Friday, January 31, 2014

God Particle Weapon or Earth's Geodynamo

When you start to ponder things like what if UFO's are time machines and to the
fact how would you zap one with a weapon being the atoms would also be
frozen in time so no reaction would happen to the atoms!

How would you get it? A "God Particle Weapon?"
Well for me I wondered why the Large Hadron Collider LHC got the funding it had.
In history big programs had some kind of military in it! Really it does makes sense!

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the highest-energy particle collider ever made
and is considered as "one of the great engineering milestones of mankind".
It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) from 1998 to 2008,
with the aim of allowing physicists to test the predictions of different theories of particle
physics and high-energy physics, and particularly prove or disprove the existence of
the theorized Higgs particle and of the large family of new particles predicted by
supersymmetric theories.

The Higgs particle was confirmed by data from the LHC in 2013.
The LHC is expected to address some of the unsolved questions of physics, advancing
human understanding of physical laws. It contains seven detectors each designed for
specific kinds of exploration.

The God Particle or The Higgs boson or Higgs particle is an elementary particle initially
theorized in 1964, whose discovery was announced at CERN on 4 July 2012.
The discovery has been called "monumental" because it appears to confirm the
existence of the Higgs field, which is pivotal to the Standard Model and other theories
within particle physics. It would explain why some fundamental particles have mass when
the symmetries controlling their interactions should require them to be massless, and why
the weak force has a much shorter range than the electromagnetic force.

The discovery of a Higgs boson should allow physicists to finally validate the last untested
area of the Standard Model's approach to fundamental particles and forces, guide other
theories and discoveries in particle physics, and potentially lead to developments in
"new" physics.

What ever you see of it you know it opens some doors!
The Flash of light some people seen might in fact be related to the data from the LHC!

But as a weapon against Aliens, well that does put a light on things if you think about it.
There very well might be some testing going on!
Sort of a Star Wars defense system Ronald Reagan was working on! 

~~~~The Utah UFO hunters.
5 total UUFOH Team members attended that night we said  "what the bleep?"
(BYU Newsnet reporter didn't make it out there due to lack of cameraman.)
We witnessed some sort of test at the UUFOH Skywatch Friday night at the UTTR
'dune' location that was impressive to say the least.
Looking South- South West, from the border, (fenceline)
We saw a large beam of light going straight up, a huge amount of light that
flickered intensively surrounding it, ( reminded me of a arc welder but on a
grand scale) a few minutes long in duration, (3-5 minutes) then suddenly shut down.
in which the sky would become completely dark again.
Starting at 1:00 am this sequence would be repeated every
5- 15 minutes until 2:00 am. (1 full hour)

 We also noticed:
- the smell of ozone and a strange burning like smell.
- a fog bank out of nowhere, that flooded the area,
- a large mil. plane possibly recording or witnessing the test. (plus other UMO's or UFO's)
- Two way radio failure, problems
- that the light produced was at least two times brighter than Wendover (visible).
and would have been easily seen by anyone (hundreds) traveling on I-80 -during that time
( Friday night- Wendover. (also visible)
- possible and most likely camouflaged surveillance (security patrol) in area.
- bombing? heard in the morning but not seen.
- possibly a minor sunburn? (noticed the next morning by three members)
- various allergy symptoms
- extreme tiredness and lack of energy for a few days
- some members fell ill / sick for a few days
- some 35mm photo negatives film showed strange green lines or marks, on numerous pics.
  The Photo processor said it might possibly have been caused by radiation or x-rays.

WOW! Impressive power display! Never seen anything like it. but was concerned a bit
about the amount of power displayed and our safety of being exposed to it.
Were we in any rad exposure or health danger? other?

But also in view is who would dare use it? I really see that as kind of like finding
your dads shotgun in the house and dad won't like that!
Like having God showing up saying that is mine, "Give me that!"
That's not something I would be willing for!
So really I would see it as God coming back and saying kids stop fighting!
Human and Aliens in term.

In all I do hope in a way that is what it is! There has been many stories before
about the Earth's shield folding over!

"Earth's geodynamo creates a magnetic field that shields most of the habited parts of our
planet from charged particles that come mostly from the sun. The field deflects the speeding
particles toward Earth's Poles."

"Without our planet's magnetic field, Earth would be subjected to more cosmic radiation.
The increase could knock out power grids, scramble the communications systems on
spacecraft, temporarily widen atmospheric ozone holes, and generate more aurora activity"

~~~~A Puzzling Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere
"This is the biggest contraction of the thermosphere in at least 43 years," says John Emmert
of the Naval Research Lab, lead author of a paper announcing the finding in the June 19th
issue of the Geophysical Research Letters (GRL). "It's a Space Age record."

~~~~Thousand-fold Rise in Polar Flights Hikes Radiation Risk
If NASA's Chris Mertens has his way, weather forecasts and airplane cockpits of 
the future will include measurements of hazardous radiation in the atmosphere.

Mertens, a senior scientist at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.,

is developing a system to predict radiation entering Earth's atmosphere from space. 
The goal is to provide high-flying commercial airline passengers and crew with real-time
information about the radiation they will be exposed to in flight.

"Aviation occupational radiation exposure currently is not monitored, measured and 

quantified," says Mertens. "This will be the first model of its type to do that."

Exposure to radiation has been shown to increase health risk, according to 

numerous studies. Space radiation on the ground is very low, but increases 
significantly with altitude. 

At 30,000 to 40,000 feet, the typical altitude of a jetliner, exposure on a typical 
flight is still considered safe – less than a chest X-ray.

Exposure is considerably higher, however, over the Earth's poles, where the planet's 

magnetic field no longer provides any shielding. And with a thousand-fold rise in 
commercial airline flights over the North Pole in the last 10 years, exposure to
radiation has become a serious concern. 

