Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump's Inauguration just turn off the TV

As you know: "Trump Administration Goes To War With The Media Over
Inauguration Crowd Size."

"By most estimates, roughly 250,000 people attended Trump’s inauguration, compared
to 1.8 million who showed up for President Obama’s first inaugural. The side-by-side
pictures and videos drive home the point in striking visuals: the crowd for Friday’s
event was rather pathetic."

But what about the people watching it on TV?

"Trump's inauguration is watched by 30.6 million viewers 7 million fewer than 
Obama's first ceremony."

And also noted by all the protest all over the people do not want Trump!
Even I had turned off the TV not wanting to see confederate flags there!
"The pro-Trump crowd waved US and confederate flags in the air and shouted:
'It's all over lefty scum' and 'drain the swamp,' witness to the protest Eliza Berlage
told CNN. Some Trump enthusiast also carried placards saying 'Aussies for Trump,'
Berlage said. The police refrained the pro-Trump protesters from going into the
area with the anti-Trump protesters. Scuffles ensued as police tried to physically
restrain some of the rally goers, Berlage said"

Also noted Trump blames the media for a lot of fact checking as it seems
facts are the cure for fear mongering. The media is a global community
and it is not ok with fear mongering. Fear is control.
And with no media is like no education and more clueless people not
knowing what is going on. That also is being controlled not knowing! 

Being a isolationist without media / community is on the same point
like Hitler killing the Jews because the media / community not knowing!
Knowing what is going action would of been taken sooner!

Also keep in mind Trump said it so the media's job is pass on the stuff he said!
I am guessing there will more people turning off their TV to Trumps
mantra of the morons!

But knowing what is going on or how the impeachment is doing!
How fucked up is it going catering to the small town people and expecting
you to give Trump a chance sort of expecting you to cut off your leg to save
your toe just like they do! Well you do need to know sometimes!