Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My College years 1990s and College stuff

As the sayings goes, "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge."
Bertrand Russell.

"From poetry and ballet to mathematics and being clever, life is laden with 
frivolous pursuits that hold no bearing on our ability to survive. 
However, Dawkins explains that the ability to perform such actions 
comes as a byproduct of the evolution of the human brain, perhaps 
because being clever is sexy."

Well it's true as you are in the now, but you note that useless knowledge
is knowledge down the road when you really need to use it!
I didn't really know what the hell I was doing in College!
That's why you go to a College to know what you are doing after College!
***I had a college friend that went out with a lady and she was the Wicca
type, as it went she gave him some DMT and they where going to have
sex together under DMT to "Bond together better." 
Well he kind of had a psychosis for a few days and he ended up driving 
his car down the streets downtown Tulsa bouncing off cars looking at the
tall buildings as he was going because he was being chased by a 
green lizard thing that was stocking him. He was heading for the college
to take his classes regardless! The lady he was with asked us if we seen him
and she told us what happened, when he ended up coming in the college 
cafeteria. He started to yell at a wall at the whatever it was
that was trying to get him. So I ended up getting a cherry slushy and 
I challenged the monster throwing the slushy at the wall like I killed the monster. 
Him seeing the red on the wall was like it's blood and it snapped him out of it
we talked him into that I killed it's ass! 

After that we took him home being that he was awake for days.
He told us to get his car and bring it back to his home.
But when we got to where it was we couldn't find it. 
We found it by hearing the exhaust of the V8. 
His car was deep in the bushes still running. We figured he went into the 
bushes and ran to the college to get away from the green lizard! 
Funny as hell we thought!

***In the 90's my college friend told me he found out from his dad a cop at the time that Barnsdall Oklahoma had dog fuckers in town so we went there to see. He wanted to go I tagged along for the fun, but he was over interested in going there like we would see people fucking dogs in the street. We didn't know so is why we went there to find out. At the time I had my black 1990 Nissan 240sx shinny and waxed with Dura Lube Advanced Wash and Polish and it looked good. We got there and when we drove through town people looked at us like what are you doing. I was not used to this high level of xenophobia their cars where dull not taken care of like no pride in anything. What do you work for? My mind was blown by it.  Me and my friend was talking about this in the car when he told be to stop he rolled down his window and asked a lady that was walking on the sidewalk "Where's the dog fuckers?" I think she took off running into a building so we where like OK? And we went on! My friend is paranoid anyway and the people looking at us was bugging him so I turned around to go through the town to get back to the highway when he saw a guy peaking around the side of a building looking at us, he had a big hat on. A cop hat! That set him off and he said GO!!!!!!!! So I put on the gas discreetly speeding out of town. Just before we got out of town on the highway we heard police sirens etc. So being it was a small town in the 90's corruption like the Dukes of Hazzard more likely we didn't want to get caught in their web. It's only a concern to them, so I hit it wide open as we got on the highway and headed back to Tulsa. That really happened!

***Another funny part in my college years is the time my college instructor
was having a strange time in class. He was acting strange sometime pausing etc.
When he suddenly stopped and said he had to confess that he had a inappropriate
relationship with a student. It was a freshmen girl right out of high school she had
a mediocre smile on her face and was red in the face. At the time it was funny as hell
being of her age and the college instructors age. But we all said it didn't bug us as we all
paid money for the class and we where ok if we all get something out of it.
But to me it was worth the $100 for the class at the time. And for me a kind of note
as I could relate as at the time I was leaning for a lady instructor in my nutrition class.
But never came to be! So the class with the instructor confessing I felt like damn
why didn't something like that happening to me? Felt deprived!
***I sat in a human sexuality class once because of the fun it was going to have.
Well it was the funniest class to take, talking about medical terminology, graphs etc 
and warnings about the 10 to 30 minutes of a female not being able to stop 
after a threesome because of the over stimulation of the G-spot etc.
It might cause a female to have a panic attack not being able to stop. 
That was the issue talked about. Needed information to save the embarrassment 
of having to call a crisis hot-line on the end of both parties.
Needed info in the Psychology / Medical industry to get prepared for the 
phone call. "Help I can't stop cumming!" 

p.s. A Female has a prostate! Go look up "Skene's gland" 
This is not gay but to me it pointed to be about relating to dominant
females. Something uh, many kids in college liked!
I guess it relates to something like Maslow were
Physiological, Safety/Security, Belonging/Social Affiliation,
Self-Esteem, and Self-Actualization is. The belonging part making the
young college male a complete person lowering his insecurities understood
by her having a prostate being dominant because of that in view.
It's a place in the galaxy I guess you could say!
TMI?, Not really it's just a fascinating humanistic behavior more
likely to be studied at some point and time reflecting college kids
for the time.

The fun was seeing the other students reaction at the time. 
Freshmen students had their jaws open the whole time in shock!
The guys where looking for girls that where not blushing to ask them out later.
It was all funny, the talking about a threesome in college in the 90's.
Welcome to real life!

***After our college Halloween party I took all the cobweb stuff they had,
and made a big ball with it. I then grabbed all the black Balloons and
tied them all to the big fluffy ball. And we all went outside where the house
was close to a highway. I put a bit of alcohol on the ball lit it up and let it go.
We all watched the fireball fly over the house and head for the highway.
We could not see anything after it flew up but we heard a semi truck
put the air breaks on, blah, ah, ah.... When all of a sudden we heard a 
god awful screech! I guess the truck driver was watching the fireball
fly over the highway and it must of dropped in front or on his truck like 
it attacked him. We all ran in the house!  

The guys gave me an award for the best college prank ever for that.
But the strange part is that was the last time we seen one of the guys
in our group. A few days later at college the Dean and someone we never
seen before told us the sad news he died in a car crash.

The strange part is that one of the girls in our group was going to fly to see her
parents and at the airport she saw him walking into his flight.
She yelled at him when she saw him and she said he kind of ran into the
walkway going into the airplane. She couldn't get in his plane but she said
it was going to New Mexico. He was like the quantum physics major,
like my other half. Area 51? Don't know! I looked for him on the Internet
for a while but found nothing about all. You will always find something!
It got me thinking I better quit looking!

Also relating when I was looking for my old school mates one of my 
High School friends disappeared. I looked for him everywhere even checked 
if he died in any of the wars lately... Nothing!
I remembered him telling me it would be cool to work at Area 51.
I am guessing he does!

***In the 90's me and my friend noticed that the North Tulsa 
Walmart parking lot was full of oil spots but in South Tulsa at the 
Walmart Market store had none at all so being we thought is was
economically correct that we got my friends grandmas boyfriends 
straw hat and old pump sprayer filling up with used motor oil.
We went to the South store at 3 am faced the parking lot with my
cars headlights on the lot and knowing there is a security
camera I pulled up my sweats like to my nipples and tucked in my
shirt put on the straw hat and walked around the parking lot bowlegged
like a crab walking sideways spraying oil like I was spraying weeds on
a farm so it looked like it got invaded by north Tulsa as my friend
sat in the car watching me LOL to the point he couldn't take it no more
because I stopped to look at him and crossed my eyes and went on again.
He honked the horn at me to stop!

