Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hundreds of Thousands Attend Women's Marches Across U.S., World

The people are speaking to let it be known to not take it away from them! 
Why are these people all over the world protesting? Must be some reason?

Healthcare: Dr. Trinka Coster, a retired Army colonel, said
she was marching because she wants all Americans to get the same "socialized medicine"
that soldiers and veterans get. "I'm just glad I retired in July," she said of Trump's
elevation to commander in chief.

Getting rid of the mandate for insurance will unleash as I see 60 million people
dropping their insurance for a bigger paycheck. "What about the people that
will die without it? = They don't put food on my table!" That is how it is and why
they should leave ObamaCare alone it's better than nothing!
Give it the question "why have insurance if you can't afford to use it." 
But then the reply to that is why do those people that get hurt with it make 
children wages? Why can't people make money and just pay for it not adults
at $7 after taxes pay! Why Kill healthcare over that?
What if they killed NASA just because of a fire on Apollo 1?
We would be backward thinkers! Now backward thinkers with healthcare? 
"Oh, no there was some astronauts that died in a fire, lets abolish NASA!"

The many people around the world are out there for no reason at all!
NO! People are looking at Trump messing up even their country.
"No man is an island. No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others."
Going into a isolationist management not knowing about actions, reactions,
cause and effect is the same as going blindfolded walking across the highway
too stupid to know there are cars driving there also!

Building a wall in Mexico when we all live in different times these days
is stupid! There is something called a airport where like say I would go to 
and buy a ticket to fly into Mexico... Well I do not want to walk or drive across 
Texas to get to Mexico so I fly in a plane. It's the same for Mexico coming here!
What is the cost of the wall who will guard it repair it etc?
I guess you could make it out of cardboard to save money! 

Also stupid is Trump's attacks and comments of women. Putting them down
not lifting them up! Where is the vibrancy Trump gives? 

Also for me I ask why support a President that's campaign catered to
stupid people? "Cater Done!" Pass the "hamburger meat!" Do you want those
people running the Government? I don't and is why I did not want to see
Trump's inauguration. I turned it off as soon as I saw people with cowboy 
hats on. I was expecting to see people with confederate flags there!

But oh no "Trump Administration Goes To War With The Media Over 
Inauguration Crowd Size."

But what about the people watching it on TV?

"Trump's inauguration is watched by 30.6 million viewers 7 million fewer than 
Obama's first ceremony."

Why are these people all over the world protesting again? No reason all over the world!
DUR!!! It's like the Trump types can't have a evolution the bottleneck is holding them 

back it's too small... Can't get there!