Monday, September 25, 2017

Target raises minimum wage to $11

There is a need to raise the pay because if you make the lowest pay
you give the lowest sales. Tax burdens or people doing without
not good for the labor force along with other issues.

The fear of consumer based pricing at the towns people low pay.
If the ridding of the insurance mandate, all the workers that can't afford
to use their insurance and will drop their insurance for a bigger
paycheck. Something like 60 million children waged adults
and many businesses having many uninsured workers taking
it easy not wanting to get hurt at work. And the liability issue of
uninsured workers.

Just raise the pay so the workers can just pull out their checkbook
and pay for healthcare. Not kill because the people that can't afford to use it.
Better sales not doing without!

Why can't people see the point? It's about what will happen if they don't.
Minimum wage has not gone up in 10 years. Stagnation is death!

~~~~~Target raises minimum wage to $11 an hour, $15 by 2020
Target is giving its workers a raise.

The company announced Monday that it would increase the minimum hourly wage for all workers to $11 next month.

Target (TGT) also committed to a $15 minimum wage by the end of 2020.
The company says the increase will also apply to the more than 100,000 hourly workers it is hiring for the holidays.

Target has been steadily raising its minimum wage for the past few years. Last year, it hiked the amount to $10 an hour.

The $11 wage is higher than the minimum wage in 48 states, and it matches amounts in Massachusetts and Washington, Target says.

It's also much higher than the current federal minimum wage of $7.25.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Losing health insurance, Labor force, No NASA and Going Backward

Obama Care hurt so many children waged adults that have
insurance but can't afford to use it so why have it, when
you could drop your insurance for a better pay check.
What about those sick people / kids that need it?
"They don't put food on my plate!"

It is rather sick to free up many that feel like they have a right
to have no insurance making others pay for it.
As like having to have car insurance and having to pay more
because of uninsured drivers. You have to have car insurance!
So if they get rid of the mandate then they should also get rid
of the need for car insurance making others pay for it driving 
up cost! Whats bad for the goose is bad for the gander! 

Obama Care is not a problem if you don't make children wages!!!!

And also if the mandate goes away then... Let them throw the poor off 
the cliff to gain seats on office because it helps the rich who vote 
because they have their favor! Republicans don't like the poor 
so off they go, willingly and unwillingly! 
Taking away health care from their own family members. 
How are they going to take care of their kids?
They don't, always against their best interest along with
the family off the cliff!

Having more people loosing their healthcare is a big problem.
It will cause many people to die un-necessary out of not having
a way to fix their problem in a timely manner going into the
emergency room pushing the too late to fit it problem.

Homemade healthcare of superglue, fish antibiotics and peroxide, etc...
But those are the minor fixes there without insurance.

But the point is yes there will be more deaths with no insurance.
But I see it as with no insurance mandate a massive drop as the mass 
of people will drop their insurance for a bigger paycheck being they 
work hard make the same pay so the insurance will be dropped for 
the extra income in the paycheck. That is like 180+ million working class 
people with insurance and likely 60 million are child waged adults. 
They will drop for food money.

Also being that massive drop will pull down the whole healthcare system
as 60 million less paying consumers hit the insurance comps.
What will stand against that kind of hit?

The labor force, workers without insurance that will get hurt at work
sometime is a liability issue. They would go right to workers comp or
sue the workplace to pay the DR bill! 

They will also be less productive as they don't want to get hurt at work.
Anyway you see it no healthcare is death!

Well really just ask what will the workers do with no insurance.
It doesn't take many poor to kill everything over more food money.
Healthcare is not a issue if you make higher wages.
Seems sad to kill healthcare for people that make low pay?
The attitude of repeal and replace Obama Care because of children
waged adults that are hurting from it. 

~~~~~Wellthie, a company that makes Web-based health insurance enrollment support tools, is reaching out to issuers with a new infographic summarizing the characteristics of the remaining uninsured workers.

The firm has used data from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation to show issuers that many of the uninsured workers are young and earn less than 400 percent of the federal poverty level.

More over why go backward on healthcare! Like what if they killed off 
NASA just because of a few explosions. No we go forward moving ahead! 
They fixed what was wrong and moved on with it! So why not work to fix
the issues with Obama Care. Why can't these people just pull out their
checkbook and pay for healthcare not be the children waged adults relying
on Medicaid expansion.

The cost of healthcare is high but also healthcare was affordable in the 
medieval times, cutting cost with a red hot poker! But mostly...
"Person for person, health care in the U.S. costs about twice as much as it 
does in the rest of the developed world. In fact, if our $3 trillion health care 
sector were its own country, it would be the world’s fifth-largest economy."

~~~~~"Doctor who orders an MRI because he owns the Machine!"

Being the cost and noting the issue of the many people that don't make
enough pay to use healthcare then the cost of the uninsured with us going
backward to the days when the healthcare system was crashing from the
cost of the poor. Kind of like consumer based pricing on healthcare with
people making $8 after taxes. Low sales is like low heal care it gets lowered
to math the poverty wages of the consumers of they will have nothing.
And many workers go to work unhealthy because they have nothing!

~~~~~Will losing health insurance mean more US deaths? Experts say yes
More deaths

Various studies have looked at whether uninsured people have a higher risk of death. The most cited was published by the American Journal of Public Health in 2009 and found that nearly 45,000 Americans die each year as a direct result of being uninsured.

Dr Andrew Wilper and a team at Harvard Medical School used two main datasets: they took a nationwide US survey of more than 30,000 people conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and checked it against the National Death Index, another national database collected by the CDC.

The two sets of numbers allowed the researchers to examine something called hazard ratios, which are a way to measure risk. For example, if a clinical trial finds that drug users are three times more likely experience a certain side effect, that drug has a hazard ratio of three.

In America, deep inequality can affect the usefulness of data like this. Lots of things can increase an American’s chances of being sick – being a person of color or being poor to name just two – and if those factors overlap with a lack of health insurance, it can be difficult to determine what exactly is affecting an individual’s risk of death.

Late-night hosts blast Trumpcare: 'Needless suffering for low and middle-income people'
 Read more
In the Harvard study, the researchers had 9,000 people in their dataset – enough that they were able to ensure they were really measuring the impact of a lack of health insurance.

The researchers found that a lack of health insurance had a mortality hazard ratio of 1.40. In other words, they concluded that Americans without health insurance were 40% more likely to die than those with it, even after taking into account the individual’s “gender, age, race/ethnicity, poverty income ratio, education, unemployment, smoking, regular alcohol use, self-rated health, physician-rated health and body mass index”.