A few days later we drove by it only to see a street scrubber and
people using brushes hitting the parking lot. The city scrubber had
foam around the brushes LOL! This brought up a good point of
non acceptance of deficiency. Not taking care of ones car as a
reflection of their personal lives with me on video with a straw hat
sweats up high and me spraying oil in their lot! Funny!

***My friend was depressed for a while once so I thought it would
be funny to go to a Chinese Buffet we never been to before and
act like I was stoned out of my mind. I did stuff like that from time to time.
I kept referring to the Sriracha sauce as "Chicken sauce dude" in a
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure setting! After a while I broke up my friend
with that. The owner got mad and told me it's Sriracha not chicken sauce dude,
that's not a chicken it's a rooster on the bottle! And we got kicked out!

***In my college days I won the prank of the year before class officially started. It was a $500 class high at the time. So me and my friend thought it would be funny if I dressed up like a redneck on the first day of class. My friend let me borrow his grandmas, boyfriends rodeo belt, hat etc and we found a huge brown bag at a store then went to Walmart to get a jar of pickled pigs feet. And on the day of my class my friend sat down in class with it not even being his class with the professor looking at him like WTF you doing? Then I walked in sitting down looking around looking stupid. A girl in class looked at me with hate looking like the weight of the world was on her. She told me in a female grunt "You look like a idiot!" So I quoited a part of upright citizen brigade TV show. "I brought my lunch today, sassafras, molasses and pickled pigs feet!" Then I opened the big paper bag pulling out the pigs feet putting it on my desk popping the lid open. It pissed off a hothead that was in class known for crying over kids that would hold back the whole class. He jumped up and after saying a few unkind words to me he ran out of the room. My professor told me "He's going to the Dean!" So I took off after him letting him know it was only a prank, it's only a prank! After all that my professor said "That a good one and a first time in his time teaching at the college that a prank was done before class and the semester started, so now we got that out of the way."

***In college once we all where sitting in the fireplace lounge when
all of a sudden a bunch of SWAT team came in. Kids where running every
where thinking it was a drug bust. It turns out they where going after the
custodian. He was cleaning the bathroom and his cart was outside of it
the SWAT team surrounded the door and finger counted from 3 then they
bum-rushed the custodian. They took him out handcuffed and zip-tied.
It turns out he was the custodian that got a little girl impregnated in Porum
Oklahoma and ran. Taking him out of the building he was yelling
"It's not fair!, It's not fair!" and something bad about how it's ok to go in the
Vagina and get her pregnant but if you go in her ass there is hell to pay.
In that a girl student yelled back "If you didn't stick it in her at all there
would be nothing to pay!"

***Fitting of my life! Back in 1997 me and my college friends went to Dallas
to look at the Kennedy museum. Heading back to our hotel being Dallas
and me tired from doing all the driving I kept missing a turn so we ended up
going over a bridge over and over. Partly because of the skyline of Dallas
it looked cool and it was lets do that again kind of thing.
Well we did it again but this black helicopter with something that looked
liked a big laser thing sticking out the door was next to us.
My friend is very paranoid and he grabbed my steering wheel
and was going to turn me into the side of the bridge to get away.
I was fighting him over the steering wheel!
I knew what it was it was a filming camera! I told him what it was and
we all thought they must be filming an ad for Dallas.

We went over one more time over the bridge and heading for the bridge
there goes the helicopter again he beat us before we made our turn.
We all found out later the deal was it was a film shoot for the X-Files movie!
We are on the film, on the part where Fox Mulder in the movie was looking out
the window of the helicopter to look at the Dallas skyline, you will see the
headlights of my car turn right toward the bridge, then the film looks like it
kind of speeds up like getting ahead of our car!

My car at the time was a black 1990 Nissan 240sx! Fitting for the X-Files movie!

I think we where on the film because of the short filming schedule.
"The tighter schedule, with only eight weeks of pre-production and 45 days of
principal photography, still caused the production to have less location shooting
than planned."

***And about my cars! I had a cursed car for a short time during college.
And a Red-String of fate college love I kept running into over and over 
in High school.

At High school, I was going to talk to her to let her know I was interested
in her after graduation practice, but she had to leave during it.
Everyone looked at her go up the stairs as they where all in place where
they are supposed to be, all but her! I was in love!

So I ended up after graduation looking for her and found her.
We talked a bit and I found out she was going to Chicago for College.
So really to me at the time this was the last time I would see her, it hurt!

And to the fact that I got booted off going to a big college and I ended
up at a JR college. Most of that time my heart was thinking about her.
It was one of those things like the "Red string of fate" heart wise to me!

I was depressed about it. So there I was sitting in class at the JR college, thinking
about things depressed, I really was thinking about her at the time when she came
walking in and sat down in a class I was in.

She was going to the same college I was and we had the same class together!
All I knew she was in Chicago at a college because she told me at our high school
graduation when I talked to her. She told me her plans.

So we sort of dated for a bit. I was teaching her how to drive in my cursed car. 
And we ended up in a field. 

Also I was going to her place in December 1989, when I was driving up this hill
and from my right going left a green fireball went across the sky. 
The time it took me to say to myself, what the hell is that Kryptonite, 
because I was really expecting to see superman there also. 
The windshield started to crackle and pop and it started to get really hot
in the car. Then a glowing round mass the size of a basketball started to appear
on the windshield . Then it got really hot in the car and the mass turned white. 
I was thinking what ever was doing that could get in the car to me, 
so I reached over and turned the AC on the defrost and started to blow
on the windshield to keep it from melting

What saved me was a 70's Chevy has lead in the glass and I ended up not having the
AC on the heat was on so it was better at cooling through the radiator.
As the fireball got farther away things cooled off. It was gone and it was still hot so 
I put my hand outside and the air was hot, like summer 100 deg and as I drove along
I hit the cool 25 deg December air. So I was thinking the fireball aimed at my car!
People seen the green fireball, other than me in 1989!


***In the early 90's I was driving to college and on the highway I saw lady walking
down the side of the highway with a guy a ways behind her, they where fighting, yelling.
As I was coming up to them in my car she took off her ring and threw it in the grass.
Some asshole in front of me slammed on the breaks, pulling to the side of the road.
He open his passenger door and she jumped in. I thought about doing that also but
I hesitated, I was in college so I was broke with no money and could not take care
of her if I did! So it was ok. I hope the guy that picked her up took care of her!

***Flophouses? In my times in college in the 90's I had a friend that lived
in a downtown apartment. Roach infested, a smoke house, people fighting,
till the point the manager walked down the hallway honking a air horn yelling,
"Can't we all get along!" (She did not want the police to be called again.)

