Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cigarette Tax is less food money

With the Oklahoma state capital still pushing on the cigarette tax, I have
to note the point of cigarettes costing more to people that make the same pay
with out much wage growth. Noted by the amount of minimum wage retirees
in in most small towns. Never made money to put in for retirement
lives on a $5.35 an hour type retirement. Very common!

There is too much stress on the poor less food hard times paying bills etc.
So to me I see smoking as a defense mechanism that trains the brain to be a smoker.
And without changing the social environment people just will not stop from starting.

Trains the brain? It is noted like in handwriting. Or just a bad husband that
when the wife starts yelling he goes a fishing leaving her to her own devices!
Training her brain to be psychotic! So as the wife goes psychotic the smoker smokes.
The brain is trained to smoke!

~~~~~Addiction isn’t a disease.
"…rather than a disease, I would say that addiction is a habit that grows and
perpetuates itself relatively quickly when we repeatedly pursue the same highly
attractive goal."

By the masses out there cigarettes will win in a war!

So with a cigarette tax is going to be a hardship to the many smokers with
no wage growth so when something goes up something goes down!
I really see more store owners crying over the lack of sales as the cigarettes
takes more of the consumers money! Less sales for your town for stores
taken by a poverty tax!

Poverty tax the many poor out there smokes and they are the ones
that can't afford a tax. It would be a better point to tax high dollar
things that are a better revenue source. Tax Chardonnay wine!!!