The researchers calculated that in 2005, lack of health insurance resulted in 44,789 deaths of Americans age 18 to 64.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hurt over a married woman!

~~~~~Help! I’m In Love With A Married Woman
Question: I found my soul mate. She’s perfect! Only problem is…she’s married.  Every time we say goodbye after a few stolen hours together, my heart breaks knowing she is going back to her husband. The three of us work for the same company. I can’t move to another state or find another job that pays as good. This little secret is killing me. What’s the point in feeling so connected with someone you can’t share your love with? Any advice on coping with this moral dilemma would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Yangki’s Answer: I won’t try to dismiss your strong feelings for her as a ‘crush’ or an ‘infatuation’ or a ‘passing fascination’, if you feel it’s love, then it’s love and I won’t dispute that. But remember she’s married to someone else and that means that she’s not yours – at least not right now. What’s making you feel so miserable is not because you love a married woman, what’s making you miserable is that you have expectations and those expectations are not being met.

Is she your soul mate? I don’t know. There are all kinds of different soul mates and not all soul mate relationships have to translate into a sexual or romantic relationship.

If you truly believe in your soul that this woman is your soul mate, then what I advice you to do is to quit obsessing over the fact that you can’t be with her in the way your ego wants and instead try to figure out why she came into your life. Is it to remind you that you need to reassess your life and the choices you make? Is it to bring to light things in your love life that may need work? Are you attracted to the idea of having her because she’s unavailable? Are you attracted to her because you are afraid of being in a relationship and she posses no threat? Do you have these feelings because she reminds you of what your soul really longs for? To ignore why you have feelings for this woman would be ignoring what your soul is trying to communicate to you.

Obsessing about the fact that you can’t be with her may be keeping you from finding a wonderful, unattached woman out there-who could be looking for you too; someone else who has the same terrific qualities you find attractive in this other woman.

I would not advice you to move especially if you have a job you love and has lots of career prospects. What I’d advice you to do is start looking at this woman with different lenses – the lenses of your soul. Treat her with respect and friendly affection and treat those she loves (husband and family) in the same way. You may end up with a friendship that goes on for decades. And remember, lives change over the course of decades. You might find that you’ve fallen out of love with her. She may find herself single again someday. Who knows what the future holds? But for now, do the right thing – which is also the wise thing to do.

Walmart not hiring holiday workers, will give extra hours to existing workers instead

~~~~~The holidays are right around the corner, but Walmart won't be hiring for help.

The retailer plans to meet its need for extra work during the holiday shopping season by giving existing employees more hours, according to a release from the company.

Hiring seasonal holiday help is a tradition in retail. Walmart rival Target has already announced plans to bring on 100,000 temporary holiday workers.

But Walmart's move is a sign of the tightening labor market which has made it difficult for employers to fill open positions. There were a record number of unfilled job openings nationwide in the latest government reading of the labor market. More than 600,000 of the open positions were from retail.

It also can be seen as part of the effort by Walmart, the nation's largest private sector employer, to make jobs there more attractive and to cutdown on turnover.

The company announced a series of pay raises for its lowest paid employees in early 2015, which took the minimum pay for most employees to $10 an hour by last year, and the average pay for its full-time workers to about $13 an hour. Part-time workers are paid about $10 an hour on average.

For part-time employees, additional hours could increase total pay more than an increase in hourly pay.

Walmart says it employed the same strategy of more hours for existing employees during the holidays last year and "we heard great feedback from our customers and associates," according to Judith McKenna, chief operating officer of Walmart U.S.

Walmart had 1.5 million U.S. employees as of Jan. 31, according to a company filing.

Oh how nice of Walmart to care about their workers! BS! To me this is clear as a 
light about the lack of wage growth. I see it as Walmart is looking at a red flag about
a lack of sales this season.  Small towns are declining governed by the lack of wages!

These are some links for help finding a job.
I would recommend to get a job now you will have to move to where the money is!
Small towns are NOT raising the pay so there are no sales as people do without.
So you will need to move to a better paying state etc. Just do the research!



Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mel Brooks: ‘Donald Trump doesn't scare me. He's a song-and-dance man'

~~~~~Mel Brooks: ‘Donald Trump doesn't scare me. He's a song-and-dance man'  On Sunday night, the legendary director, producer, screenwriter, gag writer, standup comic, composer, impressionist and drummer Mel Brooks will be honoured for a lifetime of comedic excellence by Bafta. Noting that an awful lot of great British comics – Morecambe and Wise, the two Ronnies, even Rowan Atkinson – never made it big in the US, Brooks says, “I was happy that they got my work in Britain. And I was surprised.”

Now 90, Brooks (born Melvin Kaminsky) has had a remarkable career that stretches back to the 1950s, when he wrote sketches for the seminal variety programme Your Show of Shows. From there it was on to the classic 007 sendup Get Smart, ebulliently loopy films like The Producers, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein, and the long-running Broadway musical based on The Producers. For 60 years, Brooks has been one of the most original and admired voices in American comedy. There is no one else quite like him, nor are we likely to see his like again. Bafta seem to understand this.

What does the award mean to him?

“You’re talking Charlie Chaplin, you’re talking Alfred Hitchcock,” he says, holding forth in a typically boisterous Greenwich Village cafe. “Is it special to me? It’s very special.”

Brooks is part of a generation that did not go directly from nursery school to an internship at the New Yorker to a senior vice-presidency at DreamWorks. He graduated summa cum laude from the School of Hard Knocks. Like a lot of poor Jewish kids, he started out working part-time in the garment district. After a year in college, he trained at the Virginia Military Institute down in Dixie. VMI is the venerable institution where roughly 90% of the civil war general Stonewall Jackson’s body is buried. His gangrenous left arm, surgically detached, is buried about 120 miles north in a field outside Fredericksburg, where he was fatally wounded, possibly by his own men. It was a weird war, and VMI is a truly weird destination for a New York Jew, and the whole freaky, Grand Guignol Stonewall Jackson thing sounds like a scene from Young Frankenstein.

From VMI, Brooks went to work for the US army, defusing unexploded bombs. “The bombs were powerful enough to blow up a tank,” he recalls. “Imagine what they could do to you.”

After the war, Brooks made his way into television, still in its embryonic stage, and eventually developed a hugely successful routine with the equally legendary Carl Reiner. The 2000 Year Old Man was a mock interview in which an earnest journalist (Reiner) grilled a primitive humanoid (Brooks) about his experiences. Pressed to identify the greatest invention, the oldest man in the world extolled the virtues of Saran wrap. As they used to say in Brooklyn, oy.

From there it was on to small, arty films, then big, not-so-arty films. Surprisingly, Brooks never expected to go into the movies. His original career path veered towards the rag trade, a common destination for poor kids from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he grew up. Williamsburg today is the kind of place where every cafe has two German DJs creating evanescent sonic art while the four patrons – two graphic designers, a choreographer and a guy who restores vintage ouds – sip their piquant cappuccinos.

The Williamsburg of Brooks’ youth predates hipsterism, irony and Teutonic sonic art. He recalls, with pride, growing up in a tenement where “everyone slept in a single bedroom and everyone had a job in the garment district. There were a million kids and we all played in the street where you never had to worry about getting hit by a car because there were no cars.”

Brooks had a life-altering epiphany when his Uncle Joe, a cabbie who used to snag tickets to Broadway shows, took him to his first musical. “It was Anything Goes. It was one of Cole Porter’s greatest shows. Songs like All Through the Night and You’re the Top.” Ethel Merman right up there on the stage. Even then I thought she was a bit loud. I was a nine-year-old kid. I was spellbound. When the show was over, I told my uncle: ‘I’m not going into the garment business. The theatre is where I live or die.’”

In the end, movies were more of a detour than a dream come true. “Movies were great to go to when I was a kid,” he says. “But they were never as exciting and palpable and thrilling as a Broadway musical. For me, back then, movies rated a 20 and Broadway rated an 80.”

And Broadway today? The Broadway of Wicked and Mamma Mia and Cats

“Fifty-fifty,” he replies.

Brooks is by turns funny, ironic, sentimental and nostalgic. He loves to talk shop. He adores Billy Wilder, Martin Scorsese and James Whale, who made the classic 1930s horror movies that Brooks both parodies and honours in Young Frankenstein. He is envious of Hitchcock, in part because Hitchcock only used stunning-looking leading men in his films (Cary Grant, Gregory Peck), pairing them with stunning-looking women (Grace Kelly, Eva Marie Saint). Brooks did not have this luxury. In his opinion, Hitchcock is “the greatest director ever. The stories, the way he set up shots, everything.” Yet Hitchcock never got the respect he deserved. “In France they worshipped Hitchcock,” Brooks says. “But as he once told me, ‘In England and America they view me as an entertainer.’”

Brooks’ heyday as a filmmaker was in the 1960s and 1970s, when the machiavellian Richard Nixon was running the show. Laughs were hard to come by in the Nixon years; basically it was just Brooks and Woody Allen holding the fort. Brooks’ films were never overtly political, yet today both Blazing Saddles and The Producers seem astonishingly timely.

In the former, a charismatic black man wanders into a miserable community, unites the races in their fight against their common enemy – ruthless capitalists and crooked politicians – and then rides off into the sunset. Which sounds just a wee bit like the arc of Barack Obama’s career.

The Producers, a film about two men who concoct a plot to make the worst musical ever – Springtime for Hitler – and then end up doing hard time when the play is an unexpected success, seems shockingly resonant in the era of The Donald and The Ivanka and The Melania and The Jared.

“The whole thing is crazy,” he says. “Trump was never a politician. He was never a senator. I don’t think he was ever president of his high-school class. And then he got himself elected president of the United States. He didn’t expect to win. He didn’t take it seriously. Three hundred million Americans didn’t take it seriously. Now they do.”

Brooks, who views Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban as poorly planned and poorly executed – his parents came to the US as kids – does not revile the new president in the kneejerk way most movie people do. “Trump doesn’t scare me,” he says. “He’s a song-and-dance man. Pence [the vice-president] and Bannon [Trump’s scheming henchman, a kind of Dick Cheney without the radiant, cherubic charm], those guys make me nervous.” He adds: “We are not talking about Athenian democracy here.”

When asked if he was ever tempted to make a “serious” film the way Allen did with Interiors and a few other exquisitely lugubrious affairs, Brooks mentions Gene Hackman’s unexpectedly hilarious turn as a daft, blind monk who befriends the hapless monster in Young Frankenstein. He pours hot soup into the monster’s lap, smashes his wine glass and sets his thumb on fire. When the hideous creature races off, bellowing in pain, Hackman cries out: “Where are you going? I was going to make espresso.” This may be the funniest line in all of Brooks’ oeuvre.

So why didn’t Hackman make more comedies? “I talked to Gene about that. He had a sensationally sly gift. But it’s all baggage. Once they (Hollywood) see what you can do, that’s all that they’ll let you do. I could produce The Elephant Man as part of Brooksfilms. But Mel Brooks couldn’t direct The Elephant Man. I had baggage.”

Brooks made staggering amounts of money from films with tiny budgets. But money was not always easy to raise, because his films were quirky, goofy. He recalls his duplicity when trying to bankroll Young Frankenstein, which earned $86.3m on a budget of $2.8m.

“At the end of the meeting, when I had them sold, I walked over to the door, turned around said, ‘By the way, the film’s in black-and-white.’ Then I quickly slammed the door and ran down the hall, followed by a hundred Jewish guys screaming: ‘No money! No deal. No black-and-white!’”

If Amazon or Netflix gave him $50m today, no strings attached, what film would he make? “Spaceballs 2,” he says. There is no evidence that he is joking.

Brooks had the good fortune to work with a cadre of peerless comic talents: Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Zero Mostel, Harvey Korman. Mostly born after him, they are all gone. Outliving your friends is no picnic. “I think about them plenty of the time. But I don’t think about them all of the time. That would be too much.” Asked about his wife, the actor Anne Bancroft, who died in 2005, he says: “Was she funny? Yes, she was very funny. But the best thing she ever said was when she told an interviewer, ‘My life starts when I hear his key in the door.’”

There was a time when Brooks’ films were viewed by snooty critics as vulgar, sexist and sophomoric. Most of these critics are now dead, though presumably still snooty. Viewed today, the films seem daring and clever and even sophisticated, while still being vulgar and sophomoric and insufficiently respectful toward women and minorities – though all in an endearing, high-class way. The films contain inspired, theatre-of-the-absurd moments such as the climactic scene in Blazing Saddles in which a raucous, Wild West fistfight erupts on to a sound stage where a campy musical is being filmed. At this point, the villain (Korman) hails a cab and tells the driver: “Drive me off this picture.” He is then driven to Mann’s Chinese Theater, where Blazing Saddles, not yet completed, is being screened. And there he is gunned down.

It is a finale that seamlessly fuses Luigi Pirandello and Jean-Luc Godard with Eugene Ionesco and Groucho Marx. It is the kind of ingenious, postmodern material you rarely get in Adam Sandler films. “I do 85% for the audience, and 15% for myself,” Brooks says. “‘Drive me off this picture’ was for me.”

Asked to single out the best joke he ever wrote, Brooks says: “My favourite line is more emotional. It’s the scene at the end of Blazing Saddles when Gene Wilder asks Cleavon Little where he’s headed next. And Cleavon says, ‘Nowhere special.’ And Gene says: ‘Nowhere special. That’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.’”

The conversation eventually returns to New York, “the most exciting city in the world,” and particularly Broadway, from top to bottom the most amazing thoroughfare known to man. Brooks loved the city growing up, and he loves it now. It’s a city that is hard not to love, even though “you have to go all the way over to Katz’s on Houston Street to get a legitimate corned-beef sandwich now that the Carnegie Deli has closed.”

That said, Brooks has made his home in Santa Monica for a long, long time. When he first went to California decades ago, it was viewed by many Americans as paradise. In Donald Trump’s Amerika, it still is. “Let’s say you were a pigeon and you landed on a rooftop in New York,” he says. “You’d find other pigeons and you’d find yourself some peanuts down in the park and you’d have yourself a wonderful time. But if you were a pigeon and you flew to California, you’d never fly again. Where would you go?”

Donald Trump Schizoid Man

You should not take my word for it, just ask any Psychologist about Donald Trump.
Ever notice how he sits with his hands held together and body all tightened up.
Ever asked why? Something to hide?

I had seen him in a interview once when he was getting all fired up over
something and in the interview he had a wobble, back and forth.
In Psychology you learn the clear signs of a involuntary body 
movements. A wobble, back and forth is a serious sign of a big ill!
Parkinsonian type symptoms and I am not talking about a simple eye 
twitch that is a sign of a breakdown coming, as it is a sign of your nerves 
coming unglued. A breakdown has a precursor called growth afterward, 
it's ok! But wobbling back and forth is a clear sign of a big ill!
Not forthcoming as a eye twitch, but already there shown by the wobble.

If Donald has that movement that does point to why the body posture
to control himself. It also says he had some coaching about it for
a better view on him for being on the TV.

~~~~~ Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry 
experts at Yale conference

Donald Trump has a “dangerous mental illness” and is not fit to lead the US, a group of psychiatrists has warned during a conference at Yale University.

Mental health experts claimed the President was “paranoid and delusional”, and said it was their “ethical responsibility” to warn the American public about the “dangers” Mr Trump’s psychological state poses to the country.

Speaking at the conference at Yale’s School of Medicine on Thursday, one of the mental health professionals, Dr John Gartner, a practising psychotherapist who advised psychiatric residents at Johns Hopkins University Medical School until 2015, said: “We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump's dangerous mental illness.”

Dr Gartner, who is also a founding member of Duty to Warn, an organisation of several dozen mental health professionals who think Mr Trump is mentally unfit to be president, said the President's statement about having the largest crowd at an inauguration was just one of many that served as warnings of a larger problem.