The porno playing away in the friends apartment the whole time that was going on.
Sort of fitting atmosphere for college friends looking at porno!
For those that don't know, the porno is on but guys talk about other things.
Like about the Discovery website, Quantum Theory, History etc.
Guys don't look at it the whole time! I guess just the funny parts of the porno
if at all. Call it a 90's kind of thing!

"I was never really into porn. But anybody born after 1990 grew up with
pornography, whether they want to or not."
- Larry Clark

Other than that place was where I spent my new years in 1993 I think.
Me and my friend was walking downtown Tulsa at the time it was new years
and we had no money to go to a hotel party or any of the high dollar sorts!
We where talking about how life was different in the 80's in downtown Tulsa
vs the times at the time. When he sees one of his ex students.
(My friend at the time worked as a English tutor, later a ESL instructor at a
Korean Hagwon.) His ex student had beer and was having a small party
with some of his friends at the Towerview Apartments! So we went with him.
At his party there was a meth lab in the fridge where the beer was. 
Yes we got some beers, just go carefully around the meth. Hay, free beer is free beer!

If you don't know what that place was, lets just say that in the 90's when
I worked in a Hotel they had a banquet for the local housing authority / landlords
etc. And as I was working there a coworker was talking to another worker asking 
about a place that is affordable. I heard him and quickly told him about
Towerview Apartments being funny! You would of thought I just farted, 
everyone in the banquet heard me tell him that!  


Also at the Towerview, I have to note the place had no AC. And in the Oklahoma
summers it's hell. Me and my friend drove by it once leaving college and we saw a 
dog on the top floor hanging out the window like it was thinking about committing
suicide, jumping out the window. We stopped for a time to watch it but noting happened,
my friend was overly curious to see if the dog will jump or not, he wanted me to stop.
It's that bad at the place!

Also bad, but funny... sort of when I found out!
I dated this girl once in college and it didn't work out. She lived in a bad place
downtown also and after I dated her with many knowing I did, she told our group
in college, about the time she had sex with a guy that lived down the hall from her.
He had sex with her then he would stop then run back to his apartment, then run back 
to hers and so on. Each time his thing was getting bigger and bigger she said. 
(He was using a pump.) Well he took off again then he never came back she said. 
I don't remember what she said but we, all knew, he popped! 
We all figured he was dead for a while in his apartment. The girl had some bad issues!

Anyway that is my alertness of flophouses! Keep in mind at the time I was a 
Psychology major so the 90's in action was the reality pointing toward growth,
as I looked around. Things can only get better after seeing that stuff!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Why President Trump will be impeached

There is a time to ask are they willing to go down with him? Trump!

Trump the way he is with his fingers on the button? Well that alone is a red light!
As things run I do believe Trump didn't think he would of won.
I was thinking Hillary put him up to it so she could of won. But Trump won,
from small town people that have nothing while Trump has a lot of stuff!

Like he is for the working people!
"After a hard days work on the construction job I play golf!"
Drain the swamp but not saying he will put is in his pocket.
Don't need so he brought his own swamp! 

Trump has issues he is mentally iffy!

But there is issues of who he is for. Wanting tax cuts being the poor
takes in more tax dollars than they pay out in taxes. Less taxes is less funding
for the poor. Cutting food stamps and tax dollars they where using really
is just passed on to the business owners in the lack of sales.
The poor is ok, they really just do without they never needed it anyway!
There will be more people like me that would fix it themselves!
And that makes no money for others.

Also tax cuts makes a revenue loss and for states / towns they will have
to make up the loss. Like a $100 water bill before you use water.
And being "Adjusted for inflation, minimum wage is worth less than
50 years ago" so everything around it goes with it. Education is like it
was 50 years ago. It takes money to have a education like credit you
have to buy something. Growth innovation goes down as the many poor
can't afford those things.

Trying to get rid of ObamaCare where it came in effect because the insurance
companies where failing. A concern of all the people dropping their insurance
for a bigger paycheck. They can't afford to use it anyway why have it!
Not concerned they will fix it themselves, using superglue and self-sufficiency.
Not good for the healthcare system!

All of those things are not being addressed by Trump and surrounding,
ObamaCare can't be killed it's ObamaCare or nothing and they know it!

Most people are going forward with Trump / others wanting to go backward.
It's better to go forward so keep moving on up not down.
Impeach Trump!

( ( ( https://www.needtoimpeach.com ) ) )

Bootsy Collins and the LSD, no get your freak on

As it's common getting drunk, high to cope with things.
The wife saying "I know you turned me off you can't hear a word
I am saying, your turned off aren't you!" Husband not knowing what she 
said shakes his head "yes, yes sweetie!"

There is a time to grow up! Life is better not hiding from something
easy to fix by talking better, asking what is wrong etc!

Me, Drugs? I burn catnip and when I do I end up doing a story
like about quantum entanglement. Catnip is to be better for me!
Bad drugs I don't need them why I would miss out on something!

I hope people out there think and ask why they are taking drugs!
You are better without them so you can "Do the freak!"

Bootsy? He don't need drugs, he's better without them!

~~~~~Bootsy Collins: ‘LSD was a big part of why I left James Brown’s band’
My mother never said to me: “You can’t do that.” When it came to finishing high school or going on the road with James Brown, I decided to go. She knew I wasn’t really choosing anything harmful. She just wanted me to have fun with whatever I was doing. She was my backbone.

My bass turned into a snake and I can’t even remember playing
You have to be detached from things in order to really love them, and know that they’re not yours. I can say: “You’re mine,” but that’s not true; when I go, I go and when you go, you go. I came up in the days of free love, so it’s easier for me to lock into that.

LSD was a big part of why I left James Brown’s band. I promised myself I’d never do it during a show, but we had a father-son relationship, and he pestered me so much not to do it that one day I just did. My bass turned into a snake and I can’t even remember playing. After, he called me in the back room, as he always did, and was explaining how terrible I was – even when I wasn’t taking LSD. I laughed so hard I was on the floor. To him, that was very disrespectful. He had his bodyguard throw me out.

My time in Funkadelic was about creativity. I was 21 and there were no rules. The best time was when we crossed the border to Canada in cars filled with smoke – George [Clinton] had rented a big place on a lake and there were about 20 of us and we recorded America Eats Its Young. The deepest thing to happen was getting busted in Toronto for mescaline and going to jail overnight.

If I hadn’t been a musician, I’d have been an artist. Everything I wore on stage I drew on paper and gave to the designer. The star sunglasses, the space bass, all the leather stuff. Even how the stage looked.

I got worn out from being Bootsy. Going into the 80s, I was trying to get away from him. He was hitting up the festivals, the stadiums, headlining for 100,000 people. He was like a monster. The business side got really big and ugly because I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just there to play music, and the next thing I knew, everything had turned around.

I’ve got around 30 paintings in my house that I paid a guy to do. There’s Michael Jackson, Sting, Marilyn Monroe, Snoop Dogg. I’ve also got one of Metallica – my boy Robert [Trujillo, the bass player] is a good friend of mine. They’re all people who aren’t just followers.

I came to my earthly consciousness in 1984. I was riding a street bike in the woods and was high – it was like I was asking for it. I flipped over a few times and was told I wasn’t going to play bass again. I was laid up for months and did a lot of thinking. Once I got the focus off me, I found I didn’t need the drugs. When I later worked with Deee-Lite, it was perfect for me – I got to just be in the band and not be the star.

My mother named me Bootsy. My birth name is William Earl Collins. I asked her why and she just said, “Because you looked like a Bootsy.” I left it at that.

Bootsy Collins’s new album, World Wide Funk, is out now 
( ( ( http://bootsycollins.com ) ) )


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Walmart robots to help restock shelves

Walmart is getting progressive in looking ahead.
I agree it's fast but in these times they have to.
It will make a interesting time.

Small towns that are not brought up yet these things
will have a non effect as the foundation is not set
for such growth! Thus the reason for the push for people to use
the self checkout. In that takes jobs from cashiers and robots
also take jobs in time. This brings up the point of Walmart not
hiring workers this season. Robots are going to do a lot of the
work. Losing your job to a robot won't be anytime soon!

