
Some I can say and some I can't say here they are kind of bad!
It's like it wouldn't matter anyway the point is where the point is and everything else  
is trivial or just to put it like "what happens in the hotel stays in the hotel." 

After High School things got interesting! 89 was a strange year.
And 90s was like 84 again!

***Without giving anyone any TMI, or info about who it was, 
have to say in the late 80's my high school girlfriend was a ex teen prostitute 
in Vegas when she was 13. I believe that she ran away and someone pimped
her in Vagas only for her to be beaten up giving her a broken jaw,
taken home and with a ding dong zoom here is your daughter kind of thing
she was dropped off at the front door. Whoever did it are bastards even today!

I hooked up with her when she was 15 starting high school I was 18 myself and 
way over my head with everything! It was a emotional support type of relationship.
Like a shotgun wedding. Her dad told me don't break up with her she can't take rejection.
I was her first boyfriend after all that mess!

I still love her today, I love everyone anyway, timelessly! 

The point? In my life it points to me as what to take seriously and not in life etc.
Her pain was kind of my pain, it was bad for her, so I felt for her, wanted a happy 
life for her and today I wish she would let it out, like talk to kids at schools 
about it to point why to not runaway etc. 

 ***Protected destiny? In my high school days. At a Votech school I was
going to during High School. There where some guys I hung out with "stoners",
I did not smoke with them.

During lunch they took off in my friends car to his parents house to
get some of his pot, I was in the back of the car.
They went there smoked at the house then drove back to school.
We where driving along when all of a sudden they slammed on the breaks.
I hit the back of the front seat. (a)-Only the second time in my life that
happened. We all got out of the car to look at a cow on the side of the road.
It looked at us like it had something to say, but it just mooed!
They where on the ground laughing. Funny but really, it's just a cow!

We got back to Votech, then we went back to our class, but it was late and they
ran to class but it was the wrong class they ran into! They got in there sat down.
I was in the hallway looking at them saying wrong class! Dudes!

The teacher knew and the kids in class knew they where stoned, all but them,
they thought no one knew! It was clear the pot made them stupid.

(a)-I hit the back of the front seat of a car once and rotated as I was pined
to the seat then my legs went over the seat and I softly floated into the front seat
as the car stopped, just like I meant to do that. With me in the back seat a friend
was going fast then slammed on the breaks for some reason and
I ended up in the front seat.

It was one of those protected destiny things I get from time to time. 

***Like the time I got hit by a car on a moped!
I went to the Q.T. down the road and driving back I was stopped in the road
going to make a left turn. Well a car doing 45 mph going down a hill behind me
hit me. I was on a moped and they said he didn't see me because of something
on his dashboard blocking the view so boom! The bike went forward and I went
with the car so I grabbed the hood and went for the ride until he stopped hard and
I had to let go of the hood because I was worried of losing a finger I hit the ground
and slid with the car with me holding on to the air-dam for the ride to keep from
being ran over. I was ok all that happened was it bruised my kidney so I turned yellow
and it pulled all the ligaments in one leg because my leg got pulled up too fast as I
went over the hood of the car. It took me 5 months to walk on it again.
It gave me some respect at High School!
But over all I got hit by a car doing 45 mph on a moped and did not die! Cool!

***My first car in 1989 was a cursed car that I think tried to kill me four times!
I was going to a girlfriends place in December 1989, when I was driving up this hill
and from my right going left a green fireball went across the sky. 
The time it took me to say to myself, what the hell is that Kryptonite, 
because I was really expecting to see superman there also. 
The windshield started to crackle and pop and it started to get really hot
in the car. Then a glowing round mass the size of a basketball started to appear
on the windshield . Then it got really hot in the car and the mass turned white. 
I was thinking what ever was doing that could get in the car to me, 
so I reached over and turned the AC on the defrost and started to blow
on the windshield to keep it from melting

What saved me was a 70's Chevy has lead in the glass and I ended up not having the
AC on the heat was on so it was better at cooling through the radiator.
As the fireball got farther away things cooled off. It was gone and it was still hot so 
I put my hand outside and the air was hot, like summer 100 deg and as I drove along
I hit the cool 25 deg December air. So I was thinking the fireball aimed at my car!
People seen the green fireball, other than me in 1989!