“Worse than just being a liar or a narcissist, in addition he is paranoid, delusional and grandiose thinking and he proved that to the country the first day he was President. If Donald Trump really believes he had the largest crowd size in history, that’s delusional,” he added.

Chairing the event, Dr Bandy Lee, assistant clinical professor in the Yale Department of Psychiatry, said: “As some prominent psychiatrists have noted, [Trump’s mental health] is the elephant in the room. I think the public is really starting to catch on and widely talk about this now.”

James Gilligan, a psychiatrist and professor at New York University, told the conference he had worked some of the “most dangerous people in society”, including murderers and rapists but that he was convinced by the “dangerousness” of Mr Trump.

“I’ve worked with some of the most dangerous people our society produces, directing mental health programmes in prisons,” he said.

“I’ve worked with murderers and rapists. I can recognise dangerousness from a mile away. You don’t have to be an expert on dangerousness or spend fifty years studying it like I have in order to know how dangerous this man is.”

Dr Gartner started an online petition earlier this year on calling for Mr Trump to be removed from office, which claims that he is “psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President”. The petition has so far garnered more than 41,000 signatures.

It states: “We, the undersigned mental health professionals (please state your degree), believe in our professional judgment that Donald Trump manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States.

“And we respectfully request he be removed from office, according to article 4 of the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which states that the president will be replaced if he is 'unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office'."

The claims made in the conference have drawn criticism from some in the psychiatric establishment, who say they violate the American Psychiatric Association’s “Goldwater rule,” which states psychiatrists are not to give professional opinions on people they have not personally examined.

They have also been condemned by Republicans, including Connecticut Republican Party Chairman JR Romano, who accused the group of “throwing ethical standards out the window because they cannot accept the election results.”

Responding to the criticism, Dr Gartner said: “This notion that you need to personally interview someone to form a diagnosis actually doesn’t make a whole lotta sense. For one thing, research shows that the psychiatric interview is the least statistical reliable way to make a diagnosis.”

A spokesperson for Yale University told The Independent the panel at the conference abided by the Goldwater rule during the discussions, but that the organiser was "troubled" by the "silencing of debate".

~~~~~Shaking hands is ‘barbaric’: Donald Trump, the germaphobe in chief
Trump added, “I’m also very much of a germaphobe, by the way, believe me.”
(The audience, according to the transcript of the news conference, laughed.)
Trump is keen to avoid microbes, particularly those transmitted via touch.
He is not alone in the world of celebrities and politicians, some of whom have
been labeled germaphobes of varying degrees. Toward the end of his life, billionaire
Howard Hughes holed himself in dark hotel rooms to dodge perceived germ threats.
Television host Howie Mandel, who has spoken about struggling with germ fears,
handles his anxiety with a far less extreme method:
Mandel rarely shakes hands, preferring the fist bump.

For an TV interviewer it would be worth it to focus on Donald's body movements
and get him all fired up. I am sure you will get it on tape!!!!

All of this is something you need to talk to a Psychologist about.
find out yourself!

I have to talk about this, being I sure can see more Schizoid people voting for
him because he's just like them! Now having a bunch of people wobbling!
And also willing to go off the cliff with him to their death expecting everyone
else to do the same! Cutting off your leg to save your toe!

It is common to have rich people being Schizoid. It's the love of having power
over people feeding the mania. Paranoia like a over alertness over their fiances etc.
They get rich that way. You can't have power over someone being a Dishwasher!

Remember Bush W. Bush the guy that had a DUI and lived in Texas.
A drunk like many of them are... So they voted him in.
This could be the same with Trump!

So why just sit there and do nothing and just let a nut walk right in!
Trump could get in office don't think there are not big numbers of
stupid people voting out there like it was for Bush!

You need to ask do you trust Trump being unstable with his actions with other
countries being over touchy. To start a war or a terrorist action over a cartoon
with Trump running around with his "Blah, Blah, Blah." Not good!

The stocks will take a hit when it drops. Cut taxes is less income for the peole that
take in more tax help than they pay out in taxes. Cutting taxes hurts the poor!
Getting rid of the mandate for insurance letting the many willing to have nothing
to make us all have nothing along with them! Sixty million people dropping their
insurance for a bigger paycheck killing insurance companies.

Making America a trailer park again! Like a big sign in front that says "KEEP OUT!"
Stock holders don't like to see America being ran like a small town! They have nothing!

~~~~~Donald Trump Exhibiting Discernable, Clear Signs of Clinical 
Mental Instability, Scores of Skeletons In His Closet, De Facto 'Disqualified' 
To Run for President

Considering all the facts, including his evident mental instability, 
his insatiable propensity to attacks others, his infamous bad temper, 
his narcissism, his megalomania, his similarities to some of histories worst, 
most vile despots, his apparent racism, the list could go on and on). 
Do you really want this man representing America as President or, 
for that matter, having any real influence whatsoever in a nation 
that's already too politically polarized to properly function?

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to himself and the nation. 
I say we purge and fire him from the national narrative altogether. 
Donald Trump, "Your Fired."

Students Killed In Crash

It's always hard to take the loss I had such many times in my life.
I am about life so for the kids I know. One of the kids in fact went to 
MHS last year.

