Saturday, September 30, 2017


Small towns are small for a reason, the people don't want growth.
Having people coming in from bigger towns driving up the cost
for the low paid residents opening places that have bigger city cost
hitting a wall of the consumer based pricing of the low pay in town.
Or just have the locals just not go to those places because they cost
too much! So they are for the rich only, limiting any growth as it
stagnates with slow sales as there are only so many rich in town
they can't go everywhere. Places will close!

Like the Denny's in my town. Their prices where too high
for the poor to go there. Made less sales to do better so it
stagnated with low everything. Wages where too low you
get what you pay for so slow it was! Even if they consumer based
priced their stuff they still would of stagnated to death.
Wages are too low. The wages sets the market...
Like the saying "You can make it but they can't afford it!"

So why would anyone think about going to a small town with less resources
more people walking with no cars, or drive cars with no bumpers or
noting if they can't afford to fix their car do they have breaks in their car
being the cost with many living on 20 percent of their income.
Heat soaked because they had no AC on all summer they can't afford it.
Unsafe indeed!

And really hearing this a lot someone from a small town in Oklahoma
is "trapped in Tulsa!" The normality would be to just drive back!
Small towns live a third world lifestyle can't even buy a non food item.
All is a issue of low pay, higher pay would support growth as the people
could afford to fix their car or get one not broke people walking past the
businesses desperate for sales, as seen by the desperate TV ads!

Why would a Millennial move to a small town that stagnates
with low pay and the issue of small towns are small for a reason, 
they don't like growth! "Bright lights, big city" or " Dark ages small town" 
Knowledge or ignorance, it's about point A vs point B it is or it isn't.

“Most of the young people that go to college go away, and then they don’t come back,” observes Lee Bianchi, a retired engineer who lived in Clinton, Iowa (pop. 26,647), from 1961 to 2008.

That’s long been the storyline in small-town America, which has for decades bled citizens — especially young ones — to the more glamorous metropolis. One might have thought technology would stanch the flow, at least among millennials: With Wi-Fi and telecommuting, young people could theoretically pass on overpriced real estate and ugly commutes and opt, instead, for a spacious house with a big yard and a broadband connection.

But it turns out the millennial generation is only accelerating the demographic shift. In fact, this may be the most “bright lights, big city” generation in history. While the number of millennials is ticking slightly upward in small towns and rural areas, it’s nothing compared with the growth of their numbers in suburbs and cities. “At this point, the prognosis does not look good for much of small town America,” writes William H. Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution.

The kids aren’t just flocking to the city proper, either, but to the metropolis writ large, including the fancier suburbs. The top destination for millennials is the D.C. suburb of Arlington, Virginia, where their ranks grew by a staggering 82 percent between 2007 and 2013. Arlington’s median home sale price is $557,250, and in just 10 of the 290 Arlington apartments listed on Zillow could you live alone for less than $1,200 a month; a couple of them might even give you more than 600 square feet to knock around in.

An enterprising millennial with a flexible employer might hop across the Chesapeake Bay to the historic district of Cambridge, Maryland (pop. 12,690), with a porch overlooking the Choptank River. With a thriving downtown and arts district, Cambridge was No. 10 on Livability’s list of Best Small Towns in 2013. Homes go for $164,154 , and a monthly $1,200 rental will get you a detached house or a 1,600-square-foot townhouse.

But affordable real estate and waterfront views don’t have millennials biting. They “continue a multigenerational pattern of young adults preferring more expensive urban areas over lower-cost rural ones because the lifestyles and opportunities in such places make the extra burden of cost worth it,” says Robert Lang, professor of urban growth and population dynamics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Which is to say: Getting to a big city — or at least near one — still has the smell of success. “We don’t all hail from small Midwestern towns, but most came from places where they felt limited — small town Maine, suburban west Texas, California’s Central Valley and the Inland Empire,” wrote 20-something Brittany Shoot of her friends and neighbors in the San Francisco Bay Area. “It’s easy to find people who will sneeringly complain about how trapped they felt as teenagers.”

Small towns will have to hustle to recruit and retain millennials, experts say. The American Planning Association urges local planners to mimic the appeal of city centers by creating “density.” That means keeping the walkable neighborhoods and traditional town centers that millennials say is key to making a community a desirable place to live. Smart-growth advocate James A. Bacon sees opportunities to fight off “brain drain” and attract urban “escapees” who start small businesses, but he worries that towns aren’t taking advantage. “Unfortunately, to date, local economic developers have stuck with the industrial-recruitment strategy that bears less and less fruit,” Bacon writes.

But without economic opportunity — that is, good jobs — the most charming downtown in the world can’t attract permanent residents. Small towns may have to reinvent themselves, according to experts like Frey of the Brookings Institution.

But all is not lost. The numbers that point toward the decline of small towns also show a positive narrative for millennials, and perhaps a sunnier economic outlook than you’d expect. Notwithstanding student-loan debt and the stereotype of living in their parents’ basements, a RealtyTrac analysis released in September showed that this generation is moving where the rents and mortgages are high. Arlington is just the tip of of it.

From 2007 to 2013, the 10 counties that gained the most millennial residents had a median home price of $406,800. And the average population of those counties was 587,522 — a far cry from small-town living. Baby boomers filled out the other side of the equation by flocking to counties with average populations of 261,232 and a median home price of $144,875.

So the best answer as to why millennials are moving away from smaller towns may be simple: because they can. And small towns will have to rev up their sales pitch to convince young adults that they can live not just cheaply but also well in the places that older generations called home.

Puerto Ricans fire back at Trump

Again I have to note about Trump and types being a isolationist like
out in the woods they don't care as long as they stay out of their own yard.
Like the sign on their driveway "Keep Out!" Xenophobia at it's best!

I see this as more proof Trump is catering to the small town people.
I am waiting for a huge sign at the White House "Keep Out!"
Why is that what do you have to hide?