~~~~Scientists left baffled as mysterious columns of coloured light appear
These stunning images show mysterious columns of light streaming into the
sky above the town of Sigulda in Latvia at the end of last month.

Taken by designer Aigar Truhins with a standard digital camera, the
photographs have prompted excited online discussions among amateur
astronomists all over the internet.

'My son exclaimed, 'The aliens are coming!'' Truhins was quoted as saying.
'It certainly looked that way,' he added. But experts are agreed there may 
be a more prosaic explanation ice crystals in the air.

The air above the town was notably cold and filled with suspended ice crystals.
It is believed that the columns were formed by those reflecting light from the bright
streetlamps and other lights on the ground - beaming it back downwards again.
Skies all over Europe have been filled with such natural phenomena during 
the cold snap of recent weeks.

This could be an charge generation by collision of ice crystals inline with the
Earth's magnetic field to ground!

That also is worrisome being the lot of people have never seen this kind of thing before!
It puts the light on something happening!

The point of all that is the long term exposure issues. It's bad for us and how long it
might go on?

I do think there will be more noticeable aurora activity, we all will know!
So what is going on, no one knows, this story is just to ponder the questions me
and many wondered about! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

ObamaCare taking away freedoms like women with their own body because of who?

Many have heard this before that many say ObamaCare is wrong,
that people should not have to be told they have to have insurance.
(Like they have rights to be uninsured and have others pay for it!)

Notice they are mostly Republicans that say that,
Republicans that tend to make laws for people like they can't think
for them selves.Women and their own body', like they are stupid!

Really when you think about it they have took many rights away from people,
cut food stamps from people that also payed taxes into it and have rights to it,
it's their money also! Cut school funding then cry they can't get enough
educated workers to fill jobs that are leading us to the future.

Then to cry over ObamaCare? What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.
They have taken much away from everyone. They have all the money, can't follow the rules,
must hide their money like in the country of Belize.
"It has low taxes and a low cost of living."
Someone is getting the money it's not the workers!

~~~~5 Right-Wing Violations Against Women That We Must Crush
1) Women are losing ground fast on abortion rights in states that were previously
On Thursday morning, the Guttmacher Institute released some shocking data
(although it's less shocking for those of us who have been following the war on women).
What did it reveal? The record number of abortion restrictions passed in 2011 has meant
a massive shift for women in terms of which states were supportive of reproductive rights
and which were overtly hostile:

2) The assault on birth control isn't over, and some want to deny women the
right to use it at all.
Many people were outraged by a new bill advancing in Arizona that would essentially
allow employers to sniff through the personal history of female employees:

3) Violence Against Women Act is under threat in the Senate.
The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Joe Biden's precious piece of legislation
that has been reauthorized easily over repeated years, has suddenly become contentious
yet again this year because of new protections aimed at LGBT citizens, Native Americans
and immigrants. Even though the bill has actually increased domestic violence reporting,
some members of the GOP appear ready to throw women under the bus in their effort
to exclude other disadvantaged groups from its helpful reach. As its primary sponsor
Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont told HuffPo's Amanda Terkel,
"You cannot say that we will seek to stop domestic violence, but only for certain people.
It just boggles the mind. It goes against everything I ever knew as a prosecutor,
but it also goes against everything I know as a human being." 

4) Abortion doctors and pregnant women are being targeted.
This is one of the most disturbing but important fronts of the war on women--the
criminalization of pregnant women and the targeting of abortion doctors.
In Kansas, Dr. Mila Means has been prevented  from opening up a practice in
George Tiller's place by threats and harassment. In Indiana, a pregnant woman who
tried to commit suicide and lost her baby has been imprisoned
for over a year now.

5) We're defending ground we shouldn't be defending.
When absurd bills like the ones described above in Arizona, Utah and Kansas
are defeated, it feels like a victory. But in fact, progressives are just playing defense.
The right wing has always been good at pushing for the most extreme measures so
that anything else seems like a compromise, e.g. lose mandatory vaginal ultrasounds,
keep mandatory abdominal ultrasounds. And as the statistics from Guttmacher show,
even with a continual pushback from feminists, these laws are still coming through piece
by piece, and some members of the mainstream media are following for the
"religious freedom" framing that is the latest canny re-dubbing from the playbook
that brought us "Right to Work" states for union-busting and "pro-life" for anti-women policies.

But times are changing, many are getting their rights back!
Like what Carl Sagan said!
"The old appeals to racial sexual and religious chauvinism to rabid nationalist
Ferber are beginning not to work."

Saturday, January 25, 2014

NLRB Office of the General Counsel Issues Complaint against Walmart - Action!

The workers do have power and yes people do hear you.
If you work at a Walmart and have the same issues going on please contact
the NLRB! Now is your time!

~~~~NLRB Office of the General Counsel Issues Complaint against Walmart

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Office of the General Counsel has issued
a consolidated complaint against Walmart alleging that the company violated the rights
of its employees as a result of activities surrounding employee protests in 13 states.