To to all respects to the family for their loss and the kids dealing with
it! I stand by you!

~~~~~NSU Remembers Students Killed In Crash.
AHLEQUAH, Oklahoma -
A prayer vigil was held Monday night for five Northeastern State University students killed in a car crash on Sunday.

Hundreds of students gathered to remember the five students who lost their lives in a deadly crash this weekend.

“It's sad just to hear about any of your classmates passing away whether you know them or not just because your heart hurts,” said Chase McNutt.

McNutt and Drake Walls were pledge brothers of Kappa Sigma. The brothers say it was so hard to hear the news especially after singing happy birthday to Walls an hour before.

“It's pretty surreal,” said Trevor Lindley. “It just goes to show you could be happy and then be gone.”

According to OHP, Walls, Donovan Caldwell, Jessica Swartwout, Lily Murphy and Rhianna Seely died when their pickup crashed through a guardrail and drove off of Welling Bridge in Cherokee County.

Faculty and staff at the college say this is a tragic loss for their community.

Many students tonight told me that the five killed were incredibly outgoing and that they will remember the fun memories they shared with them while they were here.

Many of the Students say they just couldn't believe it when they heard the news, trying to comprehend why five young lives were lost so soon.

“My roommate said there was an accident and she started telling me, but I was still, couldn’t believe it,” said one student. “I just couldn't understand it.”

Her friend added, “You know we all said see you later because we thought we would but now we can’t.”

OHP says the cause of the crash and the condition of the driver prior to the crash are still under investigation.

Not your A New Day

This is a statement that President Trump, Ambassador Haley
saying the point of "A New Day" is not "A New Day" from
their point it's disabling the UN by wanting to cut down their cost
in a time there needs to be more investment to deal with growing
problems the world has! Growing is up, not down as a cut cost is!

"A New Day" was started by me for this blog in 2013
Also the blog opened in 2009!

The "WalmartRamen A new Day" blog is something for
positive growth and doing better getting out of a bad job
if needed type of view. For the workers to make better.

It grandly is not at all or should be used by Trumps staff!
So I do not approve of their use of my blog name at the UN!
And this is my statement of that!!!

Trump is a yes man a flip flop I hope the UN sees this and
does not cut what the many need do not disable yourself!

Monday, September 18, 2017

WalmartRamen - A New Day Into Your Life!

It is time! WalmartRamen urges the push for humanity because we all are related.

Yes we are the same! It's about the “Runs of homozygosity” or ROH are regions
of the genome where the copies inherited from our parents are identical.
This creates a run of homozygous variants, from tens of thousands to millions
of letters in length. The two DNA copies are identical because our parents have
inherited them from a common ancestor at some point in the past, recently in the
case of a cousin marriage, but in fact we all carry ROH, because going
far enough back in time we are all related.

You make the difference! This reflects this sites push for treating everyone fairly.

Do not judge people not knowing the road they are on in life, what in their past put
them there. Ask why! Life is short! "A new day into your life!"

Life is short? Yes I had a hell of a one in 1985, because I got hit by a car
on a moped!

I was stopped in the street making a left turn when a car doing around 45 mph
going down the road didn't see me because he had something on his dashboard
blocking his view. He hit me the bike went forward and I glided with the car grabbing
hold of the hood hanging on until he stopped hard and I couldn't hang on no more and
I hit the road and skidded with the car holding on to the air dam to not go under the car.
All that happened to me in the end was I bruised my kidney so I turned yellow and
it pulled all the ligaments in one leg because my leg got pulled up too fast as I
went over the hood of the car. It took me months to walk again.

Yes I got hit by a car with me on a moped and survived.
Not as bad but like.

So I see life as valued life is more important than any trivial concern!

What you do to others effects everyone good or bad!
Also speak up for your self & others, do not just sit there in your car!

My work, it for the empowerment of people!
To point that It’s Just A Ride!

If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it,
then there is no need to worry. If it’s not fixable, then there is no help in worrying.
There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever. (Dalai Lama)

The ultimate way is without difficulty; those who
seek it make their own hardship. The true mind is originally
pure; those who exercise it make their own defilment. (Hui-K’ung)

All things are free-flowing, untrammeled, what bondage is there,
what entanglement? You create your own difficulty and ease therein.
The mind source pervades the ten directions with one continuity; those
of the most excellent faculties understand naturally. (Tzu-hu)

It's your start of A New Day without fear or Xenophobia of others!
Not to build walls but build agreements!
Accepting people for who they are going forward not backward together!

It's never too late!

For those that feel like they are in hell, trapped in the
workplace at work. It's never too late. There is a start of a new day.
What you have in you is greater than any BS they might throw at you!

I worked at Walmart I know all of the retaliation as in the
reverse inventory, etc. I know!

The workers standing up do make a difference.
Give it is short lived in some parts. I know!
Like calling OSHA on Walmart it will make things better, but
after a while, they go right back to the bad they did before.
That's why you need to stand up for yourself.
Get your ass out of there if you need to.

There are other jobs you just need to get out there.
I did, You are not trapped you can breathe!
It's never too late!

The WalmartRamen name started as a protest of Walmart.
But I aimed more to help the workers, after a Walmart worker
in the next town over killed himself.
My work from my other older website has been for the
empowerment of people. And so the WalmartRamen sites needed
to be the same. No matter how stupid they are they can't
make that in to a bad thing! Being empowered about your work!

Life has value? Yes I had a hell of a one in 1985, because in 1985
I got hit by a car on my moped!

I was stopped in the street making a left turn when a car doing around 45 mph
going down the road didn't see me because he had something on his dashboard
blocking his view. He hit me the bike went forward and I glided with the car 
grabbing hold of the hood hanging on until he stopped hard and I couldn't 
hang on no more and I hit the road and skidded with the car holding on to the 
air dam to not go under the car.

All that happened to me in the end was I bruised my kidney so I turned yellow 
and it pulled all the ligaments in one leg because my leg got pulled up too fast 
as I went over the hood of the car. It took me months to walk again.

Yes I got hit by a car with me on a moped and survived.
Not as bad but like.
So I see life as valued life is more important than any trivial concern!

There is that time in life to just stop and ask what is valued!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

About WalmartRamen, Links, Facebook, Youtube, others

I need to note that you should not see me as a News site!
I am a "Think Tank" a muse for News sites, like a Adjunct professor 
a Ghost writer of the internet.

You might see a point here and there on something on other news sites or on
TV, it's not me but from something from my works they find.

I put in what I know or what I learned from others.
Humanistic Psychology, Quantum theory, Chaos theory, Drug classes (addictions)
Deviant behavior etc... So what I know I use! 
Noted in the point of "Deeper Learning!" 

And so I should say don't be like me as I have many things in my background
that relates, to other things that relates to other issues in life!

And it's about life!
"Life is too short. It's best to be open with each other!
In 1985 I got hit by a car doing 45 mph on a moped doing 0 mph!
I'm still here! Be open and love!"

Don't fear!

Cigarette Tax is less food money

With the Oklahoma state capital still pushing on the cigarette tax, I have
to note the point of cigarettes costing more to people that make the same pay
with out much wage growth. Noted by the amount of minimum wage retirees
in in most small towns. Never made money to put in for retirement
lives on a $5.35 an hour type retirement. Very common!

There is too much stress on the poor less food hard times paying bills etc.
So to me I see smoking as a defense mechanism that trains the brain to be a smoker.
And without changing the social environment people just will not stop from starting.

Trains the brain? It is noted like in handwriting. Or just a bad husband that
when the wife starts yelling he goes a fishing leaving her to her own devices!
Training her brain to be psychotic! So as the wife goes psychotic the smoker smokes.
The brain is trained to smoke!

~~~~~Addiction isn’t a disease.
"…rather than a disease, I would say that addiction is a habit that grows and
perpetuates itself relatively quickly when we repeatedly pursue the same highly
attractive goal."

By the masses out there cigarettes will win in a war!

So with a cigarette tax is going to be a hardship to the many smokers with
no wage growth so when something goes up something goes down!
I really see more store owners crying over the lack of sales as the cigarettes
takes more of the consumers money! Less sales for your town for stores
taken by a poverty tax!

Poverty tax the many poor out there smokes and they are the ones
that can't afford a tax. It would be a better point to tax high dollar
things that are a better revenue source. Tax Chardonnay wine!!!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Walk Her Dog Man, Love and Belongingness

If you love her... Well this is something way back I was thinking about
if it would not of went to hell with a married Gypsy lady I fell for.
Walking me on a leash, I thought about it! 
To love and belong, a bonding practice. Well that is what it is, 
everything has a purpose! 

Why do it? For the male he gets the Love and belongingness noted from
Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

The male belongs, the walking would be seen as proof of that and the
submission to her is a point of willingness in a domination submission.
Role reversal or everything as a point to be for her and more for the
male to belong. A role reversal is a good thing for women it is good for
the psyche as life is still not good for women in these times.

But in the light of a married lady that has a ring on her
finger that was not from her lover but her husband. So she is her
husbands and he is hers so the lover is not the husbands so the lover is hers!
In realty relationships all are just property issues of who owns who.
Who has the most footing as it is needed to have a strong footing in a
relationship for it to be strong and last. What is her needs to be on level.
Her self confidence building!

