Sunday, January 19, 2014

Time Traveling UFO's

When you think about things like how it is said in UFO sightings the craft
would take off and disappear at a rate more than any human could take.
So what if they just sped up time for them while we are slow norm.
To us it looks like they are streaking fast, but really they are doing 55 mph!

Also this points to a faster travel time or faster than the speed of light being the
system is nonlinear and the laws of physics do not apply because of the time travel.

Also if time is frozen also would be the atoms of the outer layer of the UFO.
So no reaction to the atoms would happen. No heat transfer, cold, pressure etc.
So really those stories of UFOS being seen in the sun could be true.

Anyone that took over a UFO during a abduction might notice the buttons
or dials used to control the thing. It would be obvious to me!


~~~~Chrononauts - An Evolutionary Angle 
One of the main reasons cited against extraterrestrial involvement is the 
extreme distances they would have to cross in a reasonable amount of time.
If “aliens” are time travelers, then no distance to cross is required.

The counter-argument to that is “if the universe is expanding, the position of 

the earth in the universe in 1999 is going to be greatly different than it’s position 
in 2004. Thus, time travelers would find themselves millions of miles off course”.

My response to that would be in the form of an analogy. Take a balloon, and imagine

that it represents the universe, and the surface is the fabric of space and time. 
Make a dot on the balloon. This dot represents a particular point in space at a 
certain time (say the present). Now inflate the balloon (if the universe is expanding,
you’ve just moved into the future). 

Not only does the mark stretch a bit; it also changes position in three-dimensional
space. However, since the entire balloon stretched the same amount, that mark 
still refers to the exact same point on the balloon as when it was deflated.

Thus, a point in space is the exact same point in different times, even if the universe

expands. If the time travelers are using wormholes fixed in space but not in time,
and the wormhole is anchored to a position in space a few miles away from the moon, 
then, whatever time they go to, they will always be the same distance from the moon
(provided the moon hasn’t changed it’s position in the universe).

 ~~~~Can UFO Visitors Actually Be Time Travelers?
When Rich and I were writing A.D. After Disclosure last summer, we discussed
the entire time travel paradox. He thought this theory might even explain 
why UFOs

have been seen throughout human history. Could it be that, in different time 
streams, there were no "ancient aliens" visiting our ancestors, but that future 
time traveling humans made the decision to appear in our past? From our present-day 
perspective, we would perceive these visits as ancient when, conceivably, 
they might be occurring at the same time as ours.

The notion of "aliens" as extratemporals, or time-traveling humans from the
future, is intriguing, if a bit convoluted. Still, the idea of the Others as evolved, 
time-traveling, versions of ourselves has its own puzzles and inconsistencies. 
If people of the future are our visitors, then presumably there is another time stream 
in which we do not have a UFO phenomenon -- at least in the original time stream 
where the decision was made to go back into the human past. 
Or does the whole thing go in some bizarre loop?

Also from that there is the point of the Flash of light many where seeing!

Strange as it is many have been seeing a flash of light in their rooms,
or other places.

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