~~~~~"This new shelf-scanning technology frees up time for our associates to focus on what they tell us are the most important and exciting parts of working at Walmart – serving customers and selling merchandise," Walmart said in a statement.



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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Finding your passion

Finding your passion If it works for you then don't let it go!
Lovers in life giving balance and balance is worth what it brings you!
Love comes back to you along with what is in you, your passion!

~~~~~There is a famous saying which goes “be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Sometimes, this is easier said than done. In a society that promotes conformism, it can sometimes be difficult to break out of the mold to be your authentic self. Unfortunately, not living authentically has its own downsides; the more you fight your true nature, the less happy you will be.

By giving yourself room to live as your authentic life, you are not only creating the life you want to live, but you are opening yourself up to joy and love. As a more global benefit, being yourself inspires others to be themselves, too.

What does it mean to be “authentic”? Let’s take a moment to discuss what it means to be “authentic”. Being authentic means being true to your nature and pursuing the life you want to live. Because of this, people can live authentically in all sorts of different ways, and in all sorts of different places.

Perhaps, for you, being authentic means being an executive wearing a suit and tie every day. Or maybe it means living a quiet life off the grid, growing your own food. Or maybe it means living as a freelance writer-yoga instructor-cooking instructor, making ends meet with a myriad of different interesting part time jobs. There is no one definition of what “authentic” is; it’s something that is different for everyone.

What if I don’t know who my authentic self is? It’s very possible that you’ve been conforming for so long, or living up to societal standards, that you don’t even have a clue who the authentic you is anymore. While this can be frustrating, it’s also completely normal. It’s a good sign that you recognize that you are having trouble defining your authentic self, because this means that you get to enjoy all of the romance of discovering it.

12 tips for how to be your authentic self. These tips are designed to help you find, and to be, your authentic self. Perhaps just one or two will ring true for you, or maybe each of the tips will have something to offer.

Take long walks. Taking long walks, be it in nature or in an urban setting, can help us remember what a big, awe-inspiring, and beautiful place the world can be. Walking in nature and feeling a connection can inspire a spiritual practice and mindfulness; walking in an urban setting and observing people can help you define how you’d like to fit into the world. Either way, taking long walks acts as a grounding practice, reminding you of your place in the world.

Cultivate a daily meditation practice. By taking a few minutes each day to sit in quiet meditation, you will give your mind a chance to rest, and quiet truths may begin to reveal themselves to you. Think meditation is only for yoga instructors and hippies? You’re wrong. Even famous people meditate! Media mogul Russell Simmons is a great example: the multi-millionaire credits meditation as one of his personal keys to remaining happy, sane, and grounded.

Try pranayama. Prana-what? Pranayama is the word assigned to breathing exercises; if you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you’ve probably experienced a few different types of controlled breathing. By adjusting your breath through concentration, you bring added oxygen to your entire body, which helps all of your organs work better, helps your nervous system relax, and helps your body relax. The overall effect is that you feel more calm and centered in your everyday life, and are better able to maintain your calm through times of stress.

Visit your family. There is a funny quote from Ram Dass that goes “if you think you are enlightened, go spend a week with your family”. Our families inspire love, and sometimes maddening frustration, but they can serve to remind us of who we are and where we come from. It’s typically easier to be “yourself” with your family, where there is no need for facades. Observe yourself when you are with your family: what about letting yourself be at ease feels good?

Remember who you wanted to be when you were young. When you were young, did you dream of being a writer, an astronaut, an ambulance driver? Take the time to revisit your childhood dreams to see if there is something that has been missing in your life. Even if it might not be in the cards to become a veterinarian, you can volunteer at an animal shelter and allow that animal presence in your life, for instance.

Take up yoga. Yoga is a form of meditative exercise, linking breath and movement. The benefits of yoga are many, and include being more present, improving the mind-body connection, and greater self awareness. These things can be extremely beneficial in both discovering your authentic self, and living authentically. 

Learn something new. Living authentically doesn’t just have to mean accepting the status quo. Expanding your horizons and growing as a person is a way to live your authentic life. Whether it’s taking French lessons at the community college or trying out Crossfit for the first time, trying new things can help you discover what you like. Even the things that don’t work out as super fun can inform you what you don’t want in your life!

Create art. Creating art is a beautiful way to express your authentic self and relish in the journey of discovery. Whether it’s collage art using other people’s imagery, drawing, painting, or even using pencils or crayons to fill in coloring books, creating art is a great way to help live authentically.

Journal. Journaling can be a powerful practice in many ways. If journaling to let out your feelings, you can really begin to identify what you feel and how and when you feel it. Even by keeping a more simple log of what goes on in a day and how you feel, you can begin to identify what is making you happy and what things are not serving you. Inviting more of what makes you joyful, and cutting out things that are not, you will be more likely to live in an authentic way.

Challenge yourself. Step out of your comfort zone. If you are the type of person who always says “yes”, try saying no when you are stretched too thin, even if it feels difficult. If you tend to be a loner, try saying “yes” to a social engagement, even when it feels more comfortable to decline. You may be rewarded by challenging yourself in these ways, and you may discover more about yourself by not defaulting to your usual behaviors.

Take time to consider what makes you happy. This is a fun one: make a list of the things that you know absolutely make you happy. Just let it be free form!  By making lists of the things you love, it can remind you of who you are and how you can find delight and joy in life.

Surround yourself with people who you consider authentic. People who live authentically are usually easy to identify: they feel comfortable in their own skin, they are passionate about life and what they do, they are interested in the world. Surround yourself with people who you view as living authentically. We are the sum of who we surround ourselves with, so maybe some of that authenticity will rub off on you!

Conclusion: Finding and embodying the authentic self is a highly individual journey, but it is well worth exploring. By living authentically, you will live a more full and joyful life. These tips are meant to help you on your path so that you can open your heart and show your true self to the world!
What does living authentically mean to you?


The mystery object and the green fireballs

What is a green fireball? Defined as what? To me I seen a green fireball
in 1989. A round comet ball shaped thing on fire green as hell!