The Office of the General Counsel informed Walmart that complaints were authorized in
November of 2013, but withheld issuing the complaints to allow time for settlement
discussions. The discussions have not been successful and a consolidated complaint has
issued regarding some of the alleged violations of federal law. 
More than 60 Walmart supervisors and one corporate officer are named in the complaint.

Cases were consolidated to avoid unnecessary costs or delay.  Walmart must respond to
the complaint by January 28, 2014.  No hearing date has been set. 
The Office of General Counsel has authorized or issued complaints in other Walmart
cases and additional charges remain under investigation.

The National Labor Relations Act guarantees the right of private sector employee
to act together to try to improve their wages and working conditions with or
without a union. The consolidated complaint involves more than 60 employees,
19 of whom were discharged allegedly as a result of their participation in activities
protected by the National Labor Relations Act.
The Office of the General Counsel alleges that Walmart violated the Act when:
  • During two national television news broadcasts and in statements to employees at Walmart stores in California and Texas, Walmart unlawfully threatened employees with reprisal if they engaged in strikes and protests.
  • At stores in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and Washington, Walmart unlawfully threatened, disciplined, and/or terminated employees for having engaged in legally protected strikes and protests.
  • At stores in California, Florida, and Texas, Walmart unlawfully threatened, surveilled, disciplined, and/or terminated employees in anticipation of or in response to employees’ other protected concerted activities.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Humans are stronger and Disclosure.

I don't know if anyone else wondered why Aliens seem to be hiding from us
most of the time. Why you don't see alien abductions going on in the day time
or UFO's flying around.

I tend to see the story like the myth of the Celestial Cow as pointing to more
as true in many parts. Stories from history all have a point of truth to them.
Like the basis of the story line in the Stargate movie.
"All forms of life were believed to have been created by Ra, who called each of
them into existence by speaking their secret names. Alternatively humans were created
from Ra's tears and sweat, hence the Egyptians call themselves the "Cattle of Ra."
In the myth of the Celestial Cow it is recounted how mankind plotted against Ra and how
he sent his eye as the goddess Sekhmet to punish them. When she became bloodthirsty
she was pacified by mixing beer with red dye."

When you look in to alien abductions how people are not in control.
They have missing time.
Also points to UFO's being time machines.

It is like the Aliens have power over us. But there are stories that tell otherwise.
Like Jeanie's story:

I'm not sure how I saw them. If it was you know tuning in and seeing them on what level.
My room looks dark and I always sleep with my light on. I've done that since I was a child.

So when I'm realizing they're with me the energy feels different. It was totally unnerving to
me to recognize that they really were visiting with me and I could see there was a smaller
Grey on my right hand side and a slightly taller one on my left and I remember telepathing
to the Grey, 'Please stop doing that, I don't want you to touch me.' I asked him three times.

It didn't stop so I'm not sure if it was my astral arm that came out and I reached over and
I grasped his long skinny bony fingers with my left hand and said, 'I asked you not to
touch me, please do not touch me.'

And then I noticed the Greys on each side of my bed looked at each other and I thought,
'Ah shoot, they're gonna knock me out with that white light again.'

The point was she had power to stop what was going on.
If she could do that she could of kicked the Greys ass!, being he is the size
of a 10 year old!

Being the part "God created man in His own image."
Does that give us god like powers? It might!
Why else do they seem to hide, have they lost in the past like in the
the myth of the Celestial Cow story?

Now with the disclosure part, the noted point is the Aliens belief.
Mostly point to the part no one really dies your body is just a vessel with
reincarnation as the point. This true viewed in science as energy does
not really die it changes form, wood is energy there is a force behind it growing it
and when you burn it. It will turn in to heat and carbon and carbon goes into
many forms back to some kind of energy.

Like what Bill Hicks said 7 balls of light brought him to a UFO where they
telepathically told him we all are one and there is no such thing as death.

Also noted is the 7 balls of light he saw! There is another story like that.
"My son and I then observed two brightly colored orbs of light; one blue, one red.
They seemed to be going into and out of a small cloud, visible one moment and
obstructed the next."

But the point is no death as noted in these videos with mind blowing points.
It's like a car chase with people chasing you and you pull the hand break and
drift sideways into a side street and the chasers front tires break off as they try the same!
Go look at the videos!

Also noted is a story that point to more relating to that video.
"CIA interest and involvement in extraterrestrial reality has been well documented
through declassified documents. The extent and the degree of CIA involvement has
not been well documented but is massive and beyond the comprehension of most
investigators. Of course the CIA is not the only major player in the investigation,
exploitation and suppression of extraterrestrial technology and reality."

Strange as it is I am sure you see the changes going on.
We will get into the light in time!
Like what Carl Sagan said.
"The old appeals to racial sexual and religious
chauvinism to rabid nationalist Ferber are beginning
not to work."

Also the old Gnostic.
The Gospel of Thomas: Jesus said,
"Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find,
they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel,
and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]"

Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is
hidden from you will be disclosed to you.
For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.
[And there is nothing buried that will not be raised.]"

Monday, January 20, 2014

Food stamp cuts and the need for better pay

There is a food stamp coming, a $90 less a month cut.
And as many have seen or know that many still run out of food
before the month, ending up at Walmart at 12 am on the first of the month.
With cuts many will run out sooner.

