Saturday, September 23, 2017

Losing health insurance, Labor force, No NASA and Going Backward

Obama Care hurt so many children waged adults that have
insurance but can't afford to use it so why have it, when
you could drop your insurance for a better pay check.
What about those sick people / kids that need it?
"They don't put food on my plate!"

It is rather sick to free up many that feel like they have a right
to have no insurance making others pay for it.
As like having to have car insurance and having to pay more
because of uninsured drivers. You have to have car insurance!
So if they get rid of the mandate then they should also get rid
of the need for car insurance making others pay for it driving 
up cost! Whats bad for the goose is bad for the gander! 

Obama Care is not a problem if you don't make children wages!!!!

And also if the mandate goes away then... Let them throw the poor off 
the cliff to gain seats on office because it helps the rich who vote 
because they have their favor! Republicans don't like the poor 
so off they go, willingly and unwillingly! 
Taking away health care from their own family members. 
How are they going to take care of their kids?
They don't, always against their best interest along with
the family off the cliff!

Having more people loosing their healthcare is a big problem.
It will cause many people to die un-necessary out of not having
a way to fix their problem in a timely manner going into the
emergency room pushing the too late to fit it problem.

Homemade healthcare of superglue, fish antibiotics and peroxide, etc...
But those are the minor fixes there without insurance.

But the point is yes there will be more deaths with no insurance.
But I see it as with no insurance mandate a massive drop as the mass 
of people will drop their insurance for a bigger paycheck being they 
work hard make the same pay so the insurance will be dropped for 
the extra income in the paycheck. That is like 180+ million working class 
people with insurance and likely 60 million are child waged adults. 
They will drop for food money.

Also being that massive drop will pull down the whole healthcare system
as 60 million less paying consumers hit the insurance comps.
What will stand against that kind of hit?

The labor force, workers without insurance that will get hurt at work
sometime is a liability issue. They would go right to workers comp or
sue the workplace to pay the DR bill! 

They will also be less productive as they don't want to get hurt at work.
Anyway you see it no healthcare is death!

Well really just ask what will the workers do with no insurance.
It doesn't take many poor to kill everything over more food money.
Healthcare is not a issue if you make higher wages.
Seems sad to kill healthcare for people that make low pay?
The attitude of repeal and replace Obama Care because of children
waged adults that are hurting from it. 

~~~~~Wellthie, a company that makes Web-based health insurance enrollment support tools, is reaching out to issuers with a new infographic summarizing the characteristics of the remaining uninsured workers.

The firm has used data from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation to show issuers that many of the uninsured workers are young and earn less than 400 percent of the federal poverty level.

More over why go backward on healthcare! Like what if they killed off 
NASA just because of a few explosions. No we go forward moving ahead! 
They fixed what was wrong and moved on with it! So why not work to fix
the issues with Obama Care. Why can't these people just pull out their
checkbook and pay for healthcare not be the children waged adults relying
on Medicaid expansion.

The cost of healthcare is high but also healthcare was affordable in the 
medieval times, cutting cost with a red hot poker! But mostly...
"Person for person, health care in the U.S. costs about twice as much as it 
does in the rest of the developed world. In fact, if our $3 trillion health care 
sector were its own country, it would be the world’s fifth-largest economy."

~~~~~"Doctor who orders an MRI because he owns the Machine!"

Being the cost and noting the issue of the many people that don't make
enough pay to use healthcare then the cost of the uninsured with us going
backward to the days when the healthcare system was crashing from the
cost of the poor. Kind of like consumer based pricing on healthcare with
people making $8 after taxes. Low sales is like low heal care it gets lowered
to math the poverty wages of the consumers of they will have nothing.
And many workers go to work unhealthy because they have nothing!

~~~~~Will losing health insurance mean more US deaths? Experts say yes
More deaths

Various studies have looked at whether uninsured people have a higher risk of death. The most cited was published by the American Journal of Public Health in 2009 and found that nearly 45,000 Americans die each year as a direct result of being uninsured.

Dr Andrew Wilper and a team at Harvard Medical School used two main datasets: they took a nationwide US survey of more than 30,000 people conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and checked it against the National Death Index, another national database collected by the CDC.

The two sets of numbers allowed the researchers to examine something called hazard ratios, which are a way to measure risk. For example, if a clinical trial finds that drug users are three times more likely experience a certain side effect, that drug has a hazard ratio of three.

In America, deep inequality can affect the usefulness of data like this. Lots of things can increase an American’s chances of being sick – being a person of color or being poor to name just two – and if those factors overlap with a lack of health insurance, it can be difficult to determine what exactly is affecting an individual’s risk of death.

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In the Harvard study, the researchers had 9,000 people in their dataset – enough that they were able to ensure they were really measuring the impact of a lack of health insurance.

The researchers found that a lack of health insurance had a mortality hazard ratio of 1.40. In other words, they concluded that Americans without health insurance were 40% more likely to die than those with it, even after taking into account the individual’s “gender, age, race/ethnicity, poverty income ratio, education, unemployment, smoking, regular alcohol use, self-rated health, physician-rated health and body mass index”.

The researchers calculated that in 2005, lack of health insurance resulted in 44,789 deaths of Americans age 18 to 64.