~~~~~In December 1989, when I was driving up this hill
and from my right going left a green fireball went across the sky.
The time it took me to say to myself, what the hell is that Kryptonite,
because I was really expecting to see superman there also.
The windshield started to crackle and pop and it started to get really hot
in the car. Then a glowing round mass the size of a basketball started to appear
on the windshield . Then it got really hot in the car and the mass turned white.
I was thinking what ever was doing that could get in the car to me,
so I reached over and turned the AC on the defrost and started to blow
on the windshield to keep it from melting.

What saved me was a 70's Chevy has lead in the glass and I ended up not having the
AC on the heat was on so it was better at cooling through the radiator.
As the fireball got farther away things cooled off. It was gone and it was still hot so
I put my hand outside and the air was hot, like summer 100 deg and as I drove along
I hit the cool 25 deg December air. So I was thinking the fireball aimed at my car!
People seen the green fireball, other than me in 1989!

Other green fireballs have been seen in history!

~~~~~The scientists speculated that they were extraterrestrial probes "projected
into our atmosphere from a 'spaceship' hovering several hundred miles above 
the earth."

I don't know but... It points to the government knowing but not saying but also
government is big so leaks would of came out earlier if there was a ship out there.
And so the question why hide? Humans are stronger! We could kick their ass!

Also the fireballs not moving as a comet. I think might be a OBE
from past, present or future as something of that nature would be
in a quantum physics nonlinear effect so I would judge it as that.
But limited by mass and energy or...

~~~~~Now, physicists are unmasking a more fundamental source for the arrow of time: Energy disperses and objects equilibrate, they say, because of the way elementary particles become intertwined when they interact a strange effect called “quantum entanglement.”

So those are questions to think about! Think Tank about.

But the mystery object that may be our first visitor from another solar system?
I was wondering about that! As in the past big earth quakes we had that tightened
up the earth moved us out of place from that mystery object, or effect of?

"I used a model of the elastic properties of the Earth along with the seismically determined source properties of the earthquake to compute the change in the distribution of the Earth's mass caused by the earthquake, and hence its effect on the Earth's rotation, including the change in the length of the day and in the Earth's wobble," Gross told Explainer in an e-mail. "This calculation predicts that the earthquake should have shortened the length of the day by about 2.7 microseconds, and caused the Earth to wobble by about another 1 inch."

This stuff is just unknown so say for sure it's just unknown!

~~~~~This mystery object may be our first visitor from another solar system
Astronomers around the world are trying to track down a small, fast-moving object that is zipping through our solar system.

Is a comet? An asteroid? NASA's not sure. The space agency doesn't even know where it came from, but it's not behaving like the local space rocks and that means it may not be from our solar system. If that's confirmed, NASA says "it would be the first interstellar object to be observed and confirmed by astronomers."

~~~~~Why Mysterious Green Fireballs Worried the U.S. Government in 1948
The sightings were concentrated around the Los Alamos and Sandia atomic-weapons laboratories, and other highly sensitive military installations.

The photo is like what I seen but was going right to left and was going upward!

The Dangers of Psychedelics and know your Tripping Partner

For me I would prefer people to take psychedelics with a psychotherapist because
you need to know your tripping partner you are with!

Noted in "Psychedelic therapy refers to therapeutic practices involving the use of psychedelic drugs, particularly serotonergic psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin, DMT, MDMA, mescaline, and 2C-B, primarily to assist psychotherapy."

*Noted your tripping partner! My dog once ate a morning glory flower!
I didn't know he ate one till he ended up with pitch black eyes and
foaming at the mouth. So I realized what happened and started to talk to my
dog so he could have a good trip not a bad one. Told him hes good and said
all the hings he likes Pizza, Hamburger, Chicken, Play etc doing my best
for him to have a good not a bad trip! So the point is to have a good one!

So I am sure you see the point of Psychedelics and it's power to know why
to take it with goals and purposes! Know where you want to go before you go!
Psychedelics should be viewed as medicine along with therapy!
Not just to get high as most drugs are used as a coping mechanism
hiding yourself but not resolving the issues! Always ask why are you taking
the drugs. Can the issue be fixed so you wont have to hide with the drugs!

Is your life where you don't need drugs being you are high on life 
not needing to hide in drugs being you might miss out on something?
Those are the questions that need to be asked. Do you need it!

~~~~~What are the Dangers of Psychedelics? Things to Consider 
Before a Psychedelic Experience
Psychedelics have an incredible amount to offer humanity and have been in use for millennia by cultures around the globe for exactly that reason. Like every powerful medicine, however, these mind-expanding plants and chemicals should never be taken lightly, used recklessly, or approached without research and great care. Both the immense healing power and potential dangers of psychedelics should never be underestimated, but as we will see (and contrary to many people’s misconceptions) the dangers often have nothing to do with the psychedelics themselves.

Imposter Drugs
Probably the biggest danger for someone taking psychedelics in a non-medical setting is being told something is a certain substance such as “Molly,” “Ecstasy” or “Acid” when in fact it’s something entirely different. Unfortunately, this is an increasingly prevalent issue, as unscrupulous street dealers have been known to try to follow trends by marketing their product under a popular name while mixing in cheaper chemicals that offer a better “bang for their buck” compared to psychedelics in their pure form. Non-psychedelic substances that are cut into or sold as psychedelics include heroin, methamphetamines, and even bath salts. This disturbing trend illustrates the deadly consequences that the paradigm of prohibition poses and highlights the vital importance of harm reduction practices.

Considerations for Undiagnosed Mental Disorders
One of the most prevalent old wives’ tales about psychedelics is that taking them may make you go crazy—not just for a few hours but for good. As part of the fear and smear campaign levied against psychedelics in the 70s and 80s, this meme was easy for most people to believe because of the antagonistic socio-political climate the War on Drugs created, but the reality is that this is a fallacy. Numerous scientific studies have been done on psychedelics ranging from psilocybin to DMT to peyote, which have found that they do not harm the brain under normal use. The only morsel of validity to this claim is that in a tiny percentage of cases, some people who have undiagnosed mental disorders or a strong genetic predisposition to mental disorders could have their disorder triggered early by psychedelics. And of course, it bears mentioning that extreme dosages of any substance, legal or illegal, can present real dangers that reasonable use does not.

Harmful Interactions
While most psychedelics are relatively safe in and of themselves, some of them are more taxing on the body than others, and some interact in harmful ways with other drugs. This is why psychedelic treatment centers around the world almost universally require a medical pre-screening. Individuals should always do research themselves, but some examples of things to be careful of include heart issues with ibogaine treatment, antidepressants with ayahuasca, and dextromethorphan (DXM) with MDMA. People on any kind of prescription medication should do extensive research before considering any kind of psychedelic experience.

How to Ensure Psychedelics Do More Good Than Harm
“Bad trips” on psychedelics can often leave people feeling jostled to the core, but they can be greatly reduced or even harnessed into self-transformational breakthroughs with proper set and setting. This means that a person’s intentions for choosing to undergo a psychedelic experience, combined with their social and physical setting and available support network, go a very long way to help people step through the threshold of their psychedelic journey in a constructive and enriching way.

That being said, if these vital supporting conditions are unfavorable, or if a person is not prepared to come face to face with their innermost feelings, traumas, or behavioral patterns, they can feel overwhelmed and resist the experience, creating an uncomfortable and sometimes scary ride that denies the revelatory insights that psychedelics offer. The importance of set, setting, and support is why groups such as the Zendo Project exist to provide those kinds of services to people at festivals who are in the grips of a challenging experience. Whether at a festival or during a psychedelic therapy session, supportive allies are an essential component to ensure the physical and emotional safety of the individual.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Coal going backward

I agree about going back to coal. Why? That is like going back to healthcare from the
western days when people live longer now from better healthcare vs the past!
Burning coal... What to do about the arsenic, lead, mercury etc... 
Coal ash lowers your house equity and property value. It's your money they cost you!
No! Lets just burn natural gas use renewables with less liability!