Also for sales in a food stamp economy, Walmart and all places that does
food stamps will have less go to them. People on food stamps don't save up
their food stamps it all gets spent to the end so the cut goes to the store owners.

 ~~~~850,000 may have $90 less in food stamps
A deal on food stamps in Congress could trim as much as $90 a
month from 850,000 of the nation's poorest who seek help to buy groceries.

The measure is part of the latest farm bill and aims to cut about $9 billion
from food stamps over the next 10 years, according to the
Congressional Research Service.

It's less than the $39 billion that Republicans had wanted to cut from the program;
but double what Democrats had suggested.

Lawmakers characterize the deal as getting rid of a "loophole" that has helped 17 states
dole out more generous food stamps to some people who also get as little as $1 dollar in
federal help to heat or cool their homes. They also stress the move won't cut families from
food stamps, it will just shrink the amount.

Advocates for the poor are irate. The newly-proposed reductions come just months after
the $11 cut from food stamp checks that went into effect on Nov. 1, when the recession-era
boost in funding ended. Since then, food pantries have reported larger crowds, as families
exhaust their allotment before the month ends.

"They're calling it a loophole, but it's taking away real money from real families,"
said Joel Berg, executive director, of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger,
an advocacy group. "It seems like they're just thinking: We must pass a farm bill at all
costs, even if the cost is throwing 800,000 under bus."

The food stamp changes are part of a larger farm bill that remains stalled in Congress
over a separate measure to stabilize dairy prices that has irritated House Speaker
John Boehner and other Republicans. The goal is to get it passed before the spring
crop planting season, because farmers need to know what to expect for their corn,
wheat or tobacco yields.

The bill would end direct payments to farmers for planting crops and replace it with a
revamped crop insurance program. The food stamps program is fully funded for the next
two years by the most recent budget deal. Delaying the farm bill won't jeopardize
recipients from getting benefits. However, the bill would result in less funding in
coming years.

The main issue is wages! Low pay is less spending money for the workers, making
less sales, sales tax for your town, more cost in food stamps.
Less money taxed and put into Social security.
It's like low taxes being less money to live on, in your town is to the poor
has less to live by, so they don't live. Do without, I never needed it anyway!
Those points of view that kills small towns!

Thus the low wages zombies that take everyone down with them.
Down with them, is the cost of low pay, the cost of food stamps.
So the Republicans cut the food stamps and the poor lives by their means,
burning wood to keep warm in the winter.

Walk without cars, look poor, over all bring attention to everyone how poor things are.
Kind of like having pan handlers in front of the red lobster and everywhere!
That is power! They have it with that! The poor hurts businesses more than just low sales!
The money saved by cutting food stamps has to be put in for keeping towns alive etc.
As the cost of the poor gets moved the savings gets lost.

The view that a higher minimum wage will drive up the cost of everything is
not all that it is. It will drive up the cost to the rich that would be able to afford
to buy it, as the poor will just walk away from the higher price.

Also "wage compression" I see also as not there. "Employers may try to offset the cost
of a minimum wage increase by freezing or reducing the pay of higher income employees."
More likely that is when you have a high turnover rate at the work place, as many go
for better paying jobs, more stable invirement. Or they just deal with it.

Over all it takes care of it's self in time. The longer that happens in the work place the
less workers you might be seeing and lower productivity because of new workers
or overwhelmed workers working slower!
In the end that way pulls down many work places that act that way.

~~~~Economists agree: Raising the minimum wage reduces poverty
They all tend to think that raising the minimum wage would reduce poverty.
That’s the conclusion of a major new paper by Dube, titled “Minimum Wages
and the Distribution of Family Incomes.”

Let’s first highlight the major results. Dube uses the latest in minimum-wage statistics
and finds a negative relationship between the minimum wage and poverty. Specifically,
raising the minimum wage 10 percent (say from $7.25 to near $8) would reduce the number
of people living in poverty 2.4 percent. (For those who thrive on jargon, the minimum wage
has an “elasticity” of -0.24 when it comes to poverty reduction.)

Using this as an estimate, raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, as many
Democrats are proposing in 2014, would reduce the number of people living in
poverty by 4.6 million. It would also boost the incomes of those at the 10th percentile
by $1,700. That’s a significant increase in the quality of life for our worst off that
doesn’t require the government to tax and spend a single additional dollar.
And, given that this policy is self-enforcing with virtually no administrative costs
while challenging the employer’s market power, it is a powerful complement
to the rest of the policies the government uses to boost the living standards of the
worst off, including the Earned Income Tax Credit, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.

Now, this is normally the part where we’d have to go through the counter-arguments,
using different data and techniques from different economists, to argue that the
minimum wage wouldn’t do this. But this is the fun part: Dube’s paper finds a remarkable
consistency across studies here. For instance, in a 2011 paper by minimum-wage opponent
David Neumark, raising the minimum wage 10 percent would reduce poverty 2.9 percent
(an elasticity of -0.29) for 21-44-year-old family heads or individuals.
That’s very similar to what Dube finds. Neumark doesn’t mention this directly in the
paper however; Dube is able to back out this conclusion using
other variables that are listed.