So the male being walked is for her best interest as it is giving the power
to the female. Building self confidence as she is publicly noting she
owns him willingly as he is for her best interest. It's a two lane road!
The male gets to belong and the female gets confidence of ownership.
Something even in the workplace is not good for women.
A point of bonding practice. Love and Belongingness. Walking the dog man!

~~~~~So when I said I wanted to be your dog...

An unidentified woman was seen walking a man on a leash in London on Friday morning, the Express reports. The man, who was dressed in office attire — and also sported a collar around his neck — crawled along on all fours as the woman led him.

People took photos and posted them to social media. The Evening Standard obtained video of the spectacle. No word if it was a stunt done as a promotion, or if it was just good, weird fun.


VooDoo Woman, Catnip, Luck in Love Affairs, Irresistible

I am a lover so in the point of me burning catnip here and there.
I was wondering what if the Gypsy lady I love at the time did have
Catnip in her pocket?  Oh yes, oh please but it's more than that!
(Humanism, metaphysics, quantum entanglement I don't know!)

I was at the store once and as I came around the aisle there was a lady
with wide eyes laughing at me. She just opened a bag of catnip before I came
around the corner!

VooDoo Woman? What ever it is the intent should be pure about love.
Things that take you higher on a different plane.
Love is for the better of the good and the catnip does what it does so well! So... 
If it helps keep the catnip in your pocket? I'm by your side!
"Attracted to you like a Cat to CATNIP."

It's about that Love and Belongingness!

~~~~~Magickal Uses of Catnip
In Voodoo- CATNIP LEAVES are used by many folks for Luck in Love Affairs. CATNIP is called a Woman’s Love Herb because it is said to make women enticing and charming to thus to make men ready and increase their nature – and for this reason, we hear that women use it to aid in bringing about relations.  If you carry CATNIP in a flannel bag, the man you want will be attracted to you like a Cat to CATNIP. They also say that you can use it in an herbal bath, sprinkle it at the 4 corners of the bed, or burn it with incense to attract a new lover. Another way we have heard to employ it is to soak CATNIP LEAVES in whiskey and sprinkle the liquid on your doorstep for 21 days, starting on the full moon

Remember that concentrating on your intentions when crafting magickal items imbues that piece with the magick. Catnip is also used in love spells, often as an ingredient in mojo bags or candle magick. Just as the cat finds this herb intoxicating and irresistible, so will the one you target in love magick, using catnip to draw them to you.

Muppet, Cement mixer, Fefmented Ginger Ale and Dudes house.

Overall I spent 15 years working in hotels, country clubs etc.
And I was a bartender off and on for those times.

The cougar drink in the 90s was a Muppet.
"Pour equal parts tequila and 7-up into a shot glass.
Place palm over the glass,
hit it on the table (to stir), and shoot."
When you see a Cougar do that boom your in love.
You don't get over seeing something like that!

I had a drunk slurring 50ish lady ask me for a Muppet once.
She was attractive and rich. So I couldn't help it.
I said "What do you want to do with that Muppet?"
Sort of flirting with her, like hitting on her.
She said "Im going to drink it......... Hay!"

This is a big no, no in the hotel you don't mess with
the rich people like that. But I couldn't help with a drunk cougar,
there is just something funny about it! Kind of hits your heart!

I was with a lady hair dresser for a time. (Late 1990's)
She barfed on the first date. She smoked weed and liked to go at
gay bars being she had a hard life and felt safe at a gay bar that was
her security. I'm not gay, she was not gay it was her security to go there.
I had to carry her over my shoulder to the car once.
She got too drunk that night. Took her home put her in her bed.
She mumbled before she passed out something like if I stick it in
her #@$ use the gel. I kissed her and went back to my place.
She didn't know what she was saying! Significant others don't
BLANK you in the BLANK when you are passed out drunk!

Other than that is the nasty Cement mixer.
1 part Bailey's Irish Cream and 1 part Lime juice.
Or if you where poor 1 part Coco Lopez and 1 part vodka.
"The drink is traditionally ingested by taking the shot of Bailey's,
holding it in the mouth, then sipping the lime juice and swirling
the two around the mouth and/or shaking the head"
But you do not want to swallow the drink as it comes out the
other end painfully!

As for Ginger ale, well if you don't have any you can make some
with 7up and Coke! It's just 99% 7up and just a tap, tap of Coke
until it looks the same color as Ginger ale and then you have it!

You can also ferment the real Ginger ale, like Canada dry.
Just get a 2L put it in the freezer until it totally freezes.
Then put it down in the fridge for a week. No really try it!

Tito's Longhorn Tea
2 oz Tito's Handmade Vodka
6 oz sweet tea
3 orange slices
1/2 oz Dekuyper Peachtree Liquor
Dash of Angostura bitters
Build over ice in Collins glass. Squeeze orange slices and leave in.

Garnish: Orange slice and mint

Glass: Collins

Mixologist: Cat Mitlenberger

2  Lemon wedges
4  Mint Leaves
1 oz Unsweetened iced tea
1 oz George Dickel No. 12 Tennessee whiskey
1 tsp Strega
1 tsp Cane syrup

Mint sprig
Glass: Collins

In a shaker, muddle the lemon wedges and mint leaves.

Add the remaining ingredients and fill with ice.

Shake, and strain into a Collins glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint.


What’s Inside

Ignite your primal focus with Fire Walker: a delicious, spicy chocolate blend made with habanero chilies and ancient adaptogenic herbs.

Ethically sourced, unroasted, “Arriba Nacional” heirloom cacao varietal, from Ecuadorian farms applying ecological and regenerative practices.

Ingredients: Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Cacao Butter*, Mucuna Seed*, Himalayan Salt, Rhodiola Root*, Reishi Extract*, Habanero* (*Notes Organic)

I have my own drink in the 90's I never thought of a name to call it.
It's just a glass full of club soda on ice, with a cap full of Crown royal
with a tap of Angostura Aromatic or Orange Bitters with lemon
in glass. It's a dry drink! Call it W.R.?!

Also there was another bartender that came up with a good drink.
You know a Long Island tea is just mixed light color types like
tequila, vodka, light rum, triple sec, and gin.
The guy I worked with mixed all the dark color types
and it came out good! Just mixed up everything dark.
(It's his secret he didn't tell me.) 

And Dudes house?
I got drunk a few times in my life, I get funny people tell me 
and that's about it other than walking drunk.

My hair caught on fire at a party once at a co-workers house.
His wife was lighting a candle and the lighter caught on fire and
shot out at my hair as I took cover it went my way, it was a guessing
game what way to go. I regret not spending more time with a 
Angie Dickinson lookalike I was in love with, the boss. 
She needed me that night at the party. Still love her, love all timelessly!

But I really have no need to get drunk. I know it's to hide from reality.
And I don't want to hide I don't want to miss out on life.

You never know what might happen drunk! 

I am in reality and it's all good why hide? That is who I am!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Where have I been, Mirror, Mirror, on the rocks!

I have always been a lover type of person in my relationships!
When I am hooked, I'm hooked! That is not a bad thing, from where I been.
(This is a disclaimer. This story has TMI. Just be aware, it's my pain and growth!
This should be seen through they eyes of a therapist in view and noted why I see
myself as a therapist in relationships.
No names are mentioned here!) I'm not a player, just a lover!

It's ok to be the hostess with the mostess
with a neurosis because of the support,
the lovers by your side, being for your
best interest. Walking in our short lives
not alone! Like the stars above!

In my life I learned to not get upset over temporary issues.
In my past I got upset over temporary issues as all in relationships do,
but I learned it's temporary so I let it go as I look back at my
past relationships in relating to the now. It's called learning.

Like you can love someone wanting better for the partner in that
there is no line to cross as it's all good, balanced and supportive toward the
partner. The balance would be welcomed these days and it's worth it!
And that needs to go both ways or there will be a hell of a pain!

Love really does not have boundaries.
For me I tend to fall in love easy. Ask me and I am all ready there.
I am Polyamorous so I won't break up with anyone.
If it don't work I believe you should agree it's not working and note
there is no need to hate. We are adults so we should talk like adults.