~~~~~“The irony of putting costs on consumers for resources that are no longer competitive is really striking,” said Brendan Pierpoint, energy finance consultant at Climate Policy Initiative. “It would serve to keep a lot of uneconomic plants in the market that currently can’t compete with the changing dynamics of cheap gas and the falling cost of renewables.”

Moreover natural gas has no Arsenic and all the other ingredients.

~~~~~"Coal ash contains arsenic, lead, mercury, and selenium, as well as aluminum, barium, boron, and chlorine. All can be toxic. Particularly where there is prolonged exposure, these toxins can cause cancer, heart damage, lung disease, respiratory distress, kidney disease, reproductive problems, gastrointestinal illness, birth defects, impaired bone growth in children, and behavioral problems. In short, coal ash toxics have the potential to injure all of the major organ systems in adults (including pregnant women) and children."

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Mother ship Connection, Foo Fighters, Vrillon, going higher

As many know fear, hate, wars are no situation for growth.
No going higher as those things take you lower.
Fear, hate, wars is a way to control people.
And these days people need to move on through the mess!

There are unanswered questions in the past but the point is

the point... To listen, those things they happen for a meaning.

As in like how Bootsy Collins and George Clinton explain the

Mother ship Connection and Light Being Experience and seeing
a Foo Fighter!

~~~~~FOO FIGHTERS is the name given to the general body of spherical, circular, disc-like, or wedged shaped "bogies," sometimes seeming to glow, shine, or reflect a high degree of illumination seen mostly by World War II pilots or flight crews. They usually paralleled or followed aircraft and were seen by aviators on all sides of the action, being reported by American, British, German and Japanese crews. No Foo Fighter was known or reported to have made or attempted any sort of contact, interaction or attack. They were known, however, for their high rate of speed and agility, being much faster than any known aircraft at the time as well as being extremely manuverable, often exhibiting highly unconventional abilities such as instantaneous acceleration and deacceleration, rapid climbing and descent, and hovering in place.

The point to listen? As in the "Vrillon 1977 Live broadcast,
Pleadian tells about evolution." In that does brings up a light in thesedays
where people are working to go forward!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Samuel L Bronkowitz, getting along to Rock the Casbah

No matter how you see it love has no boundaries and so to note
why can't people get a long! Well really most do! Many see wars as
only a issue to others! Why not just send the presidents off to a island
to fight it out? Most worry about getting WiFi not a stupid war!

Noted like how Trump is pushing that fear!
"Radical Islamic terrorists are gathering strength. Christians are being executed en masses in the Middle East. Illegal immigrants lurk in the shadows. Gangs operate with impunity in our cities. The U.S. murder rate, the President falsely claims, “is the highest it’s been in 47 years.” Drugs are “pouring” across the border. “Bad people (with bad intentions)” are flooding through our airports."

Seems like Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf (M.S.S.)
"The infidels are committing suicide by the hundreds on the gates of Baghdad...
Be assured, Baghdad is safe, protected. Iraqis are heroes."

Really we are not going back to the 1950's with fear in some paranoid fashion.
It's time to get along as life is better doing so anyway! Grab life by the horns as
you know "No man is an island. No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others."
And you know that is better than being on a isolationist dating website.
Like being antisocial in a social world! Really it's not impressing anyone!

It's a time to get along! And for those out there you need to think about Trump
where did that order come from is it sane? Ignore alien orders!
( ( ( http://www.ignorealienorders.org ) ) )


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Johnson a Walmart worker and Trumps insensitivity - Hate!

This is a insult to the family of Johnson and to his Walmart family!

Anyway you see it Trump showed his hatred... Well duh just look at him
a hateful man! Johnson was there for 2 days before they got him!

"Trump Told Wife of Slain Soldier, ‘He Knew What He Signed Up For,’ According to Congresswoman." What a thing to say to some one who has such a loss!

"I have proof, too: this man is a sick man," Wilson said Wednesday morning on CNN's "New Day," responding to Trump's tweet. She added that Johnson's widow "broke down" after her call with Trump, saying the President "didn't even know his name."

"The Pentagon has not provided a detailed accounting of the ambush by 50 ISIS affiliated fighters which left four US soldiers dead and two wounded and has said the incident remains under investigation. But CNN has talked to half a dozen US officials who describe details of the chaos and confusion which led to the troops being left on the ground for nearly an hour before help could get to the remote area of southwestern Niger where they were operating. In addition, officials still do not know how Johnson became separated from the party only for his body to be recovered nearly 48 hours later."

"Sergeant Johnson, 25, leaves behind two children, a 6-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son, and Myeshia is six months pregnant with their third child. Friends praised his dedication to his family, and the determination he showed in working his way from a job at Walmart to becoming a special operations soldier, fighting alongside Green Berets. He was a member of 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project, a mentorship program founded by Wilson, which set up a scholarship fund for his children."

Better or Worse? Worse!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Adjusted for inflation, minimum wage is worth less than 50 years ago

Poverty is poverty, they have no money to manage so helping them manage
their money is stupid as everything declines around them!

The buying power of wages are not keeping up enough. Also who has the money?
"Currently, the richest 1% hold about 38% of all privately held wealth in the
United States. while the bottom 90% held 73% of all debt. According to
The New York Times, the richest 1 percent in the United States now own
more wealth than the bottom 90 percent."

