Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Not your A New Day

This is a statement that President Trump, Ambassador Haley
saying the point of "A New Day" is not "A New Day" from
their point it's disabling the UN by wanting to cut down their cost
in a time there needs to be more investment to deal with growing
problems the world has! Growing is up, not down as a cut cost is!

"A New Day" was started by me for this blog in 2013
Also the blog opened in 2009!

The "WalmartRamen A new Day" blog is something for
positive growth and doing better getting out of a bad job
if needed type of view. For the workers to make better.

It grandly is not at all or should be used by Trumps staff!
So I do not approve of their use of my blog name at the UN!
And this is my statement of that!!!

Trump is a yes man a flip flop I hope the UN sees this and
does not cut what the many need do not disable yourself!