Indeed, Dube digs out the effects of the minimum wage on poverty from 12 different
studies in the new wave of literature on the topic that started in the 1990s with
David Card and Alan Krueger field-creating research. Of the 54 elasticities that Dube
is able to observe in these12 papers, 48 of them are negative.
Only one study has a sizable positive one, a 2005 one by David Neumark, a study that
stands out for odd methodology (it lacks state and yearly fixed effects, it assumes quantiles
are moving in certain directions) that isn’t standard in the field or in his subsequent work.
(Indeed, it is nothing like Neumark’s standard 2011 study, mentioned above, which finds
that the minimum wage reduces poverty.) Including that study, there’s an average elasticity
of -0.15 across all the studies; tossing it, there’s one of -0.20 across the 11 studies,
similar to what Dube finds.

However these previous studies also have issues which Dube’s new study examines.
This paper uses data up through 2012, so there is much more substantial variations to
examine between states’ minimum wages compared to earlier studies from the 1990s.
Meanwhile there are additional controls added, including those that deal with the business
cycle as well as regional effects. The range of controls provide 8 different results, all
of which are highlighted.

Now, as a general rule with these numbers, you should never observe too far away
from the mean that is, you shouldn’t take the effects of small changes to see what would
happen if we, say, increased the minimum wage 500 percent, or to levels that don’t actually
exist right now. But the results are promising. Indeed, they are promising on three
different measures of poverty.

There’s the normal definition of poverty established in the 1960s as a result of how
much food costs takes up in your family budget. But the relationship is both relevant
and even stronger for the poverty gap, which is how far people are away from the
poverty line, and the squared poverty gap, which is a focus on those with very
low incomes. The elasticities here are -0.32 and -0.96 respectively, with the second
having an almost one-to-one relationship because the minimum wage reduces the
proportions of those with less than one-half the poverty line.

What should people take away from this? The first is that there are significant benefits,
whatever the costs. If you look at the economist James Tobin in 1996, for instance, he
argues that the “minimum wage always had to be recognized as having good income
consequences….I thought in this instance those advantages outweighed the small
loss of jobs.” Since then there’s been substantially more work done arguing that the loss
of jobs is smaller or nonexistent, and now we know that the advantages are even better,
especially when it comes to boosting incomes of the poorest and reducing extreme poverty.

The second is that this isn’t a thing that people proposing an inequality agenda just
happened to throw on the table. A higher minimum wage is a substantial response to
the challenges of inequality. Opponents of a higher minimum wage focus on the idea
that it largely won’t benefit the worst off.

However, look at this graphic from the study:

A higher minimum wage will lead to a significant boost in incomes for the worst off in the 
bottom 30th percent of income, while having no impact on the median household.

As many economists have argued, the minimum wage ”substantially ‘held up’ the lower
tail of the U.S. earnings distribution” through the late 1970s, but this effect stopped as the
real value of the minimum wage fell in subsequent decades.
This gives us an empirical handle on how the minimum wage would help deal with
both insufficient low-end wages and inequality, and the results are striking.

Charles Darwin once wrote, “If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature,
but by our institutions, great is our sin.” One of the key institutions of the
modern economy, the minimum wage, could dramatically reduce the misery
of the poor. What would it say if we didn’t take advantage of it?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Time Traveling UFO's

When you think about things like how it is said in UFO sightings the craft
would take off and disappear at a rate more than any human could take.
So what if they just sped up time for them while we are slow norm.
To us it looks like they are streaking fast, but really they are doing 55 mph!

Also this points to a faster travel time or faster than the speed of light being the
system is nonlinear and the laws of physics do not apply because of the time travel.

Also if time is frozen also would be the atoms of the outer layer of the UFO.
So no reaction to the atoms would happen. No heat transfer, cold, pressure etc.
So really those stories of UFOS being seen in the sun could be true.

Anyone that took over a UFO during a abduction might notice the buttons
or dials used to control the thing. It would be obvious to me!


~~~~Chrononauts - An Evolutionary Angle 
One of the main reasons cited against extraterrestrial involvement is the 
extreme distances they would have to cross in a reasonable amount of time.
If “aliens” are time travelers, then no distance to cross is required.

The counter-argument to that is “if the universe is expanding, the position of 

the earth in the universe in 1999 is going to be greatly different than it’s position 
in 2004. Thus, time travelers would find themselves millions of miles off course”.

My response to that would be in the form of an analogy. Take a balloon, and imagine

that it represents the universe, and the surface is the fabric of space and time. 
Make a dot on the balloon. This dot represents a particular point in space at a 
certain time (say the present). Now inflate the balloon (if the universe is expanding,
you’ve just moved into the future). 

Not only does the mark stretch a bit; it also changes position in three-dimensional
space. However, since the entire balloon stretched the same amount, that mark 
still refers to the exact same point on the balloon as when it was deflated.

Thus, a point in space is the exact same point in different times, even if the universe

expands. If the time travelers are using wormholes fixed in space but not in time,
and the wormhole is anchored to a position in space a few miles away from the moon, 
then, whatever time they go to, they will always be the same distance from the moon
(provided the moon hasn’t changed it’s position in the universe).

 ~~~~Can UFO Visitors Actually Be Time Travelers?
When Rich and I were writing A.D. After Disclosure last summer, we discussed
the entire time travel paradox. He thought this theory might even explain 
why UFOs

have been seen throughout human history. Could it be that, in different time 
streams, there were no "ancient aliens" visiting our ancestors, but that future 
time traveling humans made the decision to appear in our past? From our present-day 
perspective, we would perceive these visits as ancient when, conceivably, 
they might be occurring at the same time as ours.