These things are not the settings for growth, there is no foundation for
the poor to do better. The wages have to go up. Up as in up not stagnant in
a state / town that has not been brought up yet. Small towns are small for a reason.
Make nothing, got nothing. Nothing is nothing... Poverty!

Small towns do feel inflation and is shown by places closing by the lack of
sales. Food stamp cuts also don't help as it gets passed on to business owners.
But all of this is a points to low buying power that keeps getting lower and lower!

"Despite periodic increases, the buying power of the federal minimum
wage hasn't kept up with inflation, according to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data show that in 1968, the federal minimum was
equivalent to $10.90 in 2015 dollars, nearly $4 higher than today's rate."

So what is it as many that has only $3 remaining in their bank before payday!
The issue of minimum wage retirees out there. Always make the same pay and
retired on it... Never had growth to do better! Where are you going to be at when
you retire? Don't know? Too busy working hard at $8 after taxes living with no
AC all summer long can't afford the bill! UH, norm in small towns not brought up yet!

~~~~~Adjusted for inflation, the federal minimum wage is worth less than 50 years ago
Nearly even years after the federal minimum wage was raised to $7.25 an hour from $6.55, it has remained stagnant despite the increasingly heated debate over better pay and worker protections.

But that hasn't stopped Ken Weinstein from paying his workers more at his two restaurants in Pennsylvania, where the state minimum wage matches the federal floor.

Weinstein owns two Trolley Car Diners in Philadelphia, and decided two years ago to increase the minimum wage for his 75 employees to $8.50.

"It's a competitive thing — you certainly get better employees by paying them more," said Weinstein, who supports a $12 an hour federal minimum wage. "We have a stable workforce, and it's partly due to treating our employees well, and paying them more than our competitors."

Despite periodic increases, the buying power of the federal minimum wage hasn't kept up with inflation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data show that in 1968, the federal minimum was equivalent to $10.90 in 2015 dollars, nearly $4 higher than today's rate.

Across the country, 29 states and Washington, D.C., currently have wages above the federal floor, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

California and New York are set to soon have the highest minimum wages in the nation, after deals were struck by their governors to raise them to $15 an hour by 2022 and 2018, respectively, with slower increases for smaller businesses.

Many big cities from Los Angeles to Seattle have also independently hiked their local minimum wages.

The Obama administration has also taken some action on wages, with the Department of Labor enacting sweeping changes to overtime regulations. By December, more than 4 million salaried employees earning $23,660 to $47,476 annually will be eligible for overtime pay.

And over the past two years, major players including Target, Wal-Mart and Facebook have joined the wage fight, increasing pay for workers amid an ongoing battle over whether higher pay and benefits are better for businesses.

For higher-wage advocates, the momentum is a great start, but more work needs to be done.

"It's not acceptable," Holly Sklar, CEO of the advocacy group Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, said about the seven-year stretch at $7.25. "The whole point of the minimum wage is to have it go up regularly. It shouldn't sit still every year when the cost of living is going up. The minimum wage is losing value."

But not everyone on Main Street is ready to pay more. Opponents argue that mandating higher wages will hurt smaller companies that may not have the sales or support to take on the increase plus the added pressure and costs for other regulations, including health-care reform and overtime pay.

Members of the conservative lobbying group the National Federation of Independent Business have opposed wage increases at state and local levels in recent years, and are against hiking the federal minimum wage, said spokesman Jack Mozloom.

"Our members don't feel they can absorb the increase and the increases are unrelated to their businesses," Mozloom said. "Whether they have the sales to support higher labor costs is something politicians can't answer."

The idea that presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton would support raising wages as high as $15 an hour at the state and local levels is "very troubling for those in the Midwest and the South, where the cost of living is lower. That would hurt them," Mozloom said. Donald Trump has wavered on plans to enact a higher minimum wage, telling NBC in May that "states should decide" their own wages, for competitive reasons.

Weinstein disagrees with the notion that a federal minimum wage increase is bad for Main Street, and said higher wages haven't hurt his business. In fact, he's set to open up a third location next summer.

"If we all end up paying our employees more than we do now, they will have more money to spend at our businesses and products — there are benefits to area businesses," he said.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Why Do People Have Sex With Cars And the Keystone of Life

Paraphilia, fetishes are the keystone of life it makes you who you are.
It's ok to get your freak on, as long as it's not detrimental to self or
others property.

Acceptance is needed in relationships if you can't accept needs and desires of 
each other then what kind of relationships is it? 
I accepted my ex girlfriends desires and needs. That is a keystone of life. 
It makes her who she is!

Case in point in the 90's I had a 1982 white manual transmission Toyota corolla
when I worked at the Marriott. You have to know me at the time.
I guess I had a mystique about me.

We had a cater out so my car was still at work. My boss went back to the hotel to get
something and found a couple in my car. When he drove in he asked them WTF they
where doing they said something like nothing. They acted like they knew me and
being my mystique my boss said whatever and went on.

When my boss got back he told me what happened. I said what where they doing?
He told me the guy was in the passenger side and the lady was sitting in the middle
of the front seats. I have a manual transmission oh! My boss took me back and
sure enough the stick luckily smelled like fish and not... She had it up her... 
as my boss was talking to them! And so I got a car alarm with a pager after that!

Case in point have sex in or with your own car! Mechanophilia, ok but not my car!!!
No soup kitchen!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drENhsxhX_Q

~~~~~Why Do People Have Sex With Cars?
This week a man was filmed having sex with his car. While this might seem newsworthy in fact it’s a common enough happening that it has it’s own name. Mechanophilia is a subset of paraphilia. It’s all about loving objects sexually and many times emotionally too.

Paraphilia (also known as sexual perversion and sexual deviation) is the experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, fetishes, situations, fantasies, behaviors, or individuals. No consensus has been found for any precise border between unusual sexual interests and paraphilic ones. There is debate over which, if any, of the paraphilias should be listed in diagnostic manuals, such as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) or the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

Take this lady, a paraphilic, is in love with the Eiffel Tower.

But cars are an American fetish. The American car is an expression of power over practicality. We need and want to feel like we’re the most powerful thing on the road. But the leap to having sex with it is a complex one. Is it a disease or simply a fetish? There is case of the man who banged 1000 cars. He explains that car sex was a part of his sexual awakening. Now, each of us has surely had some association with our sexual coming of age that now informs our sex life. The question is really about whether or not the action is destructive or not. For this man, it has relieved as much sexual frustration as it causes.

Fucking your car is an apt metaphor for our moment in American history. The psycosexual fulfillment of late capitalism. The writer Harry Crews took it one step farther in his novel Car, loving the car so much that a character eats it.

“Why would I want . . . to . . . eat . . . a . . . car?” Herman said the words very slowly as though he might be tasting them.  “I can tell you.  The car is where we are in America.”  He paused again and said slowly, “I’m going to eat a car because it’s there.”
As we drift toward a more somber future people will no longer desire the machine, they will become the machine. Then we’re really in for a ride.