***And I also for some reason I sat by the curb and I put my foot under the school
bus tire and the bus ran over my foot. It didn't hurt, it just ran over my foot like a
big marshmallow went over my foot! It was kind of cool!

***I was riding my bike once and saw one of my friends so I wanted to
show off, so I flew fast down the road at them then I slid the bike sideways to
stop. But the bike catapulted me in the air at them as they where standing there.
I was coming at them but they did not move they just looked at me and I landed
right with in a inch, face to face with my friend and said "HI!" Like I meant
to do that. He hit me in the nuts!

***Relating to the times of school and to put a light on things I guess.
I have to mention that when I was a kid my "Object Permanence" happened
far sooner than expected. I am advanced in that cognitive stage when I was a kid.
I remember playing ball and slightly seeing the ball go under a couch.
I knew it was out of sight so it was gone to me but also knew it went under there.
My first paradox in life!

So I put my hand under the couch not sure if my hand would disappear and I felt
something and I pulled it out and when I looked at it. It was my ball and at that moment
it set off a something like a seizure. I remember shaking bad, like my neurons had
a massive connection wire up at that moment, like a PC reboot. 
Boom, boom norm, just like that. 

And because of all that is in my life, I have earned it to be like I am.
Keep that in mind, I got hit by a car doing 45 mph with me on a moped 
and made it! So I may not take things people think as serious, seriously!
It's not serious to me! Life is too short really to be serious!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump and ego and the road to no recovery

Noted from:
~~~~~Donald Trump Exhibiting Discernable, Clear Signs of Clinical Mental Instability,
Scores of Skeletons In His Closet, De Facto 'Disqualified' To Run for President

Considering all the facts, including his evident mental instability, his insatiable propensity
to attacks others, his infamous bad temper, his narcissism, his megalomania,
his similarities to some of histories worst, most vile despots, his apparent racism,
the list could go on and on). Do you really want this man representing America as President
or, for that matter, having any real influence whatsoever in a nation that's already too
politically polarized to properly function?

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to himself and the nation. I say we purge and fire him
from the national narrative altogether. Donald Trump, "Your Fired."

Trump is not normal and people should not think he is. Also there are issues with who
is around him. The main issue is not only Trump but it's about those others around him.
"Days after the white supremacist movement, known as the "alt-right," gathered in
Washington to celebrate Trump's victory, the President-elect said he wants nothing
to do with them." But they have a lot to do around him!

And so here they come poking their head out of the woods... Is it safe?
No the country is not safe. Rights are already starting to be taken away.

So I do ask what other roads are we going on? And why do you think Trump is norm?
In fact remember the point of Trumps treason on saying it's ok to hack Hillary our
Secretary of State that has many things important to the United States! 
A good question is what did the Russians find? And why is Trump not pushed for
treason? It's just more to the list to impeach Trump!

Donald Trump invited Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's emails on Wednesday, asking
one of America’s longstanding geopolitical adversaries to find “the 30,000 emails that
are missing” from the personal server she used during her time as secretary of state.

Trump is a flip flop and this is more than normal than adjusting to a changing
world and government. Trump is looking to get rid of the TPP!
That is a big foundation for America! What is Walmart going to look like?

"No man is an island.
No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others."
John Donne.

Trump is not in reality about things in the world. You can pretend to be a
isolationist but it's like crossing the highway blind folded!
The world goes around you!

This road Trump has to recovery is surrounded by Conservatards
with reductionist values of takeaway takeaway anti-nature.
Like a squirrel cutting it's spending getting less nuts for the winter.
It died and expected us all to die with it!
In a world of people wanting to do better. Something Conservatards don't
understand by their sadomasochistic voting habits. The pursuit of unhappiness,
UN-American wanting others to live with no AC or heat because it cost too much!
Walk with no car because they are told by the banks underwriter 
"Sorry your income is too low!" No healthcare because millions want to 
drop insurance for a bigger paycheck! Can you see the road to no recovery?!