It's not only Trump it is the norm for most Republicans.
Even small towns don't care about foreign matters.
Small towns are small for a reason, they don't like growth!
And along with foreign matters... Foreign... Hello! Xenophobia!

~~~~~Puerto Ricans fire back at Trump for critical tweets
Puerto Ricans reacted harshly on Saturday to President's Trump's tweets that leaders of the hurricane-ravaged Caribbean island "want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort."

Several Puerto Ricans contacted by CNN stood up for San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, who apparently provoked the Trump tweet with a call for more aid, and many said the Puerto Rican community at home and abroad is already working together.
"I'm amazed that he has the gall to say Puerto Ricans expect everything to be done for them," said Abner Breban of Atlanta, who started a Facebook group to raise money for relief. "They are working exhaustively to lift themselves up. We are citizens. We pay taxes. We serve in the military."

Electricity Has Intelligence

Electricity, St Elmo's fire, does have Intelligence. As in the path of least resistance. 
Why? You would think electricity would just be random and take 
the path of most resistance and die. 

What makes it take the least resistance? Who chooses what is least and not?
Intelligence! This is something for the quantum physics stoners to talk about!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Kids Seeing Ghosts, Children and Brain Development, Mental Rotation Overlap

Being Halloween is coming up this seems to be a good time for a freaky story.
Seeing ghost? Well there are many stories about cats seeing something in a room.
There are those youtube videos of cats seeing something. Cats see differently
and also focus on sharp edges. So I think they can.

Kids seeing ghost? "At birth, a baby’s brain contains 100 billion neurons, roughly 
as many nerve cells as there are stars in the Milky Way, and almost all the neurons 
the brain will ever have." Being the size compact and with the many neurons it
does make a point of a faster process pointing to seeing ghost.

Mental Rotation Overlap? I believe it as being able to fill in the gaps having
mental rotation. Noted by the time I had a cold. I drank catnip tea and honey
and took Dayquil severe at the same time before I went to bed. 
I had a adverse reaction. It caused me to be hyper and I guess it gave me 
dilated pupils with my mental rotation ability I was seeing the furniture in the bed 
room with my eyes shut with a night light on. I kind of saw what it was and my 
brain filled in the gaps. So the overlap I see would be on the same point as 
a kid in brain development having a faster process.

"We conducted six experiments to determine if mental rotation can begin before perception finishes, as allowed by continuous flow models but not discrete stage models of information processing. The results of Experiments 1–3 showed that the effect of shape discriminability on RT was underadditive with the effect of stimulus orientation, suggesting that mental rotation began before shape discrimination had finished and that the two processes overlapped in time. The results of Experiments 4–6 indicated that mental rotation can overlap with color discriminations as well. In both sets of experiments, however, the amount of underadditivity tended to be much less than predicted by models allowing interference-free overlap. This suggests that mental rotation can overlap with perceptual analysis, contrary to fully discrete models, but that little rotation is carried out during this overlap due to interference between simultaneous discrimination and rotation processes."

This is my think tank thinking on this kind of strange. 

Ocean wave energy into electricity - Hydro Power

This is something I was wondering about, why haven't people set up
some kind of hydro power in the Drake Passage?
That should power a lot if all of south america. A major thing but really
the point is to use the ocean flow for power without restricting the
ocean and to not be intrusive for people by having it on land.
There is wind power used out above water in the sea.
That is also good but by the numbers hydro power would be
the best way to go.

~~~~~Japanese scientists aim to turn ocean wave energy into electricity
A team of researchers at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University in Japan want to make the ocean an affordable source of renewable energy.

Engineers at OIST have already harnessed the energy of ocean currents using underwater turbines. Now, the group is targeting the kinetic power of waves. The team is preparing to install turbines where the energy of the ocean is most apparent.

"Particularly in Japan, if you go around the beach you'll find many tetrapods," Tsumoru Shintake, a professor at OIST, said in a news release.

Tetrapods are pyramid-like concrete structures designed to dampen the force of incoming waves and protect beaches from erosion.

Shintake wants to replace tetrapods with turbines designed to convert wave energy into electricity.

"Surprisingly, 30 percent of the seashore in mainland Japan is covered with tetrapods and wave breakers," Shintake said. "Using just 1 percent of the seashore of mainland Japan can [generate] about 10 gigawats [of energy], which is equivalent to 10 nuclear power plants. That's huge."

Shintake and his colleagues began designing their turbine prototype in 2013. They named the technology the Wave Energy Converter. The turbines are designed to withstand the force of large waves generated by typhoons and big ocean storms.

The turbine's blades were inspired by dolphin fins -- strong but flexible. The post, or stem, on which the turbine is mounted is also flexible -- like a flower. It is designed to bend but not break.

"The stem of a flower bends back against the wind," said Shintake.

WECs will rise just above the sea's surface when the ocean is calm, but will be submerged by onrushing waves. Because the blades only spin but so fast, fish who get caught will be able to escape.

The engineers are now preparing to install their first prototypes, half-scale models, in the ocean. The turbines will power LED fixtures to demonstrate their potential.

"I'm imagining the planet two hundred years later," Shintake said. "I hope these [turbines] will be working hard quietly, and nicely, on each beach on which they have been installed."

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Don Dokken Sets the Record Straight

Oh the days of Dokken! They where the band that in school you really
could not play around your girlfriend. Because she would think you are
breaking up with her.

Now things have more meaning and I give it to Don Dokken for stating
the truth in his way!

We caught legendary rocker Don Dokken giving out his new CD from the 
trunk of his car ... and then criticizing the world after seeing that Brazil, 
and its ghettos. (*Note TMZ is Narcissism, but the point is
what Don Dokken said not TMZ. Giving out his new CD from the trunk 
of his car. Like a adjunct professor! Listen)

~~~~~Don Dokken talks early days, acoustic shows and much more
LRI:  You also do a lot of charity shows and events, dating way back but  you also recently did one to benefit wounded policemen.  Are charity shows like that just important to you?

Don:  I think it’s an obligation.  I think not just for me but for any artist or person in the public eye, whether it’s a musician, an actor, athlete, anyone who has been blessed with a skill or talent they can donate to raise money or awareness for a cause.  If you can donate your time, it’s just time, to help a cause you are really paying it forward and it’s important.  I like singing, I sing for free.  The economy is in the toilet, a lot of these charitable organizations have had funding cut, if there’s anything you can do to help even a little bit it is the right thing to do.  You’ve gotta pay it back man.

~~~~~Don Dokken Sets the Record Straight on "Shit" Opening Bands and Reunion Rumors Has Don Dokken ever been happy? 

Glancing over the 38 years that the band Dokken has been in existence, one certainly starts to wonder.

In the 1980s, during the band’s heyday, Don and guitar maestro George Lynch were at each other’s throats, right up until 1988 when a fist fight in the back of a limo during a tour with AC/DC split up the band. There was a brief reformation in the mid-1990s, but Dokken and Lynch had to come to terms with the fact that they just don’t get on.

Don thinks Lynch is crazy. Lynch thinks Don is a control freak with a giant ego. They’re probably both right. Oil and water don’t mix but can result in some fascinating art — just ask Van Halen, Faith No More, Guns N’ Roses, etc.

Fast-forward to 2017, and a conversation with Don Dokken is much like an appointment at the DMV — there’s a sense that the forced courtesy is tinged with a little resentment. To the band’s credit, Dokken have been putting out studio albums relatively regularly — about every four years. That said, Dokken are a nostalgia band. The audience, for the most part, is the hair-metal crowd, wanting to hear the old hits.

Asking Don about the old days and bringing up Lynch still irks him, but he doesn’t quite come across as the total asshole that he has sometimes been portrayed to be. He’s grouchy and, more than likely, he’s over some of the oft-repeated questions. But there’s a biting wit about him, too.

Dokken have gone from playing arenas to theaters in the past 20 years or so. Don claims that, while he naturally looks back wistfully on the glory days, he enjoys his craft as much today as ever, even if that isn’t immediately apparent.

“Sometimes we play arenas to 30,000 people, sometimes 5,000 people, 1,000 people — honestly, there’s no difference,” Dokken says. “We always play the same show. It doesn’t matter how many people. We’re not playing stadiums anymore — that’s about all that’s changed. The fans are still kind and love our music. It’s not about money anymore. If you’re an artist, you paint paintings. You don’t stop. I keep singing.”

