Sunday, January 8, 2017

Can't drive a car without insurance - who pays for it.

Do you have the right to drive a car without insurance making others pay for it?
If you have the right to not have health insurance then we all should drive cars
with no insurance also! "Sorry, my bad!"

Over all the time Obama Care was working on coming to life.
Many did not seem to care or have a clue to ask why it's needed in the
first place. To keep away the uninsured from killing the system.

Getting rid of Obama Care now would make 200 million up to 300 million+
uninsured. Ask a Tea party type what they want to replace Obama Care with.

For one Obama Care won't be there to put money to keep the price of
medicines down and the removal of preexisting conditions with the 180+
million of working class people like me would find out there is no
Obama Care and would drop their insurance to get a bigger paycheck.
60 or a 100 million drop from them, thats enough to drive the price
of insurance and medicine added to the fact many will ask why do
I have insurance when I can't afford to use it! All over low pay.

Not to the fact of when the stock holders of the
pharmaceutical industries sees the uninsured and the
lack of sales and insurance companies loss of 60+ million putting
money in makes a good time to sale your stocks.
Bad for everyone else like in a cold or Ebola season full of uninsured
people wanting a bigger pay check to live and buy food!

You don't have a right to drive a car without insurance.
When you crash which you will in time, it happens,
you have no car insurance so who ends up paying the bill?
The people with car insurance have to pay more to cover the cost.

~~~~When do you pay the deductible on your car insurance policy?
Your vehicle has been hit by an unidentified third party (hit & run)
This is an unfortunate situation to face. If you do not have Collision coverage on your
car insurance policy, you may not be covered for this type of loss.
In this situation, you will have to pay for any repairs, or replacement of your
car at your expense.   However, if you are able to identify the person who hit your car,
the loss would then be covered under the Direct Compensation portion of your
insurance policy, for which you do not have to pay a deductible.
The person who hit your car must also have an insurance policy for this
type of coverage to apply.

The same point is in health care in being uninsured and the cost.
No one tells you that you have to have a car that's good but
about property and who pays for damages when you have no insurance
makes others pay for it. Same for no health insurance there are damages
that makes others pay for it.

You do not have a right to not have insurance and make others pay for it.
Why not rob a bank and get it over with? Stupidly is not a point of view.
Life is better with insurance why live in a third world country?

So cost to cost not having Obama Care is like no car insurance.
It makes others pay for it!

It's better to work with Obama Care to make it work.
Like how they did when Social security first came out.

~~~~Why are so many Americans uninsured?
Insurance is expensive, and few people can afford to buy
it on their own. Most Americans obtain health insurance coverage through an employer,
but not all workers are offered employer-sponsored coverage.
Also, not all who are offered coverage by an employer can afford
their share of the premiums. Medicaid and the Children’s
Health Insurance Program (CHIP) cover many low-income children,
but eligibility for parents and adults without dependent children is limited,
leaving many without affordable coverage.

~~~~Driving Without Valid / Sufficient Insurance
In every state, drivers are required to demonstrate the ability to pay up to a
certain amount to cover their liability if they are involved in a motor vehicle accident.
These laws are sometimes called "financial responsibility" laws, because while not
all states specifically require that drivers carry liability insurance from an insurance
company, all states do require some form of proof of financial responsibility.
Despite these laws, one in seven drivers in America (13.8% of all behind the wheel)
takes to the road without insurance, the Insurance Research Council reports.
The industry group says the rate of uninsured motorists varies widely from 4%
in Massachusetts to 28% in Mississippi. In states that do not specifically require
motor vehicle drivers to show proof of liability insurance in order to comply with
"financial responsibility" laws, other acceptable forms of proving responsibility.

There needs to be changes to the system as it is.
Workers need to be supported more!
Your hardship is from your Governor who fights the system.
Call your Governor to except Medicaid expansion!
You need to get your voice out!