The notion of "aliens" as extratemporals, or time-traveling humans from the
future, is intriguing, if a bit convoluted. Still, the idea of the Others as evolved, 
time-traveling, versions of ourselves has its own puzzles and inconsistencies. 
If people of the future are our visitors, then presumably there is another time stream 
in which we do not have a UFO phenomenon -- at least in the original time stream 
where the decision was made to go back into the human past. 
Or does the whole thing go in some bizarre loop?

Also from that there is the point of the Flash of light many where seeing!

Strange as it is many have been seeing a flash of light in their rooms,
or other places.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Education is needed, Stop the 13th, 14th grade!

You will get there!
Learn from your life. Reflecting to a girlfriend
I had from Bartlesville when I was in college 23 years ago when I was 20-22.
I was more in love with her younger sister.
Landed in my lap a keeper!!!!!!!! We first met I looked at her and she looked at me.
And we time warped through space and time. Powerful stuff!

But I had false beliefs that kept me away from her.
We liked each other, it was me I was in the 13th - 14th grade, did
not know to go for it! I would be happy if I stayed with her and
I missed out on something good. I still want to be there even now.
But back then I was in the 13th grade and had BS guiding my life, who knew!

Learn now! Education is important in your life!

As in:
The Gospel of Thomas: Jesus said,
"Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be
disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all.
 [And after they have reigned they will rest.]"

Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you
will be disclosed to you.
For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.
[And there is nothing buried that will not be raised.]"

Bad decisions, comes from the lack of Education, it makes you life hell!
Not knowing what to do, and not knowing what they are telling you is false
keeping you not free!

Look at your own life, you been there also.
Let them know to learn, Teach. Let people know why, I just did!

There has been many strange good things, in my love life.
I met one girlfriend 15+ years before I met her.
Driving my white 1982 Toyota corolla SR5 
to Joplin Missouri because, I wondered what was there, I kept seeing the signs on
the highway saying this way to Joplin. So the road pointed me to there so I went there.
Well on the way I passed a white GEO METRO packed stuff going to or from Missouri.
Only to find out 15 years+ later, when I ended up working at a Walmart where I met
my girlfriend that had a white GEO METRO. ( It was her! )
She drove up to Missouri in the winter and when she came back her car
broke down close to Kansas City.
I had to leave work and go to "Kansas City to save my baby!"

Even on the way a song came on the radio.
Rascal Flatts Bless The Broken Road! How deep is that?!
( )
But it was on the way home on the about the same part of the highway 15+ years later
I connected the time-lines!

With the time we spent I would always see an sign on the road that points to her!
Even driving home from work on the highway on a cloudy day the clouds
cleared up a bit and the sun light was on the town she lived at,
dark everywhere else.
I seen so many things pointing to her, it was spiritual, but she called me EMO,
and pushed away. I did my best, but it was not recognized!

But I know love is through space and time!
It is just not her time with me!
Because all the roads lead to her, in time from the signs I see posted in my life.
And also a time warp is a time warp, you cant get a bigger sign than that!
Life is powerful!

I also fell for a girl I kept running into my near the final year in high school.
Where ever I went I would see her somewhere in the background.

I was going to talk to her to let her know I was interested in her after
graduation practice, but she had to leave during it.
Everyone looked at her go up the stairs as they where all in place where
they are supposed to be, all but her! I was in love!

So I ended up after graduation looking for her and found her.
We talked a bit and I found out she was going out of state for College.
So really to me at the time this was the last time I would see her, it hurt!

And to the fact that I got booted off going to a big college and I ended
up at a JR college. Most of that time my heart was thinking about her.
It was one of those things like the "Red string of fate" heart wise to me!

I was depressed about it. So there I was sitting in class at the JR college, thinking
about things depressed, I really was thinking about her at the time when she came
walking in and sat down in a class I was in.
She was going to the same college I was and we had the same class together!

We dated in college but when I told her I loved her it bounced like ping pong balls
off her. Again it was not was not recognized. It seems clear to me being how we met
but her thinking was not there!

So from that we started to date for a bit. I showed her how to drive, she had
too much fun and we ended up in a field in the country, I took the keys!
She was not 100% and that is ok I loved her for who she was!
She had a stroke when she was in high school so it did damage.

Her parents at the time had no plans for her, they didn't want her to drive,
they did not teach her anything. I pointed to her she needs to take care of her self
look into people before she trust them being they would see her as a easy target.
Background checks etc she needed to do.

To me that also pointed to why she did not get to a big college.
Not being 100% was not all it but her parents seemed to me to
be dumping her! Letting her fail so she could learn herself!

She went on her way after her time in college and I lost track of her.
But I met her again when I worked at a hotel. She was at a function at the hotel
I was working. I talked to her told her my heart was still there, but still.
I found out she is moving to Chicago, and she still did not see me as
more that what I was!

But we went out one more time. I took her to dinner, then took her home.
This was a depressing day for me, being the heart string was still there and now.

That day I could not take off the day from work to go on a date all day.
I worked at a hotel and it was a big thing they had going on.

When I got there I found out it was a banquet with a famous lady actress from the 80's
I liked to watch. The show was about an Angel that lived in the closet, that would come out
to help a boy deal with things.

