Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Love and Support Regardless

With the Trump tards coming out of the woods. And a sexist / abnormal President 
getting to power or not if impeached. I need to note the way of life of those people
that treat their wife like shit. Like the many that tell their wife "No drama in the house!"
Without them knowing that women vent and for the Trump Tards they don't have a clue
they need a clue. Well... How are you to know what is wrong with the wife so you can
fix it not do this or that, what is bugging your wife. No! Sorry sweetheart no drama!!!

What kind of living hell is that! Might I say the wife should treat their husband like a
child being he is a child in the mind! Really! It's sick like seeing women with black eyes!
Numb to his wife needs!

That points to the Pay Equity and Discrimination issues how are you to solve the problem
if you keep your wife back from growing in her own house. Sorry No Drama please!!!

It's about love and support making life better for all. And you can't do that holding
people back Not saying what it is, is what it is! So in that the wife says
what, he is, is what he is! And so I see the need for more women to stand up
to these Trump Tards the days of no drama please needs to go!

Love and support regardless! In life there are no rules to love and we all should
know this in life. If it's meant to be it is and should be recognized.
If all met at one point in time then again at a second point in time marked, stamped
with screws embedded in the floor then that is pre-eminent it sets the agenda!

As for myself I am in love with a married lady I support her, she falls back I would be
there to catch her and push her back up being she knows I am for her best interest so
I am there for her. Not a bad thing, it's better than going over the cliff of insanity!
No cliff here I got you sweetheart and she goes on a better person as it's about support.
Not the No Drama in the House! Love is love and should be positive for growth
and so no mater who be true!