The musical tastes of the masses isn’t the only thing that has changed since the 1980s. It’s not even the most drastic change, as the digital revolution has irrevocably altered the structure of the record industry. Don has accepted the new reality, if not fully embraced it.

“In the old days, you made records to make money," he says. "You toured to support it. Now, people don’t buy records like they used to. People aren’t selling millions of records. People download for free. As far as making a record, we do it because I want to write songs. I still have to continue my craft and my art. But it’s reversed. Now, you tour to make money and hope you sell records. ... It’s flip-flopped.”

So that’s what Dokken do. The band, now completed by guitarist Jon Levin, bassist Chris McCarvill and longtime drummer Mick Brown, tour as often as possible, working their collective asses off. They even played a few dates in Japan with Lynch and classic lineup bassist Jeff Pilson (now of Foreigner), stirring cries for a more permanent reunion. Don’s not having any of it.

“We played in Japan with George, but that was a one-time thing,” he says. “Five shows. Never say never, but as far as right now, I’m not planning more shows with Jeff and George. There’s no point. They all have their various projects. It just happened to be a moment in time when the stars aligned. Plus Jon [Levin] is an underrated monster.”

Don may not like being asked about Lynch, but he likes questions about a gig in Detroit last October, where he allegedly insulted the local openers, even less. Cellphone footage captured at the Token Lounge show features the singer saying, during a rant about the poor sound, “The is what happens when you’ve got a bunch of fucking shit bands up here before you play.” Dokken claims he misspoke.

“I said one thing in Detroit and the whole planet is hating me. I had problems onstage, I had a lot of feedback, my microphone wasn’t working, the PA was feeding back for five songs, and what I meant to say was, ‘I apologize for the shitty sound from the other bands.’ I didn’t mean to insult the four bands.

"Anybody who was at the Token Lounge knows that it was a goddamned clusterfuck," he continues. "I had feedback for five songs, I had to stop the show, I left the stage, and I said, ‘You fix it, I’ll come back. But I’m not coming back until you fix your problems.’ I can’t believe I said one little thing and the whole planet thinks I’m a prick. That’s OK. I’m famous for being a prick so I’m used to it.”

Rob Kay of Detroit band The Creeping Chaos, who performed that night, sees it slightly differently.

“If he thinks all the opening bands were shit, that's perfectly fine,” he writes via email. “He has a right to his opinion. But in my opinion, it is utterly classless (and in poor taste professionally) to talk down about the bands that opened/sold tickets/promoted for you, over a microphone to an audience. Especially when some of the audience are members of those bands.”

Don says that, while spending months of each year out on the road, he has seen many great young opening bands, and he’s always ready with some advice regarding record contracts in the modern age, even if it isn’t necessarily what budding would-be rock stars want to hear.

“I don’t want to be negative,” he says. “I don’t want to shoot them in the foot and say, ‘You’re wasting your time because the record business is over.’ It’s all indie labels now. My advice to the young bands is, don’t get a record deal. Make your own record with ProTools in your garage, put it out yourself on your website, and take all the money. It’s a different world. The days of the Dokken million-bucks-per-record are gone.”

Dokken plays a show at the Whisky on Saturday, March 11, a venue that means a great deal to Don and the band as it takes them right back to the very beginning, as it does for many Los Angeles groups. The show has been sold out for weeks, and Don is happy to play a smaller show as an homage to his roots.

“It’s going to be something very special,” he says. “We’re playing 17 songs, a two-hour show. It’ll be the first time I’ve sang for two hours in 20 years. My voice is very good right now and I can do it. We’re playing obscure, deep, deep tracks that nobody’s heard in years. It’ll be interesting.”

As he says this, it even sounds like he's smiling.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Where have I been, Mirror, Mirror, on the rocks!

I have always been a lover type of person in my relationships!
When I am hooked, I'm hooked! That is not a bad thing, from where I been.

(This is a disclaimer. This story has TMI. Just be aware, it's my pain and growth!
This should be seen through they eyes of a therapist in view and noted why I see
myself as a therapist in relationships. No names are mentioned here!) 
I'm not a player, just a lover!

It's ok to be the hostess with the mostess
with a neurosis because of the support,
the lovers by your side, being for your
best interest. Walking in our short lives
not alone! Like the stars above!

In my life I learned to not get upset over temporary issues.
In my past I got upset over temporary issues as all in relationships do,
but I learned it's temporary so I let it go as I look back at my
past relationships in relating to the now. It's called learning.

Like you can love someone wanting better for the partner in that
there is no line to cross as it's all good, balanced and supportive toward the
partner. The balance would be welcomed these days and it's worth it!
And that needs to go both ways or there will be a hell of a pain!
You can love more than one!

Love really does not have boundaries.
For me I tend to fall in love easy. Ask me and I am all ready there.
I am Polyamorous so I won't break up with anyone.
If it don't work I believe you should agree it's not working and note
there is no need to hate. We are adults so we should talk like adults.

*****For instance I was with a lady hair dresser for a time in the 1990's.
She barfed on the first date. She smoked weed and liked to go at
gay bars being she had a hard life she was abused by a biker gang lady
that had a death threat on her from testifying in federal court about them.
She was a secret wittiness and the biker guy recognized her by
her testimony and called her by name threatening to kill her in court.

She freaked, so she ended up feeling safe at a gay bar that was her security.
Not one biker would step foot in a gay bar!
I'm not gay, she was not gay it was her security to go there.
Every time a guy with leather on walked in the bar she would watch them
out of the corner of her eye. It was that bad!

On the first date at a nice restaurant she ran to the bathroom
and threw-up everywhere. She was like a keeper seeing the back of her
as she was running to the bathroom, then with a Blaaaah, Splat noise she went.
These "Party girls" with their little lipstick purse came running out screaming
with their hands in the air and high heels going tap, tap, tap as they ran out!
The bathroom door was slow to close, so I saw all that from the table I was at.
At the time I wanted to hold up a lighter for her, but didn't have one!
Nervous, high etc she got sick, I took her back to her environment which
was the gay bar all was ok it's her normality there. She told me where she likes to go
thinking I would say hell no, but I accepted her for who she is and
she could not believe it.

Her room mate was a transvestite and she was like a mother to him in the household. 
I am with the hairdresser. All of us would meet at the gay bar and he would be around 
doing his shows going to another bar coming back or be sitting with us. 
One night Saturday we where out late and ended up getting something to eat at the 
Village in on a Sunday morning with him still in dress. We all got kicked out. 
So we gladly got out of there. At the time it was like walking into a Chick fil a in 
drag and getting kicked out! This was the 90's in Oklahoma a homophobic time!
But understanding also a Saturday night crossing in to Sunday a oxymoron and 
interesting needed clash noting society need to a social evolution! 

As I am I tend to be like a Valium so she took me home on the first date.
Keep in mind of her past, a strange man in a waterbed with her passed out
tired, she farted in her sleep. This never happens in life, a lady like her would
be aware of my every move. Nope she slept and farted! And I had to try
not to laugh as I would of shook the waterbed. You don't want to suddenly
wake up tired older cougar. Let sleeping cougars sleep!
She farted in her sleep what would Sigmund Freud say?
Trust, that is the point being the fear she had!

