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Many have been seeing a flash of light in their room!

Strange as it is many have been seeing a flash of light in their rooms,
or other places. What is it? I don't know if it has anything to do with
the Large Hadron Collider, Fermilab or Project Pegasus . Time travel etc,
it's just unknown. But there are some strange things going on at the LHC!
This kind of stuff when relating on the power of the LHC and noted
by what some are saying. Looking at it relating it does sort of has a light!

"He even said the LHC was developed using alien technology from another planet
by evil Illuminate scientists to 'interfere with time, open portals to other dimensions
and severe the link between good humans and the spiritual plane and divine

"Some of the conspiracy theories about CERN have included that it is being used as a
portal to allow Satan to return to Earth."

Funny and mostly looked as BS! Yes but there are other issues of people saying 
they seen a dark mass going after them or ran from them. I am leaning toward the view
of this kind of stuff. I would not say it's Satan but something unknown!

Also the "evil Illuminate scientists" Could be a gray Alien group so the same of the sorts
so it's unknown who but it relates. Illuminate is just a name who are they?

All of this I see as a dog casing it's tail! There is a universal, governing force!
It's called love! Also to point at a "Quantum entanglement: is a physical 
phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or 
interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be 
described independently instead, a quantum state may be given for the 
system as a whole."

Relating to souls being entwined. Or in term the ring of life where many people
are connected through space and time. Like a soul mate, or the red string of fate.

In love or not but more of just connected in some past time or event in the future.
Being that a soul is more non linear than anything when you think about it.
Looking into the Quantum theory light.

So relating to being connected in a Quantum theory light love is connected and
as a force of many is one and the same in everyone as the same... LOVE!

There is no severing the link between good humans and the spiritual plane
and divine consciousness. If they did they go also! It is or it's not at ALL!

Or unknown that I don't think it is but... It could be related to "Project Pegasus?"

Note the DARPA PROJECT PEGASUS as in Darpa that has come up with
the US Radar that Works Through Smoke, Clouds? More questions to ask!

I also note that I think that Fermilab needs to be looked at!
Relating or not there are markers pointing it!

Noted is other strange effects that point to more of the same!
Strange lights / testing going in Utah. Could be related!

Other points / facts from the past just now coming to the light.
Sort of freaks me out when I look at it with mental rotation etc.

There are also other strange lights showing up also.
"On June 12 2015, I was out cycling and this strange light caught my attention.
So I stopped and got off my bike, pulled out my phone and started recording this
strange light for over 2 minutes. After it was gone I rushed home to show my Family
and Friends what I just witnessed.
This was the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life."

*I am sure it's a St. Elmo's Fire but really its the humanistic movements that say it's not.
Not talked about much is the point that electricity has intelligence.
Noted by it finding the point of least resistance and is why the plasma moved under
control and jumped around.

Also strange is noted clearly to me as a light but up in the air. 
Date of sighting: August 5, 2015 In Tulsa Oklahoma and also  
over the Baltic Sea, Russia. And on August 20th in Sapulpa Oklahoma.

Glowing Cluster Of UFOs During Sunset Over Baltic Sea, Russia August 2015 UFO Sightings

*But I need to note the light in Tulsa would relate to the flash of light seen by many.
Any for me would implicate the flash of light as a portal as it would have a point and
source to the flash of light. Noted with the UFO with the light in Sapulpa.
So I would say if you see a flash of light you may not want to go into it being you
will not know where the other end goes. It could be way up in the sky where you will 
dropout. Is this something like a new way to abduct people?
But then why the offset flash / doorway noted up in the sky?

Also strange "Extremely short, sharp flash of radio waves from unknown source in 
the universe, caught as it was happening."
A strange phenomenon has been observed by astronomers right as it was happening
a 'fast radio burst'. The eruption is described as an extremely short, sharp flash of 
radio waves from an unknown source in the universe. 

Something to think about "A new survey of downward terrestrial gamma ray flashes 
suggests the rare electromagnetic phenomena is linked with cloud-to-ground lightning."

*Noted because the short flash, like the flash of light people are seeing.
And being the flash of light might be a door / portal it goes both ways
and in that the fast radio burst came to us! Something is here! Freaky LOL!

Also noted is those light flashes / beam of light that have been hitting the earth.
That should be noted from the video there is a reflection of it off the car ahead.
A phone glitch rendered by the lightning possible but I don't see it at the same time 
reflected off the car. In the norm with glitches would be one or the other.

