Thursday, January 26, 2017

Eyes of a Stranger

There is that saying you can't have the good without the bad!
If crap happens then it's just crap... For now! Really does it matter?
To who? The question is are you willing to be in your own personal hell
or grab that rope next to you to get to greener grass!

Looking in the mirror to the eyes of the stranger. Is noted to the point
everything changes. And the point is to know what to take serious
about it. The bad happens grab hold of the good. In the bad know where
it is taking you!

Love is a better foundation so knowing the eyes of the stranger makes
no stranger as you find the support, love and openness seeing what
not knowing takes you! Ask where is that cliff really taking you...
Get over it, your fears to say "Cliff? Whatever, I got a rope for that!"

~~~~~Who are you and Where are you Going?
Have you ever stared at the person you see in the mirror and wondered how you got to where you are? There’s all the sacrifice, all the hard work to achieve the good life and then all of a sudden you wonder why. We all go through periods of reflection to confront bits of us we had previously ignored.

A busy life can hinder us from reacquainting ourselves with who we really are. We live in an ever changing world. New technologies and inventions constantly assault our senses and challenge the very notion of who we are.

Transition and self-worth
Transitions in life often force us to slow down and take a step back to reassess our lives. Entering another phase of life can be rather unsettling and stressful whether you are clocking 30 years of age or 50 and beyond. Because of our society’s obsession with youth and beauty, growing old is not usually welcome. There is no escape. As long as we live, we will eventually age.

For a woman with many family responsibilities and a demanding job outside the home, it can be rather tough. When the children grow up and start school or leave home, parents, especially mothers, can find themselves thrown into a crisis simply because they built their sense of self-worth on the wrong foundation.

Take stock
After years of ignoring who you really are, it is important to give yourself time to take stock. Is your life uneventful and dull? It needn’t be. Discovering your feelings, what you want and the possibilities that lie ahead of you will rejuvenate you.

Set goals
Self-depreciating thoughts do us no good. Build a sense of self-worth by setting out goals for yourself. As you move forward to greater things, allow yourself to enjoy the sophistication and confidence that maturity brings.

Inject excitement into your life
Create opportunities for social interaction and learn something new. As you expand your social circle, you’ll find that you inject excitement into your life which can be carried on to those around you.

Working within your circumstances will give you a jump-start and a sense of direction for the next phase in your life. You can then be thankful for your experiences because it is our experiences that mold us. Years later, you can look back on your transition in life and know that you have passed through another of life’s tests.