I had to carry her over my shoulder to the car once. The bar owner kept calling me
at work letting me know she was smashed that night. She got too drunk that night
and I took her home put her in her bed. She mumbled before she passed out
something like if I stick it in her @$$ use the gel. I kissed her and went back to
my place. She didn't know what she was saying! Significant others don't
BLANK you in the BLANK when you are passed out drunk!
Her room mate was a transvestite / now called transgender, she took care of him
like her son. There is a amount of fairness and respect that was shown by that.

My relationship with the hairdresser didn't workout but that was ok.
This was one of the fun / humanistic relationships I had.

*****Also in the 1990's I had a friend and his wife take me out to dinner at
Denny's so they could talk to me about...  Well my friend's wife told me they
wanted to have sex with me. And some guy behind us in the other seat said
"I'll be damned, a male unicorn!" I replied "Hay... I'm not gay!"
I didn't expect that and It is funny that I can say
That is not me, so I found it funny that they said that to me!
They where still my friends but I let them know it's not me!

*****I dated a lady I met on the internet, we went to a hotel.
I also met her before I met her a Red string of fate! I first met her when
I was on the school bus in high school. It's about where the road takes us!
Her and her kids where going backward into a intersection in their car with a
T-top after doing a burnout. It was a cloudy day and when they went flying
backward they stopped in the middle of the intersection when there was a
opening in the cloud and a beam of light shined on their car and only their car.
She put her hands in the light and waved them around before they took off again.
I am glad I dated her but I didn't know if we where meant to be.
I never thought of these things like that before. On the bus I knew it was like a
spot light on her but I never understood back then.

I met her before I met her when I was on a High School bus only to
end up in a Hotel Room with her down the road. The circle of life.

*****I dated a lady that was a head lady in the federal credit union.
She had a short life span due to a enlarged heart. She was in need of a
heart transplant. I was dating her to make life better for her.
It was a love and support relationship as she had heart problems
and a short life... Take into your life what is good for you life's short!

*****Also had a lady in the 90's tell me "We like you." 
"My other personality likes you and I trust her so im ok with it!" 
Noted about the "Hostess with the mostess with a neurosis." 
It's ok, I am a psychology major, I'm for your best interest, 
I love you!

*****And there was another lady like that. She was a restaurant manger at the hotel I worked at. She had multiple personality. One day I was walking down the hallway and she was walking toward me. She suddenly pushed me into the dark closet next to us shut the door and started to take off her clothes. All of a sudden in the dark she said "Oh dear, Oh dear" She then hit the light switch. "Oh it's you, thank god! Lets not talk about this!" Explaining she has multiple personality and I guess her half likes me. She got dressed then she took off!

*****Also you could say I had a date with a married lady when I was 10.
When I was in my elementary time 1979 I think,
I remember a teacher taking me to a bar to have a coke to also meet
her boyfriend or husband. It was something about her pay check
to pay the rent, she brought me along. Nothing bad!
That was really cool it was life in the 70's!

*****I fell for a married lady who was a Angie Dickinson lookalike, my boss
when I worked at a Hotel. She went to a salon once and fixed her hair.
It caused me problems at work! It was to the point her co-worker said
something like "Look at him, your driving him nuts!"
She came over and poked me, and said OK, we need to fix this.
She went back to the salon and had her hair toned down.
Many knew I was in love with her and the hair issue was just proof of it.

When the coworkers first found out they confronted us together to tell us that
they saw changes in her and at first they thought she was on Prozac or something
but found out it was me. I gave her balance!

People at work knew I fell for her, and we where sort of notarized by a coworker
telling me damn she's yelling at you at work and your not even her husband!
"Stop standing up for my husband, stop it, stop it!"
I was for her best interest because she's my best interest, I was for her
because I did need her also! I looked forward to working with her!

The hotel put a obvious hidden camera in the wall once. A few months later I fixed it.
I knew it bugged her and I got sick of it also so enough! I covered the hole with butter
being the color of the butter was the same color of the wall and respectfully the same 
as her hair color. (Only I would notice something like that. 
When I get it bad I get it bad!) Anyway the butter worked no more camera in the 
wall and no one said anything.

She had a fight with her husband once and with his high blood presser he had to save himself he picked her up and put in the trunk of the car. Yelling at him through the back seat of the car he turned on the radio to block her out. It happened to be rap music! He took her to my place to calm her down. And for a long time she was upset about it and about the played rap music with her thinking he did it on purpose. "No he didn't he was trying to block you out!"

At the time her husband was trying to push the divorce so he came up with a plan! He found out what gay bar the workplace gossiper goes to. So he went there and when he showed up he yelled his name then kissed some guy on the lips. So... The gossiper ended up calling his wife telling her what her husband did where I was working with her at the time. I was walking down the hallway when she came running at me with arms full of papers. She told me shes putting me in charge. "You are my lover keep my job keep my job for me!" I said ok and off she went!

The gossiper told me what happened after the explosion! She went into the gay bar and chased her husband around throwing peoples drinks at him then she got on the stage and dropped her skirt pulling out her middle aged womanhood out with both hands yelling "Whats wrong with my %$*&# Keep in mind this is a gay bar and she did that. The gossiper told me these are gay people they where running out of the bar holding their heads. I was like crap she had a breakdown. So I put the gossiper in charge and took off to get my psychology college book and looked up breakdown. "A breakdown is because you lost something of value." So I had to show her value. So I went to the store and bought Elmer's Glue. (To glue her back together again and to give her something the glue as a statement of value to fix her.) It made sense at the time!
In the store I was waiting in the line holding the Elmer's Glue saying "What am I going to do, what am I going to do?" Some guy said you glue something with it! So I told them my married lover had a breakdown I have to glue her back together again!" Keep in mind I was a psychology major and this was the first time I had to deal with a real total breakdown it's different in class talking about it than in real life! I was only like 29 at the time a bit young for something like this! What a learning experience! 

I found some leftover police homicide sticky tape in the storeroom so being me
I thought it would be funny to make a body outline of me on the floor in the back 
room of me holding my tray based on the Naked Gun Movie. This was at night and my Angie Dickinson worked early in the morning and at the time I normally woke up at 11 am. So the next day... What I didn't know was her and her husband got into it that night I guess and he stormed out going to a motel to get away from her. So in the morning she went to work and saw the body outline so tired from a bad night her wondering what was going on she tried to call me but it was like 6 am too early and I was sleeping not hearing the phone ring. So she called her husband at work but he didn't answer also not wanting to talk to her at work. He told his co workers to say he wasn't there if she called. Now came the panic. She thought her husband killed me and he was on the run so she ended up calling 911! "I think my husband killed my boyfriend!" I got a few more phone calls after that from many people and it woke me up. I finally answered the phone, it was her friend at work. She told me your Sweetheart was freaking out and she called 911 on you etc. So she put her on the phone letting her know I was ok! Mad at me she told me to call 911 now let them know your ok! So I did! It was funny calling 911 being you only call when someone is dead or something and I was calling to say "I'm alive!" A lot of hoopla over a prank at work but I didn't know at the time!