Car Bangers | Kids In The Hall by kidsinthehall

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Conservatard Won!

Well you can't have the good without the bad!
Being Trump won I do need to advise because there is a need to

Stupidity is not a point of view. Well you don't want stupid people
voting for stupid so they will cut off their leg to save their toe
because they where fear mongered by Fox News and fell for the BS!
I like my legs so their point of view is stupid and not respected!

As in the point they never ask why! Why did it happen? Must be some
reason. We might want to find out so it doesn't happen again.
No! They watch Fox news as they talk about something but never ask
why did it happen!

Along with Trump comes the cultic regimes, the holly rollers pushing
to go back back to the dark ages. Dark not because it was dark being they
never ask why it was dark, no it's a lack of enlightenment.
Dark is stupid and easy to control! If you don't know what you are doing
then others will decide for you! But pushing their dark ages when they
can't even follow their own rules in the first place is stupid!
Render to Caesar but has a tax exemption. Follow the rules because
they have to! Romans 13! No they put their fingers in their ear and pretend
they didn't hear!

Separation of church and state? The first amendment "Congress shall make no
law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

Treaty of Tripoli? "Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not,
in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity
against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen (Muslims); and as the said States
never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan (Mohammedan)
nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall
ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries."

No they are cultic regimes because they don't follow their own rules
and live out of reality! Can't follow the rules? They make up their own rules!
Saddlebacking... The Bible loophole?

There is now a backward thinker in office, well his polices are
backward. Take away, take away. Getting rid of ObamaCare,
Gay rights and others worked at and gained. Now Reductionist values
taking away!

It's like getting rid of NASA just because of a fire in APOLLO 1!
Well with no more preexisting conditions covered that is a 50 million uninsured
hit. And this points to people wanting to get rid of ObamaCare as the same
"We don't care about the uninsured." Too stupid to know someone has to pay
for that as all things are connected. Preexisting is staying but that is not the issue.

Also medicines will go up in price as no ObamaCare to keep the price down.
I do guess at 200 million uninsured as it goes UN-affordable and dumped for
bigger paychecks. There are 180 million working class people with insurance.
There will be a big drop because of needing better pay pulling others down
with them as the cost of the uninsured cost! And the lack of affordable
medicines as ObamaCare is not there to keep the prices low!

Pay also will be expected to stagnate and lower as Trump wants to
get rid of minimum wage Or not but most Republicans fight all wage growth so...
Along with tax cuts. This helps the rich but not, as less taxes is less food stamps and
government programs being the rich don't use those programs.
And the poor takes in more tax dollars than they pay out in taxes.
I expect tax returns of $30+ but $200+ losses in food stamps and help.
Added to the lack of pay and healthcare will be more
poverty. Medical bills put people into poverty and along with low pay less help.
The labor force is in jeopardy long term. It's about the workers going unsupported
also reflecting the lack of sales.

It's like a bunch of conservatards expecting people to lower their standard
to live with no AC like they do. The Government being run like a small
town government... Make nothing, have nothing! So expect less!

Trumps Vice is a holy roller, so in that will be more religious junk
where is should not be! Attacks on Gay rights and more seen as not
holy roller! Many are protesting now anyway. And have the view or like
the NAZIS going against the Jews. Now Mexicans, Muslims, Gays!
And note that is not a issue to Democrats, being afraid of those people,
it's seen as a paranoid issue or a point for fear mongering of the
conservative media!

Also noted Trump blames the media for a lot of fact checking as it seems
facts are the cure for fear mongering. The media is a global community
and it is not ok with fear mongering. Fear is control.
And with no media is like no education and more clueless people not
knowing what is going on. That also is being controlled not knowing! 

Being a isolationist without media / community is on the same point
like Hitler killing the Jews because the media / community not knowing!
Knowing what is going action would of been taken sooner!

I get a lot of concern from women being the sexist remarks Trump has made
and in his past they fear more of the same in others! It's like their abusive husband
is now in power, it's not a healthy mindset for women right now!

True Most Republicans are homophobic!
But noted are closet homosexuals themselves as the vote for people that fuck
them up the ass. Why do they vote against themselves with a family needing...
It's bad and shown by their voting habits! Absexual!


Also Republicans like to cut education anyway they can. I do look for more of that,
now will a full house of Conservatards! For schools be aware of more cut programs,

I expect for me I will be busy this year. But Trump is unpredictable so...
All I can say is expect more fights in government and protest as people
start loosing their rights. Poverty as people will no longer be able to get
help from the government being the low taxes and peoples low pay.
More fear mongering to control people and they will fall for it!

Trump going after ISIS and the cost of war as we all will have to pay for it
and not by the poor paying less taxes because they make nothing to be taxed.
But the cost will more likely pulled from non rich programs. Food stamps etc cuts.
Also the lack of help getting ISIS as the Muslim view grows out of Americas
mistreatment of Muslims and xenophobia viewed by the amount of people
that voted for Trump! Overseas we are now are seen as xenophobic here!
There is a big issue of will those countries want us there trying to fight ISIS
because of our treatment of Muslims here. But also is the view of the people
that voted for Trump won't care anyway. "Just stay out of my backyard!"
Conservatives only think a few inches from them and won't care about things
over there! So Muslim countries will more likely and correctly not let us in
their country also!

A wall in Mexico that won't happen. They won't pay it, there is no need anyway
most fly in planes to America and planes fly over walls. But I don't think Mexicans
will want to stay in America as the support goes down. The plane thing alone points
to Trump being unfit to run. All of this time pushing the fear about a Mexican wall!
For nothing they will still fly in!

Unknown I got a tip Mexico is making a trade agreement with China!
This is bad as it pushes more agreements with China and not America we
might loose the American dollar in power! As of now I don't know!
But to me sounds like a right course for them. And they also might
ban Americans from coming over. Nothing stays the same!

Trump never worked in government so I don't know if he knows
you just can't fire people you have to make agreements etc in government.
Trump should be viewed like a boss that never gives you raises.
So I would advise so cutback your spending to offset their cutback of your pay
they give you! Stop consuming save what you can as there are cuts coming
for the poor! Don't buy a car etc. Start saving money now!!!!!!!

Partly due to the high risk of minimum wage retirement I would say
to put the money more into your retirement. No minimum wage is no raises,
so I would advise to put money into retirement!
Or not, I would advise to plan to exit America if gets like the Nazis with
the Jews! We are talking about Trump and the stupid people that
listen to what he said like it's true! It's about what are they going to do?!

Noted from tax cuts also noted by grant cuts, college programs being cut

as it's a part of debt cuts in government. So in that less education.
High Schools are going down as tax cuts, cut the schools.
Leaning in to college I do expect colleges having to lower their standard
as they also loose funding and people making enough for college, so they
don't go into college!

Points again to the labor force being UN-educated making lower wages.
So really America is heading down and I would advise to get ready to
get lower to match it. As in expect a American decline in sales, workers
and innovation. Be aware of this!