Sort of fitting! She was doing the motivational speaking thing there.
During her thing she came up to me and wanted to get my coffee pot so she could
run around to serve coffee to people, being motivational.
I quickly showed her how to do it safely without getting hot coffee on someone.
She later told me I was the first one that let her do it! Thanks she said.

What is the point of all those stories?
You need to have education to know everything is spiritual! And know why!!!
( )

Anyway, to all you will get there!!!!

Through space
and time!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Strange UFO stories and being free!

There has been a few strange things I have seen and heard in my life.
One of the mind blowers I found, putting all together, is the strange
stories I have heard from a few people. And a few things I seen.

 I have seen a few unknowns. Me and my friend met a ghost council Indian Chief
when I was a kid. We where in the boy scouts in 1983, we all where hiking,
on this hill in Tulsa when me and my friend sat on a rock looking down at the
Arkansas river. The rock was was shaped like Oklahoma.

Me and my friend was talking about Cowboys and Indians when all of a sudden
This guy said something behind us. We did not hear anyone coming behind us.
There are leaves around and a bunch of skinny trunk trees.
So there was no place to hide and leaves to make noise.

He told us to respect and for each feather he had on his headdress
he killed a Buffalo! Smiled at me. I guess he looked into our future and
decided to let us go. Looking back at it. I don't know!

Me and my friend looked at each other and
when we looked back at the Chief, he was gone!
He could not of ran that fast without making any noise, with no trees to hide!

And in my past I kind of seen a stick kind of alien guy, I was cutting weeds
with a weed eater and hit something I heard a strange sound and a blur flew by me!
I looked behind me and seen nothing! I didn't know what it was at the time,
I still don't know but I was in my dark ages back then!
(Sorry Guy!)

Many stories are common like in their past they remember living in a house that
had big windows and over time they had to leave the place, with such memories
of how good the place was and there was no place like it they didn't want
to leave the place! One guy said he remembered living in a house by the
lake and it had big windows. He lived in a room that that had black pipes
coming out of the wall etc, sort of like the Alien movie but it was
before that movie was made!

Give it that his blood sugar was like 500, when he told me all this stuff!
And it is noted the KGB would bring someones blood sugar up high
to get some truth out of them.
Makes them talk! I look at the info said as fact!

Relating to his story there is also a story in another town close
to a lake from me. There was a house by the lake that disappeared.
The locals said one day it was there and the next day it wasn't and
no one knows anything about it.
There is a big hole kind of place where it was!
I drove there to look at it once, it was strange!

Then relating to another guy that said he seen a UFO, but only with his glasses off.
If he put them on he could not see anything! He said the UFO had big windows
and people in it, with a small kid in the window!

There was also a 1989 Alien Abduction in Oklahoma.
Katoosa, Oklahoma - 07-25-89

My son and I were driving south on Keatonville road returning home from visiting
my cousins. I pulled to the side of the road and stopped to light a cigarette.
After doing so, I noticed some strange looking lights in the sky very near us.

My son and I then observed two brightly colored orbs of light; one blue, one red.
They seemed to be going into and out of a small cloud, visible one moment and
obstructed the next.

That's when we saw it. We watched in shock and disbelief as the disc-shaped craft
emerged from the small cloud and silently and swiftly ascended to less than fifty
yards from our car.

It continued to slowly move to about thirty yards from us. They were close enough for
me to see them looking at us through windows. They seemed to be somewhat small from
that distance, then a sudden fear overcame me and I remember attempting to drive off as
fast as I could.

Then the next thing we remember is we are still in the car, the cigarette has burned up
in the ashtray, the car is not running now, and we are sitting slumped over in the seats.

There as also a story I heard in college that points to about the same timeline 1989.
A guy said he was with his high school friend at a "Drug House"
way out in the country, Jenks Oklahoma to get some weed.
There was a bunch of people outside smoking when they got there.
The guy and his friend went in the house and his friend went to the back to
get some weed while the guy waited.

His car was parked out in front and he could see his car in the hallway going to
the front screen door. He was talking to a guy that was in the house while his
friend was in the back, when all of a sudden a white light came on outside
on his car.

At the time he said he thought it was just a outside light on.
About that time the guys outside where screaming and running around the car.
Like something was chasing them around the car.

Keep in mind he thought they where just goofing around stoned,
so he had no clue what was going on. Then the light went off and latter
his friend came out of the back with his joints.

They got to their car and noticed most where gone outside. "They must of went home"
he said. But driving away he remembered there was no other cars outside
when they first got there.

He told me this after he seen the "The McPherson Tape, 1989 film."
He remembered what happened and put in together after that!

Also a thought is that why did the guys outside not get abducted easy,
why where they running around the car being chased by the Aliens?
They guys where stoned! Being Marijuana makes you think for yourself,
pondering the meaning of life! It points to the Aliens "control" failed with
free thinking pot heads! This points to why many wanted Marijuana to
be illegal, it makes you free under no control! That's what I see!
Other than that it kind of reminds me of something like Cheech and Chong!

I also seen a strange Alien NASA video once on youtube.
It was filmed from a crack in the door from a hotel meeting.
It was a video showed of a sad looking guy and on the video they where talking about.
It was alien this alien that, etc. And about he is sad, and that was good!
"He is at his lowest he has ever been."
That video didn't last long on youtube at the time I didn't know how to save
those file types.