*****Way back in the 90's the song from La Bouche - Be My Lover. It was out and running on the dance floor at the hotels a lot. There was a boss at work I liked she knew it. I was trying to go out with her to hang out with her like her pet. She knew my interest and she sung "IT" to me once "I hear what you say, I see what you do, I know everything, I need to know about you, And I want you to know that it's telling me, You wanna be my lover." But at the time she was my big boss and I was a white guy but that had no meaning a lover is a lover no racial classification, no boundaries and because I would be her lover. For her. But it was the fact she was my big boss it was a work issue with that but still it was the 90's I tried. I hope it showed her she had value as my interest was for her not myself! 

*****Back in my days at working at a hotel there was a lady that went there off and on that was a married sex offender. She lived in a nice two story house in south Tulsa by a golf course drove a red Mazda MX5. At the time I didn't know why she was a sex offender I was thinking it might be that she has sex with the pool boy that at the time I was ok with it being I was a young banquet server at a hotel myself. Just another rich lady acting badly that happened a lot back then. At the hotel I showed interest in her and she knew it as I looked like a love sick puppy to her, but nothing! I was like her Butler I got her out of the back of hotel many times being she didn't want to be seen by people that knew of her. One day I had enough! I got her to her car and I just stood there looking at her, wanting her as she drove away. She saw me in her rear view mirror, she stopped and turned around. We had eye contact for a while. I was waiting for her to tell me to jump in. But she shook her head at me "No!" and she drove on.

I later found out She was a teacher that molested a girl twice at a elementary school. like 9 or 12 something! But what would my path of been if I did hook up with her? Well if I would of jumped in the car with her I am sure we both would of been on the run being she didn't like others knowing what she did and so wanted to get away from all of it. I hoped it would not of been worse as "The Adventures of Wanda June!" A old guy that knew about her told me to stay away from Wanda June. At the time I didn't know WTF he was talking about!

*****In the 90's I tried to hook up with a lesbian lady I was in love with but her partner couldn't handle the jealousy. The point was to not take away but to add to making all better. It's good to have male companionship in a relationship like that. I fixed her car, offered protection emotional security etc. In the 90's ignorance was on the loose and homophobia ruled so she had a open mind that I was useful but it was her partner and that is ok being I was no unicorn hunter I was a helper! When they went out to dinner together it was just a matter of time when a "Redneck with a sloping forehead" would look at them with a stupid face! Her partner wanted to slap her chest at them! every time it happened. That didn't happen if I was with them. I gave protection. We all tried but it fried and that was ok we took the effort and it's better than not!

*****I was in a porn shop that was next door to a strip club a friend was  working there at the time. We where talking when all of a sudden we heard a commotion next door and I saw a fist go through the wall. It was a safety wall in the back of the strip club. Just a hole in the wall with painted cardboard over it like it is a part of the wall. Someone brought a gun because he was jealous a stripper was lap dancing someone else so she took the safety exit shooting across the floor on all fours in outfit in the porn shop. It happened so fast and she shot out the wall so fast it was like a mutant came out of the wall. The movie Total Recall was still in my mindset so it related at the time! I am conflicted about this if it was a sign of god I was to hook up with her because she busted into my life. I didn't know that back then, it just happened and is all I knew.
It's those things you wonder about in life!

*****I also dated a lady who's mom smoked hash. The little dog even got
into it and made it psychotic. She showed me her "Mom's stash of hash!"
She caught her past boyfriend having sex with her mom in a bad place and
saw everything she had a total breakdown a blackout!

That was the last thing my girlfriend remembered because she blacked out!
Her defense mechanism turned off her brain so she could black it out!
She ended up walking all the way to her sisters middle school to get her

Her sister told me she walked all the way from home crying and by the time
she got to the school she had black eyeliner down her face she got in the gym
and was standing in the doorway breathing hard and looking bad.
She said it looked like the Carrie movie the prom part of the movie with the  
bucket of pig's blood. It was freaking out the kids in the gym.

My girlfriend I believe said out loud what she saw then collapsed on the floor 
in a fetal position. Her sister all of a sudden realized her older sister needed her 
so she had to take care of her. 

My girlfriend snapped back not knowing how she got there.
That was why I got into Psychology because of the brains defense mechanism.
So to say down the road it effected me also so I also needed her!

Her mom said she was smoking too much at the time and all she remembered
was her boyfriend asking her if he could have a piece of her hash!
And she said ok, then turned around and bent over to get the hash out
of the bottom drawer. And...

Her mom was smoking too much at
the time and didn't know what was going on. I was her first boyfriend after that and
I had to deal with her paranoia of her thinking I want her mom.
It didn't help that the little dog jumped in the shower with her mom and attacked her.
She ran naked through the house being chased by the dog with me and my girlfriend
sitting on the couch with me not being able to help it looking at her mom only to look
to my right to see my girlfriend staring me down. "I knew it!"

Even worse I think her mom said to her daughter after the chase
"Sweetie he does not want to have sex with me, now do you?" (Asked to me.)
I paused as it flashed in my mind her mom running around the house, naked.
My girlfriend was staring me down again and her mom shaking her head, 
(No, No, say No!) "Oh, no I don't sweetie!" I did, I was in love, but really 
I can't do something like that with my girlfriends history! 
I love my girlfriend and I can't do that to her!
But as it goes I ended up falling for her sister.
A soulmate meant to be, but I was too stupid to know at the time to keep her!
I am sorry and yes I love her also too timelessly!

*****My girlfriend in High school was a ex teen prostitute
a victim of human trafficking in Vegas when she was 13. 
I believe that she ran away and someone pimped her in Vegas 
only for her to be beaten up giving her a broken jaw, 
taken home and with a ding dong zoom here is
your daughter kind of thing she was dropped off at the front door.
Whoever did it are bastards even today!

I hooked up with her when she was 15 starting high school
I was 18 myself and way over my head with everything!
It was a emotional support type of relationship.
Like a shotgun wedding. Her dad told me they say 100's
of people got their hands on her and don't break up with her
she can't take rejection. I was her first boyfriend after all that mess!

Back in the 80's there was no cell phones, internet etc.
She she wanted me to take her to the Toys r us to get a coloring book.
That was what 15 year old's used back then! 
I took my girlfriend to a Toys r us! Buggers!!!!
I was glad she was my girlfriend!

A few years later I got a phone call from some health department
somewhere at 6 am keep in mind at the time I didn't get up until 11 am.
They let me know there was a guy that was with her tested positive
for AIDS he is in the Hospital dying and that I should be tested. 
I said what... ok... and went back to bed only to wake up at 11 am not sure 
if that was a dream or not. I never had sex with her so I was not worried I 
tested anyway all was ok! And she is also ok today.

It is sad what happened to her back then. And so now these days it is still 
an issue even today!

*****Back in the 80's I liked this girl I rode bikes with.
She was a tomboy because she got abducted and held for ransom.
So she toughened up. I tried to sneak her a kiss once and she upper handed 
me and my glasses flew off me and spun off my face. We thought it was funny

Unrelated but... In the 90's in my church youth group we where
catching a football at night with a new moon. I thought I caught
the ball but is slipped from my hands and hit me between the eyes,
breaking my glasses in half.

