Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Walk Her Dog Man, Love and Belongingness

If you love her... Well this is something way back I was thinking about
if it would not of went to hell with a married Gypsy lady I fell for.
Walking me on a leash, I thought about it! 
To love and belong, a bonding practice. Well that is what it is, 
everything has a purpose! 

Why do it? For the male he gets the Love and belongingness noted from
Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

The male belongs, the walking would be seen as proof of that and the
submission to her is a point of willingness in a domination submission.
Role reversal or everything as a point to be for her and more for the
male to belong. A role reversal is a good thing for women it is good for
the psyche as life is still not good for women in these times.

But in the light of a married lady that has a ring on her
finger that was not from her lover but her husband. So she is her
husbands and he is hers so the lover is not the husbands so the lover is hers!
In realty relationships all are just property issues of who owns who.
Who has the most footing as it is needed to have a strong footing in a
relationship for it to be strong and last. What is her needs to be on level.
Her self confidence building!

So the male being walked is for her best interest as it is giving the power
to the female. Building self confidence as she is publicly noting she
owns him willingly as he is for her best interest. It's a two lane road!
The male gets to belong and the female gets confidence of ownership.
Something even in the workplace is not good for women.
A point of bonding practice. Love and Belongingness. Walking the dog man!

~~~~~So when I said I wanted to be your dog...

An unidentified woman was seen walking a man on a leash in London on Friday morning, the Express reports. The man, who was dressed in office attire — and also sported a collar around his neck — crawled along on all fours as the woman led him.

People took photos and posted them to social media. The Evening Standard obtained video of the spectacle. No word if it was a stunt done as a promotion, or if it was just good, weird fun.