Monday, January 23, 2017

Walmart changing attendance policy productivity vs pay

Due to Trump deregulating businesses I am sure Walmarts attendance
will change for the better of the corporation and stock holders not the workers.
It's like having the boss that never gives raises in power in DC!
This is something to be aware of!

Walmart changes a lot so this info on attendance should be not taken as stone!
When I worked at Walmart 2006 ish their attendance policy was
you could not miss more than seven 8 hour days out of 6 months,
7 working days out of 182.5 days you will get fired, no
matter what, numbers are numbers, you missed 7 days!

I quit because I was sick with something that came from
outside the US. It was a trail mix that got me.
But I ended up missing too many days even that I was really
sick with something the Doctors didn't know what it was.

Walmart at the time did not accept Doctor work releases.
So I was out and I quit because of them not being fair,
with me being fair from not working sick with something
unknown with all the people that shop and co-workers and
my Doctor not wanting me to work without knowing
what I had. But for me... oh well!

Walmart has a new attendance policy coming.
I agree with the 10 min being late vs the past of 15 min late
being the teamwork and other co-workers that would work
with you. Unless you walk without a car in that 15+ min
would be needed as the walk to work would not be standard
sometimes. Like bad weather etc.

I am concerned about the sick time Walmart needs to accept
work releases being a sick worker is really bad being how
public Walmarts are. If you are sick you should not be
working sick touching everything etc.

There is too many people coming and going in a Walmart.
Added to the risk of unknowns that might be packaged in the
boxes the workers are opening that came from or has other
ingredients outside of the US. Would you like to get a cold from
Walmart making you miss days from work yourself?

For those that don't want to get sick from a sick worker that is forced
to work sick or get fired let Walmart know!

***Another issue also possibly heading for the lawyers if something goes bad!
Women being mistreated while pregnant at work. Some are fired for going to
doctor's appointments. Others aren't allowed to take breaks or aren't given 
light duty work after they've been advised to stay off their feet.
(Info from E-mail from. )

Please sign campaign it's your voice!

***When I worked at Walmart in the 2000's I was in the office and while
waiting for "The Crunch" I noticed a memo.
It was about not pushing / stirring up workers with problems to get them
in their mania so they can get productivity! This was something some
Walmart's did and was causing some problems. Be aware of this! - ( The Crunch )

It was to the point Walmart put out a memo to tell those Walmart's doing it to quit.
It may cause undesirable effects.

***I have also to note if you have a health relating issue caused / aggravated from
Walmart, and it's bad, get a lawyer! To keep something like this from happening, being
pregnant or not let walmart know of your issue. And if nothing call OSHA or NLRB
let then know! You do have a voice!

Info on Walmart attendance policy:

And info and vent for Walmart workers:

***There are changes now!

Walmart and Sam’s Club are launching a new, simplified PTO policy, effective March 5, 2016 that will streamline paid vacation, sick time, personal time and holiday time into one category. And the one-day wait to use sick time will be eliminated, as promised. When the plan rolls out in March, both full- and part-time associates will earn PTO based on tenure and hours worked. 

The plan includes:
No waiting. PTO is available to use as soon as it’s earned and can be used for almost any reason. Full-time hourly associates can carry over up to 80 hours (48 hours for part time) of PTO from year to year.

Any unused hours at the end of the year above the 80 hour and 48 hour limits will automatically be paid to hourly associates in the first paycheck every February.
Associates will also keep any existing and accrued sick and personal time. These balances will be kept separate, to be used for certain circumstances once all available PTO is used.

In addition to PTO, Walmart is providing a new, Short Term Disability Basic plan at no cost to full-time hourly associates. Effective Jan. 1, 2016, the plan offers more financial protection to workers who need to be away from work for an extended period of time due to their own medical needs such as an illness, injury or having a baby. The basic plan will pay 50 percent of a worker’s average weekly wage, up to $200, for up to 26 weeks. Walmart is also offering a Short Term Disability Enhanced plan, which costs less than the company’s prior voluntary plan and provides more coverage. Associates would receive up to 60 percent of their average weekly wage with no weekly maximum for up to 26 weeks.

Walmart’s associate investment is about more than wages and benefits: it is designed to provide associates the tools they need to grow with the company and provide great customer service. The company is also creating new training programs, which will create clear career paths from entry-level positions to jobs with more responsibility and higher pay.

***Note to any Walmart workers if you have to vent / have a issue let me know
from E-mail or outside of work. I will listen to you just let me know.
And know you have rights over Walmart you don't have to be a wage slave
with them. Or also you can call Walmart let them know what does not work,
they do want to know! Keep in mind they have the best interest relating to the
stocks / sales they don't care about you! But there are power in numbers showing
by the workers going in strike and the changes coming from such.

I hope Walmart will settle down and let the workers work so they
can "deliver the juice!"

There is no time or the days of "The Crunch" should end!
Being called in the office for whatever stupid it might be!

Deliver the juice as in the "Revenue Per Employee."

For Walmart that is around $209,000 + - And that is respected
for the workers to put out so much! And needs to be recognized
by the managers up!!!!!!!

Doing what they do they should be making over $18 to $20 an hour!
If the wages would of been inline with the productivity the pay would
of been better.

In fact you can make a $10,000 wage increase! "Most Walmart workers can only dream
of making $25,000 in a year. Meanwhile, the Waltons get $25,000 per minute from their Walmart dividends alone."

"The Waltons, using their their investment income alone, could fund a permanent $10,000 wage increase for the 1 million hourly store associates whose work generates Walmart’s profits."

I believe the workers need to be paid fair noted from that.
Walmart makes money shown by the stocks and growth so
better pay is nothing to Walmart being the about $500 billion made!

If you been in any food place you might of noticed the workers are
hitting the wall. As in getting the order wrong, slow, etc.
Half-ass? Well half-ass is better than no ass at all!
Workers all over are seeing the fact they are working far more
than they are paid. Points to "In Praise of Idleness."

But I also have to note the pay will and has to go up as the lack of sales
is pulling down many towns! The growth is stopped by the lack of sales,
broke people doing without.

***Note those days like what I did at Walmart when we where harassed
by the harassed support managers to get it done, I kicked over a 7ft
juice pallet in the aisle because of the productivity harassment they where giving.
Delivering the juice! Please don't do that, those days are passed!