*****When I was 17 I had a young girlfriend as many does in the 80's.
At the time most of the girls where hostile because many girls had their
periods over lapping. So the boys not liking to be yelled at they got away 
from them. One kid said he was sad he broke up with his girlfriend.
And he said he was walking around the school and said a prayer and
when he opened his eyes he said a break in the clouds let out a beam
of light what shined on the middle schools name plate.
Light boom Middle schools are happy. 

He found himself a young girlfriend and took her to a track meet.
Where most of the boys in the bleachers noticed she was smiling ear to ear.
So the next day word got to the girls the High school kids where
interested being they had cars and a bit of money.

So the next day after school there was a mad dash to the middle school
fence. It was a meat market the boys where pairing off with the girls.
By the time I found out and took off running a kid in front of me got
there first. I got there and I looked from a long distance it was two special
needs kids. I was looking when I was awed by the girl looking at a tree
blowing in the wind. What a respect of nature she had!
She was somewhat blind and she had bird legs. The other girl was short
and fat. She noticed me and slapped the blind girl! What! 
I didn't want to go with her!

The blind girl couldn't see me she was moving her head back and forth
and the fat girl stopped her head at me and she saw me. 
I said "That was weird." and noticed the blind girl said what I said. 
So I said "Olly olly oxen free." and she repeated and both laughed.
I said "Can you read my lips" and she shook her head yes!
I was like far away and she could read my lips!

But being 17 thinking two special needs girls = one reg girlfriend.
No! they will make fun of me twice. Stupid thinking I had!!! 
I should of dated them because the value of life!

I said I will think about it. I ended up walking to the Q.T thinking about it. 
But ended up meeting a girl there. She had a big slushy.  She asked me 
"Are you interested in me?" ,  "Yes!" , "Do you have a car?" , "No!" , 
"WTF!" , "I have a motorcycle!" She jumped in the air and hugged me. 
Her slushy splat on my back and the bottom broke and the slushy went down 
my spine and as she was hugging me I hopped up and down, cold!!
The guy at the Q.T was laughing "Oh I see how it goes!" We made his day! 

We walked back to my motorcycle and took off we passed the park where
there was high school kids and middle school girls all talking together.
It looked bad! I knew they had to take cover, knowing it would just
take one parent to drive by to blow it up! My new girlfriend waved at 
her friend she said that was strange! 

After school we hung out riding my bike and I would take her back to
her moms apartment. One day I took her back home when her mom was
waiting there for us. She had a Mexican standoff with her mom.
But her mom won and it gave me a chill to hear my girlfriend say,
"Hi mommy!" Her mom told me to take off my helmet and as I did
I took a deep breath. I guess the fact I took out the foam in the helmet
so it could fit my head made my head look bigger, like a 30 year olds.
Her mom said in a Irish accent "How old are youuuuu!" and she started
to beat me up. It didn't hurt but she kept hitting my gut so I was trying
to say "I'm seven, I'm I seven, I'm seventeen!!!" She stopped and said
"Thank god I thought you where 30!" ,  "I said thanks!"

*****I fell for a girl I kept running into my near the final year in high school.
Where ever I went I would see her somewhere in the background.

I was going to talk to her to let her know I was interested in her after
graduation practice, but she had to leave during it.
Everyone looked at her go up the stairs as they where all in place where
they are supposed to be, all but her! I was in love!

So I ended up after graduation looking for her and found her.
We talked a bit and I found out she was going out of state for College.
So really to me at the time this was the last time I would see her, it hurt!

And to the fact that I got booted off going to a big college and I ended
up at a JR college. Most of that time my heart was thinking about her.
It was one of those things like the "Red string of fate" heart wise to me!

I was depressed about it. So there I was sitting in class at the JR college, thinking
about things depressed, I really was thinking about her at the time when she came
walking in and sat down in a class I was in.
She was going to the same college I was and we had the same class together!

We dated in college but when I told her I loved her it bounced like ping pong balls
off her. Again it was not was not recognized. It seems clear to me being how we met
but her thinking was not there!

So from that we started to date for a bit. I showed her how to drive, she had
too much fun and we ended up in a field in the country, I took the keys!
She was not 100% and that is ok I loved her for who she was!
She had a stroke when she was in high school so it did damage.

Her parents at the time had no plans for her, they didn't want her to drive,
they did not teach her anything. I pointed to her she needs to take care of her self
look into people before she trust them being they would see her as a easy target.
Background checks etc she needed to do.

To me that also pointed to why she did not get to a big college.
Not being 100% was not all it but her parents seemed to me to
be dumping her! Letting her fail so she could learn herself!

She went on her way after her time in college and I lost track of her.
But I met her again when I worked at a hotel. She was at a function at the hotel
I was working. I talked to her told her my heart was still there, but still.
I found out she is moving to Chicago, and she still did not see me as
more that what I was!

But we went out one more time. I took her to dinner, then took her home.
This was a depressing day for me, being the heart string was still there and now.

That day I could not take off the day from work to go on a date all day.
I worked at a hotel and it was a big thing they had going on.

When I got there I found out it was a banquet with a famous lady actress from the 80's
I liked to watch. The show was about an Angel that lived in the closet, that would
come out to help a boy deal with things.

Sort of fitting! She was doing the motivational speaking thing there.
During her thing she came up to me and wanted to get my coffee pot so she could
run around to serve coffee to people, being motivational.
I quickly showed her how to do it safely without getting hot coffee on someone.
She later told me I was the first one that let her do it! Thanks she said.

*****I met my old lady when she was 57 in 2003 she is 25 years older than I am.
I met her kids before I met her. Didn't know till later. Also to the fact she also
worked in Vinita Oklahoma in 1985 relating to my red string of fate of soul mates
She brought me in the town I live in now first where I then met my other love...

*****My next girlfriend I met working at Walmart. But I also met her before
I met her. I passed her in her GEO in 1989 on the highway under the Vinita
McDonald's. Her car full of junk and her kids and her with her long hair with 
sunglasses on got me back then! We ended up working together and also 
during dinner we ate in the car where we both watched my other love in
the parking lot of Walmart before I met her...

*****And I also love a married Gypsy lady I crossed paths with or to say have a
red string of fate with. I met her in the Vinita McDonald's back in 1996.
It was love at first sight... Accordingly is all I am going to say. She never knew that!
I was with my friend heading for St Louis. Looking out the Arch I was looking for 
the town I met her at. I wanted to go back! Going back I looked for at McDonald's
I even knocked on the door of the lady's bathroom before I went in looking for her.
It was that bad! I ended up meeting her in the Walmart parking lot and she
also accidentally ran me over in her car. Where I got on my knees being my foot
hurt being she ran over it so I put it on the cold ground. She saw me on my knees
and thought she killed me. She was scared but I was patting my heart at her 
begging her to come back. She smiled like a hyena sweet! But she made a right turn
with me wanting a U-turn. 

Still love her and my heart is there as I am ok with everything. Want to date her 
knowing that makes her a better person. Happy landings makes happy takeoffs.

