Friday, September 29, 2017

Kids Seeing Ghosts, Children and Brain Development, Mental Rotation Overlap

Being Halloween is coming up this seems to be a good time for a freaky story.
Seeing ghost? Well there are many stories about cats seeing something in a room.
There are those youtube videos of cats seeing something. Cats see differently
and also focus on sharp edges. So I think they can.

Kids seeing ghost? "At birth, a baby’s brain contains 100 billion neurons, roughly 
as many nerve cells as there are stars in the Milky Way, and almost all the neurons 
the brain will ever have." Being the size compact and with the many neurons it
does make a point of a faster process pointing to seeing ghost.

Mental Rotation Overlap? I believe it as being able to fill in the gaps having
mental rotation. Noted by the time I had a cold. I drank catnip tea and honey
and took Dayquil severe at the same time before I went to bed. 
I had a adverse reaction. It caused me to be hyper and I guess it gave me 
dilated pupils with my mental rotation ability I was seeing the furniture in the bed 
room with my eyes shut with a night light on. I kind of saw what it was and my 
brain filled in the gaps. So the overlap I see would be on the same point as 
a kid in brain development having a faster process.

"We conducted six experiments to determine if mental rotation can begin before perception finishes, as allowed by continuous flow models but not discrete stage models of information processing. The results of Experiments 1–3 showed that the effect of shape discriminability on RT was underadditive with the effect of stimulus orientation, suggesting that mental rotation began before shape discrimination had finished and that the two processes overlapped in time. The results of Experiments 4–6 indicated that mental rotation can overlap with color discriminations as well. In both sets of experiments, however, the amount of underadditivity tended to be much less than predicted by models allowing interference-free overlap. This suggests that mental rotation can overlap with perceptual analysis, contrary to fully discrete models, but that little rotation is carried out during this overlap due to interference between simultaneous discrimination and rotation processes."

This is my think tank thinking on this kind of strange.