That video pointed to me as how many people want others
to be down low, easy to control, keep suppressed. Like the dark ages making no room
for growth for them or others! It's true as in hackers that want to bog down your
computer so you will spend more time fixing it than getting to work making
stories on current etc! Like bad trolls stalling people down.

Or like Working at Walmart, keep you down to the ground, so you sleep 48 hours on
your first day off. Sort of like the Egyptians. They call themselves the
"Cattle of Ra." In the myth of the Celestial Cow it is
recounted how mankind plotted against Ra and how he sent
his eye as the goddess Sekhmet to punish them.
It could be like that now but they keep us all down so mankind can't plot
against them! Make them sad and suppressed!

My view is that there has been Aliens in bible times.
viewed as Angels or Demons. Well think about it, being in the lake of fire
doesn't that sound like the Alien abductions where you can't move and poked
with a probe?

Strange as it is, there is more to life than we know!
Don't be sad or suppressed! It's clear that's what they want!
I'm sure you see it! And Im sure you all have your stories!

That is really the point of this story! Be free!
Other than be aware of people that say they lived in a
house that had big windows!
Being as it is with my life experiences I see myself as earning it.
Know it all, is from experiences and one should not pretend to not know things!

And Wake up!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Obamacare and contraceptives-There is no Pro-Life with the Spanish Inquisition!

There is no Pro-Life with the Spanish Inquisition!
But to say contraceptives violate your religious freedom and moral beliefs
with a light of the past like that makes it all seem like a kind of a stretch!

~~~~"5 things to know about Obamacare and contraceptives."
A blockbuster 2012 ruling upheld the constitutionality of the key funding part of the
politically charged law aiming to get health coverage to millions of uninsured Americans.
This time, the court is looking at a part of the law that took effect on
Wednesday requiring most employers to provide contraception coverage.

A Catholic charity that cares for the low-income elderly, the Little Sisters of the
Poor, asked the Supreme Court this week to exempt it from having to comply.

Here are five things to know about the case:

1. The law
The 2010 Affordable Care Act requires non-profit groups and businesses of a
certain size to provide health insurance to their employees or pay fines.
One preventive care requirement initially included mandatory contraception
or birth control and other reproductive health coverage with no copay to women.

2. The objection
Some religious groups that include Catholics and evangelicals objected on
grounds the requirement violated their religious freedom and moral beliefs.

3. How was it handled?
The Obama administration and religious organizations set out to negotiate how
the provision would be carried out. Under rules they came up with last summer,
churches and houses of worship would be exempt.

But under the compromise, church-run hospitals, universities, parochial schools
and charities must provide no-cost contraception coverage, or have a third-party
insurer provide separate benefits without the employer's direct involvement.
And most are complying.

Organizations that opt-out of direct coverage must sign a document certifying
their religious objections and authorizing payments.
The government would then require the outside insurer pick up the costs.

4. What's the core issue now?
A key here is Christian Brothers Services, a Catholic-affiliated non-profit that
administers health plans for Little Sisters of the Poor and hundreds
of other faith-based groups.

CBS qualifies for an exemption under the Obamacare rules for contraception
 and so does the Little Sisters of the Poor. All the nuns have to do and the
Justice Department concurred on Friday is fill out the form seeking a pass,
and they'll get it.

But they contend in their suit that finding someone else to fulfill the insurance mandate
even if it is unclear who that might be right now is immoral because
contraception coverage would be delivered ultimately and they oppose it.

The nuns and the provider on Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to intervene
one day before the requirement was due to take effect along with other
provisions of Obamacare.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted an emergency injunction, pending her review of
arguments from all sides. She could extend the injunction temporarily in order to allow
for further review, end it without further action, or kick the matter up to
the entire court to review.

5. Who would be impacted by a ruling?
Any further court order could ultimately impact scores of religious groups and
non-profit businesses, some of which have mounted legal challenges in recent
months to the law over contraception.

But it would be only a stop-gap or temporary measure, either blocking or allowing
enforcement until the federal courts decide larger legal and constitutional questions.

It's a process that may take many months, perhaps ultimately ending again at
the Supreme Court for final review.

Separately, the justices in March will take up a related challenge to the birth control
coverage mandate. That appeal concerns whether some for-profit corporations should
be exempt, again on religious liberty grounds.

The case, led by owners of the Hobby Lobby retail chain, may have less chance for
success than the appeal presented by the nuns.

***Looking to the past as many say they want to be exempt, on contraception coverage
because of their religious liberty grounds seems strange when you looked
at the Spanish Inquisition!

The liberty ground back then was to behead, burn people alive etc.
No pro-life there! In fact where was the liberty back then?

"There is no pro-life with the Spanish Inquisition!"

Really to want people to not have contraception with the view of the Spanish Inquisition
seems kind of hypocritical and worth being noted!

Other than that what cost more the contraception coverage.
Or the cost of taking care of all the kids with all the cost?

Also noted is the Spanish Inquisition should be looked at, like how many
still would like to go back to those days. I see it in the Tea Party types!
If your not with them!

It's better to learn from the Spanish Inquisition and move on and not to want to go
back to it or like the 1950's  where the Tea Party types want to go!

But really I hope many see the point of this story!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zen and Zero on your road!

Being on the road of change in 2014, I need to say it's best
to be on the road, than to never be on the road in
the first place, you miss out on too much!

2014 looks like to be a year on the road for everyone!
Would you want it any other way?

 A start of a New Year! A New Day!