She almost ran me over in a park only to run me over with her
ALPHA down the road. The bulldozing... I melted, wanted to kiss her bad,
I still do! Bulldozing is claiming there is a reason for it!

The point of all this? The point it might not of been what I needed but
I love everyone timelessly! Polyamory? Yes I am, I learned from all my past!

I don't look at my past relationships as anything bad in my life.
Love can tear you up and spit you out in pieces if you
don't look in the Mirror and know who to trust and know
you survived it all in your past!

Also sometimes both parties need to Zen out!

~If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something
about it, then there is no need to worry. If it's not fixable,
then there is no help in worrying.
There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever. (Dalai Lama)

~The ultimate way is without difficulty; those who
seek it make their own hardship. The true mind is originally
pure; those who exercise it make their own defilment. (Hui-K'ung)

~All things are free-flowing, untrammeled, what bondage is there,
what entanglement? You create your own difficulty and ease therein.
The mind source pervades the ten directions with one continuity; those
of the most excellent faculties understand naturally. (Tzu-hu)

So the point is to say trust yourself and love, being a lover is worth it!
to the point of being inflammatory about it. Why be fake?
In past terms, my significant others had doubts, fears.
At the time I had the same, and of course in the end we asked
"Why don't you stay?"
as we both are apart. Like both parties sitting in their own box separate,
far, far away. Why?!

As in if you are driving the old lady crazy, be real about it.
If she is too old for that shit, or would be in disaster if you cut her out
of your life, then don't! My old lady is really a old lady 25 years older
than I am. It's about balance! She needs something, you fix it,
but knowing she's your old lady so if it didn't work like the last two times,
let it go. Life is too short to hate your EX being if her life span is short
under 10 years to go, what time is there to hate?
"Oh, no. She's not my wife, she's just old lady!"

So from that pit my best view is to never take life serious.
Life is not serious it will run you over it doesn't care otherwise.

What you have in your life makes you happy and things only get better.
Your job is just a job it really does not make you happy.
You can change it but 10 years from now it will be the same
thing you are running away from.

Also if wanted you will have to follow, like A New Day!
And know things only get better.
If not to follow, at least it's known you will! Because they would be worth it!
And im not kidding you! If the partner is worth it, it comes easy to follow!

*Significant others are called that because they are significant!
Or (y) makes (x) the other significant! Vice versa.
(To be good for the other person and that is what matters, the balance!)

That is my tip to others in limbo, like I have been before!
I have more to say but I can't but you get the point.
We all get that from time to time! It will be ok. Learn from it!

In the hotel business I earned my way to a $1.5 million dead peasant insurance
policy on me. I found out because HR talked to me. Wanting to know if I was
worth it being the money they where spending on me. My co-workers called me
Dead man walking! Like the boss would kill me and take the money!
But I have a protected destiny so really I was ok!

I had hard times with my life experiences, as in my dad! In the late 90's me and
my college friends would go out on the weekend one night as I was heading out
I noticed my dad was sitting in his chair eating dinner but he looked green!
I wasn't sure if it was really bad or not. I thought he was just tired exhausted,
not felling good, he will get some rest and feel better, so I went out with my friends.
This was before I had a cell phone. When I got back to the house at 1am.
I found all the lights on and in my dads bathroom was a mess of vomit, blood etc.
Not good I knew something happened and about that time the home phone rang.
It was my sis letting me know what happened they are at the hospital. So off I went.

It turned out my dad was in bad shape, it did a lot of damage but he made it.
He hung on for a long time with my mom and us taking care of him, in time he passed
away and that was ok as his quality of life was really bad for such a man.
He needed peace! He was a oil engineer and came up with a lot of bind blowing stuff.
So this was hard for him and us kids also.

Years later I was watching the Democratic convention on TV and ex president Clinton
was talking. But I noticed he looked green! So I ran to TV to TV seeing if it was the 
color on the TV and called a friend asked if he noticed how green he looked. 
He said yep green, so I really ended up calling the FBI at the time. 
I didn't know who to call about that. I let them know I was real and not
a threat and told them that my dad looked like that before and what happened,
and they might want to get a DR to Clinton to check him out.
You might loose him!

And I guess they did as he is here today. I learned that green look from my dad
and from that in my past saw Clinton like my dad green and that was not good!
So in your life you take a beating and you get more rounded!

And have a lust for life!

Other roads?

Walk Her Dog Man, Love and Belongingness

If you love her... Well this is something way back I was thinking about
if it would not of went to hell with a married Gypsy lady I fell for.
Walking me on a leash, I thought about it! 
To love and belong, a bonding practice. Well that is what it is, 
everything has a purpose! 

Why do it? For the male he gets the Love and belongingness noted from
Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

The male belongs, the walking would be seen as proof of that and the
submission to her is a point of willingness in a domination submission.
Role reversal or everything as a point to be for her and more for the
male to belong. A role reversal is a good thing for women it is good for
the psyche as life is still not good for women in these times.

But in the light of a married lady that has a ring on her
finger that was not from her lover but her husband. So she is her
husbands and he is hers so the lover is not the husbands so the lover is hers!
In realty relationships all are just property issues of who owns who.
Who has the most footing as it is needed to have a strong footing in a
relationship for it to be strong and last. What is her needs to be on level.
Her self confidence building!

So the male being walked is for her best interest as it is giving the power
to the female. Building self confidence as she is publicly noting she
owns him willingly as he is for her best interest. It's a two lane road!
The male gets to belong and the female gets confidence of ownership.
Something even in the workplace is not good for women.
A point of bonding practice. Love and Belongingness. Walking the dog man!

~~~~~So when I said I wanted to be your dog...

An unidentified woman was seen walking a man on a leash in London on Friday morning, the Express reports. The man, who was dressed in office attire — and also sported a collar around his neck — crawled along on all fours as the woman led him.

People took photos and posted them to social media. The Evening Standard obtained video of the spectacle. No word if it was a stunt done as a promotion, or if it was just good, weird fun.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Target raises minimum wage to $11

There is a need to raise the pay because if you make the lowest pay
you give the lowest sales. Tax burdens or people doing without
not good for the labor force along with other issues.

The fear of consumer based pricing at the towns people low pay.
If the ridding of the insurance mandate, all the workers that can't afford
to use their insurance and will drop their insurance for a bigger
paycheck. Something like 60 million children waged adults
and many businesses having many uninsured workers taking
it easy not wanting to get hurt at work. And the liability issue of
uninsured workers.

Just raise the pay so the workers can just pull out their checkbook
and pay for healthcare. Not kill because the people that can't afford to use it.
Better sales not doing without!

Why can't people see the point? It's about what will happen if they don't.
Minimum wage has not gone up in 10 years. Stagnation is death!

~~~~~Target raises minimum wage to $11 an hour, $15 by 2020
Target is giving its workers a raise.

The company announced Monday that it would increase the minimum hourly wage for all workers to $11 next month.

Target (TGT) also committed to a $15 minimum wage by the end of 2020.
The company says the increase will also apply to the more than 100,000 hourly workers it is hiring for the holidays.

Target has been steadily raising its minimum wage for the past few years. Last year, it hiked the amount to $10 an hour.