And noted video pointing to more of the strange flash of lights.
This brings up to me a good point of why the lights are centered.
Picking a place in time for the flash of light.

I don't know if this is the beyond the Government with their reverse UFO 
technology. Like noted LED lights vs a beam of light coming from a UFO 
like in the 80's, wanting to put fear into people about Alien UFO's 
or it could be Aliens are doing this themselves.
Have no fear in it see it as "About time they turn the light on!" Or... They are hiding from
us because we are stronger then they are. They only have smoke and mirrors!
Points to the small abductions being many humans in one group would be stronger than
the few Aliens. And could be why they abduct so few in history.

There is really no fear. The point I do see Humans are stronger.
Noted God created man in His own image. God like powers?!
Noted like in Jeanie's story:

I have to also note about a cursed car I had. When I finally traded in the car to a
dealership where my dad got the car from they where not happy to see it.
A car sales man yelled to the others "It's back!" and I saw people peeping through
the blinds. I don't know who it was but I think it was a sales man there told me a
story about the car, that the original owners of it said they where sitting on
their porch and said a portal opened like a garage door with a bright light inside it,
in their backyard and the car rolled out of it then the portal closed.

*That brings up a good point of things being like the movie:
Puts things into a new light! Well, listen to others stories it fits!

~~~~~Many people have been saying they seen strange flashes of light in a room:

About three days ago, I was lying on my back in bed on top of my covers at
around 11 at night. I had been reading and writing things down in my various journals
and was taking a short break. My bed is pushed against a wall on its right side and as
I was looking up at the ceiling, I suddenly saw a light turn on and then off about 6 inches
from the top of the wall to my right and only a little but out of my center vision.
It was weird because it wasn't a flash. The timing that it had from going on,
and then back to off was exactly the same as I remember fireflies on the east coast
being, also with the same gradualness of being on and off.

Didn't know what to make of this since there was no explanation for that light being there.
Anyone heard of something similar?

About a week ago I went to bed the night of the light. Was about to close my eyes when
on the wall a white light suddenly appeared, square in dimension about a foot by a foot.
I blinked, moved my eyes around to be sure it was not me seeing things and the light was
still planted in the same spot. Then as fast as it came, it disappeared.

There is no way light can filter into my room from the outside if that be the case.
I thought I would mention this if anyone else has had that happen to them.

We have spirits in our house that occasionally get active. Sometimes when they do, very
tiny sparks or flashes of light can be seen if it's a dark room. It's only lit for a micro fraction
of a second and because of that it's usually seen in the peripheral vision but sometimes
 I'm lucky and it sparks right where I happen to be looking.

The flash happens so quickly it is difficult to tell if it is stationary or moving.
I might see a flash in one area, then another a few feet away a couple seconds
later at random but I can't tell if it's the same "Thing".

The light seems to be localized to what ever it is causing it. I mean to say the light
does not illuminate anything around it, just itself. It makes no noise
they're completely silent.

They don't flash against a surface (They're not projections on a wall) but in mid air.

Other people see the odd event as well and sometimes they are more noticeable than
other times. They happen in the height of other unexplainable events then disappear as
the events end so I believe the two to be linked.

Have anybody experienced something like that?
Any ideas what it may be?

My wife and I are currently staying in a holiday apartment in France and a couple
of days ago we think we started seeing the same white flashes in our baby's room
at night. We know there's no possibility of external light sources as our baby's room is
completely blacked out at night with shutters closed outside the window, blackout covers
inside the window and curtains drawn. The first time my wife told me about it I just
dismissed it saying the door must have been open while she was in there and I must have
been going to the bathroom at the same time but she swore it was a white light like a
camera flash that lit up the entire baby's room from the inside rather than a sweeping
yellowish light like that from another room. She was wide awake at the time and said
she saw everything in the room. Then I remembered I had been in the room with the
baby a few nights before and although my eyes had been shut I saw a bright flash
through my eyelids but when I opened my eyes it was dark. At the time I was
convinced my wife had walked in and flicked the lights on but since there was no-one
there and it was dark when I opened my eyes I just put it down to being tired and
didn't think much more of it until my wife saw the flash. We got a bit freaked out as
my wife is a little superstitious and started putting ideas into my head about paranormal
stuff so we swapped rooms with our baby and tried to stay awake so we could catch
it happening again but it hasn't happened again so far.

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