*****For instance I was with a lady hair dresser for a time in the 1990's.
She barfed on the first date. She smoked weed and liked to go at
gay bars being she had a hard life she was abused by a biker gang lady
that had a death threat on her from testifying in court about them.
She might of been forced to sleep with a frozen pig.
She was a secret wittiness and the biker guy recognized her by
her testimony and called her by name threatening to kill her.

She freaked, so she ended up feeling safe at a gay bar that was her security.
Not one biker would step foot in a gay bar!
Im not gay, she was not gay it was her security to go there.
Every time a guy with leather on walked in the bar she would watch them
out of the corner of her eye. It was that bad!

On the first date at a nice restaurant she ran to the bathroom
and threw-up everywhere. She was like a keeper seeing the back of her
as she was running to the bathroom, then with a Blaaaah, Splat noise she went.
These "Party girls" with their little lipstick purse came running out screaming
with their hands in the air and high heels going tap, tap, tap as they ran out!
The bathroom door was slow to close, so I saw all that from the table I was at.
At the time I wanted to hold up a lighter for her, but didn't have one!
Nervous, high etc she got sick, I took that cougar back to her environment which
was the gay bar all was ok it's her normality there. She told me where she likes to go
thinking I would say hell no, but I accepted her for who she is and
she could not believe it.

As I am I tend to be like a valium so she took me home on the first date.
Keep in mind of her past, a strange man in a waterbed with her passed out
tired, she farted in her sleep. This never happens in life, a lady like her would
be aware of my every move. Nope she slept and farted! And I had to try
not to laugh as I would of shook the waterbed. You don't want to suddenly
wake up tired older cougar. Let sleeping cougars sleep!
She farted in her sleep what would Sigmund Freud say?
Trust, that is the point being the fear she had!

I had to carry her over my shoulder to the car once. The bar owner kept calling me
at work letting me know she was smashed that night. She got too drunk that night
and I took her home put her in her bed. She mumbled before she passed out
something like if I stick it in her @$$ use the gel. I kissed her and went back to
my place. She didn't know what she was saying! Significant others don't
BLANK you in the BLANK when you are passed out drunk!
Her room mate was a transvestite / now called transgender, she took care of him
like her son. There is a amount of fairness and respect that was shown by that.

My relationship with the hairdresser didn't workout but that was ok.
This was one of the fun / humanistic relationships I had.

*****Also in the 1990's I had a friend and his wife take me out to dinner at
Denny's so they could talk to me about...  Well my friend's wife told me they
wanted to have sex with me. And some guy behind us in the other seat said
"I'll be damned, a male unicorn!" I replied "Hay... I'm not gay!"
I didn't expect that and It is funny that I can say
That is not me, so I found it funny that they said that to me!
They where still my friends but I let them know it's not me!

*****I dated a lady I met on the internet, we went to a hotel.
I also met her before I met her a Red string of fate! I first met her when
I was on the school bus in high school. It's about where the road takes us!
Her and her kids where going backward into a intersection in their car with a
T-top after doing a burnout. It was a cloudy day and when they went flying
backward they stopped in the middle of the intersection when there was a
opening in the cloud and a beam of light shined on their car and only their car.
She put her hands in the light and waved them around before they took off again.
I am glad I dated her but I didn't know if we where meant to be.
I never thought of these things like that before. On the bus I knew it was like a
spot light on her but I never understood back then.

I met her before I met her when I was on a High School bus only to
end up in a Hotel Room with her down the road. The circle of life.

*****I dated a lady that was a head lady in the federal credit union.
She had a short life span due to a enlarged heart. She was in need of a
heart transplant. I was dating her to make life better for her.
It was a love and support relationship as she had heart problems
and a short life... Take into your life what is good for you life's short!

*****Also had a lady tell me "We like you." "My other personality likes you
and I trust her so im ok with it!" Noted about the
"Hostess with the mostess with a neurosis." It's ok, I am a
psychology major, I'm for your best interest, I love you!

*****Also you could say I had a date with a married lady when I was 10.
When I was in my elementary time 1979 I think,
I remember a teacher taking me to a bar to have a coke to also meet
her boyfriend or husband. It was something about her pay check
to pay the rent, she brought me along. Nothing bad!
That was really cool it was life in the 70's!

*****I fell for a married lady who was a Angie Dickinson lookalike, my boss
when I worked at a Hotel. She went to a salon once and fixed her hair.
It caused me problems at work! It was to the point her co-worker said
something like "Look at him, your driving him nuts!"
She came over and poked me, and said OK, we need to fix this.
She went back to the salon and had her hair toned down.
Many knew I was in love with her and the hair issue was just proof of it.

People at work knew I fell for her, and we where sort of notarized by a coworker
telling me damn she's yelling at you at work and your not even her husband!
"Stop standing up for my husband, stop it, stop it!"
I was for her best interest because she's my best interest, I was for her
because I did need her also! I looked forward to working with her!

The hotel put a obvious hidden camera in the wall once. A few months later I fixed it.
I knew it bugged her and I got sick of it also so enough! I covered the hole with butter
being the color of the butter was the same color of the wall and respectfully the same as
her hair color. (Only I would notice something like that. When I get it bad I get it bad!)
Anyway the butter worked no more camera in the wall and no one said anything.

*****I also dated a lady who's mom smoked hash. The little dog even got
into it and made it psychotic. She showed me her "Mom's stash of hash!"
She caught her past boyfriend having sex with her mom in a bad place and
saw everything she had a total breakdown a blackout!
Her mom was on the bed with her boyfriend going at her in a bad place.
She saw her mom naked and her boyfriend's thing in the bad place and
it looked like a plunger, ok! My girlfriend had a blackout. The brain saved itself by
turning off! And that is why I got into Psychology!

Her mom was smoking too much at
the time and didn't know what was going on. I was her first boyfriend after that and
I had to deal with her paranoia of her thinking I want her mom.
It didn't help that the little dog jumped in the shower with her mom and attacked her.
She ran naked through the house being chased by the dog with me and my girlfriend
sitting on the couch with me not being able to help it looking at her mom only to look
to my right to see my girlfriend staring me down. "I knew it!"

Even worse I think her mom said to her daughter after the chase
"Sweetie he does not want to have sex with me, now do you?" (Asked to me.)
I paused as it flashed in my mind her mom running around the house, naked.
My girlfriend was staring me down again and her mom shaking her head, (No, No, say No!)
"Oh, no I don't sweetie!" I did, I was in love, but really I can't do something like that
with my girlfriends history! I love my girlfriend and I can't do that to her!
But as it goes I ended up falling for her sister.
A soulmate meant to be, but I was too stupid to know at the time to keep her!
I am sorry and yes I love her also too timelessly!

*****My girlfriend in High school was a ex teen prostitute
in Vegas when she was 13. I believe that she ran away and
someone pimped her in Vegas only for her to be beaten up giving
her a broken jaw, taken home and with a ding dong zoom here is
your daughter kind of thing she was dropped off at the front door.
Whoever did it are bastards even today!

I hooked up with her when she was 15 starting high school
I was 18 myself and way over my head with everything!
It was a emotional support type of relationship.
Like a shotgun wedding. Her dad told me they say 100's
of people got their hands on her and don't break up with her
she can't take rejection. I was her first boyfriend after all that mess!
I was glad she was my girlfriend!

