Thursday, February 9, 2017

Donald Trump Schizoid Man

You should not take my word for it, just ask any Psychologist about Donald Trump.
Ever notice how he sits with his hands held together and body all tightened up.
Ever asked why? Something to hide?

I had seen him in a interview once when he was getting all fired up over something
and in the interview he had a wobble, back and forth.
In Psychology you learn the clear signs of a involuntary body movements.
A wobble, back and forth is a serious sign of a big ill!
Parkinsonian type symptoms and I am not talking about a simple eye twitch
that is a sign of a breakdown coming, as it is a sign of your nerves coming unglued.
A breakdown has a precursor called growth afterward, it's ok!
But wobbling back and forth is a clear sign of a big ill!
Not forthcoming as a eye twitch, but already there shown by the wobble.

If Donald has that movement that does point to why the body posture
to control himself. It also says he had some coaching about it for
a better view on him for being on the TV.

~~~~~Shaking hands is ‘barbaric’: Donald Trump, the germaphobe in chief
Trump added, “I’m also very much of a germaphobe, by the way, believe me.”
(The audience, according to the transcript of the news conference, laughed.)
Trump is keen to avoid microbes, particularly those transmitted via touch.
He is not alone in the world of celebrities and politicians, some of whom have
been labeled germaphobes of varying degrees. Toward the end of his life, billionaire
Howard Hughes holed himself in dark hotel rooms to dodge perceived germ threats.
Television host Howie Mandel, who has spoken about struggling with germ fears,
handles his anxiety with a far less extreme method:
Mandel rarely shakes hands, preferring the fist bump.

For an TV interviewer it would be worth it to focus on Donald's body movements
and get him all fired up. I am sure you will get it on tape!!!!

All of this is something you need to talk to a Psychologist about.
find out yourself!

I have to talk about this, being I sure can see more Schizoid people voting for
him because he's just like them! Now having a bunch of people wobbling!
And also willing to go off the cliff with him to their death expecting everyone
else to do the same! Cutting off your leg to save your toe!

It is common to have rich people being Schizoid. It's the love of having power
over people feeding the mania. Paranoia like a over alertness over their fiances etc.
They get rich that way. You can't have power over someone being a Dishwasher!

Remember Bush W. Bush the guy that had a DUI and lived in Texas.
A drunk like many of them are... So they voted him in.
This could be the same with Trump!

So why just sit there and do nothing and just let a nut walk right in!
Trump could get in office don't think there are not big numbers of
stupid people voting out there like it was for Bush!

You need to ask do you trust Trump being unstable with his actions with other
countries being over touchy. To start a war or a terrorist action over a cartoon
with Trump running around with his "Blah, Blah, Blah." Not good!

The stocks will take a hit when it drops. Cut taxes is less income for the peole that
take in more tax help than they pay out in taxes. Cutting taxes hurts the poor!
Getting rid of the mandate for insurance letting the many willing to have nothing
to make us all have nothing along with them! Sixty million people dropping their
insurance for a bigger paycheck killing insurance companies.

Making America a trailer park again! Like a big sign in front that says "KEEP OUT!"
Stock holders don't like to see America being ran like a small town! They have nothing!

~~~~~Donald Trump Exhibiting Discernable, Clear Signs of Clinical 
Mental Instability, Scores of Skeletons In His Closet, De Facto 'Disqualified' 
To Run for President

Considering all the facts, including his evident mental instability, his insatiable propensity
to attacks others, his infamous bad temper, his narcissism, his megalomania,
his similarities to some of histories worst, most vile despots, his apparent racism,
the list could go on and on). Do you really want this man representing America as President
or, for that matter, having any real influence whatsoever in a nation that's already too
politically polarized to properly function?

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to himself and the nation. I say we purge and fire him
from the national narrative altogether. Donald Trump, "Your Fired."

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