The $11 wage is higher than the minimum wage in 48 states, and it matches amounts in Massachusetts and Washington, Target says.

It's also much higher than the current federal minimum wage of $7.25.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Losing health insurance, Labor force, No NASA and Going Backward

Obama Care hurt so many children waged adults that have
insurance but can't afford to use it so why have it, when
you could drop your insurance for a better pay check.
What about those sick people / kids that need it?
"They don't put food on my plate!"

It is rather sick to free up many that feel like they have a right
to have no insurance making others pay for it.
As like having to have car insurance and having to pay more
because of uninsured drivers. You have to have car insurance!
So if they get rid of the mandate then they should also get rid
of the need for car insurance making others pay for it driving 
up cost! Whats bad for the goose is bad for the gander! 

Obama Care is not a problem if you don't make children wages!!!!

And also if the mandate goes away then... Let them throw the poor off 
the cliff to gain seats on office because it helps the rich who vote 
because they have their favor! Republicans don't like the poor 
so off they go, willingly and unwillingly! 
Taking away health care from their own family members. 
How are they going to take care of their kids?
They don't, always against their best interest along with
the family off the cliff!

Having more people loosing their healthcare is a big problem.
It will cause many people to die un-necessary out of not having
a way to fix their problem in a timely manner going into the
emergency room pushing the too late to fit it problem.

Homemade healthcare of superglue, fish antibiotics and peroxide, etc...
But those are the minor fixes there without insurance.

But the point is yes there will be more deaths with no insurance.
But I see it as with no insurance mandate a massive drop as the mass 
of people will drop their insurance for a bigger paycheck being they 
work hard make the same pay so the insurance will be dropped for 
the extra income in the paycheck. That is like 180+ million working class 
people with insurance and likely 60 million are child waged adults. 
They will drop for food money.

Also being that massive drop will pull down the whole healthcare system
as 60 million less paying consumers hit the insurance comps.
What will stand against that kind of hit?

The labor force, workers without insurance that will get hurt at work
sometime is a liability issue. They would go right to workers comp or
sue the workplace to pay the DR bill! 

They will also be less productive as they don't want to get hurt at work.
Anyway you see it no healthcare is death!

Well really just ask what will the workers do with no insurance.
It doesn't take many poor to kill everything over more food money.
Healthcare is not a issue if you make higher wages.
Seems sad to kill healthcare for people that make low pay?
The attitude of repeal and replace Obama Care because of children
waged adults that are hurting from it. 

~~~~~Wellthie, a company that makes Web-based health insurance enrollment support tools, is reaching out to issuers with a new infographic summarizing the characteristics of the remaining uninsured workers.

The firm has used data from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation to show issuers that many of the uninsured workers are young and earn less than 400 percent of the federal poverty level.

More over why go backward on healthcare! Like what if they killed off 
NASA just because of a few explosions. No we go forward moving ahead! 
They fixed what was wrong and moved on with it! So why not work to fix
the issues with Obama Care. Why can't these people just pull out their
checkbook and pay for healthcare not be the children waged adults relying
on Medicaid expansion.

The cost of healthcare is high but also healthcare was affordable in the 
medieval times, cutting cost with a red hot poker! But mostly...
"Person for person, health care in the U.S. costs about twice as much as it 
does in the rest of the developed world. In fact, if our $3 trillion health care 
sector were its own country, it would be the world’s fifth-largest economy."

~~~~~"Doctor who orders an MRI because he owns the Machine!"

Being the cost and noting the issue of the many people that don't make
enough pay to use healthcare then the cost of the uninsured with us going
backward to the days when the healthcare system was crashing from the
cost of the poor. Kind of like consumer based pricing on healthcare with
people making $8 after taxes. Low sales is like low heal care it gets lowered
to math the poverty wages of the consumers of they will have nothing.
And many workers go to work unhealthy because they have nothing!

~~~~~Will losing health insurance mean more US deaths? Experts say yes
More deaths

Various studies have looked at whether uninsured people have a higher risk of death. The most cited was published by the American Journal of Public Health in 2009 and found that nearly 45,000 Americans die each year as a direct result of being uninsured.

Dr Andrew Wilper and a team at Harvard Medical School used two main datasets: they took a nationwide US survey of more than 30,000 people conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and checked it against the National Death Index, another national database collected by the CDC.

The two sets of numbers allowed the researchers to examine something called hazard ratios, which are a way to measure risk. For example, if a clinical trial finds that drug users are three times more likely experience a certain side effect, that drug has a hazard ratio of three.

In America, deep inequality can affect the usefulness of data like this. Lots of things can increase an American’s chances of being sick – being a person of color or being poor to name just two – and if those factors overlap with a lack of health insurance, it can be difficult to determine what exactly is affecting an individual’s risk of death.

Late-night hosts blast Trumpcare: 'Needless suffering for low and middle-income people'
 Read more
In the Harvard study, the researchers had 9,000 people in their dataset – enough that they were able to ensure they were really measuring the impact of a lack of health insurance.

The researchers found that a lack of health insurance had a mortality hazard ratio of 1.40. In other words, they concluded that Americans without health insurance were 40% more likely to die than those with it, even after taking into account the individual’s “gender, age, race/ethnicity, poverty income ratio, education, unemployment, smoking, regular alcohol use, self-rated health, physician-rated health and body mass index”.

The researchers calculated that in 2005, lack of health insurance resulted in 44,789 deaths of Americans age 18 to 64.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Walmart not hiring holiday workers, will give extra hours to existing workers instead

~~~~~The holidays are right around the corner, but Walmart won't be hiring for help.

The retailer plans to meet its need for extra work during the holiday shopping season by giving existing employees more hours, according to a release from the company.

Hiring seasonal holiday help is a tradition in retail. Walmart rival Target has already announced plans to bring on 100,000 temporary holiday workers.

But Walmart's move is a sign of the tightening labor market which has made it difficult for employers to fill open positions. There were a record number of unfilled job openings nationwide in the latest government reading of the labor market. More than 600,000 of the open positions were from retail.

It also can be seen as part of the effort by Walmart, the nation's largest private sector employer, to make jobs there more attractive and to cutdown on turnover.

The company announced a series of pay raises for its lowest paid employees in early 2015, which took the minimum pay for most employees to $10 an hour by last year, and the average pay for its full-time workers to about $13 an hour. Part-time workers are paid about $10 an hour on average.

For part-time employees, additional hours could increase total pay more than an increase in hourly pay.

Walmart says it employed the same strategy of more hours for existing employees during the holidays last year and "we heard great feedback from our customers and associates," according to Judith McKenna, chief operating officer of Walmart U.S.

Walmart had 1.5 million U.S. employees as of Jan. 31, according to a company filing.

Oh how nice of Walmart to care about their workers! BS! To me this is clear as a 
light about the lack of wage growth. I see it as Walmart is looking at a red flag about
a lack of sales this season.  Small towns are declining governed by the lack of wages!

These are some links for help finding a job.
I would recommend to get a job now you will have to move to where the money is!
Small towns are NOT raising the pay so there are no sales as people do without.
So you will need to move to a better paying state etc. Just do the research!