A few years later I got a phone call from some health department
somewhere at 6 am keep in mind at the time I didn't get up until 11 am.
They let me know there was a guy that was with her tested positive
for AIDS and that I should be tested. I said what... ok... and went back
to bed only to wake up at 11 am not sure if that was a dream of not.
I never had sex with her so I was not worried I tested anyway
all was ok! And she is also ok today.

*****I fell for a girl I kept running into my near the final year in high school.
Where ever I went I would see her somewhere in the background.

I was going to talk to her to let her know I was interested in her after
graduation practice, but she had to leave during it.
Everyone looked at her go up the stairs as they where all in place where
they are supposed to be, all but her! I was in love!

So I ended up after graduation looking for her and found her.
We talked a bit and I found out she was going out of state for College.
So really to me at the time this was the last time I would see her, it hurt!

And to the fact that I got booted off going to a big college and I ended
up at a JR college. Most of that time my heart was thinking about her.
It was one of those things like the "Red string of fate" heart wise to me!

I was depressed about it. So there I was sitting in class at the JR college, thinking
about things depressed, I really was thinking about her at the time when she came
walking in and sat down in a class I was in.
She was going to the same college I was and we had the same class together!

We dated in college but when I told her I loved her it bounced like ping pong balls
off her. Again it was not was not recognized. It seems clear to me being how we met
but her thinking was not there!

So from that we started to date for a bit. I showed her how to drive, she had
too much fun and we ended up in a field in the country, I took the keys!
She was not 100% and that is ok I loved her for who she was!
She had a stroke when she was in high school so it did damage.

Her parents at the time had no plans for her, they didn't want her to drive,
they did not teach her anything. I pointed to her she needs to take care of her self
look into people before she trust them being they would see her as a easy target.
Background checks etc she needed to do.

To me that also pointed to why she did not get to a big college.
Not being 100% was not all it but her parents seemed to me to
be dumping her! Letting her fail so she could learn herself!

She went on her way after her time in college and I lost track of her.
But I met her again when I worked at a hotel. She was at a function at the hotel
I was working. I talked to her told her my heart was still there, but still.
I found out she is moving to Chicago, and she still did not see me as
more that what I was!

But we went out one more time. I took her to dinner, then took her home.
This was a depressing day for me, being the heart string was still there and now.

That day I could not take off the day from work to go on a date all day.
I worked at a hotel and it was a big thing they had going on.

When I got there I found out it was a banquet with a famous lady actress from the 80's
I liked to watch. The show was about an Angel that lived in the closet, that would
come out to help a boy deal with things.

Sort of fitting! She was doing the motivational speaking thing there.
During her thing she came up to me and wanted to get my coffee pot so she could
run around to serve coffee to people, being motivational.
I quickly showed her how to do it safely without getting hot coffee on someone.
She later told me I was the first one that let her do it! Thanks she said.

***And I also love a married Gypsy lady I crossed paths with or to say have a
red string of fate with. Still love her and my heart is there as I am ok
with everything. Want to date her knowing that makes her a better person.
Happy landings makes happy takeoffs.

Knowing I need her also! I need a Married woman as she is obligated
to her husband as I am my with old lady. We fit and need each other!
From my past I am ready!

It is a world of pain if there is no talk just a wall of
indecisiveness and torment. Well she is a married notorious woman
and that is ok it's human to take care of your needs!
But there is the need to talk to accept her needs.

The point of all this? The point it might not of been what I needed but
I love everyone timelessly! Polyamory? Yes I am, I learned from all my past!
Give the Gypsy lady has me froze I can't turn right can't turn left!
It's like Schrodinger's cat! Help she's indecisive?!

I don't look at my past relationships as anything bad in my life.
Love can tear you up and spit you out in pieces if you
don't look in the Mirror and know who to trust and know
you survived it all in your past!

Also sometimes both parties need to Zen out!

~If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something
about it, then there is no need to worry. If it's not fixable,
then there is no help in worrying.
There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever. (Dalai Lama)

~The ultimate way is without difficulty; those who
seek it make their own hardship. The true mind is originally
pure; those who exercise it make their own defilment. (Hui-K'ung)

~All things are free-flowing, untrammeled, what bondage is there,
what entanglement? You create your own difficulty and ease therein.
The mind source pervades the ten directions with one continuity; those
of the most excellent faculties understand naturally. (Tzu-hu)

So the point is to say trust yourself and love, being a lover is worth it!
to the point of being inflammatory about it. Why be fake?
In past terms, my significant others had doubts, fears.
At the time I had the same, and of course in the end we asked
"Why don't you stay?"
as we both are apart. Like both parties sitting in their own box separate,
far, far away. Why?!

As in if you are driving the old lady crazy, be real about it.
If she is too old for that shit, or would be in disaster if you cut her out
of your life, then don't! My old lady is really a old lady 25 years older
than I am. It's about balance! She needs something, you fix it,
but knowing she's your old lady so if it didn't work like the last two times,
let it go. Life is too short to hate your EX being if her life span is short
under 10 years to go, what time is there to hate?
"Oh, no. She's not my wife, she's just old lady!"

So from that pit my best view is to never take life serious.
Life is not serious it will run you over it doesn't care otherwise.

What you have in your life makes you happy and things only get better.
Your job is just a job it really does not make you happy.
You can change it but 10 years from now it will be the same
thing you are running away from.

Also if wanted you will have to follow, like A New Day!
And know things only get better.
If not to follow, at least it's known you will! Because they would be worth it!
And im not kidding you! If the partner is worth it, it comes easy to follow!

*Significant others are called that because they are significant!
Or (y) makes (x) the other significant! Vice versa.
(To be good for the other person and that is what matters, the balance!)

That is my tip to others in limbo, like I have been before!
I have more to say but I can't but you get the point.
We all get that from time to time! It will be ok. Learn from it!

In the hotel business I earned my way to a $1.5 million dead peasant insurance
policy on me. I found out because HR talked to me. Wanting to know if I was
worth it being the money they where spending on me. My co-workers called me
Dead man walking! Like the boss would kill me and take the money!
But I have a protected destiny so really I was ok!

I had hard times with my life experiences, as in my dad! In the late 90's me and
my college friends would go out on the weekend one night as I was heading out
I noticed my dad was sitting in his chair eating dinner but he looked green!
I wasn't sure if it was really bad or not. I thought he was just tired exhausted,
not felling good, he will get some rest and feel better, so I went out with my friends.
This was before I had a cell phone. When I got back to the house at 1am.
I found all the lights on and in my dads bathroom was a mess of vomit, blood etc.
Not good I knew something happened and about that time the home phone rang.
It was my sis letting me know what happened they are at the hospital. So off I went.

It turned out my dad was in bad shape, it did a lot of damage but he made it.
He hung on for a long time with my mom and us taking care of him, in time he passed
away and that was ok as his quality of life was really bad for such a man.
He needed peace! He was a oil engineer and came up with a lot of bind blowing stuff.
So this was hard for him and us kids also.

Years later I was watching the Democratic convention on TV and ex president Clinton
was talking. But I noticed he looked green!
So I ran to TV to TV seeing if it was the color on the TV and called a friend asked
if he noticed how green he looked. He said yep green, so I really ended up calling the
FBI at the time. I didn't know who to call about that. I let them know I was real and not
a threat and told them that my dad looked like that before and what happened,
and they might want to get a DR to Clinton to check him out.
You might loose him!

And I guess they did as he is here today. I learned that green look from my dad
and from that in my past saw Clinton like my dad green and that was not good!
So in your life you take a beating and you get more rounded!

And have a lust for life!

Other roads?